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Código:HR 330 OCT-NOV 2014 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria cerrada
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2014
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. 27 cm.
Notas:F. I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 OCT-NOV 2014 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2014:
300:varias paginaciones; il. 27 cm.
500:F. I. 04/01/2016
653Economía; Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2014. # Ingreso:1038806

   varias paginaciones; il. .27 cm. .

OCTOBER 4TH, 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS China and Hong Kong The Party the people The world economy Wealth without workers, workers without wealth Afghanistan and America Don’t let history repeat itself (66) Economic reform in Europe The rise of the Vallenzi American justice A plea for change LETTERS On missile defence, Xi Jinping, the Thames, Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Ian Paisley, ads, Johnny Cash BRIEFING France The last Valls United States Over-mighty prosecutors The kings of the courtroom The Supreme Court Decisions, decisions Louisiana’s Senate race The dynast, the doctor and the gator-wrestler Sexual politics on campus Yes means yes, says Mr Brown Lexington The loneliest man in Congress THE AMERICAS Venezuela and the Caribbean Single point of failure Polling in Brazil Blind data (6) Argentina’s economy Thumbs down (86) Bello Three countries or one continent? ASIA Indonesian politics The empire strikes back Japan’s bullet trains What a ride Japan and China Edging closer South Korean cinema A shot across the bow Trade and the TPP Stalemate India and the United States Charming, disarming Nauru’s troubles Closing down Banyan Joining the dashes CHINA Hong Kong protests Xi Jinping´s dilemma Online censorship Hong Kong behind the Great Firewall MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA América´s war against IS Unintended consequences Iran and the West Rohani’s outstretched hand Islamist doctrine A cause of strife Gaza after the war A sea of despair Zambian politics White man, burdened Pentecostalism in Africa Of prophets and profits EUROPE Turkey and the PKK Dealing with Syria´s Kurds Germany’s army Chinks in the armour Greece’s far left The company he keeps Russia’s economy On the edge of recession Charlemagne Europe´s ambitious Parliament BRITAIN UKIP’s progress The flexible Mr Farage Nightlife in the capital When the sun goes dows London’s nightlife After dark Bagehot Mr Cameron´s grand riposte International The right to be forgotten Google and privacy Measuring people power Hong Kong and the rest PROTESTS Measuring people power FIFA Head in the turf Business The cable industry Tying up the cable business Corporate tax deals A bit too cosy? Cross-border takeovers The Germans are coming, again Rocket Internet’s IPO Launching into the unknown Electricity companies Adapting to plug-ins Aerospace manufacturers Good, in parts Schumpeter Philosopher kings Finance and economics Commodity prices Oil and trouble Buttonwood Gross and net returns Regulating debit cards Plastic stochastic Saving for retirement Prudence penalised Investing in the Mittelstand Home is where the capital is The history of inequality Breaking the camel’s back ING Up and at ’em Free exchang Investing in infrastructure SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Automated hypothesis generation Computer says “try this” Longevity and the sense of smell The scent of death How AIDS first spread Journey into night Cosmic-ray astronomy Moonbeams BOOKS AND ARTS End-of-life care Helping hands Scientific curiosity Questions, questions Marriage in America The new merry-go-round The worldly wonks The impact of economics Ollie Dabbous, master Cook Joan Jonas Performing in Milan Economic and financial Indicators Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at Manufacturing in Milan OBITUARY Obituary: Deborah Devonshire Lady of the house OCTOBER 11TH 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Human rights The gay divide Free-trade agreements A better way to arbitrate Iraq, Syria and jihadism The will and the way The world economy Weaker than it looks Educational reform Viva la revolución LETTERS On Ukraine, Scotland, South Korea, Hungary, Syria, Oliver Wendell Holmes, addresses Letters to the editor BRIEFING Marriage equality in America So far, so fast Gay people’s rights Tainting love UNITED STATES The race for the Senate: Colorado High, tolerant and Republican? The ground game Expanding the universe Michigan’s Senate race Of ballots and bail-outs Leon Panetta’s memoirs The stings of Leon Wedding insurance Prenuptial protection Religious liberty Beards behind bars Lexington The Ebola alarmists THE AMERICAS Brazil’s presidential race Restarting the rollercoaster Bolivia’s election Happily Evo after Bello Perú´s Local strongmen The future of the book From papyrus to pixels ASIA The Koreas Till Kimdom come Chinese Indians Kings no more Vietnam and the United States Past as prologue Mongolia The pits Japan’s feeble opposition Not ready for prime time CHINA Hong Kong protests The waiting game Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone Li who will not be obeyed Banyan The spoiled brats of democracy ESSAY The future of the book From papyrus to pixels MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The Middle East fragments The rule of the gunman The politics of Lebanon The state that didn´t fail Turkey and Syria While Kobane burns Jewish migration Next year in Berlin Mozambique’s elections Growing pains Charcoal and terrorism in Somalia A charred harvest