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Ficha bibliografica

Código:HR 330 JUL-AGO 2011 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2011
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. col. 28 cm.
Notas:F.I. 29/10/2013
Palabras Claves:DERECHO;
Términos Locales:Derecho - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 JUL-AGO 2011 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2011:
300:varias paginaciones; il. col. 28 cm.
500:F.I. 29/10/2013
653Derecho - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2011. # Ingreso:1013309

   varias paginaciones; il. col..28 cm..

CONTENTS JULY 2ND-8TH 2011 Greece´s temporary reprieve Europe welcomes China´s cash Syria´s overheating? Our new business-books quarterly The end of the Space Age ---- JULY 16TH-22ND 2011 Murdoch´s empire under siege Will the F-35 be the last manned fighter? The Arab spring, six months on Remembering the Orgasmatron The greatest Habsburg On the edge Why the euro crisis has just got a lot worse ---- JULY 23RD-29TH 2011 China´s disastrous one-child policy How to stop India from stalling Women, ploughs and company boards Lulismo v Chávismo The Swiss franc: a currency you can trust LAST OF THE MOGULS ----- JULY 30TH-AUGUST 5TH 2011 Death and defiance in Norway Putting Mubarak on trial China´s emerging internet giants A quarter-century of burgernomics The naked world of Lucian Freud Turning Japanese Debt, default and the West´s new politics of paralysis ------ AUGUST 6TH-12TH 2011 Another week, another euro crisis Finding Britain´s Bill Gates Can Islam and democracy coexist? Catering to Asian fantasies A good man in Kandahar Time for a double dip? The growing fear of another American recession ----- AUGUST 13TH-19TH 2011 Anarchy in the UK Britain´s riots The Arabs gang up on Syria The science of false confessions Reviving the world economy “Stand back, I´m a central banker” ----- AUGUST 20TH-16TH 2011 The dangers of Eurobonds Dilma takes on Brazilian corruption The yuan abroad: rise of the redback Rick Perry and the “Texas miracles” The squeeze on Ahmadinejad Asia´s lonely hearts Why Asian women are rejecting marriage and what that means ----- AUGUST 27TH-SEPTEMBER 2ND 2011 How to avoid a double dip DSK and the French left The internet v Chinese state TV Mexico´s damaging monopolies How bad weather causes war Going, going…

Número Ingreso Código Base de Datos Ubicación Tipo # Ej. Status Devolución Reserva
1013309HR 330 JUL-AGO 2011 TE  Universidad Católica San Pablo Planta baja estanteria abierta Original 1Disponible  

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