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Código:HR 330 ENE - FEB 2012 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2012
Descripción:Varias páginas; il., col. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 ENE - FEB 2012 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: Economist Newspaper Limited: 2012:
300:Varias páginas; il., col. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 04/01/2016
653Economía - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: Economist Newspaper Limited: 2012. # Ingreso:1038798

   Varias páginas; il., col..27 cm..

DECEMBER 31ST 2011 – JANUARY 6TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS American politics - The right Republican North Korea after Kim Jong Il - We need to talk about Kim Religious freedom - Christians and lions Iraq - Make it federal Economics blogs - A less dismal debate LETTERS On the euro zone, Irish banks, India, veterans, women, jobs, seasteading, Vladimir Putin BRIEFING Succession in North Korea - Grief and fear UNITED STATES The Republicans - Into Iowa The National Labour Relations Board - Workingman’s blues The payroll-tax row - Backfiring brinksmen Lexington - Ron Paul’s big moment THE AMERICAS Chevron and Brazil’s oil industry - Oil, water and trouble Argentina and the Falklands - Rocking the boat The Dominican Republic - Stateless ASIA Pakistan’s febrile politics - Open spats Unrest in Kazakhstan - Thicker than oil Japan’s cramming schools - Testing times Banyan - Indian demographics MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Iraq without America - Sovereignty without security Palestinian unity - Rivals who may need each other Nigeria’s subsidies - End them at once! BRIEFING Vaclav Havel 1936-2011 - Living in truth EUROPE Spain’s new government - Rajoy goes to work Russia’s protests - First we take Sakharov Avenue Danish politics - Helle’s horrid honeymoon Sweden’s Social Democrats - Fading charms Turkey, France and Armenia - Watch your words Visas in Europe - Keep out BRITAIN Sin taxes - The high cost of virtue England’s booze culture - Always with us Slum landlords - Down and out in London Bagehot - Olympic Britain v royal Britain INTERNATIONAL Muslims and the Koran - In the beginning were the words Textual criticism - Believe it or not BUSINESS Infrastructure in India - Balance sheets under strain The rise of co-working - Looking for desk American business - Hard times, lean firms Ethnic advertising - One message, or many? Insulting advertisements - Ad hominem Schumpeter - Too much social media BRIEFING Heterodox economics - Marginal revolutionaries FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Financial terrorism The war on terabytes Buttonwood Prospects for 2012 European banks Hose and dry Chinese sovereign debt The bonds that tie 2011 revisited Charting the year Economics focus China v America SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Flu research and biological warfare - A deadly balance Solar power - Building a better suntrap Comet Lovejoy - Surviving the sun Cancer research - Take five BOOKS AND ARTS Gift of tongues - Hyperpolyglost and their world The French in algerias - War by any other name William Carlos Williams, American poet - On the outside looking in Men of letters - George Whitman/Christopher Hitchens John bright - Third man Women of substance - Rebeca west and Dorothy Thompson ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies,`plus a closer look at initial public offerings OBITUARY Kim Jong II - The great illusion JANUARY 7TH – 13TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Global finance - Save the City Hugo Chavéz - Cancer and the body politic The world economy - Self-induced sluggishness Hungary’s government - To Viktor too many spoils Citizenship - In praise of a second (or third) passport LETTERS On religion and America, Britain and Europe, Canada, "free cities", Martin Luther BRIEFING Britain’s financial industry - Death by a thousand cuts UNITED STATES The Republican nomination - On to New Hampshire The economy and the states - Less of a drag Restricting abortion - Unintended issues Election laws - Holder v states Economic diversification - Reimagining the future Diversifying Nevada - Rolling the dice Lexington - Rick Santorum’s ride THE AMERICAS Venezuela’s election campaign - Chávez shuffles the pack Bolivia’s judges - Rough justice Canadian history - The 1812 overture Rebuilding Haiti -Open for business Jamaica’s election - Go, sista ASIA Reviving Kolkata - The city that got left behind Singapore politics - Falling on their wallets Damming the Mekong - Reprive for a river Lifting martial law in Fiji - A gift from the Commander Thailand’s politics - Waiting for the man Chinese broadcasting - Entertaing the masses Banyan - The Fukushima black box MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Egypt’s