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Código:HR 330 SET - OCT 2012 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2012
Descripción:Varias páginas; il. col. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 SET - OCT 2012 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2012:
300:Varias páginas; il. col. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 04/01/2016
653Economía - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2012. # Ingreso:1038800

   Varias páginas; il. col..27 cm..

September 1st – 7th 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS President Obama - Four more years? China’s economy - Slow boats Apple v Samsung - iPhone, uCopy, iSue Africa, oil and the West - Show us the money Central banking - The England job LETTERS On the Catholic church, OMEGA, the Scottish Enlightenment, carbon capture and storage, notaries, children BRIEFING Barack Obama’s economic record - End-of-term report UNITED STATES The Republican convention - Roused, but wary Ron Paul’s campaign - The bitter end Hurricane Isaac - Beyond the walls Education - Move over, Dalton The West Nile virus - Uninvited Lexington - As North Dakota goes… THE AMERICAS Mexico and justice - The trials of Ernesto Zedillo Colombia and the FARC - Talking about talks Venezuela’s refinery disaster - A tragedy foretold ASIA Politics in Kyrgyzstan - Another faller The war in Afghanistan - Green-on-blue blues The Pacific Islands Forum - More stars than cars Sri Lanka’s universities - Shuttered Politics in India - Coalgate brushes dirtier India’s vanishing Parsis - Not fade away Banyan - Asia and arctic dragons TECHNOLOGY QUARTERLY After page 46 CHINA Official discipline - Policing the party Labour camps - Demanding justice International tourism - Have yuan, will travel MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The conflict in Syria - Worse and worse Egypt’s foreign policy - Independent—or not? Yemen and drones - Questionable results The United Nations - Promoting radio Angola’s election - By hook or by crook …. And its heir apparent - It could be a long wait EUROPE Turkish politics - Erdogan’s counterproductive ambition French politics - La rentrée politique The euro crisis - Another southern front Russia and Islam - Moderate muslims and salafists Charlemagne - High gloom for the euro BRITAIN The Bank of England - The Old Lady bulks up INTERNATIONAL Rape laws - Crime and clarity Copyright and the internet - Letting the baby dance Food waste - Clean plates BUSINESS Apple v Samsung - Swipe, pinch and zoom to the courtroom Struggling smartphone-makers - Biting back at Apple Indonesia’s car market - Stuck in fifth gear Reviving India’s biggest fraud victim - Satyam’s Second life Initial public offerings - Suspiciously quiet Global express-package companies - And then there were three? Schumpeter - Those bloody Scandinavians FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Private equity in China - Hony ahoy The global economy - Summertime blues Buttonwood - Democracies and debt Barclays’ new boss - The anti-Bob Foreign banks in India - Into another country Online payments in the Middle East - Virtual spring Art insurance - Paint threshold Free exchange - The geography of poverty SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The arrow of time - Backward ran sentences… The demographic transition - More or less Space lifts - A lunatic idea? Beer drinking - Shape up! BOOKS AND ARTS The restaurant business - Fine dining A history of power - The mighty coin Ian Mcewan’s new novel - The writer and the spy A biography of Paul Volcker - Tall tale Otters in the wild - Beguiling carnivores A history of mapmaking - Views of the world ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at arms sales to developing countries OBITUARY Neil Armstrong - Man on the moon September 8th – 14th 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Rethinking the welfare state - Asia’s next revolution Trade - Goodbye Doha, hello Bali British universities - Picking on foreign students Drugs and emerging markets - Tripped up LETTERS On Mitt Romney, currency mints, Brazilian mergers, Canada's First Nations, women in business (10) BRIEFING Asian welfare states - New cradles to graves UNITED STATES The Democratic convention - Private effort, common good Mayors at the convention - Urban nation Abortion laws - And then there was one Health-care services - The good old ways Transport in cities - Vive la révolution Air pollution - Breathing room Lexington - Shindig fatigue THE AMERICAS Quebec’s election - The