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Código:HR 330 MAR-ABR 2011 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2011
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 01/04/2013
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
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Código:HR 330 MAR-ABR 2011 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2011:
300:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 01/04/2013
653Economía - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2011. # Ingreso:1010849

   varias paginaciones; il. col..27 cm..

MARCH 5TH -11TH 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders Oil and the economy - The 2011 oil shock The Libyan conundrum - Don´t let him linger Emerging –market giants - Tata sauce The Republicans - A rival for the president Immigration - Second life The perils of property - Home truths Letters On political risk, revolution, voting, central banks, food, Indonesia, Chevron, strip malls, Joyce Carol Oates, the moon, history Briefing Oil markets and Arab unrest - The price of fear United States The Republicans - Who dares take Obama on? Mormons in politics - When the saints come marching in The budget - Continuing irresolution The economy - Fits and starts Murder in Arizona - Too far gone Lexington - Libya and the Iraq syndrome The Americas Bolivia´s Evo Morales - The calle gets restive Cuba and the internet - Wired, at last Canada´s limber industry - If you go down the woods Asia Assassination in Pakistan - Thing fall apart America and Pakistan - Stuck with you Chinese unrest - Crushing, but no awakening China and Libya - Push factor India´s economy - Calling on the gods Banyan - More black tea than jasmine Arab turmoil Libya - A civil war beckons Libya´s no-fly zone - The military balance Egypt and Tunisia - It´s not over yet Saudi Arabia - The royal house is rattled Yemen´s president - Time running out? Protests in Iraq - A democracy is not Oman - Even the sultanate stirs Special report: Property Bricks and slaughter After page 54 Europe French foreign policy - Sarkozy´s diplomatic troubles German politics - Guttbye Guttenberg Ireland´s government - Enda the party Italy and immigration - Fear of foreigners Albania and Kosovo - Albanian altercations Turkey´s Islamists - Erbakan´s legacy Charlemagne - The EU and the Arabs Britain The lessons of Bradford - Hope over hate Financiers in Geneva - Careful what you wish for The price of defence cuts - The emperor´s clothes Bagehot - The Tories and the establishment International The UN and Libya - An unlikely unifier Arctic resources - The Inuit´s turn Doctors in the house - Politicians with PhDs Business Aerospace in Israel - IAI takes wing Diageo´s deals - Replenishing the drinks cabinet Japanese electronics - The mighty, fallen Tablet computers - The second coming Sports-surfaces makers - Ready, set, grow Asia´s talent market - Locals first Schumpeter When stars go cuckoo Briefing The Tata group - Out of India Finance and economics The euro area´s debt crisis - Sovereign remedies China´s banks - Cognitive dissonance Derivatives reform - Unlucky for some Pay in the public sector - Sun, salaries and public servants Gender and insurance - A boy-racer´s dream? The battle for Grameen - Halo, goodbye Global house price - Hong Kong phew-whee Rajat Gupta - The net widens Economics focus - Stagnation or inequality Science and technology Psychiatry - Therapist-free therapy Intelligence testing - Who are you calling bird-brained? Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease - Breaking down the barrier Climate change - Claws! Book and arts Earthly powers - How cities will evolve A biography or Earth - Man and the planet New American fiction - Swamplandia! How to do well - Man, social animal The UN - The gospel according to Mark Frank Lloyd Wright - Taliesin at 100 Obituary Tom DeBaggio - Rosemary for remembrance Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at our poll of forecasters and manufacturing activity --------------------- MARCH 12TH -18TH 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders China´s economy - Bamboo capitalism The European Union - Can Angela Merkel hold Europe together? Chaotic Côte d´Ivoire - Don´t forget it Regional disparities - Gaponomics Corruption in India - A rotten state Letters On inflation, debt rating, the Middle East, unions, the moon, Alan