elections - steady nerves required Iran v the United States - Raising the stakes Syria and the Arab League - No end in sight Syria’s religious minorities - Jangling sectarian nerves Somalia and Ethiopia - Might things get better for once? South Africa and alcohol - Don’t touch a drop EUROPE Hungary’s government - The long march of Fidesz German politics - Lone Wulff Austerity in Spain - Turning the screws Austerity in Italy - Terrorising the taxman Bosnian politics - Finally, a government Turkey and the Kurds - Death upon death Charlemagne - A gloomy 2012 for europe BRITAIN London’s mayoral race - Back into the fray British and American rowing - Rowed scholars Stephen Lawrence - Crime and consequences Bagehot - A murder that changed Britain INTERNATIONAL Dual citizenship - Dutchmen grounded Collecting global garbage - Effluence of affluence Social media and fund-raising - One thousand points of “like” Scientology - Thetans at war BUSINESS The drugs industry - Battling borderless bugs China’s railways - Fast but inefficient Ethanol - A boost for brazil B Corps - Firms with benefits Chinese condoms - Reds in the bed European transport policy - Greening the skies Selling cars online - The TrueCar challenge Schumpeter - Demonising bankers BRIEFING The semiconductor industry - Space invaders FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Central banks - Crazy aunt on the loose India’s slowdown - he case for the defence Spain’s banks - Horns of a dilemma China’s economy - An odd contraction Buttonwood - Hedge-fund mirage Bank capital - Half-cocked Basel A Swiss central-banking scandal - Called to account Economics focus - Downturn, start up SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Aesthetics and money - Fiddling with the mind Evolution - The value of a good editor Power from the sea - Second time around… A new island in the Red Sea - Peekaboo China’s space programme - Rockets galore BOOKS AND ARTS Women and Islam - Faith, lies and terror Europe and Islam - Managing the future Zakes Mda - South Africa’s rejected son A memoir of Nigeria - Home and hearth A history of dieting - Binge and purge “The Iron Lady” - Cheekbones and chidings ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at our poll of forecasters OBITUARY Cesária Évora - The song of the sea JANUARY 21ST – 27TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Emerging-market multinationals - The rise of state capitalism The euro crisis returns - Salve Italia Taxing the rich in America - The politics of plutocracy Nuclear Iran - Not quite too late Corporate anonymity - Light and wrong LETTERS On the City, productivity, sin taxes, Bolivia, nuclear power, Kolkata, euphemisms BRIEFING Booming Mongolia - Mine, all mine UNITED STATES Income inequality - Who exactly are the 1%? Optimal tax rates - Soak or swim Online piracy - Stopping SOPA Mexico’s drug war - Not so fast Red-light cameras - You’re on film Bankrupt schools - Studying on a shoestring Executive clemency - The pardoner’s tale Lexington - The Palmetto primary THE AMERICAS Mexico’s legislature - The siesta congress Guatemala’s new president - Quick march Canada’s oil industry - What goes around ASIA Taiwan’s elections - It’s all right, Ma Satire in South Korea - Lampooning the pols Urbanising China - A nation of city slickers Parental abduction in Japan - Child-snatchers Reform in Myanmar - Follow my lead Banyan - Pakistan’s game of chicken MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Sanctions and Iran - Beleaguered but still unbowed Iran’s isolation - A sad old city Shia Islam - A sense of loneliness Israel and Palestine - Toddling to talks Israel and Azerbaijan - Odd but useful friends Education in South Africa - Still dysfunctional Protests in Nigeria - Let them have fuel EUROPE Italy’s prime minister - A good professor in Rome The cruise-ship tragedy - Wrecked Russian protests - Putin’s people French politics - Down a notch Riots in Romania - Anger management Justice in Turkey - Not for some Justice in Spain - Investigating the investigator Charlemagne - Germany’s dominance BRITAIN Town-centre retailing - Nation of shop critics John Lewis as a model - The feeling is mutual Extradition - The ties that bind Schools in Wales - Down in the valleys Bagehot - Alex Salmond, Little Englander INTERNATIONAL Corporate anonymity - Ultimate privilege Demography - Cutting carbón emissions Dissent about prohibition - In narco veritas BUSINESS Israeli technology - What next for the start-up nation? Demography and business in Israel - The promised land needs people Confidence in America - Glass half empty Asian technology - Don’t fear it Flat-panel screens - Cracking up Aircraft leasing - If it flies, rent it Opening a business in Brazil - Why make it simple? Tequila in mexico - Storm in a shot glass Schumpeter - The shackled boss