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Código:HR 330 ENE-FEB 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2013
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
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Código:HR 330 ENE-FEB 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013:
300:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 04/01/2016
653Economía - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013. # Ingreso:1038804

   varias paginaciones; il. col..27 cm..

THE ECONOMIST JANUARY 5TH-11TH 2013 The world this week LEADERS - The fiscal cliff deal America’s European moment - Japanese foreign policy Down-turn Abe - India’s women Rape and murder in Delhi - Ireland and the euro crisis Dawn in the west - Britain’s coalition government Divided they fall LETTERS - On obesity, gun control, Syria, bankers, marriage BRIEFING - The new politics of the internet Everything is connected UNITED STATES - The fiscal cliff Nothing to be proud of - Health-care reform The 12-month countdown - The secretary-of-state job Changing guard - Lexington Norman’s conquest THE AMERICAS - Haiti Still waiting for recovery - Argentina The enemy within ASIA - Japan’s new cabinet Back to the future - Viewing Mount Fuji No more rising sun - South Korea’s new president Plenty on her plate - Indian politics Finding NaMo CHINA - Political reform Defining boundaries - Foreign universities Campus collaboration MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Egypt crisis Far from over - Iraq s politics Still bloody - Jerusalem The bell no longer tolls - Israel’s election A newly hatched hawk flies high (60) - Central African Republic On the brink EUROPE - Italian politics Reining in the radical left - Berlin’s airport fiasco The eternal building site - The EU and the Balkans Asylum system abuse - Greek taxation Culprit or scapegoat - French taxation À bas les riches! - Russian politics Herod’s law BRITAIN - The coalition in 2013 Friendly fire - Jeremy Hunt and the NHS A new broom - Motorway food Serviceable - Bagehot Booze and the british INTERNATIONAL - Air conditioning No sweat BUSINESS - Corporate intelligence The bloodhounds of capitalism - Multilevel marketing Herbalife y heckler - Cloning polo ponies How to make a mint - Metro systems Going Underground - Language-teaching firms Linguists online - How innovative is China? Valuing patents - Schumpeter The global middle class BRIEFING - Coal in the rich world The mixed fortunes of a fuel - Europe’s dirty secret The unwelcome renaissance FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Dubai’s renaissance Edifice complex - Buttonwood The outlook for 2013 - The Libor scandal Year of the lawyer - Islamic finance Malaysia s leading role - Japanese exchanges Huddling for comfort - The Irish economy Fitter yet fragile - Free exchange Financial reform in China SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Machine translation Conquering Babel - Drug research Toxic medicine - Fuel-saving tyres Hysterectomy BOOKS AND ARTS - Traditional societies No beating about the bush - Encounters with the dead Heaven help them - Zero Dark Thirty The OBL thrither - Revamping Skopje Stones of contention (342) - Balkan history Writing the past (5) - Will self’s Umbrella Not easily forgotten ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Rita Levi-Montalcini The lady of the celis THE ECONOMIST JANUARY 12TH-18TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Growth The great innovation debate - The next fiscal fight From cliff to ceiling - Reform in China Great expectations - Venezuela In limbo - Measurement Is Paris worth a mass? LETTERS - On Hell, non-bank finance, South Korea, the Church of England, monks, PhD students, our Christmas issue BRIEFING - Innovation pessimism Has the ideas machine broken down? UNITED STATES - The next treasury secretary Jack be nimble - The president’s new security team Obama picks his soldiers - Centenary of Nixon birth The crooked statesman - Marriage in America The fraying knot - America’s orchestras Lamentoso (8) - Lexington Joe Biden is not the answer THE AMERICAS - Venezuela’s presidency Brotherly love - Infrastructure in Brazil Daylight piracy - Bogotá A load of rubbish ASIA - Afghanistan’s fearful future So long, buddy - India’s winter Numbed bones, choked lungs - The Australian heatwave Up to eleven Politics in Australia Election calculations - Sri Lankan politics Fighting in court - Banyan North-east Asia s Hereditary grudges CHINA - Press freedom Battling