Clark Briefing The Arab uprisings Democracy´s hard spring Arab economies Throwing money at the street United States Manufacturing - Rustbelt recovery Disability payments - The elephant in the waiting-room Public-sector unions - The backlash The Catholic church - Sins of the fathers Ghosts in Kentucky - Genteel spirits Education policy - School´s out American football - The owners take a punt Lexington - Muslims and McCarthyism The Americas Brazil´s labour laws - Employer, beware Brazil´s economy - Statistics and lies Honduran politics - Why pariah may return Managing cities - Bogota´s rise and fall Asia Corruption in India - A million rupees now China´s security state - The truncheon budget …and its economic plan - Take five Japan´s political turmoil - Abandon hope Koreans in Japan - Foreign in her own home Australia´s carbon debate - Political poison Banyan - Carp among the Spratlys Middle East and Africa The battle for Libya - The colonel fights back Libya´s rebels - Who´s in charge? Iran´s opposition - A leadership neutered Turmoil in Côte d´Ivoire - Will the bad loser go? Namibia - Happy, but still unequal Nigeria´s selection line-up - A three-way contest Technology Quarterly - After page 58 Europe The European Union and the euro zone - Outs and ins The trial of Jacques Chirac - Silence in court Silvio Berlusconi´s future - Trials and tribulations Press freedom in Turkey - Dangerous for journalists Europe´s climate policy - Being ambitious Estonian politics - Calm after storms Charlemagne - The divisiveness pact Britain Public-sector pensions - Tackling the intractable Heathrow revisited - The mayor´s new air war Police pay - Not happy lot Foreign policy - Rookies abroad Bagehot - Europe: it´s back International Reputation management - Glitzkrieg How to start a nation - Trapping of state Business Dell and Hewlett-Packard - Rebooting their systems Green cars - Roll on the posh electrics The Renault´´spying´´ affair - A new twist Fashion for the masses - Global stretch Italian businesses - Keeping it in family Schumpeter - Oh, Mr Potter Briefing Entrepreneurship in China - Let million flowers bloom Finance and economics Regional inequality - Internal affairs The Galleon trial - Network effects Buttonwood - Yale may not have the key Unbanked Americans - Alienated Sovereign-wealth funds - From Tripoli to Mayfair The oil price - Held in reserve Economics focus - The behavioural economics of sport Science and technology The aircraft of the future - Plane truths Animal behavior - Drip-feeding Beer - Coming to a head Books and arts Western civilization - A success that looks like failure Technology´s future (1) - The new overlords Technology´s future (2) - Suspension of disbelief The birth of modern science - Last of the sorcerers Justin Cartwright - Easy as one, two, three The English language and grammar - Speaking daggers, innit? Palazzo Farnese on show - The house that Paul built Obituary Jane Russell - The two and only Economic and financial indicators - Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at women in parliament and sovereign-wealth funds ---------- MARCH 19TH-25TH 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders Japan´s disaster - The fallout Intervention in the Arab awakening - No illusions The ever-growing state - The great battle Europe´s far right - Pause and engage Britain´s budget - Osborne´s chance Hollywood´s disc problem - Video nasty Letters On farming and the future of food Briefing Japan´s catastrophes - Nature strikes back Plate tectonics - Faulty thinking Japan´s nuclear industry - The risks exposed United States Health reform - A not-very-happy birthday The budget - The sixth fudge Education policy - Final exam Triangle Shirtwaist - The birth of the New Deal Florida´s budget - Austerity parade Nuclear waste - From bombs to $800 handbags Lexington - The courage factor The Americas The United States and Latin America - Flying down to Rio Rebuilding Haiti - The long, hard haul Life in rural Haiti - Goodbye, world Asia China - Don´t worry, be happy Pakistan - Money and blood Sri Lanka - The son also rises Indonesia - Power to the people? Banyan - Japan´s uses of adversity Special report: The future of the state Taming Leviathan - After page 54 Middle East and Africa Libya´s uprising - I´ll be back Bahrain in crisis - Calling in the big guns Yemen´s demonstrations - Yet more cracking down