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Código:HR 004.678 V. 10 Nº 4 IC [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:UCSP - Sucre
Autor Personal:IEEE Computer Society
TítuloIEEE Internet Computíng
Ciudad: California
Editorial: IEEE Computer Society
Año: 2006
Descripción:96 páginas; il. 27 cm.
Notas:F. I. 05/11/2015 jul/ago (2006)
Palabras Claves:GENERALIDADES;
Términos Locales:Internet;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 004.678 V. 10 Nº 4 IC [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:IEEE Computer Society
245IEEE Internet Computíng
260:California: IEEE Computer Society: 2006:
300:96 páginas; il. 27 cm.
500:F. I. 05/11/2015 jul/ago (2006)
653Internet; Revista; Idioma: Inglés

IEEE Computer Society. IEEE Internet Computíng . --California: IEEE Computer Society: 2006. # Ingreso:1037858

   96 páginas; il. .27 cm. .

CONTENIDO DEPARTAMENTS Posted 7 Letters to the Editor News & Trends 8. ARAB INTERNET INVESTMENTS IN “MID –BOOM” Greg Goth Roughly 4 percent of the Middle East´s population access, but investors, vendors, and service providers are anticipating a breakout situation for access created by new tecnologies Elsewhere 11. From the Newsstand Alison Skratt A round-up of internet-related stories in IEEE Computer Society and trade press Public Policy technologi Track 64. Cybercrimes against Consumers: Could Biometric Technology Be the Solution? Juline E. Mills and Sookeun Byun Although cybercrime continues to represent a threat in the digital world Advances in biometric technology´s capabilities could users greater Protection Spotlight 72. When TCP Breaks: Delay – and Disruption – Tolerant Networking Stephen Farrell, Vinny Cahill, Dermot Geraghty Ivor Humphreys, and Paul MC Donald The authors give an overview of current work on delay- and disruption Tolerant networking and review the overall architecture proposed by the Internet Research Task Force´s Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group Standars 79. Replacing the Whois Protocol: IRIS and the IETF´S crisp Working Group Andrew Newton To address the needs of today´s internet, the IETF Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol working group is developing the internet Registry Information Service (iris) protocol to replace Whois, which remains Unchanged since it was first published in the early 1980s. COLUMNS NETWORKED 4. Looking Backward Robert e. Filman Looking back ata his original column, “The Arachnoid Tourist, “ EIC Robert Filman discusses the Perils of trying to predict the future THE INTERNET EXPERIENCE 86. Getting Conceptual about Interface Design Jim Miller Using Tunes and CD Spin Doctor as examples, the author examines Conceptual models and how to use them when designing an application´s Interface TOWARD INTEGRATION 91. Enterprise Integration with Ruby Steve Vinoski If you need to glue together multiple technologies, such as databases, Lighweight Directory ACCESS Protocol (LDAP), xml, messaging, Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs). And distributed objects, the Ruby programming Language might be the answer to help you do it PEER TO PEER 96. INDUSTRIAL SEMANTICS AND MAGIC It´s time for academic research in semantics to be industrially relevant, yes, Compounded by academics´confusión about the issues they´re solving – and Those that industry would like solved

Número Ingreso Código Base de Datos Ubicación Tipo # Ej. Status Devolución Reserva
1037858HR 004.678 V. 10 Nº 4 IC  Universidad Católica San Pablo UCSP - Sucre Original 1Disponible  

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