the censors - Labour camps Long overdue - Traffic laws Drivers push back MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Syria’s conflict No end in sight - Israel’s Arab voters What’s the point? - Libya’s Muslim Brothers The knack of organisation - Al Jazeera Must do better - Aid to Rwanda The pain of suspension - Johannesburg Downtown less dodgy EUROPE - Germany’s Free Democrats The endangered queenmaker - Race in the Netherlands The aftermath of a football tragedy - Hungarian politics A blow for Viktor Orban - Italian politics Allies again - Turkey and the PKK Peace at last? - French political language Lost in translation - Charlemagne Ireland s metamorphosis BRITAIN - Northern Ireland Wrapped in the flag - Business lending Plumbing problems - Bagehot Tory modernisation INTERNATIONAL - Modern families Chips off the old block - Piracy Privateers (10) - Holy architecture Not a curve out of place BUSINESS - Lenovo From guard shack to global giant - France y google An ad-block shock - Gelato university Scoop - Tax in Brazil Nothing is certain - Mediterranean gas Drill, or quarrel? - AMR and US Airways The last great American airline merger - Schumpeter The risks in 2013 FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Global house prices Home truths - Buttonwood Fund selection - The platinum-coin option US debt-ceiling wheeze - Bank liquidity Go with the flow - Japan’s economy Keynes, trains and automobiles - Microfinance in India Road to redemption - India’s lust for gold Treasure chest - Free exchange Economists v Americans SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Lifespan and the sexes Catching up - The uses of stem cells Potent medicine - Measurement The kilogram BUSINESS BOOKS QUARTERLY - Personal finance Ghastly gurus - Ping Fu s memoir memoir The world is 3D - The networked world Reaching out - Business strategy A.G. Laffey and P&G BOOKS AND ARTS - 20th-century music The rest is noise - The ANCs murky past Nota ll poster bays - Gabriele d’Annunzio Aesthete and Übermensch - John Burnside The search for happiness ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Beate Gordon Japan s American heroine THE ECONOMIST JANUARY 19TH-25TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Barack Obama In search of a legacy - Israel’s election Don’t give up - France, Mali and Algeria Get stuck in but don’t get stuck - Offshoring Welcome home - The Senkaku/Diaoyu islands Dangerous shoals - Pakistan The soldiers’ dangerous itch LETTERS - On Croatia, India, South Africa, service stations, free trade, Iraq, Yale, the Spartathlon, our cover Correction BRIEFING - American foreign policy Time to engage UNITED STATES - California’s finances Back to black - Gun control The battle begins - Prosecutors in Louisiana Dangerous chat - Co-education Old all-male ways die hard - Farewell, Tim Geithner Lessons learnt - Lexington immigration reform THE AMERICAS - Canada’s First Nations Time we stopped meeting like this - Brazil’s economy Wrong numbers - Nationalising utilities in Bolivia From tap to socket - Energy in Argentina Sparks in the dark ASIA - Pakistanin tumul Ready for sacrifice - Sectarian violence in Pakistan Won’t bury - China and Japan The drums of war - Thailand’s southern insurgency School killings - Banyan Sri lanka comes for the judges CHINA - Wrapped in smog Something in the air? - Overseas investment ODI-lay hee-ho - Nuclear power Back on the front burner MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - The crisis in Mali Saved for the moment - An election in Israel… Which way for Binyamin Netanyahu …and in Jordan Bad for the king - Repression in the Gulf A mirage of rights EUROPE - France’s president Hollande’s war trappings - Lower Saxony Germany’s Missouri - Spain’s government Rosy scenario - Slovenia’s government Tottering on - The Czech presidency Karel Havel or Milos Klaus? - Russia To privatise or not to privatise - Charlemagne Europe in a foreign field BRITAIN - Pensions The virtues of simplicity - Euroscepticism A Tory taxonomy - HMV Don’t stop the music - Bagehot Slimming the ranks INTERNATIONAL - Testing education Pisa envy - Climate-change laws Beginning at home - Private members’ clubs Clubbing together BUSINESS - General Motors Now it’s time to step on the gas - America’s car bosses Three outsiders, three styles - Boeing’s 787 Bad dreams - Public relations Pioneer of spin dies - Alibaba Alibyebye? - Facebook Search me - East Africa’s news business Paper kingdom - Schumpeter Emerging-markets multinationals advance FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - The euro-zone crisis Time to celebrate? - Buttonwood Currency wars redux - The port of long beach View from the bridge - Developing-country trade A South-South milestane - Mobile-phone minutes Airtime is money - Private equity Shift-Ctrl-Dell - The bond market Bit by bit - Economics after the crisis New model army - Free exchange James Buchanan SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Prehistoric migration An Antipodean Raj - Inflatable spacecraft Blown up in orbit - In a hole The worlds rarest fish - Global warming The new black BOOKS AND ARTS - Guerrilla warfare How the weak vanquish the strong - School reform Stay focused - Britain and Europe Forty years on - New Indian fiction Charmingly insufferable - The art of Giorgio Morandi Games of perception - New fiction The self stripped ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Aaron Swartz The data liberatorr THE ECONOMIST 26TH-FEBRUARY 1ST 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - International terrorism Afrighanistan? - Britain and Europe The gambler - German politics Merkel wounded - The world economy Semi-rational exuberance - Technological extinction Only the digital dies LETTERS - On guns in America, Smithfield meat market, banks, French, Mali, innovation BRIEFING - Jihad in Africa The danger in the desert - The intervention in Mali Sand on their boots UNITED STATES - The re-inauguration of Barack Obama Gloves off - Presidents and the economy Second-term blues - The economy Looking better - Abortion law Roe turns 40 - State pension systems Squeezed - Politics in New Orleans The Nagin chronicles - Criminal justice and the courts Thumb on the scale - Atlantic City Changing the game - Lexington Coalition v tribe THE AMERICAS - Guatemala Edging back from the brink - Impunity in Venezuela The price of justice - ColombiaN Security Fear of missing out - Cuban politics All talk - Gaming in the Bahamas A bettor option ASIA - Indian politics Show your hand - War crimes in Bangladesh Justice delayed - Jakarta’s governor Jokowi gets things done - Vietnam Is Thanh the man? - Fighting in Myanmar No let-up - Banyan On the edge CHINA - China’s population Peak toil - Child trafficking A cruel trade - Inequality Gini out of the bottle MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Israel’s election The hawks’ wings are clipped - …and its Arab-led parties Not much of a mark - Saudi morality police Who’s a dinosaur? - Kenya’s lions Sad for Simba - Wine-making in South Africa Wrong vintage EUROPE - Germany’s election year The vincible chancellor - Europe and Britain The Cameron is coming - The Dutch and David Cameron Not wanted here - Cyprus and the euro Aphrodite’s indebted island - Organised crime in Russia Fathers and sons - Turkish society Of sex and Islam - Charlemagne France and Germany BRITAIN - Britain and Europe The hand of history - A productivity puzzle The job-rich depression - Bagehot Hero for a day INTERNATIONAL - Islam and science The road to renewal - Carbon paper Fade to black - The politics of e-waste A cadmium lining BUSINESS - Information technology Has Apple peaked? - Wearable computing Watch this space - Health insurance in America The insured and the unsure - Campaigning for cash Profit with Purpose - Read this and win million$!!! The decline of spam - Mining giants switch bosses New heads for a new cycle - Foreign companies in India The rewards of royalty - Outdoor advertising Sexy signage - Schumpeter Davos Man and his defects FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Monetary policy in Japan Win some, lose some - Buttonwood The next decade of investment returns - Exchange-traded funds Twenty years young - Financing medical research Disease or cure? - Sports insurance Claim game - The Fed’s profits The other side of QE - European demography Working-age shift - Free exchange Avinash persaud on Europe s banking union SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Storing information in DNA Test-tube data - How dung beetles navigate Stars in their eyes - Channelling heat Good conduct - Sociable spiders Come into my parlour BOOKS AND ARTS - The first Anglo-Afghan war Lessons unlearned - King Faisals legacy in Saudi Arabia Unexpectedly modern - The real Jane Austen As vital as her stories - Edouard Manet Bold and strange - Roman Vishniac photos Through a lens, darkly ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Fred Turner McDonald s man THE ECONOMIST FEBRUARY 