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Código:HR 330 ENE-MAR 2014 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2014
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. 27 cm.
Notas:F. I. 04/01/016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía;
Revista ;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 ENE-MAR 2014 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2014:
300:varias paginaciones; il. 27 cm.
500:F. I. 04/01/016
653Economía; Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2014. # Ingreso:1038805

   varias paginaciones; il. .27 cm. .

CONTENIDO JANUEARY /04, 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Political insurgency Europe’s Tea Parties NAFTA at 20 Deeper, better, NAFTA The world economy in 2014 Why optimism may be bad news Corruption in Turkey The Arab road Pharmaceutical pricing LETTERS The new drugs war On Narendra Modi, California, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, patents, academic publishing, randomised control trials, Colombia, banks, GM food, colons BRIEFING Europe’s populist insurgents Turning right UNITED STATES Unemployment Long time gone The trade deficit Star-spangled spenders Same-sex marriage We’ll always have… Utah? New York’s new mayor By FDR’s book Lexington Snooper blooper THE AMERICAS Brazil’s big year Kick-off approaches Poverty in Mexico A few more pesos, a lot more stress Diabetes in Latin America Unskinny genes ASIA Australia’s new government False start Japan and its neighbours A slap in the face Myanmar’s economy Reality check Banyan India and American at odds CHINA Local-government debt Counting ghosts University admissions Not educating the masses Presidential style A new flavour MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Lebanon Will it hold together? Arab gloom This year can’t be as bad as the last South Sudan Destroying itself from within Madagascar’s presidential election A nervous wait EUROPE Turkish politics No longer a shining example Terrorism in Russia Will there be more? Sex roles in Germany Of Mann and Frau Danish politics A tricky start to the year EU migration The gates are open BRITAIN Renewable energy Rueing the waves Public opinion The generation game Britain’s economy Crystal balls Northern Ireland Down but not out Retirement homes INTERNATIONAL The new drug war Hard pills to swallow BUSINESS Gazprom and European gas markets Paying the piper Italian business Brave old world Corporate governance in Italy Capitalismo all’italiana Social networks Unfriending mum and dad Artisanal capitalism The art and craft of business Agribusiness in Latin America Farming without fields Schumpeter Debnark´s food cluster FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Bankers’ pay The law of small(er) numbers Buttonwood Solving the puzzle The European Central Bank Unpalatable choices America’s housing market Not waving but drowning Global house prices Castles made of sand Academic research The useful science? Microinsurance A hard sell Free exchange Capitalism and inequality SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Cancer drugs Getting close and personal Acoustic sensing The ear underground Entomology BOOKS AND ARTS Los Angeles museums Turning point Scottish independence Unión and disunion The first world war in comics Longest day Uniting the States Earth, wind and fire Gary Shteyngart A striver´s tale Merrill Lynch Brave beginnings ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Ronnie Biggs Keep on running JANUARY /25, 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Multinationals China loses its allure Road safety Reinventing the wheel European climate policy Worse than useless Syria’s civil war California The recovery LETTERS On state-owned assets, drug patents, Jewishness, the oil rush, railways, Robin Hood BRIEFING Chinese consumers Doing it their way UNITED STATES California’s economy Bark if you don’t like deficits Food and drink How to make men more lovable Surveillance New rules for spooks Virginia politics Bob McDonnell indicted Of diet pills and posh shoes An obstreperous obstetrician Tom Coburn retires Brain-dead and pregnant in Texas Baby-boomers on skis Old, cold and splurging gold Lexington What does the Fox say? THE AMERICAS Latin America and Spain Shoe on the other foot Venezuela’s labour market Labour’s love lost La Salada Stall stories Brazil’s rolezinhos The kids are all right ASIA Crisis in Thailand You go your way, I’ll go mine South Korea’s student protests Noticing worries An election in Tokyo Blasts from the past Pakistan’s special court General hypochondria Banyan Relations between China And Japan CHINA Corruption Less party time Stand-up comedy Joking aside The trial of Xu Zhiyong New citizens MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Syria’s civil war Can he manipulate the West? Egypt’s referendum Deepening rifts Israel’s and Palestine A gas and oil bonanza? Nigeria’s army Heads off Africa’s economies A tippler’s guide EUROPE Protests in Ukraine On the march in Kiev Italian reform Renzi’s tricky bargain Hungarian politics Against the odds The Spanish economy On the mend Turkey’s turmoil Erdogan at bay Charlemagne Europe’s energy woes BRITAIN Bad Schools Island mentality Bagehot Miliband v Roosevelt Falling unemployment Working it bagehot INTERNATIONAL Road deaths Driving to an early grave Davos Data On the Magic Mountain Romani Travel talk Gay parades Pride and prejudice BUSINESS The cigarette industry Running out of puff Civilian jet engines Gearing up for a fight Corporate governance in Germany Diversity the board Internet firms and taxes Patch-up job Religious investigation services Fighting the system Schumpeter The not so Golden State FINANCE AND ECONOMICS China’s economy In three parts Buttonwood The inevitability of instability Canadian sovereign-wealth funds The year of the ant Bankia From a low base South Korean data theft Card sharps The Big Mac index Grease-proof taper Free exchange Shaping appetites for risk SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Malaria eradication Cure all? Dracunculiasis Good riddance Acacia, ants and antibiotics Protect and survive Computer security Spam in the fridge BOOKS AND ARTS How Hispanics made America March of history Richard Power´s fiction Mood music A stringer in Congo The horror, the horror The horror, the horror Technology and work Learn ‘n’ go Chang-rae Lee´s fiction Change of Pace Economic and financial Indicators Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at football money OBITUARY Hiroo Onoda Last man fighting Economic Indicators FEBRUARY/08, 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS The global economy The worldwide wobble Immigration Barack Obama, deporter-in-chief The European Commission Lagarde for president China’s environment A small breath of fresh air Organised crime Dealing with the devil LETTERS Letters On livestock and emissions, California, technology and jobs, algorithms BRIEFING America’s deportation machine The great expulsion Deported Mexicans Bordering on cruelty UNITED STATES The farm bill A trillion in the trough Trade When Harry mugged Barry Obamacare and jobs Insured and inactive College sports Wildcat formation Immigration reform A Republican plan Assortative mating Sex, brains and inequality Making heroin safer Hoffman´s habit The origins of man A debate at the Creation Museum Lexington Zero-sum politics The Americas El Salvador’s gangs Breaking good Dilma’s tight skirt Canada, America and oil A pipeline runs through it Freedom of speech in Ecuador The media in Ecuador ASIA Politics in Myanmar Not so fast Pakistan and the Taliban Jawing with the enemy Crime and politics in Bangladesh Bang bang club Japan’s NHK The ties that bind Banyan Thailand awaiting the endgame China The party and the media Learning to spin Environmental reform Transparency in the haze Internal trade It’s a continent, actually MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Manufacturing in Africa An awakening giant Somalia’s civil war Pushing it across borders Sanctions against Israel The media in Saudi Arabia Beating the censor Libya Something to celebrate Repression in Egypt The same old blanket EUROPE German foreign policy No more shirking France and America Mr Hollande goes to Washington Spain´s right A new Partido té? Italian justice Untimely Spain’s right Polish energy policy A different Energiewende Charlemagne The EU and Ukraine BRITAIN Mixed-race nation Ethnic minorities Into the melting pot Booze-free bars Shaken not slurred Bagehot David Lammy, urban phoenix INTERNATIONAL Government-to-government trade Unbundling the nation state The winter Olympics Hot or cool? Web addresses The name game The ivory trade Up in smoke BUSINESS BP A reduced giant Microsoft’s new boss Inside job Google, the EU and antitrust Search over The suit business Who´ll wear the trousers? Corporate Bedfellows Comparing big companies Trouble at the Panama Canal Dead locks Cable television Can CNN ENTERTAIN? Schumpeter Those who can’t, teach FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Turmoil in financial markets Goldilocks and the bears Global monetary policy Countervailing motion Buttonwood A new world for bonds A legal hazard for Brazil’s banks The past is epilogue (5) Fees for hedge funds and private equity Down to 1.4 and 17 (3) Share options The law of unintended consequences (3) Commodity prices Fixing the fix Slums and social mobility Down and out (18) Free exchange Massive open online forces SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Gene