separatists are back Peru’s Shining Path - Still smouldering Argentina’s dubious poverty line - The six-peso diet ASIA Japan and South Korea - Lame ducks and flying feathers Bangladesh - Troubled waters Blasphemy in Pakistan - Contemptuous India’s youngest chief minister - Another dynasty in trouble CHINA AIDS activism - Bad blood Internet freedom - Plus ça change The Catholic church - Serving two masters Banyan - America, China and an ocean MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA South Africa - It’s not just the mines Electricity in Nigeria - A bright spark is extinguished Israel v Iran - Holding his horses for the moment The Gulf - Those annoying democrats War in Syria - No letting up EUROPE The Netherlands votes - Cycling against windmills A German wealth tax - Umfairteilung Silvio Berlusconi and us - Cash will do nicely, thanks Armenia, Azerbaijan - The axeman goeth Books about the French president - Decoding normality Russia’s Far East - A bridge to Asia? Charlemagne - An elusive banking union BRITAIN The reshuffle - All the right noises Emigration - On the road INTERNATIONAL The Paralympics - Blades of gold Disability and business - The new green Competitiveness - The wealth of nations BUSINESS Political ads and media firms - Of mud and money Indian drug patents - Taking pains Video games - Money to play with Car hire in Sierra Leone - The heart of the motor American beer and spirits - Out with the bland Czech brewer - Small froth Schumpeter - Bosses are not overpaid FINANCE AND ECONOMICS International trade - Boxed in Buttonwood - Rules and complexity Sports investments - Losing their shirts Legislation and investing - My little crony Foreign capital in India - They keep on keeping on Bank bail-outs - Bad or rubbish? Free exchange - The mystery of Jackson Hole SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Human genomics - The new world of DNA Evolution - The nature of man The science of conducting - Von Karajan was right Restarting hearts - Crash course BOOKS AND ARTS Gender politics - The end of men Female sexuality - Tunnel of love Josiah Wegwood - Feat of clay Junot Diaz’s short stories - Tales of longing and lust Frank Johnston - Epitaph for a poet New American fiction - Michael Chbon’s “Telegraph avenue” ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at arms sales to developing countries OBITUARY Sun Myung Moon - Forty thousand weddings and a funeral September 15th – 21st 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS America and the Middle East - Murder in Libya The euro crisis - Game change? Financial Regulation - Pity the investment bankers Food and trade - The new Corn Laws Japan - The Hashimoto bandwagon rolls on LETTERS On Barack Obama, Julian Assange, the computer mouse, transparency in oil wealth, atheists, rubbish, the post BRIEFING The war in Syria - Death from the skies The neighbours - Meddling at their peril Rebel forces - Entropy increasing UNITED STATES The campaign - Battle of the sexes Gay marriage - Turning the tide The swing states - Florida, The fulcrum Employment figures - Bad, repeat good Heard on the trail - The story so far Sexual harassment claims in New York - Brooklyn blues Chicago’s schools - Zero sum games Lexington - The debate about foreign policy THE AMERICAS Reform in Cuba - Indecision time Economic policy in Brazil - Sparking recovery ……. And its universities - The mortarboard boom Colombia coffee - Bitter grounds ASIA Vietnam - A tiger at bay The Haqqani network - Blacklisted Indonesian politics - A Solo show Nuclear power in India - The Kudankulam conundrum Japanese politics - The man who would be dictator? Sino-Japanese maritime disputes - Islands apart CHINA Rehabilitating drug users - Kicking the habit Hong Kong politics - Streets not seats Homosexuality - Coming out Banyan - The leader vanishes MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Libya - Still a success Muslim rage - Calm down Egypt - The muscular Brothers Palestine - Revolution in the air at last Somalia’s new president - Can he really rescue the place? EUROPE Germany and the euro - Yes, but… The dutch elections - Springing a surprise More pain in Spain - Waiting for Rajoy Kosovo - Independence light Gazprom and the European Union - Burst valves Turkey and science - Peddling religion Charlemagne - The euro’s autumm renewal? BRITAIN The north of England - The great divide Bagehot - How to make new friends INTERNATIONAL Circumcision - Odd bedfellows Private islands - Paradise losses America, Europe and the world - Trending times BUSINESS EADS