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Código:HR 330 ABR-MAY 2014 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2014
Descripción:Varias paginaciones 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Revista - Economía;
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Código:HR 330 ABR-MAY 2014 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2014:
300:Varias paginaciones 27 cm.
500:F.I. 04/01/2016
653Revista - Economía

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2014. # Ingreso:1038803

   Varias paginaciones 27 cm..

THE ECONOMIST APRIL 5TH-11TH 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - India’s election Can anyone stop Narendra Modi? - Turkish politics Be merciful, great Sultan - The Cuban embargo If not now, when? - American universities Making college cost less - Democracy and lethargy Britain’s idle Parliament LETTERS - On Russia, Brazil, guns, policing, Taiwan, infrastructure, college fees, Jay-Z, Turkey, crocodiles and hippos BRIEFING - India’s new voters We are connected UNITED STATES - Higher education Is college worth it? - California scandal Gun-banner and gun-runner? - Money in politics Sky’s the limit - South Carolina politics Conservatives of every hue - Silicon Valley on TV “Girls” for geeks - Property in Miami Erectile resumption - Lexington The home-school conundrum THE AMERICAS - Investment in Cuba Strait talk - Elections in Quebec The s-word - Scandal in Mexico Sex and lies - Bello Chile s tax reform ASIA - Indonesia’s elections Democracy’s big bang - Filthy India Mucking it up - Japanese whaling Harpooned - Gays in Central Asia Foreign penetration - Banyan Myanmar off course CHINA - Pensions and retirement Paying for the grey - Politics and the mafia Web of intrigue - Abandoned babies Bundle of tragedy MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Egypt’s probable president Pretending to be a civilian - The Saudi succession Next after next… - Israel and Palestine Last-ditch bargaining - Iran’s universities Breathing again - South Africa Why invest? - Kenya and its muslims The latest martyr - Ghana s opposition He won’t give up EUROPE - France’s new government Valls triste—or happy? - Turkey’s local elections Erdogan on a roll - Hungary’s election Four more years - Water in Berlin The moisture down below - Charlemagne China and Europe BRITAIN - Parliament Winding down - Ever-smaller offices Pressed suits - Commuting Metroland expands - Bagehot The pinstriped proletarian INTERNATIONAL - Post-conflict societies To hell and back - Illiterate voters Making their mark BUSINESS - Petrobras Two heads are worse than one - General Motors’ woes What do you recall? - Health insurance in America The geek guide - Mobile phones The rise of the cheap smartphone - German firms and China Mittelstand and Middle Kingdom - Italy’s state-controlled companies Letting go, slowly - Crowdsourcing “Monopoly” The Mayfair shuffle - Schumpeter Flower power in Kenya FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Frontier markets The allure of risk - Buttonwood OE s stickiness - Japan’s economy Pockets of reform - Banks and fraud Hacking back - Cash and crime Less coin to purloin - The audit profession The cost of cosiness The euro-zone economy Recovering but fragile - Free exchange Hidden debt SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Climate change In the balance - At sea in space Planetary science - Psychology Sweet little lies - Beer and barbecues A marriage made in heaven BOOKS AND ARTS - Michael Lewis Flash boys - New fiction Go for gothic - Bird zoology Fairy creatures - Cesar Chavez Grapes of wrath - The plays of will eno Mind the gaps - Mike Kelley in LA Homebase ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Khushwant Singh Indias gadfly THE ECONOMIST APRIL 12TH-18TH 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - The future of finance Leviathan of last resort - Israel and Palestine Take a break - China’s future Enter the Chinese NGO - The World Bank Right cause, wrong battle - Nigeria Africa’s new Number One LETTERS - On Colombia, the IMF, robots, the media, Africa, jobs, streaming, Northern Ireland UNITED STATES - Environmental politics A run for his money - Health reform Medicare, the opera - Police violence Breaking, and bad - The CIA and torture Into the light - Military uniforms Out of sight - America, Afghanistan and opium Ten billion wasted - The Civil Rights Act Fifty