BRIEFING Energy in India - The future is black FINANCE AND ECONOMICS American banks - Losing altitude Buttonwood - Corporate irationality Greece’s debt-holders - Volunteers wanted Austrian banks - Vienna 2.0 China’s economy - Two twists in the dragon’s tail Trade statistics - iPadded (22) Free exchange - A progress reporto n deleveranging SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Exercise and longevity - Worth all the sweat Polio - A Rotary engine Forensic science - Ignorance is bliss Solar energy - Flower power BOOKS AND ARTS The Obamas - Party of two Philip Larkin - Poetry book In praise French parents - Non, non and non Alexander macleod’s Short stories - Of moose and men Ralph Fiennes’s “Coriolanus” - The world at war “Travelling Light” - The part of a lifetime ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at our commodity- price index OBITUARY Rauf Denktash - Mr no, no and no JANUARY 28TH – FEBRUARY 3RD 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS China - The paradox of prosperity The Republican nomination - Not so fast, Newt Private equity - Monsters, Inc? The euro crisis - What to do about Greece Syria’s uprising - Hold your horses LETTERS On Mitt Romney, India, Switzerland, common law, "The Iron Lady", executive pay, theme parks, walking, the Olympics BRIEFING Unrest in China - A dangerous year UNITED STATES The Republican nomination - Newt’s (fleeting?) moment Rick Perry quits the race - Back in the saddle Andrew Cuomo - Next, walk on water Immigration laws - Caught in the net California’s ports - The fickle Asian container American coal - A burning issue Lexington - The union’s state is dire THE AMERICAS Race in Brazil - Affirming a divide Crime in Nicaragua - A surprising safe haven Ecuador’s retirement capital - Going gently ASIA Political visions in Japan - Generational warfare Censorship in India - Unfunny gags Politics in Bangladesh - Turbulent house Gaming and politics in Australia - Ms Gillard’s gamble CHINA The long arm of the state - Where’s the party? Yunnan’s tobacco boom - Poisonous gift … And its caffeine rush - For all the coffee in China Capital punishment - Who goes to the gallows? New urban tribes - Ant tribes and mortgage slaves Banyan - China, oil and iran MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Syria’s crisis - It looks like civil war Books in Arabic - Writing on Revolution Remaking Libya - Better than it sounds Art in Saudi Arabia - The picture is changing Yemen’s president - Another one bites the dust Nigeria’s northern capital - The threat from boko haram Kenya and the ICC - Brace yourself EUROPE Germany’s coalition - Merkel at the top Italy’s reforms - The Iron Monti French politics - Sauce Hollandaise Croatia and the European Union - A cautious yes Turkish foreign policy - Problems with the neighbours Swedish Social Democrats - In the dumps Charlemagne - Europe’s BRITAIN Demography - The changing face of London Scottish independence - More than just words Bagehot - Global Britain, SOS INTERNATIONAL Privacy laws - Private data, public rules Saving lives - Crowd-sourced medics BUSINESS Affinity fraud - Fleecing the flock Aircraft-making - Buyers besiege boeing Canada’s high-tech woes - Research in commotion The internet and file-sharing - Dotcom bust Legal services - Psst, wanna buy a law firm? Grameen’s business empire - Under attrack Schumpeter - The power of tribes FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Greece and the euro - An economy crumbles Austerity and the markets - The perils of prudence Buttonwood - In praise of pessimists The Federal Reserve - Interest-rate projections Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext - Competing arguments Private equity - Bain or blessing? Free exchange - Wiggle-room in emerging SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Visible-light communication - Tripping the light fantastic Embryonic stem cells - Looking up Flu research and public safety - Influenza and its complications Colony collapse disorder - Bee off BOOKS AND ARTS Queen Elizabeth II - Royal bow Fiat and the Agnelli family - Near-death experience Revolution in Egypt - Square eyes Cairo thriller - Wreathed in smoke The future of Europe - A case of decline Weegee’s photographs - Black, white and blood red ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at our commodity- price index OBITUARY Gustav Leonhardt - Reading bach’s mind FEBRUARY 4TH – 10TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Facebook - A fistful of dollars The future of Fleet Street - Fit to print France’s presidential election - Hey, big spender China’s economy - Time for a property tax America’s retreat from Afghanistan - The spectre of comparisons LETTERS On climate change, Alberta's energy fields, Japan, "tabling", Romania, India, airlines, online piracy, shopping, fitness BRIEFING