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Código:HR 937 V. 100 2010 JRS [Colección Mac Cormack]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria cerrada
Autor Personal:Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
TítuloThe Journal of Roman Studies
Ciudad: London
Editorial: Published by Cambridge University Press for Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
Año: 2010
Descripción: fots. 24 cm.
Notas:F.I. 14/04/2015
Palabras Claves:HISTORIA;
Términos Locales:Roma - Historia - Revista;
Roma - Antigüedades;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 937 V. 100 2010 JRS [Colección Mac Cormack]
100:Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
245The Journal of Roman Studies
260:London: Published by Cambridge University Press for Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies: 2010:
300: fots. 24 cm.
500:F.I. 14/04/2015
653Roma - Historia - Revista; Roma - Antigüedades; Idioma: Inglés

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies. The Journal of Roman Studies. -- . --London: Published by Cambridge University Press for Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies: 2010. # Ingreso:1027699

    fots..24 cm..

Contents Armand D´Angour, English by Colin Sydenham, Celebratory Verse Presented to the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies on the Occasion of their Centenary by the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies ARTICLES CHRISTOPHER STRAY, “Patriots and Professors”: A Century of Roman Studies, 1910-2010 IRENE PEIRANO, Hellenized Roman and Barbarized Greeks. Reading the End of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Antiquitates Romanae PETER HESLIN, Virgil´s Georgics and the Dating of Propertius´First Book EMILY GOWERS, Augustus and “Syracuse” LUKE ROMAN, Martial and the City of Rome C.L. WHITTON, Pliny, Epistles 8.14: Senate, Slavery and the Agricola TRISTIAN J. POWER, Pliny, Letters 5.10 and the Literary Carecer of Suetonius Peter Thonemann, The Women of Akmoneia KEVIN W. WILKINSON, Palladas and the Foundation of Constantinople DOUGLAS RYAN BOIN, Late Antique Ostia and a Campaign for Pious Tourism: Epitaphs for Bishop Cyriacus and Monica, Mother of Augustine SURVEY ARTICLE JOHN R. PATTERSON, The City of Rome Revisited: From Mid-Republic to Mid-Empire REVIEW ARTICLE ROBIN OSBORNE AND CAROLINE VOUT, A Revolution in Roman History? REVIEWS (in alphabetical order) ARWEILER, A. H. AND B. N. GAULY (Eds). Machtfragen: zur kulturellen Repräsentation und Konstruktion von Macht in Antike, Mittelalter und Neuzeit (By Ida Östenberg) AUGER, D. AND É WOLFF (Eds), Culture classique et christianisme: mélanges offerts á Jean Bouffartigue (By Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe) AVANZINI, A. (Ed.), A Port in Arabia between Rome and the Indian Ocean (3er C. BC-5th C. AD). Khor Rori Report 2 (By Heidrun Schenk) BANG, P., The Roman Bazaar: a Comparative Study of Trade and Markets in a Tributary Empire (By Constantina Katsari) BEARD, M., Pompeii: the Life or a Roman Town (By Joanna Paul) BELLANDI, F. AND R. FERRI (Eds), Aspetii della scuola nel mondo romano. Atti del convegno (Pisa, 5-6 Dicembre 2006) (By Teresa Morgan) BELLELLI, V., F. Delpino, P. Moscati and P. Santoro, Munera Caeretana. In ricorto di Mauro Cristofani. Atti dell´incontro di studio, Roma (CNR), I Febbraio 2008 (By Michael Crawford) BENELLI., E. (Ed.), Thesaurus Linguae Etruscae. I. Indice Iessicale (By James Clackson) BONNET, C., S. RIBICHINI AND D. STEUERNAGEL (Eds), Religioni in contatto nel Mediterraneo antico. Modalitá di diffusione e processi di interferenza. Atti del 3 colloquio “Le Religioni Orientali nel Mondo Greco e Romano” (By Michael Crawford) BOWES, K., Private Worship, Public Values, and Religious Change in Late Antiquity (By Lisa Alberici) BRADLEY, G. AND J.