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Código:HR 330 MAR-ABR 2010 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2010
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il., col. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 21/03/2013
Palabras Claves:ECONOMIA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 MAR-ABR 2010 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2010:
300:varias paginaciones; il., col. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 21/03/2013
653Economía - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2010. # Ingreso:1010807

   varias paginaciones; il., col..27 cm..

MARCH 13TH -19TH 2010 Contents The world this week Leaders Germany - Europe´s engine Blaming speculators - Smokescreen China and America - Yuan to stay cool Agriculture in India - Crop circles The gas glut - This changes everything Armenians and Turks - Facing up to history Letters On antitrust in Europe, Mitt Romney, America´s states, Vince Cable, Charlie Wilson Briefing Modernising Russia Another great leap forward? United States Foreign policy - Containing Iran The president and trade - Go sell White House tensions - Ballet Rahmbert The film business - Hollow-wood Alabama´s economy - Small-town boom Corruption on the border - Assets on the other side Unemployment figures - Slow going University fees - Slow going University fees - Degrees of pain Lexington - Obama´s religious headaches The Americas Guatemala and organized crime - The untouchables Jamaica and extraditions - Seeking Mr Coke Brazil´s quilombos - Affirmative anticipation Canada´s Parliament returns - Seal of approval Asia Women in Indian politics - On the march Property in China - Plans to tax it Koreans in Japan - Taxation without representation Reform in Malaysia - Out with the new Myanmar´s election - Belt, braces and army boots The Philippines´election - Vote before the system crashes Banyan - Whaling in Japan Middle East and Africa Israel-Palestine talks - More than just charade? Israel´s foreign minister - Yet another row Iraq´s election - The wrangling begins Stalemate in Zimbabwe - An early election? Massacres in Nigeria - An unending cycle The IMF in Africa - Going green Special report: Germany Older and wiser - After page 52 Europe France´s regional elections - Sarkozy´s unpopularity Italy´s regional elections - Berlusconi´s burlesque The Cyprus talks - A fillip for Talat? German church scandals - Abuse and counterabuse Patriotism in Slovakia - Culture creep Home births in Hungary - Difficult delivery Charlemagne - Herman Van Rompuy Britain Lib Dems´Nick Clegg - Kingmaker in waiting Policing Northern Ireland - The end of the beginning Bishops and gays - Lords a-leaping The rise of the handyman - Mr Fixit Bagehot - The return of the James Bulger story International People and history - Burying myths, uncovering truth Turks and Armenians - The cost of reconstruction Business Agribusiness in India - Green shoots Defence procurement - The best plane loses Who runs Fujitsu? - Boomerang Xstrata and Glencore - A meeting of mines Amazon auctions computing power - Clouds under the hammer Executive pay in America - Cheques and balances Hard times on pearl farms - South sea bubble Schumpeter - Women and boards Briefing Natural gas An unconventional glut Finance and economics Savings and the poor - A better mattress Microinsurance - Security for shillings Sovereign debt and the euro - The EMF Buttonwood - Japanese bonds Labour markets - Temporary work Chinese debt - Shell game Spanish banks - All talk, no walk MetLife buys Alico - Snoopy sniffs an opportunity Economics focus - The inflation solution Science and technology Metabolic syndrome - A game of consequences? Analysing the web - Blog mining Advance in pain relief - Agony column Connecting to the brain - Thinking about it Book and arts Scandinavian crime fiction - Inspector Norse Nuclear proliferation - Peddling peril Ian McEwan´s “Solar” - Mr Sunshine America´s Pacific ascendancy - Empire state Ford Madox Brown - Lost Pre-Raphaelite Henri Matisse - Ascent of a mystery Obituary Emile Fradin - Custodian of a mystery Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at the outlook for employment and exchange rates ----------- MARCH 20TH- 26TH 2010 Contents The world this week Leaders Climate science - Spin, science and climate change Showdown in Bangkok - The battle for Thailand American health care - Pass the bill The Catholic church and paedophilia - Crimes and sins Israel and America - Stop the bungling Eastern Europe - What went right Reregulating