The Arab press - Shifting lines Corruption in Sierra Leone - Rich pickings Europe The far right in France - The rise Marine Le Pen …and in northern Europe - On the march Russian elections - Attack of the clones Italy at 150 - Not everyone is celebrating Charlemagne - Tax torment Britain The inscrutable chancellor - The Osborne identity Anglo-American-Israeli diplomacy - All the president´s messengers Our pre-budget poll - More haste, fewer votes Bagehot - The Lib Dems wobble International Failed states - Where life is cheap and talk loose Business Patent reform - The spluttering invention machine Mexican billionaires - Amigos no longer Online-coupon firms - Groupon anxiety Sports newspapers - Pink, and read all over Online privacy - Stopped in their tracks Greek business - Not for the faint-hearted Briefing Hollywood and home entertainment - Unkind unwind Finance and economics Financial markets - A sea of troubles Reinsurance and Japan - When nature attacks The euro-debt crisis - Muddle, fuddle, toil and trouble Data-driven finance - Go figure Buttonwood - The QE debate China´s economy - Monetarism with Chinese characteristics Economics focus - The cost of calamity Science and technology Unorthodox links to the internet - Signaling dissent Blood transfusion - Painted out Planetary exportation - Mercury rising Climate change and crop yields - One degree over Book and art Imperial Chinese porcelain - Meiyintang marvels Biography of Jerusalem - City on the hill Computer games - A defence New fiction from Sudan - Desert rose A history of transfusion - Blood and guts Stories from Croatia - Animal farm Obituary Simon van der Meer - Tamer of particles Economic and financial indications Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks Britain´s economy and real interest rates ------------- MARCH 26TH-APRIL 1ST 2011 Contents The World this week Leaders The challenge of Libya - How will it end? Japan´s disaster - A crisis of leadership, too AT&T´s mobile merger - Not so fast, Ma Bell The global economy - Another year of living dangerously The British budget - Green shoots Nutrition - Quality, not quantity Letters On Britain and Europe, property, affirmative action, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Switzerland, Mormons Briefing The Libya campaign - Into the unknown Barack Obama´s Middle East policy - From Oslo to Benghazi The Arab word´s reaction - Scotching the snake United States The property market - On losing streak The Republicans - Firs out of the gate California´s budget - The trouble with half and half State finances - A blow to the Texas model Earthquake fears in America - Fingers crossed Tabasco island - Some like it not Lexington - The reluctant warrior The Americas Politics in Canada - Here we go again Guatemala´s presidency - Divide and rule Haiti´s election - Good enough Asia Disaster in Japan - Come back in ten years American in Afghanistan - How long? Bangladesh - War crimes and misdemeanours China´s authorities - The faithless masses India´s corrupt politics - Singh singed Censorship in China - Leaping the wall Banyan - The worth of water Middle East and Africa Syria - Next on the list? Violence in Gaza and Israel - Not immune Yemen´s president - On his way out Egypt and democracy - Yes they can South Africa´s foreign policy - All over the place Europe Portugal´s government collapses - The next domino France´s war president - Sarkozy relaunched Germany´s chancellor - Angela at bay Serbia an Kosovo - Dreams of Brussels Charlemagne - The Europeans in Libya Britain Budget 2011 - No wriggle room Enterprise zones - Tarzan´s return Labour and the budget - We told you so A noble rotten borough - Democracy in action Bagehot - Cameron, Libya-and Blair International Agriculture and nutrition - Hidden hunger Running world football - Bin Hammam v Blatter Business Mobile telecoms in America - An audacious merger with a poor reception The battle for Parmalat - Italy´s yogurt is also strategic Corporate restructuring - Spin-offs are back Group messaging - The next big thing? China´s carmakers - BYD´s dream deferred Business in India - The price of graft Cyril Ramaphosa - Big man, Big Macs Schumpeter - Companies as people Briefing Nuclear power - When the steam clears Finance and economics The world economy - From tsunamis to Typhoons Hedging extreme events - Fat-tail attraction Buttonwood - Labour v capital Banks´dodgy