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Código:HR 937 V. 23 2010 JRA [Colección Mac Cormack]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria cerrada
Autor Personal:Humphrey, John H.
TítuloJournal of Roman Archaelogy
Ciudad: Portsmouth
Editorial: Journal of Roman Archaelogy
Año: 2010
Descripción:434 -828 páginas; 25 cm.
Notas:F. I. 14/04/2015
Palabras Claves:HISTORIA;
Términos Locales:Roma - Historia - Revista;
Arqueología - Roma;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 937 V. 23 2010 JRA [Colección Mac Cormack]
100:Humphrey, John H.
245Journal of Roman Archaelogy
260:Portsmouth: Journal of Roman Archaelogy: 2010:
300:434 -828 páginas; 25 cm.
500:F. I. 14/04/2015
653Roma - Historia - Revista; Arqueología - Roma; Idioma: Inglés

Humphrey, John H.. Journal of Roman Archaelogy. -- . --Portsmouth: Journal of Roman Archaelogy: 2010. # Ingreso:1027693

   434 -828 páginas; 25 cm. .

CONTENIDO T.P. WISEMAN The city that never was: Alva longa and the historical tradition I. Edlund-Berry Architectural terracottas and roofing systems of the later 7th and 6th c. B. C. in Italy M. Lawal Analyzing imports to Carthage in the 5th-4th c. B. C. f. Silvestrelli La tomba 33 di timmari: lo scoperta, lo scavo e i materiali di un ipogeo aristocrático della Basilicata J. M. Turfa Rehabilitating the Tomba Bruschi at Tarquinia: Etruria´s élitein the later 4th And early 3rd c. B. C. N. C. Vella Views from the Punic countryside P. Herz R[omer und Italiker J. A. North The end of the Republic J. Richardson A CORPUS OF Republican inscriptions from Spain S. Menchelli Kilns in a centuriated landscape near florence G.S. Sumi Bringing the world to Rome A. Thein Revisiting Augustus´northern Campus Martius TH. Hufschmid Von Caesars thetron kynegetikon zum amphitheatrum norum Vespasians F. B. Sear The development of Roman amphitheatres down to the Colosseum Including that of Statilius Taurus M. Junkelmann Gradiators in acation: recent Works on practical aspects of gladiatorial combat W. Slater Sorting out pantomime(and mime) from top to botton E.N.A. Heirbaut & s. Hoss A survey of Roman toilets W. Heinz A more general book on baths and bathing j. DeLaine On the (marble) road to a new Ostia N. Monteix Vers le décodage de l´ hérédité culturelle á Herculanum et Pompéi J. Sewwel Salvagin houses at paestuim T. A. J. McGINN Law &Order S. Dillon Role modeling in Roman art culture STreggiari Facta dictaque vivorum feminarum al{ia clariora …alia maiora (Pliny, Ep ..16.1) M harlow Dress, undress, and so much more H. Eckardt Female dress and social morals M. Feugére Les fibules antiques et alto-médiévales du Frioul B. Rawson FATHERLESSNESS C. Bannon Appearance and reality in the literatura of farming M. Mackinnon The role of meat in Roman society A Gavivi La religioni orientali nel Mediterraneo antico: tra politeísmo e monoteísmo J. Frakes Severan (material) culture N. Holbrook Late Iron Age sites and Early Roman Villas in SW England HR Hurst Interpretative challanges from a well-studiet cementery at Gloucester D. L. Bomgardner Yet more amphitheatres on the fringe M. J. Darling Face post and the Roman army R. Collins & M. Symonds Forts and frontiers: recent Limesforchung from Britannia H. E. M. Cool The virtues of toilet instruments in Britain M. Mackinnon Innovation as reconceptualisation : a case study on animal bones from Britain V. H. Pennanen Analyzing model and miniature objects from the Roman nothwest P. Gros Le portique comme “espace de séduction stratégique” A. Emmeerson The funerary architecture of Gaul and beyond M. Kulikowski Urbanism and local élites in Hispania L. Bricault Le santuaire d´Isis au Municipium Claudium Baedo E. Papi La trinitá della Tingitana: Olio, vino a salse di pesce A. Koloski-Ostrow Facilities in Frace, Germany and Switzerland for Roman merde C. Vismara Changing landscapes des Alpes occidentales C. Metsger Le Trésor de Lunnern (Suisse) M. Sergard Le sanctuaire de Thun-Alimendingen dans les Alpes M. Luik Orpheus und Trier T. Derks Seal-boxes in context: a new monographic study from Augst J. Lund The Roman pottery of Argos and its chequered past W. Browden Phonike (Albania) rises from its chequered past J. Rife Late-antique furniture with ivory and bone relief plaques From the harbor at Kenchreai C. P. Jones A conference on the Asia Minor península W. e. Metcalf Numismatica Anatolica vols. 2-4: Amaseia and Zela in Pontus, cities of the Harpasos valley in Caria D. Parrish A major contribution to the history and decoration of baths and bath-gymanasia in Asia Minor J. S. Mckenzie Carving Petra and Hegra (Medain Seleh) D. W. Roller The Hellenistic-Roman Near East L. H. Corcoran a miscellany of Rome: glimpses behind the scenes in Egypt´s Eastern Desert J. C. Fant Quarrying for Rome: glimpses behind the scenes in Egypt´s Eastern Desert K.E.T. Butcher The Complete Bostra D. Whitehouse The Periplus and beyond R. Schick The church and chapel on Jabal HARUN NEAR Petra R. Pfeilschifter Two new books on the fortifications and wáter suppy of Constantinople R. Miles Two Works on urbanism in late-antiquity, Barbarism and Europe M.R. Salzman From late-antique to papal Rome S. L. Dyson Archaeologists, antiquaries , and a Celtic queen OBITUAY Obituary of Colin M. Wells by J. Freed & M. Garrison BOOKS RECEIVED BOOKS REVIEWED IN THIS ISSUE

Número Ingreso Código Base de Datos Ubicación Tipo # Ej. Status Devolución Reserva
1027693HR 937 V. 23 2010 JRA  Colección Mac Cormack Planta baja estanteria cerrada Original 1Disponible  

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