finance - In praise of Doddery Trade and conservation - Fin times Letters On managing information, Iraq, American politics, food, cheese Briefing Thailand´s succession - As father fades, his children fight United States American-Israel relations - Where did all the love go? Climate-change politics - Cap-and-trade´s last hurrah Schools reform - The next fury Harrisburg in crisis - A burning issue Plan for broadband - Not what was asked for The inflation rate - Price puzzle Lexington - Nancy Pelosi´s challenge The Americans Chile´s new government - Running to rebuild a shaken country Canada´s rival cities - The charms of Calgary Colombia´s congressional election - All uribistas now Asia Chinese foreign policy - Worse than its bite Homosexuality in China - Collateral damage Pakistan´s role in Afghanistan - Tickets to the endgames Child pornography in Japan - Outraged innocente Banyan - The rights approach to India´s development Middle East and Africa South Africa - A chastened president Food aid for Africa - The politics of hunger Sudan´s elections - They´re off Iran´s film-makers - Sucking out the air The struggle inside Iran - The opposition marks time Alcohol in Morocco - Glug if you´re not local Europe East European economies - Fingered by fate German dialects and migration - Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Police brutality in Russia - Cops for hire Corruption in Kosovo - Time to go straight Saving Venice - Brunetta´s straight France and Vichy - Remembering the Vel d´Hiv Charlemagne - There´s one like Gordon Brown Britain New media and the election - Thus far and no farther Labour and the unions - The posh, the poor and the pushed Skills for the future - The plot so far Bagehot - The Tory dilemma International Paedophilia and the Catholic church Evil order New aid for old Crumbs from the BRIC-man´s table Business New competition for Airbus and Boeing - Start your engines Google ponders leaving China - Failed search Hiring practices in Japan - A new ice age Cross-shareholdings in Italy - Ties that bind Share buy-backs are back - Because they´re worth it Face value - Ron Dennis of McLaren Schumpeter - In praise of feuds Finance and economics Productivity growth - Slash and earn Financial reform in America - The hand of Dodd Municipalities and derivatives - Cities in the casino Hotel finance - Unpaid bills Buttonwood - Private equity The Lehman report - Bean counters in a bind Buy-outs in Japan - The waiting game Economics focus - Greenspan´s defence Briefing The science of climate change - The clouds of unknowing Science and technology Electric supercars - Highly charged motoring The origins of selflessness - Fair play The battle of the sexes - Face off Book and arts Blame game - Joseph Stiglitz and Simon Johnson John Lanchester - The financial crisis explained Prophets of the slump - Brain game British foreign secretaries - Pessimists v optimists Derek Walcott - In full fight Luc Bondy - Happy contrarian Obituary John Thorbjamarson - Saviour of crocodiles Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at producer prices and natural disasters --------- MARCH 27TH-APRIL 2ND 2010 Contents The world this week Leaders American politics after health reform - Now what? The British economy - Out of the ruins Iraq´s elections - Give everyone a voice Financial regulation - Shine a light France´s beleaguered president - Sarko under the cosh Letters On gendercide, natural gas, IEDs, fixing things, banks Briefing The British economy - The pain to come United States Health reform - Signed, sealed, delivered The mid-terms - Miracle or monstrosity? Music festivals - The south by south-west sound Property prices - Waiting for the other shoe to drop Detroit´s future - Thinking about shrinking Lexington - From hope to change The Americas Mexico, the United States and drug gangs - Bringing in the gringos Ecuador and financial crime - The Andean Laundry Productivity in Latin America - Service break Cuba´s food shortages - Hungry for change Asia Malaysian politics - Najib Anwar Tiananmen Square - A secret building Australia´s election year - Opening short Japanese politics - Self-immolation thwarted Democracy in Afghanistan - Wise council Girija Prasad Koirala - Democrat, dynast and dealmaker Banyan - Capital punishment in Asia Middle East and Africa Israel and the world - A wall of suspicion Iraq´s election - Wheels within wheels Arab women´s rights - Some don´t want them Ethiopia´s election - Forget about democracy West Africa´s regional club - Quietly impressive Europe France´s elections - The