and BAE Systems - Planning for a merger Virgin Atlantic - Always the bridesmaid Glencore and Xstrata - Miner irritations Apple’s new smartphone - Five out of ten Bernard Arnault - Becoming a belgian Night working - The graveyard shift Returns Japanese Airlines - From bloated to floated Schumpeter - The summer Davos blues FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Investment banking - Dream turns to nightmare Buttonwood - John Bogle’s latest book The ECB’s bond-buying plan - Casting a spell Euro-zone banking union - One step forward The UBS whistleblower - Bradley’s winnings Short-selling in China - Rotten eggs and gadflies Carbon markets - Complete Disaster in the Making Free exchange - China’s battle of economic ideas SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Autonomous helicopters - Robocopter arrives Air travel - Preparing for take-off Explosives - A bigger bang Health indicators - On the face of it BOOKS AND ARTS Unfinished empire - The globalisation of britain Bach on record - Play it again The origins of Christianity - An atheist’s guide A new industrial revolution - The end of mass production Working in bronze - Molten magic ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at emplyment OBITUARY Roger Fisher - Getting to yes SEPTEMBER 22ND – 28TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS China and Japan - Could Asia really go to war over these islands? America’s economy - Cliffhanger Muslim rage - Morsi’s moment Indian reform - At last Driving - The road less travelled Innovation in government - Britain’s local labs LETTERS On Libya, Asian welfare, wealth taxes, voting in Britain, orchestra conductors BRIEFING The future of driving - Seeing the back of the car UNITED STATES The Republican campaign - The relaunch that wasn’t Unions and the election - With friends like these… The election campaign - Heard on the trail Trade and the campaign - Chasing the anti-China vote Swing states: Colorado and Nevada - Changing, but hurting education in Texas - Start them early Occupy Wall Street - Afterthoughts Lexington - There goes the neighbourhood THE AMERICAS Prisons in Latin America - A journey into hell ASIA Politics in India - Sister sledgehammer Australian fishing furore - Huge sucking sound Japan’s energy security - Foot on the gas Singapore’s Tiger mothers - Losing her stripes? Myanmar - Parallel tracks The war in Afghanistan - So long, pal Banyan - Trade Partners and rivals CHINA Relations with japan - Protesting too much patriotism and Porno - Can’t we all just get it on? Pollution in Hong Kong - Not so fragrant MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Islam and the protests - Rage, but also self-criticism Libya and its extremists - Passing the buck Tunisia’s Salafists - Don’t push them underground Divided Mali - Where al-Qaeda rules the roost Africa’s drug trade - The deset route Kenya’s slum dwellers - Tangles over tenure EUROPE France’s economy - The competitiveness gap Russian politics - Fear and loathing Catalonia - independent soon Mafias on the move - Northward creep Portugal’s austerity measures - The tipping point Slovenia - A model no more Charlemagne - SimEurope BRITAIN Radical local government - Political Petri dishes Those pictures - Breast behaviour Bagehot - Blunt scissors INTERNATIONAL Digital diplomacy - Virtual relations Shell companies - Launderers Anonymous Jesus - Brideshead revisited BUSINESS The business of sport - Greed v pride CNN’s woes - Unbiased and unloved Bae and EADS - Deal or no deal? The timber industry - DNA tests for dodgy logs Larsen and Toubro - The firm that builds India High-tech fashion - Burberry goes digital Schumpeter - The magic of good service FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Mexican banks - From tequila crisis to sunrise Buttonwood - Asset prices and quantative easing America’s best bank - Amerasia envy Cambodian finance - The bank that likes to say less The ECB’s online game - Being Mario Draghi Olive-oil prices - Drizzle and drought Financial data - Artificial dissemination Free exchange - Structural reforms SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Arctic ice - Now you don’t Reporting science - Journalistic deficit disorder Geoengineering - Clouds over troubled waters Violin-making - Magic mushrooms BOOKS AND ARTS Modern Israeli history - Who holds the land Edwar Thomas - Late starter Internationalism - Leaky sieve Sarah Losh - Forgotten heroine William Morris in Walthamstow - More than just a pretty swatch ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at