assets - Taking out the trash Deutsche Bank on trial - Rhyme and reason Economics focus - Measuring hunger Science and technology A new domain of life - Plenty more bugs in the sea Seismology and tsunamis - Making waves Battery technology - Highly charged Tooled up - Dating stone tools Book and arts Art the Middle East - Foment of the moment Fiction in the Arab world - Dance of freedom Libyan memories - Land of my father Spain´s coup attempt - Anatomy of a moment The Great Depression - Blaming Smoot-Hawley Physics and philosophy - Beginnings of infinity Obituary Warren Christopher - A Lawyer abroad Economic and financial indicators Statistic on 42 economics, plus closer looks at Japan and America´s housing marker ------------ APRIL 2ND-8TH 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders The uprisings - Islam and the Arab revolutions India and Pakistan - A willow branch American´s government - Shut-down looms Germany - A Green revolution The euro zone´s periphery - They´re bust. Admit it Letters On Libya, Japan, the far right, regional inequalities, Ireland, Indonesia, education, the Republicans, Facebook Briefing The Arab revolutions - Islam´s growing roles United States The civil war - Finally passing The census - Minority report The changing colour of cities - Black flight Energy policy - Recycled Arizona divided - A tale of two counties Lexington - The Obama doctrine The Americas Peru´s presidential poll - Throwing it all away Latin American dynasties - Kin selection Asia Disaster in Japan - Radiation and Mickey Mouse China - Off the rails? Myanmar - A long march Australia - Strewth Pakistan - The ruin in nation Banyan - The Indian exception Middle East and Africa The battle for Libya - The colonel fights back A government-in-waiting - Give us time and arms Crisis in Syria - Holding the fort Iraq, Bahrain and the region - Sectarian bad blood Tunisia - It could be normal Côte d´Ivoire - Civil war Zimbabwe - It gets worse Somalia - Bloodier again Europe Germany´s winning Greens… - Merkel humbled …and its Free Democrats - Westerwelle wasted French politics - Giving the UMP the hump Ukraine´s ex-president - Catching Kuchma Spain and immigration - Rising rage Insoluble Cyprus - Sad island story Charlemagne - Weak leaders Britain Public-service reform - Dave´s amazing adventure Royal wedding - Party like it´s 1981 Anti-bribery laws - Palms ungreased Bagehot - Ed Miliband and the big spenders International Home births - Is there no place like home? Digital identities - Trolling for your soul Business Japan and the global supply chain - Broken links BP´s Russian troubles - Dudley do-wrong Businesses and insurance - How to become politics-proof Technology firms and health care - Heads in the cloud Online media distribution - Raging bulls The tobacco industry - The last gasp Schumpeter - I, robot-manager Finance and economics Australia - The commodity conundrum Buttonwood - Why investors overpay The ECB´s rush to tighten - Trigger-happy Spanish banks - Hard Landing Lehman´s mini-bonds - The good inside the bad Berkshire Hathaway - Buffetted Economics focus - The manufacturing fetish Briefing Resistance to antibiotics - The spread of superbugs Science and technology Military strategy - Cry havoc! And let slip the maths of war Status displays - I´ve got you labelled Materials science - Stronger when stricken Genetics and evolution - Some chicken. Some neck Books and arts Origins of political order - The good, the great and the gelded A biography of Bismarck - Hard to be king under the iron chancellor Britain´s coalition - Not everybody´s cup of tea Travel in Tibet - In pursuit of understanding Morality and the brain - A cure for cruelty? Mexican documentary - When guilt is presumed Obituary Elizabeth Taylor - A life in jewels Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at catastrophes and asylum applications ----------- APRIL 9TH-15TH 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders Pensions - 70 or bust! The Republican budget - Praising Congressman Ryan Portugal - The third bail-out Gendercide in India - Add sugar and spice Russia´s unruly north Caucasus - Islam inflamed Letters - On “shared value” theory, Japanese leadership, AT&T, immigration in Italy, Mormons, Haiti, public utilities, quiz shows Briefing The north Caucasus - From Moscow Mecca Ingushetia - The peaceful exception United States The budget - The real fight begins Jobs figures - A gentle tailwind California´s Republicans - Dead, or just resting? National Public Radio - Interference Compensating the innocent - Small price to pay Politics in Maine - Front LePage Earthquake preparations - The curse of complacency Lexington - The fiscal purists go mad The Americas Regional integration - The Pacific players go to market Brazil´s opposition - When toucans can´t Venezuela´s militia - A Caribbean Tripoli A new president in Haiti Asia India´s skewed sex ratio - Seven brothers Attacks in Afghanistan - Burning passions Kazakhstan´s election - Sensational Malaysia´s opposition - Lights, camera…Anwar? Japan´s nuclear mess - Living with radiation Banyan - China on the defensive Middle East and Africa The battle for Libya - Qaddafi´s time runs out Libya´s rebel government - Early days, early rivalries Yemen´s president - Going, going… Protests in Syria - A cycle of violence? Endgame in Côte d´Ivoire - Basement blues Nigeria´s election - Democracy, anyone? Special report: Pensions Falling short After page 54 Europe Russia´s presidency - Putin v Medvedev Spain´s prime minister - Exit plan German parties - The Free Democrats´new Leader Muslims in France - On a mat and a prayer Turkish foreign policy - Erdogan´s lament Hungary´s constitution - Goulash soup The Italian economy - The euro´s Achilles heel Silvio Berlusconi´s trials - Rubygate Charlemagne - Europe´s neighbours Britain Cameron´s NHS mess - A very big headache A new state pension - A simpler dotage Murder in Northern Ireland - No going back Bagehot - The One Nation radical International High-tech warfare - Kill switches Lethal injections - Toxic assets Capitalism´s waning popularity - Market of ideas Business Corporate governance - The shareholder awakens The troubles of Saab - A phoenix struggles to fly Germany´s nuclear operators - Decaying faster The oil industry - Refined tastes E-commerce and data security - The phishers´big catch Mobile telecoms in Africa - Digital revolution Indonesia and monopolies - Last of the big-screen baddies Legal disclaimers - Space us the e-mail yada-yada Schumpeter - Managing older people Briefing Media´s ageing audiences - Peggy Sue got old Finance and economics Portugal seeks help - And then there were three Greece´s economic woes - The labours of austerity Buttonwood - The foolishness of crowds The Federal Reserve - Off message European bank capital - Topping up American stockmarkets - Reversal of fortune Economics focus - Capital controls Science and technology Astrophysics and alien intelligence - Talking to the neighbours Medical devices - Inhaling information Stress and ageing - A question of attitude Mimicry - The first sparrowhawk of spring Book and arts Pakistan - Post-uprisings depression Men, women and babies - It just isn´t fair The life of Malcolm X - What he might have become A sale of Islamic art - A connoisseur and his treasures New Broadway musical - “The Book of Mormon” Obituary Edward Stobart - King of the road Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus our poll of forecasters and a closer look at foreign aid ------------- APRIL 16TH-22ND 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders Central America´s woes - The drug war hits Central America China´s crackdown - Repression and the new riling class Nigeria´s elections - Democracy 1, vote-rigging 0 Britain´s banking commission - No more walks on the wild side India and foreign investment - Fling wide the gates Letters On Cyprus, political dynasties, the state, companies as people Briefing Central America - The tormented isthmus United States The deficit - Rival visions The Republican nomination race - Mitt Romney, flawed favourite Republican economic - The rise of the anti-Keynesians Washington, DC - Blooming Medicaid - In treatment The New Orleans police - Guarding the guards Car safety - Think before you speak Lexington - Virtuous or vicious circle? The Americas Peru´s presidential election - The masses blow a raspberry Maternity leave in Chile - Taking leave of his senses Cuba and America - Catch him if you can Asia China´s new rulers - Princelings and the goon state Sri Lanka and war crimes - Keep quiet and carry on India´s political activists - The fast and the furious Japan´s crisis - Flailing Censorship in South Korea - Game over Australian politics - A Rudd return? Banyan - The finitude of forests