therapy Ingenious (14) Athletic enhancement Breathe it in (8) Sexual selection Hot wheels (69) Bionics Once more, with feeling (1) Books and arts Foreign fiction Love in the time of killing (2) The making of Iraq Man of the moment (8) Big data and society The measure of man (2) Tribal art Masks and magic Fiction and software Multilingual Animals in history Elephantasia Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 Economies, pus our monthly poll of forecaster OBIUARY Philip Seymour Hoffman FEBRUARY/22, 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Ukraine in flames Putin’s inferno American trade policy How to make the world $600 billion poorer A new prime minister in Italy A man needs a mandate Companies and the state Plucking the goose Governing the oceans The tragedy of the high seas Scottish independence Pounded into submission LETTERS On deporting immigrants, handsome cyclists, the EU, Ecuador, Canada, sex and marriage BRIEFING Ukraine’s crisis Europe’s new battlefield UNITED STATES Trade policy How to make the world poorer Sentencing reform Kinder, gentler Gay marriage Loving’s labour’s won Public-sector pensions Improvident in Providence Banning basquetball The dangers of dribbling “The Lego Movie” The politics of little bricks Lexington Faith and reason THE AMERICAS Protests in Venezuela A tale of two prisoners Bello Cooking up a business cluster Argentina’s new inflation index Pricing power Colombia's armed forces General exit ASIA North Korea Humanity at its very worst Protests in Thailand Stagnant revolution Kazakhstan’s economy Tenge fever Kazakhstan’s name Don’t call me Stan Banyan India´s AAP CHINA Local-government debt Bridging the fiscal chasm Students and the party Rushing to join Chinese films Thin ice MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Iran and the West Dismantling the wall Syria’s civil war The lessons of Geneva Libya’s turmoil Little to celebrate Food security in the Gulf How to keep stomachs full ( Waste collection in Nigeria Clean it up Education in Kenya Classroom divisions EUROPE Matteo Renzi A young man in a hurry Spain and the Jews 1492 and all that Scandal in Germany Entangled French culture wars Everybody naked! French politics A Sarkozy comeback? Charlemagne Homage to Caledonia Britain Scottish independence Alex Salmond’s big problem Orkney’s archaeology Dem bones Bagehot Calling Tory greens INTERNATIONAL The higs seas In deep water The oceans and climate change A welcome pause Business Facebook and WhatsApp Getting the messages Cyber-security White hats to the rescue Company headquarters Here, there and everywhere Eike Batista’s assets The great X-it Trade unions in America Chattanooga shoo-shoo Three-wheeled transport Tuk-tuking the world Schumpeter The wolves of the web FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Global banking Inglorious isolation Buttonwood High-cost investing Food subsidies Feeding expectations OPEC and oil prices Leaky barrels Capital flows in Indonesia Fragile no more Derivatives Bitcoin Data reporting The great hiccup Free exchange Valuing the long-beaked echidna SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY America´s science meeting In the beginning was the word Climate change Jet set Olfactory communication Spot the difference Restoring paintings Artful illusion BOOKS AND ARTS Futurism Forza Italia New fiction Of love and other demons The power of the web Online, underground Humans and mass extinction Killing machines E.E. Cummings Unravelling a life Lincoln’s official biographers Both the president’s men ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Global business barometer OBITUARY Irving Milchberg Life on the run MARCH /1 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Saving Ukraine How the West can help Protests in Venezuela Stop the spiral Inequality in America How to be a true progressive Trust-busting in Mexico Taking on the tele-garchs Nigeria’s central bank Pranged LETTERS On Argentina, English, Cyprus, Congress, artificial limbs, fracking, Switzerland, condoms BRIEFING Ukraine The February revolution United States Social mobility A memo to Obama Detroit’s bankruptcy Cram down Texas politics Stupid season Anti-gay laws What’s the matter with Arizona? Reforming taxes Here’s a plan Congress Dingell’s bell Lexington Militarya procurement madness The Americas Disorder in Venezuela Towards the brink Mexico El Chapo´s capture Security in Brazil Unarmed and dangerous Bello Poverty and inequality ASIA India’s election and the economy A useful campaign Pakistan and the Taliban To fight or not to fight South Korean politics Spying trouble Japan’s right wing Mission accomplished? Banyan Indonesia´s year of killing CHINA The tobacco industry Don´t inhale