agricultural subsidies OBITUARY Verghese Kurien - India’s milkman SEPTEMBER 29TH – OCTUBER 5TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS India - In search of a dream The euro - The rage in Spain (93) Venezuela’s presidential election - Henrique and Hugoliath Nigeria’s insurgency - Hold your nose and talk Britain's economy - Heading out of the storm LETTERS On Texas, Hong Kong, Brazil, Alawites, democracies, Colombia, circumcision, sex, beer BRIEFING Venezuela’s presidential election - The autocrat and the ballot box UNITED STATES Barack Obama and black voters - Returning to the mountaintop Health care, the old and the election - Medicare, ultimate edition Swing states: Virginia - The incomer effect Campaign finance - Money trouble The campaign - Heard on the trail Infrastructure - They aren’t building that Lexington - Enthusiasm and elections THE AMERICAS Argentina - president v potbangers Chile’s statistics - For richer—or poorer Justice in Brazil - Worth the wait Diplomacy - Embassy-mates ASIA Japanese politics Aberration Cambodia’s economy Not a complete stitch-up Water wars in Central Asia Dammed if they do Japan’s salarymen Feeling the pinch North Korea The faint smell of dog fart Australia’s North Final frontier Banyan Anti-establishment politicians CHINA Rural activism - Working the system Naval-gazing - A new aircraft-carrier China’s rich list - Bunny boomers SPECIAL REPORT: INDIA Aim higger - After page 50 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Nigeria’s crisis - A country under threat South Africa’s strikes - The fear of contagion Mozambique’s riches - All fired up Iran and its president - uncertainty grows Libya and its militias - Who’s in charge? Egypt and Gaza - A honeymoon that wasn’t EUROPE Euro crisis - The end of summer Italian politics I - A waning star? Italian politics II - masks and togas German history - Honouring Helmut kohl Turkish politics - Cracking nuts Georgia’s election - Pain and grief Charlemagne - The other moral hazard BRITAIN The economy - Mustn’t grumble Jaguar - The cat returns Bagehot - What are parties for? INTERNATIONAL Horseracing - All bets off Beer and work - Frothy prices Ammunition depots - Storing up risk BUSINESS News Corporation - A surprinsing resurgence AirAsia - Spreading its wings Mining in Indonesia - Bumi’s a bum deal for investors Maps on smartphones - Apple to google: get Lost Security firms in Zimbabwe - Guarded optimism Auction houses - From Picasso to Qi Baishi An Indian conglomerate in trouble Scotch on the rocks - Schumpeter Fixing the capitalist machine FINANCE AND ECONOMICS The next crisis - Sponging boomers Cutting Public debt - Easy does it accounting firms - Shape shifters Buttonwood - Warren Buffett’s beta Reforming LIBOR - The $300 trillion question Tax alchemy - Tech’s avoidance Bitcoin - Monetarists Anonymous Currency protests - Money talks Free exchange - the cost disease SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Cheap smart weapons - Rockets galore Industrial robots - Baxter gets to work A novel coronavirus - Fingers crossed Medicine - Nosing ahead Marine biology - Scents and sensibility BOOKS AND ARTS History of Poland at war - vivisectiond Sins of drug companies - Pick your pill out of a hat J.K. Rowling’s book for adults - After Harry Potter William Henry Seward - Out of Lincoln’s shadow Elderly pets - Time to go? Islam in Paris - East meets west ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at global investment-banking revenue OBITUARY Edwin P. Wilson - The agent who never was OCTOBER 6TH – 12TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS America's election - Everything to play for Georgia - Over to you, Bidzina French reform - Wishful thinking The world economy - Investors, beware China’s state capitalism - Not just tilting at windmills LETTERS On the Doha round, Japan and South Korea, American society, Arab politics, the future of cars BRIEFING Currencies - The weak shall inherit the earth UNITED STATES The Senate - Not so flippable The first debate - Romney’s Back in the game The swing states: North Carolina - New South, blue South? The Supreme Court - Law’s long arm The campaign in Quotes - Heard on the trail The economy - Asking the experts Lexington - The politics of very big trucks THE AMERICAS Canada’s economy - Hey, small spender Paraguay post-impeachment - A Liberal spring Migrants retun from Spains - ¡Ya me voy! ASIA Nationalism in Japan - Beware the populists Malaysian politics - No time like tomorrow The Maldives - Sunset cruise Sri Lanka - Hanging about Mumbai