years on - Lexington The Democrats’ daughters THE AMERICAS - Argentinas president The CFK psychodrama - Voisey’s Bay nickel mine Ice and lolly - Chinese lending to Latin America Flexible friends - Bello Peru’s Italian job ASIA - Myanmar and drugs Getting higher - Indonesia’s elections Rough for Jokowi - The Philippines A new condominium - Pakistan’s army General unease - Banyan Afghanistans gesture of defiance CHINA - Chinese civil society Beneath the glacier MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - The peace process Going nowhere - Arabic and the internet Surfing the shabaka - South Africas corruption NKandla in the wind - Angola Still much too oily EUROPE - Ukraine and Russia Back to the battlefield - France and Europe More special pleading - Italy’s government The last chance - Spain’s recovery Better but not best - Press in the Balkans Troublesome times - Charlemagne The laws of euro-nomics BRITAIN - The housing market Cool it (20) - Maria Miller The lady vanishes - Libel and Russia A book too far - Bagehot Scotlands no campaign INTERNATIONAL - Firms and political crisis Commissaries of the revolution - Aid for health care New prescriptions - The odds of being murdered Dicing with death - Brain injuries in sport The hits keep coming BUSINESS - Dangote Group Building on concrete foundations - Holcim and Lafarge Into the mixer - Online business and security Digital heart attack - Employment law Faith in the workplace - French business Outside in - Indian drugmakers Sun takes a shine to Ranbaxy - Schumpeter Reviving old brands FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Greece’s return to the markets The prodigal son - Buttonwood Self-employment surges - Nigeria’s GDP Step change - Insider trading Knowing too much - Bitcoin in China A dream dispelled - Lowerng leverage at American banks Beyond Basel - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac The ugly twins of finance - Free exchange The benefits of Brentry SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Thorium reactors Asgard’s fire - Ecology Darwin was right - Casting light on dark matter Fundamental physics - Rejuvenating bodily organs Engaging reverse gear - Symbiosis and parasitism The sorceress’s apprentice BOOKS AND ARTS - Matisse’s cut-outs Carving into colour - Sudan and South Sudan Breaking nations - Depression in the West Tidal wave - Duke university The lacrosse scandal BUSINESS BOOKS QUARTERLY - Success Do you have what it takes? - American craft beer Hops and dreams - Beauty queen Andrea Jung at Avon - Apples haubted empire Life after Steve Jobs - Wally Ollins Brand old man ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Charles Keating Crusader and fraudster THE ECONOMIST APRIL 19TH-25TH 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - Russia and Ukraine Insatiable - Urbanisation Where China’s future will happen - Arab democracy The lesson of Algeria - Europe’s bond bubble Don’t go potty on the periphery - The pope as a turnaround CEO The Francis effect LETTERS - On India, offshore accounts, climate change, Japan, illegal booze, SWAT teams BRIEFING - The Ukraine crisis The boys from the blackstuff - The military balance Gathering storm - Financial sanctions Turning off the taps UNITED STATES - Women, work and children The return of the stay-at-home mother - Adultery in New England Love free or die – - Los Angeles A mayor struggles - American potholes Highways to hell - Big data and parole Whom to reléase? - Christian films They are risen - Lexington The Jack Kemp revival THE AMERICAS - Brazil’s economy The 50-year snooze - Bello Searching for Mr Santos - Business in Costa Rica Intel outside - Canada’s war on doorknobs Knobless oblige ASIA - India’s heartland Riding the wave - Pakistan’s Islamists Back with a vengeance - Japan reboots Back on track? - Cambodian politics Time to deal - South Korea A ferry sinks - Banyan Americas balancing act CHINA - Disillusioned office workers China’s losers - Journalism Scooped MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Algeria’s election Same old boss - Syria’s civil war The ebb and flow of horror - Libya’s eastern city If the bombs would cease - Town planning in Palestine No room for a new inn - A trial in South Africa Justice in being done Kenyan farmers Insure my cows EUROPE - Greek politics A new landscape - French politics Vallsmania - Turkey’s prime minister Erdogan v judges, again - Italian