Army entertainers That’s show-biz ) Journalism in Hong Kong Beat the press MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Trouble in Nigeria Now for the fallout Conflict in South Sudan Back with a vengeance Uganda’s anti-gay law Deadly intolerance Algeria’s presidential elections Standing, in one sense Egyptian politics Musical chairs Holy places in Israel Constant competition EUROPE Turkish politics Everything is possible Renzi’s ropy start Spain and ETA Guns, lies and videotape Greece’s troubles The troika is back Germany’s Wulff scandal Overzealous Charlemagne The EU and its neighbourhoo BRITAIN North Sea oil Running on fumes Selling visas No country for poor men Bagehot Wooing Mrs Merkel INTERNATIONAL The future of Wikipedia WikiPeaks? Cancer in the developing countries Worse than AIDS Fruit diseases Yes, we have no bananas Climate Law on Mother Earth BUSINESS Telecoms in Mexico Slim’s chances Electric cars Fully charged Pepsi Let my Fritos go Jerónimo Martins A Portuguese explorer Corporate alumni Gone but not forgotten Wind-turbine firmas Still short of puff Energy efficiency Negawatt hour South Korea´s internet Giant Now or Naver Schumpeter Corporatefraud Finance and economics Peer-to-peer lending Banking without banks Debt and growth Breaking the threshold Mobile Banking BBVA Simple Buttonwood The battle of Detroit Swiss banks Credit Suisse and tax Fraud on the market Paky on say The Balkamisation of Banking Britan´s new rules China´s currency The yuan suffers a fall Internet finance in China Another threat to banks Free exchange Inquality is bad for growth SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Austin Why it´s not “Rain Woman” SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Autism Why it’s not “Rain Woman” Human evolution The skinny on skin colour High-tech shipping containers Boxing clever Hurricane protection The windmills of your mind Entomology Buzz, feed BOOKS AND ARTS France and its Arabs Years of fire Austerity The great failure Delhi in the 21 st century Fat and fatter Dragnet nation Watching the watchers E. M. Forster in India Piranesi dows under The Melbourne connection Alex Berenson´s thriller Economic and financial Indicators Statisitcs on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at commodity prices ObituarAlison Jolly Life with lemurs MARCH/08, 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Crisis in Ukraine Kidnapped by the Kremlin Business in emerging markets Submerging hopes China’s restless West The burden of empire African demography Fertility treatment European bank rescues Cyprus one year later LETTERS On Ukraine, Scotland, oceans, Cyprus, India, San Francisco, Lego BRIEFING Ukraine The end of the beginning? The international reaction Sixes and sevens The economic battleground A tough call UNITED STATES Solar energy Bet your bottom dollar Sliding away The IRS and political speech Levi and the 501s Capital punishment Death for the mentally disabled Ohio’s law against untruth Is it wise to criminalise lies? Abortion The 20-week limit Florida’s snowbirds A chilly welcome Lexington The Ukraine blame-game THE AMERICAS iPhonenomics One phone, many countries Bello Deadlock in Venezuela Unspoken desire Wage negotiations in Argentina Class war ASIA North Korea Looking for improvements Better tomorrow? (10) Nuclear power in Japan Fireém up Sri Lanka Bring up the bodies Nepal In the family Thailand’s protests Dismantling the barricades China Terror attack in Kunming Dark day Dark day China’s parliament The smog of war America’s departing ambassador No love lost Banyan Murkinessin Hong Kong Technology Quarterly After MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA African demography The dividend is delayed Diplomacy in the Gulf No one is happy Jordan and the Palestinians A kingdom of two halves EUROPE France’s government Hollande mulls a reshuffle Germany’s public pensions Wrong direction Turkish politics Anatolia loves Erdogan Spain’s press A shrinking order Charlemagne Germany and Ukraine BRITAIN Defence strategy Missing in action Gangster memoirs Gift of the grab The film industry Too little space Bagehot A great place to be a spy INTERNATIONAL Pope Francis’s first year Faith, hope—and how much change? BUSINESS Multinationals in merging markets Emerge, Splurge, purge Chevron and Ecuador Courtroom drama Distributed generation Devolving power Clean technology in China Red light, green light Women and work The glass-ceiling index Schumpeter Unpacking Lego FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Cyprus one year on Injured island Buttonwood A revolution in economics Civil servants and austerity The times they aren’t a-changin’ Chinese bonds Not so sunny Flood insurance Waves of problems Rigging currency markets Bank, fix