Middle East and Africa Côte d´Ivoire - Gbagbo captured Nigerian elections - Ballots and bullets Justice in Kenya - A surprising alliance Libya v Libya - Goalless draw American in Africa - A light footprint Israel´s animal kingdom - What a zoo Syria´s unrest - Boiling over Egypt´s revolution - Staggering in the right direction Europe Eastern Europe - From Bolshevism to backhanders Italy and north Africa - Take my migrants, please France´s presidency - Yes he Kahn! Finland´s election - Race to the Finnish Turkey and its Kurds - Sticking to their own Bosnia´s future - Divided and un ruled Charlemagne - Iceland v Ireland Britain Bank reform - Commission accomplished Schools reform a year on - Michael v the machine Bagehot - The insulting AV campaign International Conflict and poverty - The economics of violence A year after Iceland´s eruption - The fire next time Business Retailing in India - Send for the supermarketers Mining - Glen core goes public Chinese business - When fund-raising is a crime Solar power - Desert dawn Italian industry - Clusters flustered Facebook´s legal cases - Friends and enemies Schumpeter - Fail often, fail well Briefing HSBC - Gulliver´s travels Finance and economics Financial careers - Go east, young moneyman Europe´s banks - Who benefits from bail-outs? Colombia - Inflows, outperforming China´s foreign reserves - Who wants to be a triple trillionaire? The Galleon trial - The mosaic deference Currencies - Carry on trading Generali´s governance - Cesare: Et tu? Economics focus - The middle-income trap Science and technology The evolution of language - Babel or babble? Palaeontology - Remember the tooth The science of justice - I think it´s time we broke for lunch… Human spaceflight - Reaching for the stars Book and arts Goldman Sachs - Long on chutzpah, short on friends Climate chance - Club (not too) Tropicana Geoffrey Hill - Mr Difficult New fiction by Tom Shone - He´s got bottle Susan Sontag - Desperately seeking her African voodoo - The dark arts Obituary Juliano Mer-Khamis - Jew, Arab, actor Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economics, plus closer looks at government financing needs and trade balances ----------- APRIL 23RD-29TH 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders Lessons from California - The perils of extreme democracy Removing the Qaddafis - Crunch time in Libya America´s credit rating - Wakey, wakey Africa and China - Rumble in the jungle The euro area´s debt crisis - Latin lessons Lessons from Deepwater Horizon and Fukushima - In place of safety nets Letters On Hungary´s constitution, Paul Ryan, Berkshire Hathaway, Germany´s Greens, religion, BP in Russia Briefing France - Reforming a gloomy country United States Deepwater Horizon, one year later - The shores of recovery Fishing on the Gulf coast - You´ve had a pleasant run The credit-rating outlook - A warning shot The economy - Revising downwards Tackling recidivism - They all come home The 2012 primaries - Thrusters v laggards Lexington - Trump this The Americas Cuba´s Congress - A long, slow goodbye Argentina´s economy - Lies and statistics Brazil´s economy - Wild horses Asia Japan - Silenced by stoicism Japan´s energy crisis - What crisis? Communists in India - Red and buried Bangladesh - The Arab spring´s chill Singapore´s election - The men in white are always right The Chinese economy - Give us an A China abroad - Bang a Gong Banyan - The Hindu rate of self-deprecation Middle East and Africa War in Libya - Can NATO save Misrata? Syria´s president - Ever more embattled Monarchy in Morocco - Reform or fall Nigeria´s election - The real thing South Africa - Rows in the ruling party Côte d´Ivoire´s president - The king of kong The River Nile - A dam nuisance Special report: Democracy in California The people´s will After page 52 Europe Russia and America - Resetting the stage Germany´s local finances - Hundreds of mini-Greeces Croatia and Serbia - Protest days Finland´election shock - A Suomi shake-up Charlemagne Britain Labour under Ed Miliband - In the red corner Paying for higher education - Race to the top Bagehot - No more royal weddings International Direct democracy - Vox populi or hoi polloi? Charity and truthfulness - Storms and tea cups Cyber-stalking - Creepy crawlies Easter - A date with God Business Johnson & Johnson - Looking for a Band-Aid Online gambling - Poker face off Japan´s disaster