-P. WILSON (Eds), Greek and Roman Colonization. Origins, Ideologies and Interaction (By S. J. Northwood) Braund, S., Seneca, De Clementia (By Jula Wildberger) CADIOU, F., Hibera in terra miles: Les Armées romaines et la conquete de l´Hispanie sous la République (218-45 Av. J.C.) (By John Richardson) CAPRIOLI, F., Vesta aeterna: l´Aedes Vestae e la sua decorazione architettonica (By John Stamper) CARUSO, C. AND A. LAIRD (Eds), Italy and the Classical Tradition. Language, Thought and Poetry 1300-1600 (By L. B. T. Houghton) CIMA, M. AND E. TALAMO, Gli Horti di Roma antica (By Annette Giesecke) CIURLETTI, G. (Ed.), Fra il Garda e le Alpi di Ledro. Monte S. Martino. Il luogo di culto (ricerche e scavi 1969-1979) (By Neil Christie) CLAASSEN, J.-M., Ovid Revisited: the Poet in Exile (By Samuel Huskey) CLARK, A. Divine Qualities: Cult and Community in Republican Rome (By Samuel Huskey) CLAUSEN, M., Maxima in sensibus veritas? Die platonischen und stoischen Grundlagen der Erkenntniskritik in Ciceros Lucullus (By Myrto Hartzimichali) COFFEE, N., The Commerce of War: Exchange and Social Order in Latin Epic (By Jonathan Mannering) COOPER, K., The fall of the Roman Household (By Claire Sotinell) DAEHNER, J. (Ed.), The Herculaneum Women. History, Context, Identities (By Shelley Hales) DE CAZANOVE, O., Civita di Tricarico. I. Quartier de la Maison du Monolithe et l´enceinte intermédiare (By Penelope Goodman) DE GAETANO, M., Scuola e potere in Draconzio (By Chiara O. Tommasi Moreschini) DE LIGT, L. AND S. NORTHWOOD (Eds), People, Land 300 BC-AD 14 (By Marta García Morcillo) DE VAAN, M., Etynological Dictionary of Latin and the Other Italic Languages (By Hilla Halla-aho) DEMMA, F., Monumenti pubblici di Puteoli. Per´un archeologia dell´architettura (By Matthew Nicholls) DUNN, G., Tertullian´s Adversus Iudaeos: a Rhetorical Analysis (By Jaclyn Maxwell) DUTSCH, D., Feminine Discourse in Roman Comedy: on Echoes and Voices (By Kristina Milnor) FAIN, G., Writing Epigrams: the Art of Composition in Catullus, Callimachus and Martial (By Bob Cowan) FARNEY, G., Ethnic Identity and Aristocratic Competition in Republican Rome (By Kathryn Lomas) FEJFER, J., Roman Portraits in Context (By Jeremy Tanner) FRANGOULIDIS, S., Witches, Isis and Narrative: Approaches to Magic in Apuleius Metamorphoses (By Sarif Stern) FRATANTUONO, L., A Commentary on Virgil, Aeneid XI (By Anne Rogerson) FRISCHER, B., J. CRAWFORD AND M. DE SIMONE, The Horace´s Villa Project, 1997-2003 (By Mantha Zarmakoupi) GALL, D. AND A. WOLKENHAUER (Eds), Laokoon in Literatur und Kunst: Schriften des Symposions´Laokoon in Literatur und Kunst´vom 30.II.2006, Universität Bonn (By Katharina Lorenz) GARANI, M., Empedocles Redivivus: Poetry and Analogy in Lucretius (By Daniel Markovié) GARDNER, G. AND K. OSTERLOH (Eds), Antiquity in Antiquity: Jewish and Christian Pasts in the Greco-Roman World (By Jodi Magness) GARDNER, I., S. LIEU AND K. PARRY (Eds), From Palmyra to Zayton: Epigraphy and Iconography (By Ted Kaizer) GUIDO, L., Romania vs Barbaria: Aspekte der Romanisierung Sardiniens (By Peter van Dommelen) GUNDERSON, E., Nox Philologiae: Aulus Gellius and the Fantasy of the Roman Library (By Shane Butler) GÜNTHER, S., “Vectigalia nervos esse rei publicae”. Die indirekten Steuern in der römischen Kaiserzeit von Augustus bis Diokletian (By Kristian Mohr Mersing) GUZZO, P. AND M.-P. GUIDOBALDI (Eds), Nuove ricerche archeologiche nell´area Vesuviana (scavi 2003-2006): atti convegno internazionale, Roma, I-3 Febbraio 2007 (By Virginia L. Campbell) HALL, J., Politeness and Politics in Cicero´s Letters (By Sandra Citroni Marchetti) HARDIE, P. (Ed.), Paradox and the Marvellous in Augustan Literature and Culture (By Laura Jansen) HEINEN, H. (Ed.), Menschenraub, Menschenhandel und Sklaverei in Antiker und moderner Perspektive (By Ulrike Roth) HIRSCH-LUIPOLD, R., H. GÖRGEMANNS AND M. VON ALBRECHT (Eds.) Religiöse Philosophie und philosophische Religion der früben Kaiserzeit: Literaturgeschichtliche Perspektiven (By Lee M. Jefferson) HOPE, V., Roman Death: Dying and the Dead in Ancient Rome (By Emma-Jayne Graham) HORSFALL, N. (Ed.), Virgil, Aeneid 2: a Commentary (By Ruth Parkes) HOWELL, P., Martial (By Ilaria Marchesi) HÜBNER, S. AND D. RATZAN (Eds), Growing up Fatherless in Antiquity (By Christina A. Clark) HUMBERT, M., Le Dodici Tavole. Dai decemviri agli umanisti (By Michael Crawford) JOHNE, K.