Floating Facebook - The value of friendship UNITED STATES The RepublicanS - Florida wings for Romney Fund-raising - The money primary The economy - A hair of the dog Unionisation - Indiana goes “ right- to- work” Chinese college students - Making ting tong cool Gang violence - Turf wars Lexington - The classes drift apart THE AMERICAS Canada’s housing market - Look out below Baseball in Latin America - Draft dodgers no more ASIA America in Afghanistan - Outta here Papua New Guinea - Desperate fling Politics in Malaysia - Najib at bay Myanmar and Singapore - Among friends State elections in india - UP, down, sideways Banyan - The devil in the deep blue detail CHINA Taxing China - Pay and play Tibetans and the Chinese state - No power to pacify Hong Kong and the mainland - Dogs and locusts MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Arab spring economies - Unfinished business Senegal’s election - Two terms and maybe you’re out Health care in Sierra Leone - It’s up to you Race in South Africa - Still an issue Social media - #AfricaTweets EUROPE France’s presidential election - And they’re off Germany’s spooks - Eyes on the left Germany and eastern Europe - Love in a cold climate Spain’s regions - The centre tries to hold Portugal’s problems - The next special case? Pollution in the Netherlands - Dirty dikes Charlemagne - Angela the lawgiver BRITAIN Press regulation - Guarding the guardians Bashing finance - Royal Bank of Salem Overcrowded airports - Hub caps Bagehot - Lessons from a great school INTERNATIONAL Islam and homosexuality - Straight but narrow Political violence and trauma - Beaten but unbowed Neglected tropical diseases - Hot tropic BUSINESS Carlos Slim - Let Mexico’s moguls battle Fighter jets - India favours france Superyachts - Offshore finance Health care in America - Shopping around for surgery Accounting in China - Unlucky numbers South Korea’s chaebol - Let them eat cake Schumpeter - The coming retail boom FINANCE AND ECONOMICS The Reserve Bank of India - Pulling every lever Malaysia’s central bank - Serene but surprising China and rare earths - Of metals and market forces Japanese banks - Quietly does it Buttonwood - The war on finance Weather derivatives - Come rain or shine Investment banking - Bonfire of the bankers Free exchange - The silent bazooka SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The nature of humanity - What’s a man? Synaesthesia - Smells like Beethoven Scientific publishing - The price of information Biomimetics - Not a scratch BOOKS AND ARTS Yayoi Kusama - Cosmic queen The future of universities - Troubled halls Rin Tin Tin, life and legend - Dog dreams Tax reform - Why america needs it Gay writing in America - Fairy godfathers New fiction from India - Lotus-eaters ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Jonathan Keith “Jack” Idema - Confidence man FEBRUARY 11TH- 17TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Arab revolutions - How to set Syria free Change in Russia - A Moscow spring? The rich world’s economy - Not quite party time Pakistan’s army - Black v green Africa’s Resource - More for my people LETTERS On state capitalism and China, Greece, cluster munitions, the super-rich, Facebook BRIEFING Syria’s crisis - The long road to Damascus UNITED STATES Drugs policy - Pills and progress The Republicans - The Santorum surge Indecency and television - Giving the FCC the finger Gay marriage - Equal protection indeed Jobs and the economy - A game of two halves Segregation - The dream is getting closer Technology and the election - Boffins wanted Lexington - Obama’s “war on religion” THE AMERICAS Venezuelan politics - Mano a mano Brazil’s airports - Fasten your seat belts Women in Mexican politics - The XX factor ASIA Myanmar’s startling changes - Pragmatic virtues The Maldives - Anni outgunned India’s last hangman - An executioner’s tale Electricity in Japan - Power politics North Korea’s mobiles - Available to earthlings Banyan - Sri lanka’s three brothers CHINA God and the party - Render unto Caesar Reporting Chinese politics - Hidden news SPECIAL REPORT: PAKISTAN Perilous journey - After page 48 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Israel and Iran - Closer to take-off Eyeing the Arab spring - Gloom and bloom Egypt’s turmoil - It goes on and on Sudan and South Sudan - The mother of all divorces Resource in Africa - Wish you were mine EUROPE Russia’s protests - Making our feelings known Romanian politics - New government, old problems Spanish politics - Rubalcaba’s cube Finland’s new president - A conservative first Greece’s woes - Brinkmanship in Athens German dialects - Teenagers’ argot Charlemagne - 1789 and all that BRITAIN The coalition - Pulled hither and thither Quantitative easing - Has it worked? Wear Beer - Brewers’ droop Bagehot - The death of meritocracy INTERNATIONAL