and business reform - A good place to start Huawei - Interesting reading Unpaid employment - Inferno for interns The market in human eggs - Underpaid ovaries Out of home advertising - Billboard boom Schumpeterç - The case against globaloney Briefing The Chinese in Africa - Trying to pull together Finance and economics Singapore´s financial rise - Going swimmingly Buttonwood - The source of denial American banks - Where´s the growth? India v China - The X factor American farmland - Sowing bubbles Piracy - Brigands seeking harbours Indonesian microfinance - Rich picking Economics focus - Debt restricting Science and technology Religious studies - The good guide Social science - Wisdom about crowds Bioremediation - Bottom feeders Materials science - Cracking a problem Book and arts Deepwater Horizon - Writing from the black hole Global poverty - Untying the knot The joy of bicycling - A way of life Reading Russian writers - Patron saints of literary gloom Religious archaeology - An Easter enigma Obituary Mike Campbell - Farmer of Zimbabwe Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at inequality and external debt ----------- APRIL 30TH-MAY 6TH 2011 Contents The world this week Leaders The United States - What´s wrong with America´s economy? The revolt in Syria - Not so easy Britain´s voting system - Yes or No? Cloud computing - Break-ins and breakdowns Canada´s general election - Groundhog day Poland - A place at the top table Letters On pensions, GPS, Libya, gendercide, robots Briefing Constitutional reform - All change United States America´s transport infrastructure - Life in the low lane Innovation - Still full of ideas, but not making jobs The 2012 Republican primaries - Exit a heavyweight Lexington - Gates leaves the Pentagon The Americas Canada´s election - Harper´s elusive majority Security in Colombia - New names, old games Mexico´s drug war - Shallow graves, deep alarm Cuba´s cigar industry - Smoked out Asia Japan´s politics - Rebuilding ruining? Taiwan´s opposition - Just ask the public China and Confucius - Sage move? Afghanistan security - Break for the hills Banyan - Sri Lanka´s war crimes Middle East and Africa Revolt and Syria - Could Assad fall? Yemen´s president - On his way at last? The Salafist challenge - Out of the Arab woodwork Palestinian reconciliation - Is it for real? The battle for Libya - Pressure points Nigeria´s election - The turbulent north Europe The Polish government - Tusk in time Spain´s public finances - Regions to be worried Germany´s labour market - Across the Oder France and globalization - We´ll always have Paris The Turkish opposition - Gandhi´s rise Europe´s big political parties - The shrinking big tents Charlemagne - Shengen, another project in trouble Britain Coalition woes - The one-year itch Privacy law - Free speech private life GDP figures - Low bounce Bagehot - London, the thinking capital International The Vatican - Saintly shadows Carbon flows - The emissions omitted Nuptial economics - Unbridled Business Sony and Amazon - Reputations in the dirt Reforming company taxes - Getting corporations to cough up American hospitals - Bigger and better Honda´s troubles - Civic unrest Nuclear power - Areva gauges the pressure Japan´s energy - A cloud with a green lining Advertising in Africa - Nigeria´s mad men Schumpeter - A $300 idea that is priceless Briefing America´s jobless men - Decline of the working man Finance and economics The Carlyle Group - An atypical giant Buttonwood - Gilt-edged argument The Doha round - Dead man talking The Canton Fair - The China price China´s current-account surplus - Incredibly Misleading Forecasts? The Federal Reserve - Ben meets mike Petri-dish economies - Few woes in Warsaw Economics focus - Botoxed American Science and technology Green mega-yachts - Not-so-filthy rich Hunting the Higgs boson - Indefinite particles Organising the web - The science of science Deep-sea vents - Ocean-floor migration Books and arts War in Congo - Chronicle of death ignored Demise of AIG - Hanks for the memory Paul Allen´s memoir - Office politics Tahar Ben Jelloun´s fiction - Tangle of ties Lawrence of Arabia - Price of his disorder Classical guitar - Sweet new voice Obituary Barry Blumberg - Surprise by a virus Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus closer looks at metals price and music sales

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