2ND-8TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - The Nordic countries The next supermodel - Immigration reform Let them stay, let them in - Chaos in Egypt Tahrir squandered - British monetary policy Shake ’em up, Mr Carney - America’s lawyers Guilty as charged LETTERS - On the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands, the British army, Croatia, climate change, Richard Nixon, "huge" matters BRIEFING - Egypt To the barricades, again UNITED STATES - Immigration reform Washington learns a new language - The economy The little dipper - Recess appointments Obama oversteps - Grand Central station The survivor - Juvenile justice Suffer the children - America’s maritime infrastructure Crying out for dollars - The Great Lakes The shipping news - Lexington John Kerry, reporting for one last duty THE AMERICAS - Peru’s roaring economy Hold on tight - Brazil’s nightclub fire In hell - Canadian politics women on top, for now - Latin American integration Past and future ASIA - Fighting in Myanmar Talking peace, waging war - …and its ripples in China The Kachin dilemma - An election in Malaysia Scrapping for every vote - South Korean politics Pardon me - Banyan Singapore s mid-life crisis CHINA - China and North Korea On the naughty step - Literary activism Local hero - Footballing failure Own goal MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Iran s nuclear diplomacy Where’s the deal? - …and its presidential poll Make no mistake - Syria’s refugees Drowning in the flood - Israel’s rising star Man of peace? - Mali and France Where are the jihadists - Africa s football cup The magic of minnows EUROPE - Turkey s army Erdogan and his generals - Italy’s election Fascism and football - Serbia and Kosovo Inching closer - France and gay marriage Pink pride in Paris - Ireland’s abortion debate Still restrictive - Sexism in Germany A cloud over Rainer - Charlemagne Transatlantic trading BRITAIN - Running English cities Freedom at last - How to be British Patriotism recycled - Race and politics The colour of votes - Bagehot An unwelcoming nation INTERNATIONAL - Outsiders in the Arctic The roar of ice cracking - Internet capacity Hooking up - Homelessness Words on the street BUSINESS - America’s legal industry The case against clones - Reforming legal education The two-year itch - Online-video sites Net flicks - Shale gas in Europe Frack to the future - ThyssenKrupp Nerves of steel - Indian carmakers The four-wheeled survivor - BlackBerry woes BounceBack or ByeBye? - Huawei Clear as mud - Schumpeter Fixing common affairs FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - AIG America’s Improved Giant - The Big Mac index Bunfight - Buttonwood Value of value - India’s stockmarket The road from perdition - Cyber-security in banks War on terabytes - Video games and financial literacy Blood bars and debt bunnies - Vietnam’s banks Tiger tamed - The Icesave ruling In the cooler - Free exchange The autopilot solution SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The future of energy Batteries included? - Steganography Speaking with silence - Memory Remember, remember - Malnutrition and the microbiome Debugging the problem - Avian navigation The Birdmuda triangle BOOKS AND ARTS - The search for meaning Of ice and men - China, India and climate change Take the lead ( - Religion in Russia A question of faith - Eisenhower and Nixon The odd couple - Sonia Sotomayors Before judgment days - The fiction of Joseph Roth Darkness before dawn ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Jozef Glemp Cardinal-in-the-middle THE ECONOMIST FEBRUARY 9TH-15TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - North Korea The new capitalists - Social mobility in America Repairing the rungs on the ladder - Spain Awkward questions for Rajoy - China’s currency Yuan for the money - Online identity Not a dog LETTERS - On the Senkaku islands, Guatemala's politics, Jordan, Oxfam, Israel and America, interest rates, abortion, carbon paper, the EU and football BRIEFING - North Korea Rumblings from below UNITED STATES - The economy Deficit-reduction disorder - The sequester and defence Thinking the unthinkable - Presidential voting Moving the goalposts - The census Some other race - Ed Koch, 1924-2013 Farewell to the cheerleader - Murder rates Feeling the heat - Hillary Clinton bows out A legacy at Foggy Bottom - Lexington Death in Little Rock THE AMERICAS - Ecuador’s election Man with the mighty microphone - Paraguay The last caudillo - The IMF and Argentina Motion of censure - Venezuela’s