EUROPE Italy and reform Renzi revisited Ebola in Spain Europe’s first victim French jihadists Self-service Ukraine at war Fight club Belgium’s new government Separatism revised Bulgaria’s election Borisov is back Charlemagne Bulldozing on BRITAIN Education reform The new school rules Bagehot Britain and Afghanistan INTERNATIONAL Telemedicine Stuck in the waiting room The spread of Ebola Bridges or walls Education and religion Falling away BUSINESS Business education Banks? No, thanks! The world’s best business programmes Which MBA?, 2014 Oil companies Unsustainable energy Oil firms in Kazakhstan Cash all gone Technology firms Split today, merge tomorrow Crony capitalism Friends in high places Europe’s carmakers Polishing up Schumpeter Beware the angry birds FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Currencies Buck to the future Trade treaties The arbitration game Regulating big American insurers Questionable claims Buttonwood Work until you drop Luxembourg Administering instead of hiding The world’s biggest economies China’s back Greece’s shadow economy The treasures of darkness Free exchange China´s flagging productivity SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Global health A new challenge Prosthetic limbs Once more, with feeling The 2014 Nobel science prizes Blue’s brothers BOOKS AND ARTS Fondation Louis Vuitton Winged victory Tennessee Williams Making Tenn out of Tom Jamaican fiction Seven killings The marshmallow test Desire delayed Economic and financial indicators Statics on 42 economies, plus Obituary Obituary: Baby Doc Duvalier Like father, like son OCTOBER 18TH 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Brazil’s presidential election Why Brazil needs change The epidemic in West Africa The war on Ebola Flagging Germany Build some bridges and roads, Mrs Merkel Chinese debt The great hole of China British politics Farage against the machine LETTERS On Africa, sexual consent, Turkey, jobs, Napoleon, welfare, Homer Simpson Letters to the editor BRIEFING Brazil’s presidential election Looking for change UNITED STATES The mid-term elections If the Republicans win the Senate Obamacare and the mid-terms The law that dare not speak its name Young voters Let’s set the world on fire Iowa’s Senate race The importance of being Ernst Antitrust law Tooth and justice The Neiman Marcus catalogue $ 475,000 FOR PERSUME? Lexington The politics of Guantánamo THE AMERICAS Mexico and impunity When crime is unchecked Bello The Leftist club ASIA Remaking India Yes, prime minister Cleaning India Eating dust Japan’s economy Consumptive Illiberalism in South Korea Insult to injury Banyan Indonesi´s Jokowi Steps up CHINA Police firearms Arming officers Hong Kong’s protests Cat and mouse Pingyao The forgotten banking Capital MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Syria Tough, but bowing ( The campaign against Islamic State Hard choices Slavery in Islam To have and to hold The Shia in Saudi Arabia The sword unsheathed Jerusalem´s holy sites A mount of troubles South African politics Shaking the Kleidoscope EUROPE German politics Sedating, not leading Germany’s parliament Order, order! Catalonia’s future Mas observation Turkey and the Kurds War-war, not jaw-jaw Bosnia’s elections Wind of change Serbia’s government Europe or Russia? Charlemagne The rise of the populists BRITAIN Ukip and the mainstreaam We are the 89% Cargo at Heatheow Freight debate Recognising Palestine A state of things to come Bagehot Manhandling Britannia INTERNATIONAL The Ebola crisis Much worse to come Portrait of a virus A killer in close up BUSINESS Grocery retailing in India Far from the supermarket German business and government Still cosy? Foreign firms in China Small is not beautiful Power distribution Grid unlocked European chipmakers Fighting back Business in Myanmar Let a million factories rise Schumpeter Pointers to the future ( FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Cheaper oil Both symptom and balm Buttonwood Bears, but no picnic Mobile payments Emptying pockets Corporate taxation Death of the Double Irish Monetary policy Tight, loose, irrelevant Anti-Semitism Another cost of bigotry Chinese debt A moral deficit Free exchange It’s complicated SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Astrobiology Bolts from the blue Hawking radiation Sounds like the light idea Planet hunting on the cheap Sealing wax and string? BOOKS AND ARTS Nelson Rockefeller The great Migh-have-been Education in America Back against the blackboard Germany and the euro Ordoliberalism revisited Elsa Schiaparelli Save your soles Museum of the History of Polish Jews Shtetl of ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Indicators Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at global wealth OBITUARY Obituary: Fred Branfman An inconvenient truth NOVEMBER 1ST 2014 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Iran The revolution is over America’s mid-term elections The silent centre Family companies Relative success After Brazil’s election Diehard Dilma Rule of law in China China with legal characteristics LETTERS On books, Germany, schools, Ebola, UKIP, homosexuals, the Pet Shop Boys BRIEFING Religion in China Cracks in the atheist edifice UNITED STATES The mid-term elections What they’re all about The governors’ races Running after Walker Ballot initiatives Of pot and personhood Mirch McConnell The new master of the Senate? Georgia´s Senate race Tycoon, tormented Georgia’s Senate race Nunn v. tycoon Explaining run-offs It ain´t over till it´s over The politics of tax cuts Brownbackonomics on the ballot Lexington Flags over the Capitol THE AMERICAS Brazil’s