voters say “Non!” The media in Italy - Blacked out The crisis in Greece - Sound mañana syndrome Turkey and Africa - Ottoman dreaming Constitutional chance in Turkey - Reform or die Charlemagne - The myth of the periphery Britain Class and politics - The misinterpreted middle Libel-law reform - Fairer but still blood The budget at a glance - Cram sheet Bagehot - The final budget International University rankings - Leagues apart Prenuptial agreements - For poorer Business Pepsi gets a makeover - Taking the challenge British Airways - Maintaining altitude Cricket booms in India - A big hit Yukos haunts Rosneft - A spectre of litigation Outsourcing to Africa - The world economy calls America´s biofuel muddle - Coming up empty Video games - Still playing Schumpeter - The health-care squeeze Briefing Foreign takeovers in Britain - Small island for sale Finance and economics Securitisation - Moribund markets Greece´s bail-out maths - Safety not Rising prices in Asia - A weight on their shoulders Life insurance in Asia - Age concern Dubai´s debts - A restructuring proposal Carbon markets - The wrong sort of recycling The FSA gets tough - From light touch to heavy brigade Economics focus - Nixon and the dollar Science and technology A new species of human - The old man of the mountain The rise of the dinosaurs - Easy come, easy go Archaeology - Shinning a light on the past Trade in endangered species - Fishy business Books and arts Saudi Arabia - The struggle for its soul Moses Montefiore - Jewish hero Sam Lipsyte´s “Ask” - Give or give up The Shakespeare controversy - Contested will The rise and fall of Carthage - Rival to Rome Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra - An ode to joy Obituary Doris Haddock - Walking for honest politics Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at asylum-seekers and office rents ------------- APRIL 3RD- 9TH 2010 Contents The world this week Leaders America´s economy - Hope at last Terrorism in Russia - Mayhem in Moscow Korea Inc - The chaebol conundrum Britain and Europe - David Cameron´s splendid isolation Myanmar´s opposition - Whether´tis nobler Letters On banks, Thailand, pornographic imagery, Jerusalem, heath care Briefing Britain and Europe - Not playing their games The Conservatives´ demands - Tory! Tory! Tory! United States The presidency - Hitting the reset button Census day - Stand up and be counted American and the yuan - The truth hurts Wind power for Indians - Catching the wind Legalising marijuana - Joint effort California´s schools - From bad to worse Desegregation - No easy answers Public housing - The big green apple Lesington - The anti-Crist The Americas Brazil´s campaign - Falling love again with the state Argentina´s bond swap - Eating their words Bolivia´s president - People´s justice Canada in Afghanistan - Document war Asia America and Adghanistan - When Barack Hamid Thailand´s deadlock - Televised talks Sri Lanka - Aid rows Unrest in China´s cities - Minor explosions Japan´s favorite tree - An Easter story A Mongolian winter - Bitter toll Banyan - Indonesia´s place in the global jungle Middle East and Africa The Gaza Strip - Hamas hangs on South Africa - Are blacks getting richer? A South African populist - Free speech v hatred Uganda´s oil - Blessing or course? Nigeria´s new cabinet - Signs of life Sierra Leone´s army - From war to peace Special report: America´s economy Time to rebalance - After page 50 Europe The Moscow bombings - Another Russian tragedy Germany and the euro - May the best man share Bailing out Greece - Smoke and mirrors Italy´s regional elections - Berlusconi´s bounce Serbia and its neighbours - Patching things up Poor Moldova - Chisinau´s charm offensive Charlemagne - Foreign-policy wisdom and folly Britain David Cameron - Does he have what it takes? Chancellor challenge - Your starter for a billion Strikes then and now - Life on Mars Looking after the aged - Who cares? Bagehot - The endgame International America, Russia and arms contro - It takes two The Vatican - When words fail, again Religion and rights - The limits of freedom The Islamic Conference - A cautious Turk Business The future of publishing - E-publish or perish The endangered bookstore - Edited out Geely buys Volvo - Status symbol Getting rid of used goods - Junk bond Mining in Ghana - Carats and sticks Candle-making in Italy - Guttering Schumpeter - How to survive in China Briefing South Korea´s industrial giants - Return of the overlord Finance and economics Fiscal tightening - A good squeeze Buttonwood - Bond markets Japan´s failed postal