economy Out of stock ASIA - China and Japan Locked on - South-East Asia and China All change at ASEAN - Politics in Australia Advantage lost - Pakistani security Rogue prisons - Banyan Af-Pak relations: a decent interval CHINA - Desalination Costly drops - Economic reforms A house divided - Modern martial arts Ain’t that a kick in the head MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Crisis in Tunisia Murder most foul - War and peace in Mali Move to the mountains - Algeria’s oil and gas Not so jolly - Infighting in Iran Family feud - Trains in Nigeria A new chug - Central African Republic A shaky accord EUROPE - Corruption in Spain Another blow - German politics Schavan-freude - Germany’s energy reform Troubled turn - Greece Is a Grexit off the table? - French foreign policy The Bamako effect - EU and migration The next wave? - Charlemagne Europe à l’Hollandaise BRITAIN - The export drought Better out than in - Selling conflict resolution The peace progress - Bagehot The new-look Balls INTERNATIONAL - Identity providers The voucher business - Food and religion A meaty question - Learning for the very young Little steps BUSINESS - Dell goes private Into the dark - Shops that spy on you We snoop to conquer - Mergers and acquisitions The mating season - The Deepwater Horizon disaster Spills and bills - Fast food in China Yucky Kentucky - Television Counting couch potatoes - Schumpeter Of businessmen and ballerinas FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - The offshore yuan A fresh course - Buttonwood Survivorship bias - Ratings agencies The SQP lawsuit - RBS and Libor The wrong stuff - South Africa’s currency VIX inhaler no more - The euro área economy Race against time - The Bank of Japan Regime change - Free exchange Social mobility - Credit scores The use of social media SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The Arctic Tequila sunset - It came from outer space Asteroids - Meteorology Counting raindrops - HIV and AIDS Till death do us part (4) BOOKS AND ARTS - The Church of Scientology In search of answers (84) - New Indonesian fiction Getting schooled (1) - The future of the world Floating hope (4) - Harold Pinter’s “Old Times” Ah yes, I remember it well - James Wood’s essays Head of the class (1) - “Sleeping Eros” at the Met Master of mischief ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Richard III Monster and man THE ECONOMIST FEBRUARY 16TH-22ND 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Tax havens The missing $20 trillion - The Italian election Who can save Italy? - The global economy Phoney currency wars - Free trade across the Atlantic Come on, TTIP - Another sop for elderly Britons Grey squirrels LETTERS - On the Nordic countries, private schools, immigration, Sandhurst, Ed Koch, Richard III BRIEFING - Italy’s election Long after the party - Beppe Grillo Five-star menu UNITED STATES - The state of the union A House divided - The minimum wage Trickle-up economics - The defence secretary’s nomination Hagelian dialectic - The milder side of drones Here’s looking at you - Oll in the West Big reserves, big reservations - Football in New York The Cosmos come back - North Carolina Farewell to purple - Making guns at home Ready, print, fire - Lexington The politics of purity THE AMERICAS - Mexico’s new president Tearing up the script - Brazil’s zombie politicians The old guard won’t go - Housing in Brazil If you build it - Pensions in Argentina Now or never ASIA - North Korea’s test Fallout - Bangladesh Mass dissatisfaction - Indian politics An illiberal turn - Kabuki theatre in Japan In a pickle - Thailand’s capital city Power failure - Banyan Before the gold rush in Mongolia CHINA - Government reform Super-size me - Trade with North Korea Crystal meth and Tesco - Trade with the world MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Nigeria s opposition Clubbing together - Transport in Africa Get a move on - Ruling Ethiopia Long live the king - Divided Jerusalem An Arab haven dissected - Afghan refugees in Iran Go back home EUROPE - French economic policy Which way for Mr Hollande? - Russia and America The dread of the other - EU migration to Germany Sprechen Sie job? - Turkey and Islam Dress tests - Charlemagne The EU Budget and the European Parliament BRITAIN - Redeveloping London What’s the plan? - Social care Old times - Bagehot A passage to India INTERNATIONAL - Pope Benedict See you later - Papal resignations Torn vestments - Cyber-security To the barricades - Islamic extremism The languages of jihad