and Maharashtra - The degeneration game Banyan - Asia’s softening economies CHINA State-owned enterprises - The grip tightens Party congress - It’s happening at last Relations with Myanmar - Less thunder out of China MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Iran’s nuclear programme - Red line and a reeling rial Saudi oil - Bring the Price down Egypt’s constitution - The role of religion A Sudanese accord - Better than nothing Mali’s heritage - Scrolls under threat Somalia and the Shabab - It’s not over yet EUROPE Greek politics - Immigrants as scapegoats Turkey and Syria - Collateral damage? French politics - A policy “reorientation” Germany election - Charging at Merkel Russian pensions - An unaffordable system Georgian politics - A stunning victory Charlemagne - Mysterious Mariano BRITAIN Investment banking - Too small for their boots Opting out of the EU - The guns of war Bagehot - One nation under Ed INTERNATIONAL Internet freedom - Free to choose Charter cities - Unchartered territory Law and psychology - A judgment call BUSINESS Business and America’s fiscal cliff - Give us a brake Companies and the euro crisis - Iron enters the soul Carmaking alliances - All for one, and one for all Business computing - The cloud crowd American telecoms - Taking MetroPCS Small companies in poor countries - Looking for a Google Schumpeter - Branson Calls in the B Team BRIEFING Business education - Europe shunned Our “Which MBA?” rankings - Losing the blues FINANCE AND ECONOMICS The IMF and the euro crisis - Less cash, more impact Buttonwood - Markets and presidents Japan and the IMF - Poor host The Liikanen review - Into the ring JPMorgan Chase v New York - In search of a villain Vanguard ditches MSCI - Index fingered Inside the bundesbank - Europe’s monetary opposition Free exchange - Capital controls SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The genetics of politics - Body politic An ancient Martian stream bed - Rocks on Mars Medical technology - Skin deep The Great Barrier Reef - Dr De’ath v the killer starfish BOOKS AND ARTS Thomas hobbes’s “Leviathan” - The first critical edition “The House I Live In” - merica’s failed war on drugs Nate silver’s predictions - Future perfect David Foster Wallace - Infinite struggle David Foster Wallace - How music works ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Eric Hobsbawm - The last marxist OCTOBER 13TH – 19TH 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Inequality and the world economy - True Progressivism EADS and BAE Systems - Nein, danke Immigrant entrepreneurs - The Chilecon Valley challenge Making peace in the Philippines - Jam to Moros American finance - The prosecutorial maze LETTERS On Chile, productivity, Vietnam, savings, parenting, cancer, Barack Obama BRIEFING Textbooks round the world - It ain’t necessarily so UNITED STATES Latinos and the election - Throwing votes away Predicting re-elections - Follow the data The economy - A little help from the invisible hand Moderates under pressure - The excluded middle Campaign - Heard on the trail The swing states: Wisconsin - Crossing the line Lexington - Hope and change, four years on THE AMERICAS Venezuela’s presidential election - Stuck with him Argentina’s debt default - Caught napping Brazilian politics - Local action ASIA Presidential politics in South Korea - Bashing the big guys Politics in Australia - Handbagged Sri Lanka’s judiciary - Enter the goons Pakistan’s politics - The peace and love tour The Philippines - It could be peace CHINA China’s stockmarkets - Like it’s 1999 Tibet - Strangers in a strange land Banyan - Post-merger integration MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Jordan and its king - As beleaguered as ever Syria’s crisis - No side looks set to win soon Bahrain’s police - How to recruit radicals Iran and its currency crisis - A comeback for the reformers? Israel’s coming election - The incumbent sits pretty Kenya’s parliamentarians - Vultures and hyenas EUROPE Italian politics - The next prime minister? Greece and Germany - Angela’s Athens Homelessness in France - Down and out in Paris French politics - Angry pigeons Germany’s army - No shooting please Charlemagne - No more Grexit BRITAIN Politics - Tribes of Tories Innovation centres - Roger, West Wales Bagehot - The Boris and Dave show INTERNATIONAL Fake pharmaceuticals - Bad medicine Butlers - Very good, sir Link rot - Cut short? BUSINESS BAE Systems and EADS - Kaputt Huawei and ZTE - Congress puts china on hold Working from home - Out of sight, out of mind Entrepreneurs in