thyself Gold Questions over the benchmark Free exchange The once and future currency Science and technology Global warming Who pressed the pause button? The search for a cure for AIDS If it ain’t broke… Inflated ideas Reviving airships Virology The Siberia strain BOOKS AND ARTS Prostate screening Furious debate English papists More turbulent priests Edmund White The boy’s own story Lorrie Moore’s new fiction Hearts of darkness Return of “Cosmos” Mr Universe Maria Schneider’s classical jazz Defying categories OBITUARY Mike Parker A passion for type MARCH/ 15, 02014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Business and politics The new age of crony capitalism Cable consolidation in America Turn it off Russia, Ukraine and Crimea Asymmetric wars ) Changing constitutions All shall have rights Britain and Europe Hold ’em LETTERS On democracy BRIEFING Fighting corruption in India A bad boom UNITED STATES The mid-term elections Can the Republicans win the Senate? Obamacare Searching for the young invisibles Spies and the Senate Feinstein´s fury Military strategy Spooks playing board games More guns, bigger safes Locked and Loaded Education in California Dance of the lemons Killer-whale shows Note the name Lexington The Ben Carson mirage THE AMERICAS Brazil’s election Winning hearts and likes Bello The perils of vigilantism Colombia’s Congress Canadian erotica Don’t screw with them ASIA Politics in India’s st Floght MH370 Confusion reigns Malaysia politics Long arms Central Asia’s autocracies after Crimea Russian roulette New Zealand’s politics Flag fall CHINA Military spending At the double Gays “Cures” for homosexuality Banyan What China thinks about Ukraine MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The state of Kenya Trotting ahead Democratic Republic of Cong Green shoots Libya’s government Troubled waters Ceasefires in Syria Oases and mirages EUROPE Russia and Ukraine Prague 1968 all over again Crimea’s referendum A predictable outcome Bavaria’s CSU King Horst´s success French politics A scandal tainting both sides Poland’s economy Can do even better Charlemagne Election or selection? BRITAIN Labour and Europe Europhile and proud Food crime New kinds of contraband Bagehot Trimming the Beeb INTERNATIONAL Our cronyism index Planet Plutocrat BUSINESS Consumers in China The true meaning of san yao wu Mobile telecoms Four is a magic number Mining in Colombia Digging itself out of a hole Railways in Mexico Something to choo-choo over German firms in Russia Lovers, not fighters Facilities management Service elevators Legal jobs The price of success Photographic agencies Moving pictures Schumpeter The TED business FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Japan’s pension giant Risk on Buttonwood Bubbly bonds Herbalife The House of Cards Whistleblowers A $64m question China’s economy Old inflation statistics China´s banks New entrants Bitcoin´s future New tech, new uses Free exchange Nitcoin´s economics SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Combating bad science Metaphysicians Diagnosing dementia This is not spinal tap Gambling and the brain Slotting in an explanation Elephants Know your enemy BOOKS AND ARTS Entrepreneurship The art of the struggle The South China Sea Troubled waters John Carey Reader, I read it New British fiction London pride Ferran Adrià Bulli for him Karl Ove Knausgaard Northern light Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at Wall Street bonuses OBITUARY Huber Matos Looking out for Fidel MARCH/ 22 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK Leaders Diplomacy and security after Crimea Cosmology Man suddenly sees the start of the universe Law enforcement Armed and dangerous Investing in infrastructure The trillion-dollar gap China’s cities The great transition LETTERS On Tibet, death row, prostate cancer, Africa, tobacco in China, Picasso, inequality, Crimea BRIEFING The Ukraine crisis Responding to Mr Putin Violence in Crimea Hugs and thugs Sanctions Follow the roubles Germany’s Russia policy Which war to mention? Russian money in Britain Honey trapped UNITED STATES Paramilitary police Cops or soldiers? Prostitutionomics Sex, lies and statistics Washington, DC’s mayoral race Richer, whiter, pickier? North Carolina politics A purple state sees red Kansas and Missouri The new border war Race and universities Asians protest Lexington Democrats v Kochs The Americas Venezuela’s protests Inside the barrios Bello Brazilian foreign policy Mexico’s finance minister The man from MIT ASIA Indonesian politics The chosen one Haze over Sumatra Fires are burning again Japanese politics Flaming out Tasmania’s forests Logging on A census in Myanmar Too much information Banyan Stand-off in the South China Sea CHINA Housing markets Double