BUSINESS - IBM in Africa The next frontier - Food safety After the horse has been bolted - Lawyers The say-on-pay payday - Carrefour revives Up the right aisle - PSA Peugeot-Citroën’s Running out of road - Swiss watchmakers Time is money - Oil in China Sinopec s smog and mirrors - Schumpeter How to make a killing FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - The American poor Finance at the margins - Buttonwood Financial education - Barclays and Deutsche Bank Surviving, not thriving - Interest-rate swaps in India Derivatiff - Cannabis as an investment The audacity of dope - Carbon markets Extremely Troubled Scheme - Free exchange Middle-income claptrap SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Manufacturing metals A tantalising prospect - Marine biology Flea market - The microbiome Sniffing out hypertension - Human evolution Grassed up BOOKS AND ARTS - The future of Catholicism Leap of faith - The spying trade Success by stealth - Piero della Francesca Divine splendour - 18th-century courtship An inept Pygmalion - The rise of solo living A room of one’s own - Becoming Picasso The incubation of genius ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - André Cassagnes A life in lines THE ECONOMIST FEBRUARY 23RD-MARCH 1ST 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Syria The death of a country - China’s cyber-hacking Getting Ugly - Illegal drugs The great experiment - Europe’s financial-transactions tax Bin it - Asteroid defence The real star war LETTERS - On social mobility, Singapore, law schools, waterways, television, North Korea BRIEFING - Syria’s civil war The country formerly known as Syria UNITED STATES - Defence cuts The enemy within - Arms control The search for a nuclear legacy - Detroit Skid row - The Texas budget Too much of a good thing - Agriculture Fields of gold - Scandal in the Catholic church A little local difficulty - Lexington Unreality television THE AMERICAS - Venezuela The homecoming - Jamaica Lenten diet - Politics in Brazil Early kick-off - Canada’s Inuit Polar-bear politics ASIA - India’s public finances A walk on the wild side - The Maldives and India Second thoughts - Malaysia invaded The sultan’s Sabah swing - Indonesia’s economy Tipping the balance - A prisión in Japan Eastern porridge - Banyan The north wind and the scorpion CHINA - Cybercrime Smoking gun - Corporate espionage Who needs cyber-spying? MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Zimbabwe s constitution Mugabe’s last throw? - Gays in Uganda Keep them off the stage - Nigeria s security The kidnap fear - South African politics Join my Agang - Jordan’s election Calm down - Libya s anniversary The party and the hangover EUROPE - Cyprus’s election An apple of discord ahead - Turkey and the European Union A tiny thaw? - France’s troubled suburbs Forgotten in the banlieues - The Italy’s election When cynics rule - Bulgarian politics Power protests - Serbia’s government Trouble ahead - Charlemagne Scoth whisky and the single market BRITAIN - Jobs in jail Remunerative justice - A by-election in Northern Ireland Better at the ballot - Bagehot The weirdness of Eastleigh INTERNATIONAL - The war on drugs Towards a ceasefire - Harm reduction Shoots up and leaves BUSINESS - Hollywood Split screens - Health care in Japan The hottest medical market on earth - Heinz Now, 56 varieties - Global business barometer A bit brighter - Self-promotion online The price of reputation - Video games All to play for - Schumpeter A guide in Africa FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Central banks When doves fly - Buttonwood The M&A urge - Italian banks Mid-crisis life - Bankers’ bonuses Cap and flayed - Insurance and telematics How’s my driving? - China’s economy The growth of services - Social-impact bonds Commerce and conscience - Free exchange Carbon tariffs SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Mapping the brain Only connect - Social science Dr Seldon, I presume - Plant viruses Enemies no longer - Fossil cetaceans A whale of a story - Dealing with asteroid strikes A close shave BOOKS AND ARTS - Calvin Coolidge and the Great Depression When less led to more - The Yanomamo and the anthropologists Noble savages - Eastern Europe after 1989 The view beyond the wall - Roy lichtenstein The alchemist - Amity gaige s new fiction Love on the lam - Africans in the Renaissance Hue were they? ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Zhuang Zedong Ping-pong diplomat

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