Latin America - The lure of Chilecon Valley Start-Up Chile - Shut down Cumplo Schumpeter - The silence of the suits FINANCE AND ECONOMICS America’s financial system - Law and disorder Buttonwood - Gold prices The IMF’s annual meetings - Time for a rethink India’s credit rating - Don’t call me junk Italian banking - Monte to climb Iron ore - The lore of ore Free exchange - Cities and productivity SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The 2012 Nobel prizes - Good eggs SpaceX goes to the ISS - And this time it means business Reptilian micturition - That’s a relief BOOKS AND ARTS The spread of disease - Germs and money New fiction - Mr Penumbra Creating neoliberalism - Master of the universe Francesco Guardi’s Venice - Poetry in paint ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at global non-cash payments OBITUARY Nguyen Chi Thien - Vietnam’s Solzhenitsyn OCTOBER 27TH – NOVEMBER 2ND 2012 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Xi Jinping - The man who must change China Afghanistan - Towards a better land Fiscal austerity - A deficit of common sense Egypt’s constitution - Make it tolerant Genetic medicine - Powering a cure LETTERS On capitalism, inequality and Progressivism, Thomas Hobbes BRIEFING China’s new leadership - Vaunting the best, fearing the worst UNITED STATES White working-class voters - Fed up with everyone Debating foreign policy - Third time lucky The air war - The ads take aim The swing states: Ohio - Coal or cars? What the young think - Drifting, but voting Voices from the campaign - Heard on the trail Access to the polls - Counting voters, counting votes Lexington - Give thanks for suburbia THE AMERICAS Brazil’s north-east - The Pernambuco model Investment in Canada - Door wide shut Recycling in Mexico - Junk food ASIA Afghanistan’s hard road to 2014 - All change South Korea’s presidential race - Three-legged race Nuclear workers in Japan - Heroism and humility Ship breaking in Bangladesh - Hard to break up CHINA Capital outflows - Breaching the wall Prostitution - Old profession, new debate Banyan - Embarrassed meritocrats SPECIAL REPORT: TECNOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY A sense of place - After page 48 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Lebanon and Syria - Peering into the abyss Syria’s civil war - The next battlefield Kuwaiti democracy - A desert flower wilts Egypt and Tunisia - Constitutional debates Gaza and Qatar - Bringing gifts to the Holy Land Zimbabwe’s coming election - Fighting over a new rule book EUROPE Ukraine’s future - Pluralistic dictator? Elections in Spain - A Basque case …. and in Sicily - Tip of the boot Magyar politics - Marching season Polish politics - Tusk, tusk Germany’s federal states - Givers and takers France and football - The Swedish model Charlemagne - The battle of the budget BRITAIN The Savile affair - The BBC ghost Young people - The continent generation The decline of clubbing - Less dance Bagehot - Bluewash INTERNATIONAL Election technology - Paper cuts Racing pigeons - Coo, how much? Constitutional quirks - Read the small print BUSINESS Microsoft and the launch of Windows 8 - Tablets from on high Hitachi’s new strategy - No more Jack Welch lite Siemens’s new strategy - Re-engineering Horse-racing - Frankel’s line The biggest construction companies - Great wall builders Online shopping - no-name designers The woes of Netflix - No happy ending Thai multinationals - Coming to a plate near you Doing Business 2013 - Red tape cut Schumpeter - The global Mexican FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Spain’s fiscal woes - State of denial Government cuts - Parsing public payrolls Insurance in Asia - Tantalising but tough Buttonwood - Why illiquidity spreads Sovereign credit-default swaps - Messenger shot, message not Why Greg Smith quit - That goldman sachs book Index investing - Category fillers Banks and big data - Shopping at the bank Free exchange - The austerity debate SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Gene therapy - Hello mothers, hello father L’Aquila’s earthquake - A reason to tremble Dinosaur’ plumage…… - Feathers fly …….. and their behavior - Headbangers BOOKS AND ARTS China’s grat famine - Millennial madness Grimm’s fairy tales - Semper fidelis Mathematics - Fascinating fractals The bank bail-out - Crisis mismanagement Auckland castle - Divine detour ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at floregn direct investment OBITUARY George McGovern - Feeding the hungry

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