-P. IN ASSOCIATION WITH U. HARTMANN AND T. GERHART (Eds), Die Zeit der Soldatenkaiser (By John F. Drinkwater) JOHNSON, W. R., A Latin Lover in Ancient Rome: Reading in Propertius and his Genre (By Teresa Ramsby) KEITH, A., Propertius: Poet of Love and Leisure (By Peter Heslin) KELLY, C., Attila the Hun, Barbarian Terror and the Fall of the Roman Empire (By Michael Whitby) KEULEN, W., Apuleius Madaurensis Metamorphoses: Book I – Text, Introduction and Commentary (By Paula James) KOUSSER, R. M., Hellenistic and Roman Ideal Sculpture: the Allure or the Classical (By Michael Squire) KROPP, A., Magische Sprachverwendung in vulgärlateinischen Fluchtafeln (Defixiones) (By Gian Franco Chiai) LEE, A., War in Late Antiquity: a Social History (By Richard Alston) LIANERI, A. AND V. ZAJKO (Eds), Translation and the Classic: Identity as Change in the History of Culture (By Ian Ruffell) LOWE, D. AND K. SHAHABUDIN (Eds), Classics for All: Reworking Antiquity in Mass Culture (By Alison Futrell) MARKOVIC, D., The Rhetoric of Explanation in Lucretius´De Remun Natura (By Gordon Campbell) MASTINO, A., Storia della Sardegna antica (By Peter van Dommelen) MCGOWAN, M., Ovid in Exile: Power and Poetic Redress in the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto (By John Geyssen) MENEGHINI, R. AND R. SANTANGELI VALENZANI, I Fori imperiali: gli scavi del commune di Roma (1991-2007) (By Michael Anderson) NEWBY, Z. AND R. LEADER-NEWBY (Eds), Culto imperial: política y poder (By Leonard A. Curchin) NOVOKHATKO, A., The Invectives of Sallust and Cicero: Critical Edition with Introduction, Translation, and Commentary (By John T. Ramsey) REVELL, L., Roman Imperialism and Local Identities (By Edward Herring) RIMELL, V., Martial´s Rome: Empire and the Ideology of Epigram (By Luke Roman) ROUSSEAU, P. AND M. PAPOUTSAKIS, Transformations of Late Antiquity: Essays for Peter Brown (By Richard Flower) SACCHI, O., Regime della terra e imposizione fondiaria nell´etá dei Gracchi: testo e commento storico-giuridico della Legge Agraria del III A. C. (By Michael Crawford) SANTALUCIA, B. (Ed.), La Repressione criminale nella Roma repubblicana fra norma e persuasione (By O. F. Robinson) SAUNDERS, T., Bucolic Ecology. Virgil´s Eclogues and the Environmental Literary Tradition (By John Henderson) SMOLENAARS, J., H.-J. VAN DAM AND R. NAUTA (Eds), The Poetry of Statius (By Randall Ganiban) STEVENSON, T. AND M. WILSON (Eds), Cicero´s Philippics: History, Rhetoric and Ideology (By Gabor Tahin) TAKÁCS., The Construction of Authority in Ancient Rome and Byzantium: the Rhetoric of Empire (By Hannah Swithinbank) TATUM, W. J., Always I Am Caesar (By Federico Santangelo) TOMBER, R., Indo-Roman Trade: from Post to Pepper (By K. Winther-Jacobsen) TRIANTAFILLIS, E., Le Iscrizioni italiche dal 1979 (By Michael Crawford) USHER, S., CICERO´S Speeches: the Critic in Action (By Kathryn Tempest) VAN ANDRINGA, W. (Ed.), Sacrifices, marchés de la viande et pratiques alimentaires dams les cités du monde romain = Meat: Sacrifice, Trade and Food Preparation in the Roman Empire (By Michael Beer) VEYRAC, A., Nimes romaine et l´eau (By Simon Esmonde Cleary) VOLK, K., Manilius and his Intellectual Background (By Charles McNelis) VOLPE, G., M. STRAZZULLA AND D. LEONE (Eds), Storia e archeologia della Daunia in ricordo di Marina Mazzei (By Michael Crawford) WILLIAMS, M., Authorised Lives in Early Christian Biography, Between Eusebius and Augustine (By Lieve van Hoof) WINSBURY, R., The Roman Book (By Joseph Howley) WISEMAN, T. P., Remembering the Roman People: Essays on Late-Republican Politics and Literature (By Harriet Flower) Proceedings of the Society

Número Ingreso Código Base de Datos Ubicación Tipo # Ej. Status Devolución Reserva
1027699HR 937 V. 100 2010 JRS  Colección Mac Cormack Planta baja estanteria cerrada Original 1Disponible  

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