politics Berlusconi, social worker - Culture wars in Ukraine History lessons - Charlemagne Putins populist friends BRITAIN - The industrial north Never walk alone - Recruiting priests Revving up - Bagehot The hated body politic INTERNATIONAL - Chinese tourists Coming to your beach - The abuse of migrants And still they come BUSINESS - Coal The fuel of the future, unfortunately - Business in Russia From bad to worse - Technology firms Status shift - Corporate jets China takes off - Peugeot’s revival plan Striving for the podium - Companies in the UAE Improving the desert climate - Made in Spain A pressing issue - Schumpeter Peter Munks tale FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Private equity Barbarians at middle age - Bond trading FICC and thin - Danish mortgages Something rotten - State-owned banks in Bangladesh From cancer to pimple - Microfinance in Bangladesh Rehabilitation and attack - Structural reform in southern Europe Patchy progress - Post-office banking Put your money where your mail is - Ratings agencies Credit where credit’s due - Free exchange The decline of leisure SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Reusable rockets Up and down and up again - Eggs-actly An evolutionary game - Global warming Another week, another report - Fern evolution Time and chance - Psychology Hunger strikes BOOKS AND ARTS - John Wayne A man in full - Kim Philby Rogue mate - Rachel Seifferts fiction After dark - America in Afghanistan Taking on the wrong enemy - Joel Dickers swiss thriller Finally in english - London theatre Modernising Arthur Miller ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Eleanor Drew Rags, riches and Salad THE ECONOMIST APRIL 26TH-MAY 2ND 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - Global ageing A billion shades of grey - Berkshire Hathaway Life after Warren - Reform in Germany Going backwards - Capital punishment Dismantling the machinery of death - The sharing economy Remove the roadblocks LETTERS - On the World Bank, college, Germany, Ukraine, offices, prices BRIEFING - Demography, growth and inequality Age invaders UNITED STATES - Capital punishment The slow death of the death penalty - Cameron Todd Willingham An inocent executed? - Elizabeth Warren Th estar of the left - House prices Is it time to buy? - Personalised car stickers Family portraits on wheels - Land in the west The Cliven Bundy stand-off - Lexington Why James Madison matters THE AMERICAS - Energy and the Amazon Drilling in the wilderness - Bello Venezuela’s gagged press - Mexico’s netizens Bashtagging the president - Water in Brazil Nor any drop to drink ASIA - Japan and its neighbours Springtime in Tokyo? - South Korea’s ferry Sad tiding - Thai politics No end in sight - Journalism in Pakistan Silencing the liberals CHINA - Labour unrest A remarkable strike - Middle-class emigration Yearning to breathe free - Chinese immigrants in Australia The promised land - Banyan The yuan goes global MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - South Sudan A new depth of horror - Syria’s chemical weapons Getting there - Transport in South Africa Road rage - The Palestinians Unity at long last? - Egypt’s election The other man - Yemen and al-Qaeda Droning on - Saudi Arabia A fearsome virus EUROPE - Germany’s government Easy politics, bad policies - Eastern Ukraine Descent into darkness - Transdniestria Beyond the river - Politics in Ireland Enda the road - Organised crime in Italy From toe to top - Turkey’s presidency Is Gul going or coming? - Charlemagne The European Union and corruption BRITAIN - Apprenticeships Keeping up with the Schmidts - Muslims and education Religious studies - Bagehot The persecution of Tony Blair INTERNATIONAL - Coding in schools A is for algorithm - Muslims and fashion Hijab couture BUSINESS - The sharing economy Boom and backlash - Airbnb versus hotels Room for all, for now - Succession planning Irreplaceable titans - Telecoms in Pakistan At last, 3G - Television in America The bandit of broadcast - Pharmaceuticals Time for a simpler look - Schumpeter Wally olins, high priest of branding FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - MiFID 2 A bigger bang - Buttonwood Sound the retreat - Banks and commodity trading Sell signals - Arrears and foreclosures Staving off the repo man - Collecting tax in Africa How Burundi does it Financing energy efficiency Money for nothing - Free exchange The late edition SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Mating strategies Robocopulation - Nuclear power All at sea - Manganese poisoning Subtle effects - Skyfalls Asteroid impacts on Earth BOOKS AND ARTS - Derek Walcott Beach bard - Knole and its history The Sackvilles story - Joshua Ferris s fiction Rising again - The politics of foreign aid Tyranny of experts - France between the wars Embracibg unreason - Jazz at Lincoln Center A riff on the world ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Gabriel García Márquez The magician in his labyrinth THE ECONOMIST MAY 3RD – 9TH 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - The weakened West What would America fight for? - Philanthropy China’s Carnegie - Fund management Cheap is cheerful - Capitalism and its critics A modern Marx - South Africa’s election Time to ditch Mandela’s party LETTERS - On the IPCC, Russia, Afghanistan, banks, jobs, Parliament, beer, cheese, Adrian Mole BRIEFING - Fund management Will invest for food UNITED STATES - Geopolitics The decline of deterrence - American military power Unrivalled, for now - Basketball and race The clip that sank Sterling - Guns in bars in Georgia A shot and a beer - E-cigarettes Better tan tobacco, but not for kids - Lexington Data and politics THE AMERICAS - Canada’s economy Maple, resting on laurels - Bello Bolivia’s rentier republic - Shale gas in Mexico On shaky ground - Slums in Buenos Aires The unplugged ASIA - Manmohan Singh Man out of time - Indian MPs Actress, cricketer, dynast... - America in Asia Pivotal - Pakistanis in Sri Lanka Uncertain haven - Nuclear power in Taiwan When the wind blows - Mount Everest Into thin air - Banyan Will the Koreas unify? CHINA - Agriculture Bring back the landlords - Freedom of information Right to know - Christianity Demolition job MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - South Africa The rainbow end? - Central African Republic No one at the wheel - Iraq’s election Making little difference - Egypts muslim brothers Hang them all? EUROPE - Ukraine’s turmoil Chaos out of order - German taxes Steep and cold progression - Spain and Catalonia Wars of Spanish secession - Muslims in Marseille Behind the façade - Charlemagne MATO and the baltics BRITAIN - A year to 2015 The impossible election - Gerry Adams When troubles come - Bagehot The world’s game, not England’s INTERNATIONAL - Money Uncontained - Antibiotic resistance The drugs don’t work BUSINESS - Corporate takeovers Return of the big deal - Additive manufacturing Heavy metal - Takeover tactics A new wrinkle - Law-firm rankings When it vereins, it pours - Online video and NewTube - Japanase boardrooms A revolution in the making - Women as CEOs The glass precipice - E-commerce Same-day dreamers - Schumpeter Denmarks successful skin trade FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Russia’s economy Tipping the scales - Buttonwood The taxman blustereth - Measuring GDP The dragon takes wing - Stress tests for European banks Shock therapy - Poverty in Indonesia Muted music - Bank of America Rounding down - Piketty fever Bigger than Marx - Free exchange Competing for retail space SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Pain perception Sex, writhes and videotape - How fair is life? Nothing succeeds like success - Magic dust Tiny satellites - Man-made earthquakes Pumped up - Sex, health and beauty Faces and fortunes - Evolution Something glowing on BOOKS AND ARTS - North Korea The kims from the inside - Women in China Leftover - Palestine under the mandate Making of a martyr - Office life Inside the box - The kabakovs art Coast of Utopia ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Win Tin Myanmar’s conscience THE ECONOMIST MAY 10TH – 16TH 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - The future of finance The lure of shadow banking - Russia and Ukraine Putin’s Ukrainian U-turn - Thailand Everything is broken - Foreign takeovers Drug test - How better rice could save lives A second green revolution LETTERS - On Denmark, Costa Rica, magical realism, Britain, Los Angeles, guitars, leisure, James Madison, recursion (2) BRIEFING - The new green revolution A bigger rice bowl - Rental markets Combine harvesters UNITED STATES - Labelling GM food Vermont v science - Obamacare Better numbers - Republican primaries Triumph of the sort-of moderates - Creating companies US dynamism dimmed - Homes in New York De Blasios iffy plan - Illicit tour guides An undercover report - The Angola prison rodeo Life, death and raging bulls - Lexington Hillary’s biggest test THE AMERICAS - The campaign in Brazil The president and the pretenders - Bello The role of the united - Elections in Panama Towers and powers - Chikungunya fever On the move ASIA - Thailand’s politics Out of luck - The South China Sea Not the usual drill - Malaysia The geopolitics of MH370 - India’s election In the scion’s den - Polio in Pakistan Pariah state - Banyan The long arms of the law CHINA - Politics The gatekeepers - Terrorism Changing tactics - Provincial economies Unhappy convergence MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Kidnappings in Nigeria A clueless government - America in Africa John Kerry steps in - Security in Kenya Little law, less order - Egypt The sphinx speaks - Palestine and Western aid Will it be cut off? EUROPE - Russia and Ukraine Putin’s gambit - Battered Ukraine Fighting on—or off? - Germany and Russia How very understanding - French consumers Made in France, not - Haghia Sophia Church to mosque…and back? - Charlemagne Beware of europhoria BRITAIN - Pfizer and AstraZeneca Deal or no deal - Comic turn Boy wonders - Football and money Everything to play for - Bagehot Haunted by killers in Northen Ireland INTERNATIONAL - Commercial law Exorbitant privilege - Linguistic imperialism The world according to Putin BUSINESS - Alibaba’s IPO From bazaar to bonanza - Huawei Seeking its own path - Electricity supply Profitable interruptions - Corporate whistleblowers Lawyer’s poker - Good-value MBAs The pay-off from business school - Investing in Egypt Holding their nerve on the Nile - Eurotunnel The next 20 years - Airport shopping The sixth continent - Schumpeter Bumpkin bosses FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Shadow banking in China Battling the darkness - Buttonwood The victims of tapering - Italian banks Neither borrowers nor lenders - Tax evasion The data revolution - The euro zone One currency, divergent economies - Free exchange Gary Becker, the great trailblazer SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Genes and intelligence The 3% solution - Culture and psychology You are what you eat - Academic prestige Why climb the greasy pole? - Gambling and self-deception Hot to trot - Climate change Inside the sausage factory BOOKS AND ARTS - Akhil sharma Dark, funny family life - Documentary film Fed up with fat - Playing poker A chip and a chair - Cricket and the nazis Herr Howzat? - Sigrid Rausings Estonia Wonderful memories - Whistler in London A river runs through it ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY William Ash Spitfire pilot, POW and communist THE ECONOMIST MAY 17TH – 23RD 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - The European Union Europe goes to the polls - Defending Japan Collective insecurity - India’s new government Kick-starting India - British social ills Privet and privation - Google and the EU On being forgotten LETTERS - On Premier League football, global ageing, sharing economy, land management, South Africa, flash fiction, rail travel, knobs BRIEFING - The European Parliament Elected, yet strangely unaccountable UNITED STATES - Mid-term voters As White as America was in 1983 - Newark’s new mayor Street Fight 2.0 - Innocence in New Orleans Freed after 34 years - Benghazi Gowdy-amus igitur - Missile defence Star Wars 2: attack of the drones - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Return of the toxic twins - Latinos leave Rome Select-a-faith - Gay marriage Be my rock in Little Rock - Lexington Why coal hurts democrats THE AMERICAS - Colombia’s election Ballots and bullets - Bello The ibfrastructure gap - Venezuela’s unrest Stumbling towards chaos - The World Cup Pitch imperfect ASIA - Japan and America Closer allies (71) - Vietnam and China Hot oil on troubled waters - Hindu nationalists Men in shorts - Money in India’s elections Silent campaigns - Thailand’s political crisis Face-off - Afghanistan’s election Joining forces - Campaiging in Indonesia Runners and riders - Banyan Getting in the way at ASEAN CHINA - Children and bureaucracy Fighting for identity - Environmental protection Green teeth - Getting around Cab fair MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Saudi Arabias women… Unshackling themselves - …and its human rights An even longer way to go - Civil war in Syria Bloody as ever - Iran