bubble trouble Urbanisation Moving on up MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Iraq As bad as it gets Syria’s civil war Back and forth Palestinian politics A succession crisis Mali Hurry up South African business Somali shop-swap …and its president Why they booed him EUROPE Reform in Italy Gambler in a rush Taxes in Europe Lightening the load Serbia’s election A zealot in power French local elections Frontal assault Charlemagne Adrift over energy BRITAIN The budget Not for turning Pensions Pot luck Bagehot General Osborne INTERNATIONAL The enigma of MH370 Stil missing Internet governance Doing the ICANN-can BUSINESS The music industry Beliebing in streaming Music in Sweden I have a stream Adobe transformation Super subs Chinese internet firms Migrating finches Reliance and BP in India Deep controversy Schumpeter Head-office bloat FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Infrastructure financing A long and winding road Infrastructure financing A long and winding road Buttonwood Markets and the economy Green bonds Spring in the air People’s Bank of China Lessons from Singapore Janet Yellen Clarity gap Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Deconstruction delays Portugal Existing the bail-out Free exchange The case for monetary boldness SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Astrophysics BICEP flexes its muscles An ancient fern Jurassic mark Peer review Acid test Animal behaviour Paying guests Nutrition Fat chance BOOKS AND ARTS Narcissism Know thy selfie New York’s mega-rich Boom with a view The war on cancer Enemy of the state William Kent at the V&A Gilty secret Learning Chinese The memory game New Chinese fiction Get into characters ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Tony Benn Spear-thrower of the left MARCH/ 29 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS New technology Rise of the robots America and the IMF Dereliction of duty (48) France’s National Front On the march NATO All for one Cartel-busting Boring can still be bad LETTERS On cronyism, competition, defence policy, China, takeovers, prostitution, solar power, senators, Edward Snowden BRIEFING Japanese women and work Holding back half the nation UNITED STATES Obamacare Uphill all the way Catholics in America What crisis? Presidential libraries Style and guile Journalism in America Good news, for once Politics in Arizona Saner than it looks America’s awful airports A new ranking Lexington Medals for drone pilots? THE AMERICAS Latin America’s economies Life after commodities Bello Legalism in Colombia Brazil’s internet law The net closes British Virgin Islands Going overboard ASIA Politics in Taiwan Manning the trade barriers India’s election Seasons of abundance Flight MH370 Missing, surely lost An afghan election Runners and riders Japan’s consumption tax The big squeeze Banyan On the antlers of a dilemma CHINA The economy On cloud nine trillion MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Saudi Arabia and the América Awkward relations Egypt Of judges and generals The Gaza Strip Who’s in charge? Nigeria Worse and worse Burundi Trouble ahead Sierra Leone Stop rape Special report: Robots Immigrants from the future After page 50 EUROPE Turkish politics The battle for Turkey’s future Turkey and the internet Of tweets and twits Russian propaganda 1984 in 2014 The Baltic states Echoes of the Sudetenland French elections A little local difficulty Charlemagne The transatlantic twosome BRITAIN The NHS Reform in a cold climate The BBC World Service Bagehot INTERNATIONAL The future of NATO First principles Drone journalism Eyes in the skies BUSINESS Cartels Just one more fix Myanmar’s oil and gas Drilling in the dark Facebook and virtual reality A game of goggles Commercial property in Europe A skyscraper too far Schumpeter Greener accounts FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Inflation and interest rates Up, up and away Buttonwood The purpose of annuities American banks Stress-test results are in Swiss banks Swissness is not enough Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa Sorry, no vacancies Copper Broken contacts Anti-social media Ashes of a coalfire Free exchange Pricing the surge SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Synthetic biology DIY chromosomes The outer solar system Something new under the sun Locking horns Sexual selection in plants Focal dystonia Don’t cramp my style Palaeontology Shovel face BOOKS AND ARTS 100 years after 1914 Grip of the Great War France and “la guerre de quatorze” Never-forgotten names A German soldier´s memoir Return of a war classic ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer OBITUARY Adolfo Suárez Spain’s democracy man

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