privatization - Return to sender Ireland´s battered banks - Taking out the trash American mortgages - A splash of good news? Chinese tax breaks - Bankers´ heaven Economics textbooks - Revise and resubmit Economics focus - Sovereign defaults Science and technology Geoengineering - Well all want to change the world Remote-control warfare - Droning on The Large Hadron Colider - Phew! Clearing space junk - Swwwping the skies Books and arts Jesus Christ - A new explanation The Caucasus - Haunting history Social democracy - Tony Judt pleas Lehman Brothers - Dick in the dock The English Lakes - Poets in paradise European porcelain - Pots fame Obituary Wolfgang Wagner - Opera meets soap opera Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at the German economy and the world´s leading exporters ----------- APRIL 10TH – 16TH 2010 Contents The world this week Leaders Election in the UK - Britain´s choice The US-China currency row - Over to you, China Japan´s debt problem - Sleepwalking towards disaster Sudan´s election - Let those people go Protecting creativity - Copyright and wrong Letters On climate change, Kosovo, masculinity Briefing Sudan´s election - Hunt the missing voter United States Supreme Court - After John Paul Stevens Nuclear weapons - Logic v politics The West Virginia mine disaster - Peril in the Labyrinth State finances - A ray of sunshine The Rhode Island floods - Lifebelt needed Mending Los Angeles - Calling on the angels Comcast v the FCC - Regulating the internet April 15th - The joy of tax Lexington - Sex and the single black woman The Americas Colombia´s presidential campaign - Safer, but still no safe Oil policy in Brazil - Raining on Rio´s parade Chile´s wife industry - If one green bottle The Caribbean brain drain - Nursing a grievance Asia Kyrgyzstan - Tear gas, not tulips Japan´s fractured politics - Splitting headaches Thailand´s protests - Abhisit´s dilemma India´s Naxalite insurgents - Politics with bloodshed Afghanistan - Karzai´s strange behavior Pakistan - No man´s land Banyan - New Silk Roads Middle East and Africa Libya - Why it is still struck Food in Syria - Can sushi lead to liberty? Islam on the web - Religious rivalry in the air Kenya and the international court - Will justice be done at last? Congo´s oil - We´ve got it too South Africa´s whites - The laager is derelict Europe Elections in central Europe - Crossed words Hungary´s election - Victory for Viktor? Drinking patterns - Rolling away the barrel Spanish unemployment - In search of a job Privace in France - Tweets and sours Data protection in Germany - Facebook wars Charlemagne - Europe´s gerontocracy Britain The election - They´re off! Electoral profiles - Who´s who The fight for Finchley - An old-fashioned girl Campaign diary - On the trail Bagehot - Farewell, free stuff International What makes a country - In quite a state The Vatican´s travails - When walls are too high Wars and laws - To the loser-a lawyer Business Wireless health care - When your carpet calls your doctor Health-care costs in America - Called to account Daimler and Renault-Nissan - A big plan small cars Magazines and CDs - A touch of luxury CEZ and Czech energy - No, minister India´s conglomerates - Avantha´s advance Face value - Stéphane Richard, France Telecom´s new boss Schumpeter - Rebranding Tiger Woods, and others Finance and economics Greece´s debt crisis - The wax melts Buttonwood - Shifting the debt burden China´s currency - Bending, not bowing China and America - Who´s more open? Base metals - Spring season Economics focus - Crime-fighting Briefing Japan´s economy - Crisis in slow motion Science and technology Nutrition and health - Protection racket Camera-phones - Dotty but dashing Novel sources of uranium - Rising from the ashes A new giant lizard - Vegetarian dragons Early man - Stand up straight! Books and arts The Lalannes´ sculptures - Animal, vegetable, mineral David Remnick on America´s president - Obama´s big moment begins A life or Pearl Buck - The good woman of China New English fiction - Rose Tremain´s “Trespass” Seeking extraterrestrial intelligence - A deathly hush Max Hastings´s memoir - The Mac factor The “South Bank Show” - Cruellest cut Obituary Eugene Terre´ Blanche - The face of hatred Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at our poll of forecasters and broad money supply

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1010807HR 330 MAR-ABR 2010 TE  Universidad Católica San Pablo Planta baja estanteria abierta Original 1Disponible  

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