presidential race By a whisker, more of the same Cannabis in Chile Easing the agony Bello The dogs bark in Colombia ASIA Malaysia Anwar´s trials Bangladesh´s past War crimers Prostitution in India Make it legal Taiwan and Hong Kong Told you so New Zealand’s identity Clashing with the sunset Banyan American values CHINA Politics The constitution´s new role Corruption in the housing To those that have The law at work No more rooms Briefing Religion in China Cracks in the atheist Edifice MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Extremist ideology Jail, jihad and exploding kittens The war against Islamic State The Kurdish Stalingrad Tunisia’s election The secularists have it Libyan oil A sticky problem Nuclear talks with Iran Diplomatic spin Zimbabwe The Mugabe brawl Ebola A glimmer of hope EUROPE Ukraine’s election Good voters, not such good guys Russia and the West Hard talk Turkey and Europe Problems with neighbours French public finances Budget, fudge it Germany’s far left November revolution Charlemagne The Environmental Union BRITAIN Austerity and the law Justice in a cold climate War memorials Bringing it home Sperm donors Nice to gamete you Bagehot Ho for the open sea! INTERNATIONAL Illicit e-commerce The Amazons of the dark net Happiness and income Everything converge BUSINESS Family firms Business in the blood French companies Room at the top Ebola and African business Struggling through adversity Vaccine-makers and Ebola Giving it a shot Insolvency and commercial disputes Caught up in the courts Schumpeter Hollywood, an unlikely Role model FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Deutsche Bank A weary lender Buttonwood Eliminate the negative European banks Stress relief Japanese investment in South-East Asia Outward bound Institutional investors In-house revolt Free exchange The rights and wrongs Of QE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Stem-cell research Having the stomach for it Private space flight Oops... Genes and behaviour Next candidate Orphan technologies A phoenix rises BOOKS AND ARTS Marilynne Robinson¨s New book Amazine grace American photography Hotshots Nepal Between a rock and a high place Capitalism A grand tour The history of surgery Suffering for their art OBITUARY Gough Whitlam Caesar in Canberra NOVEMBER 8TH 2014 The world this week LEADERS The world this week LEADERS America after the mid-terms Welcome back to Washington Jerusalem’s holy sites Temple madness Drugs policy Marijuana milestone Japan’s economy Big bazookas Performance indicators How to lie with indices LETTERS On Congress, Heathrow, Myanmar, food, IndiGo airlines, skiving BRIEFING American democracy Powering down UNITED STATES The mid-terms: the Senate Republicans on a roll The mid-terms: the House House keeping Statehouses and governors Even worse for Democrats Fiscal policy The governance test Ballot initiatives A litte liberal confort Funny campaing ads Bridal gowns and Sweatshirts The Supreme Court Is a fisch a document? Lexington A big win for John Kasich THE AMERICAS The United States-Canadian border Undefended no more Colombia’s Pacific region More than perfume, please Bello Peña Nieto’s mettle ASIA Japan and Abenomics Riding to the rescue Pakistan and India Nawaz Sharif weakens Politics in south Korea Parked East Asian firms in China Jobs machine Kazakhstan´s spaceport Final countdown Banyan Healing Mayanmar CHINA Foreign policy Showing off to the world Children´s eyesight Losing focus Investment flows Out well as in MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Jerusalen Eternally unhappy Satire in the Middle East Laugh at the humourless Syria´s war Rapidly unravelling Burkina Faso Not so pretty now Tanzania´s elephants BIG-GAME POACHERS EUROPE The Berlin Wall Twenty-five years on Ukraine’s separatists Shrinking country Spanish corruption A lot of bad apples French eco-politics The dam bursts Charlemagne Ireland´s revival BRITAIN Decentralisation Let them fly Immigrants What have the immigrants ever done for us? Bagehot Andy Burnham’s big battle INTERNATIONAL Performance indices Ranking the rankings Internet use A tangled web BUSINESS Twitter’s future How high can it fly? East German industry Still not over the wall Spooks v tech firms Crypto wars 2.0 Russian media firms Interesting news China’s carmakers Zoom, zoom, splutter Gay in business Out at the top Companies and water Value diluted Schumpeter The cannabis business FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Emerging markets The dodgy duo Buttonwood Delation and the dollar Tax reform in India The truck stops here Banking in Japan Celestial Suruga The World Bank Opprobrium from the atrium The Federal Reserve When doves cry Crackdown on tax Weil walks Saving in Germany Negative rates Emerging-market corporate debt Invisible bonds Free exchange Forget the 1% SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Virgin Galactic and Orbital Sciences It is rocket science Evolution Nuclear reaction GM crops Field research The Human Protein Atlas Balls and brains BOOKS AND ARTS The fall of the Berlin Wall The German open Germany at the British Museum History lessons Economic history The searing Twenties New York property Reason not the need Peter Carey Forget-me-not Searching for frogs Toad haul ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 Economies, plus our Monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Joan Quigley The president´s stargazer

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1038806HR 330 OCT-NOV 2014 TE  Universidad Católica San Pablo Planta baja estanteria cerrada Original 1Disponible  

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