nuclear talks Moving ahead - …and its religious worries The perils of yoga - The vote in South Africa Another ANC landslide EUROPE - Ukraine’s troubles Into battle - Life in Donetsk Strange but also normal - French defence sales Mistral blows - Turkeys mining disaster Death underground - Charlemagne The eastern blockage BRITAIN - Social ills Trouble spreads out - Immigration No flood, after all - Bagehot Taking down Nigel Farage INTERNATIONAL - The vatican and child abuse Looming shadows - Roman Catholic vocations Fewer are called - Statelessness Nowhere to call home BUSINESS - Private hospitals in Asia On call - Google and online privacy Cut that link - Companies and nationality Flags of inconvenience - Management consulting From advising to doing - Low-cost airlines in Asia Too much of a good thing - Small business in Mexico The Peter Pan syndrome - Lorenzo Zambrano Enlightened conquistador - Schumpeter Mergers of equals FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - European venture capital Innovation by fiat - Buttonwood Influencing regulation - Taxes in Latin America Electronic arm-twisting - The Federal Reserve Supersize me - Bank regulation Too small to torture - European migration The great escape - Japanese banks Still waiting - Free exchange The true cause of the recession SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Language and morality Gained in translation - High-tech farming The light fantastic - Early Americans History in a black hole - Melting glaciers Collapse or catastrophe? - Maternity Baby brain on board BOOKS AND ARTS - Europe and the euro Troubled waters - Britain and Europe In or out? - Tim geithners crisis crisis Stress test - The Snowden leaks Glen greenwalds versión - Marina Keegans essays Died too Young - Kara Walker in New York Bittersweet ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Nina Cassian A romanian-born poet THE ECONOMIST MAY 24TH – 30TH 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - Narendra Modi India’s strongman - Prohibition and drugs Press down, pop up - China and Russia Best frenemies - The world economy In need of new oomph - House prices A very British binge LETTERS - On Piketty, Ukraine, Big Data, Singapore law, crop research, Azerbaijan, ratings industry, trunks BRIEFING - Narendra Modi Promising the good times - Reviving India’s economy Modi’s mission UNITED STATES - The mid-terms campaign The tea party tumbies - Idaho’s congressional primary Main Street’s revenge - Iowa’s Senate race Where pigs are nervous - The VA scandal “We are all dishonoured” - Chinese cyberspies Mincing rascals - Gay marriage Plotting it - Air quality and race The colour of pollution - Food trucks Moveable feasts - Lexington High tide for immigrant-bashers THE AMERICAS - Drugs trafficking in the Caribbean Full circle - Reform in Chile The lady’s for turning - Mexico’s economy Jam mañana - Bello Politics in Brazil ASIA - Thailand’s coup The path to the throne - Indonesia’s presidential race A Hatta trick - Media freedom in Pakistan Assailed from all sides - South Korea’s foreign brides Farmed out - Banyan Force majeure in the South China Sea CHINA - Relations with Russia Putin pivots to the east - Learning to sell online Cash cow, Taobao - Attacks in Urumqi More Uighur anger - Municipal bonds Back to the future MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Egypt’s election Sisis daunting task - Libya Another hard man - Israel and the pope Awkward relations - South Sudan Catastrophe looms - Malawi’s president Out she goes EUROPE - Turkish politics Disillusioned and divided - Ukraine’s election Vote late, vote seldom - Russia’s armed forces Putin’s new model army - France and Europe Shocks ahead - Czech Euroscepticism The unloved union - Italian politics Five stars back - German humour Get thee to an Institute - Charlemagne The globish-speaking union BRITAIN - Prison breaks The lesser escape - Antiques Money for old rope - Inequality The squeezed middle - Bagehot Love-bombing scotland INTERNATIONAL - Recreational drug use New highs - Abu Hamza Reeled in BUSINESS - Lenovo The rise of the frugal innovator - Chinese patents Ever more inventive - AT&T buys DirecTV Bundles and bulk - Decentralising drug research Pharmed out - The newspaper business Read it and leap - Energy in Egypt Fuelling unhappiness - David in Egypt Ad-mirable - Mining in Myanmar Kidnapped - Schumpeter Digital disruption on the farm FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Credit Suisse in court Not too big to jail - Buttonwood The pension lottery - The European Central Bank Time to be bold - Deutsche Bank Hollow legs - Société Générale’s rogue trader St Jérôme - Saudi Arabia’s investments Oil-fuelled caution - The new Great moderation Sea of tranquillity - Free exchange Manipulating taxpayers SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Virtual biology Computer worms - Fossil animals Spawned in Davy Jones’s locker - Computer security Divided we stand - Electronic cigarettes Call it quits BOOKS AND ARTS - Museums in Shanghai Shock of the new - Chinas museum guide Little red book - Liberalism Life of an idea - The 1940s Story of a decade - An English family Relative values - The wintons fictionFiction Freefall ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Clyde Snow Stories in bones THE ECONOMIST MAY 31ST-JUNE 6TH 2014 - The world this week LEADERS - Asian business A world to conquer - Europe’s angry voters Bucked off - Health-care fraud in America That’s where the money is - Ukraines election Sweet victory Egypt’s new leader Marching to the wrong tune LETTERS - On Chinese philanthropy, Putin, Thailand, data, pharmaceutical companies, tax, American foreign policy, apprenticeships, shadow banking UNITED STATES - Foreign policy The war on terror, part two - Texan primaries Tea time in Texas - California’s congressional The waning of Waxman - The job market Blue-collar wages rise - Health-care fraud The $272 billion swindle - Health regulations? The 140,000-code question - Lexington Black men on Harleys THE AMERICAS - Protest in Brazil Cheering for Argentina - Colombia’s election Uribe’s wrath - Migrants in the Dominican Republic No place like home - Bello reform that got away ASIA - Thailand’s coup In for the long haul - Indian politics A flying start - Barack Obama and Afghanistan Clock-watching - Japan’s demography The shrinking country - Banyan The philippines dreaming CHINA - Remembering Tiananmen The lessons of history MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Mali and the Sahel The war is far from over - Migration from Africa No wonder they still try - South Africa’s cabinet The low-growth road - Religion in Sierra Leone All things to all men - Egypt’s election A coronation flop - Football in Saudi Arabia Where democracy reigns EUROPE - Europe’s elections The Eurosceptic Union - Germany’s European elections An alternative becomes real - Berlin’s airports Don’t touch Tempelhof - Seismic shifts in French politics Triple shock - Greece’s protest parties Syriza and other radicals - Spain’s “indignant ones” Exit Rubalcaba - Italy’s Renzi wins Against the trend - The Nordics and the EU Schadenfreude - Ukraine’s presidential A two-tone election - Charlemagne Who will run Europe? BRITAIN - UKIPS rise The people’s army - The broadening economy Bad news for grumblers - Bagehot Ed milibands problems INTERNATIONAL - Demography Quality time - Pay activism The new minimalism - Fridge ownership Cool developments BUSINESS - SABMiller in Africa The beer frontier - Liquefied natural gas Bubbling up - American firms in China Technationalism - Driverless cars In the self-driving seat - Company accounts Truthful top lines - All-inclusive holiday The free lunch is back - The book trade Burying the Hachette - Daum and KakaoTalk Getting the message - Schumpeter The case for gay-friendly business FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Investing in southern Europe Signs of life - Italian GDP figures Sexy statistics - American corporate debt Risk on - South Korea’s household debt Hole in won - Buttonwood Carneys rebuke - China’s property market End of the golden era - Football albums Stickernomics - Free exchange Picking holes in Piketty SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Brawn v brain Muscled out - Mitochondria and male lifespan Power down - Short-range telecoms Daisy, daisy, give me an answer do - Oral health Wine gums - Regenerating teeth An enlightened approach BOOKS AND ARTS - Tiananmen Square 25 years on - Chinas age of ambition Chasing fortune - Saudi Arabias youth Fast and furious - Healthy eating Big fat surprise - The Great Barrier Reef A passionate history - Michael Schmidt's photography A prize before dying ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Rupert Loewenstein Under his thumb

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