Swiss banking secrecy - Don’t ask, won’t tell Internet freedom and copyright law - ACTA up BUSINESS Model economics - The beauty business Cosmetic treatment for men - Beauty and the beasts Glencore and Xstrata - Ore inspiring Underpaid bosses - They really exist Aircraft and pollution - China snubs the EU India’s telecoms scandal - Megahurts Corporate governance - Not King Coal Schumpeter - Of companies and closets FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Sovereign bonds - Hardly risk-free Buttonwood - The lump of labour Short-selling - Getting to the naked truth The Korea discount - Minority report Credit cards in China - Citi building Building competitiveness - Taxi economies Free exchange - America’s Jobs churn SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Sex and love - The modern matchmakers Social networking for scientists - Professor Facebook Pollution in China - Clearing the air Why zebra are striped - Horse sense BOOKS AND ARTS The first sexual revolution - Pleasure principles Pakistan’s future - Resilient mess Mitt Romney - The puzzler Documentaries on Russia - Off balance Lucian Freud in London - Local hero Jewish fiction - Books of laughter and forgetting ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at football wealth OBITUARY Wislawa Szymborska - Poland’s muse FEBRUARY 25TH – MARCH 2ND 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Nuclear proliferation - Bombing Iran Financial innovation - How to live with it Overfishing - A fixable problem Retailers and the internet - Clicks and bricks Government statistics - Don’t lie to me, Argentina LETTERS On private equity, Myanmar, the Republicans and birth control, fishing in Africa, Afghanistan, Chinese censorship, Facebook BRIEFING Attacking Iran - Up in the air Nuclear diplomacy - Stalled Tougher sanctions - From half-hearted to harsh UNITED STATES Campaign finance - The hands that prod, the wallets that feed Corporate tax rates - A useful trim The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Building a bigger tent Joe Kennedy III - Back to the chocolate cake Crime and politics - The Chicago way Start-ups - Tending their gardens Conservative education reform - The Floridian school of thought Lexington - Republican fratricide THE AMERICAS Inflation in Argentina - Cooking the books Hugo Chávez - The Venezuelan patient Mexico’s presidential election - Diaspora apathy ASIA Australia - The Punch and Julia show Sri Lanka and the UN - Unslayable ghosts Elections in Mumbai - Gluttons for punishment Indonesian politics - The great unravelling Banyan - Old king coal CHINA Stay-at-home migrants - Welcome home The impact of Chinese migration - We like to move it move it Sporting heroes - linfamous MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Somalia’s future - A ray of hope Yemen’s election - One vote, one man Voting in Iran - A test at home The Palestinians - Putting the pal-humpty together again EUROPE Turkey’s political in-fighting - Erdogan at bay Ataturk’s image - A secularist’s lament Germany’s new president - Enter Gauck Serbia, Kosovo and Europe - A Balkan cliffhanger Hungary and the European Union - Backing down gently France’s presidential election - Frontal assault Charlemagne - The rescue of grecece BRITAIN Police commissioners - Bobbies on the ballot Costume dramas - The other half lives Bagehot - Crime and democracy INTERNATIONAL Fisheries - Lost property Journalists at risk - Firing lines Measures of well-being - Chilled out Corporate disclosure - Extracting oil, burying data BUSINESS Retaillers and the internet - Making it click Veolia’s boardroom battle - Plumbing the depths - So long, for now Diet products - A big, bad business Motor racing - NASCAR’s ride gets bumpy Business in Rwanda - Africa’s Singapore? Schumpeter - Enterprising oldies FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Lost economic time - The Proust index Buttonwood - Repressed memories Greece’s bail-out - Rescue fatigue IT and espionage on Wall Street - Cracking the penal code Oil markets - High drama PIMCO’s new exchange-traded fund - Cheaper Bill Building competitiveness - Insider aiding Free exchange - Arab spring cleaning SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Quantum computing - An uncertain future Animal rights - Whales are people, too Microscopy - X-ray specs Artificial meat - Hamburger junction Preserving rare languages - Technology to the rescue BOOKS AND ARTS Egypt’s revolution - The next draft America and Iran - Roll of the dice Tony Judt - History boy Writers and their families - Mother, may I Wilkie Collins - Sweet- tempered Victorian Cindy Sherman at MoMA - Making it up ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at cars and light trucks in america OBITUARY Anwar Kamal - The frontier rogue

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