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Código:HR 330 SET-DIC 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2013
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. 27 cm.
Notas:F. I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía;
Revista ;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 SET-DIC 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013:
300:varias paginaciones; il. 27 cm.
500:F. I. 04/01/2016
653Economía; Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013. # Ingreso:1038808

   varias paginaciones; il. .27 cm. .

CONTENTS SEPTEMBER TH 14 2013 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Biodiversity Hang on Internet snooping Backdoor dealings Women in India Ending the shame The Federal Reserve How to taper safely Biodiversity Hang on The German election One woman to rule them all LETTERS Letters On Syria, chemical weapons, high-speed rail, Azerbaijan, Italy, burials BRIEFING Angela Merkel A safe pair of hands UNITED STATES Trade unions New labour, alt-labour New York politics Populism pays North Carolina Months of Mondays Education In at the deep end America´s birt rate Macro mating Lexington A superpower on strike BRIEFING The Syria crisis Saving face all round The rebellion Ground truths THE AMERICAS Policing in Brazil From hero to villain in Rio Quebec’s identity politics When is a crucifix not religious? Fiscal reform in Mexico It’s a dog’s life Chile’s anniversary Divided by a coup ASIA China in Central Asia Rising China, sinking Russia Women in India Death and the maiden Rape in Asia Too much of bad thing The army in Indonesia A special force Japan and the 2020 Olympics Party like it’s ’64 Banyan Enter the mad monk CHINA Business confidence Freaking out Driving in the capital Spin the wheel Debating This house believes MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Libya Arocky patch-or worse? Fashion in Iran Look at those Legs Saudi Arabian diplomacy Comeback time Kidnapping in Nigeria A holy mess Swaziland’s election Royal revelations EUROPE France and reform Rosier scenarios Russian politics Through the looking glass Norway’s election Enter Erna Turkey and its Kurds Inch by inch Catalonia’s separatism Nothing to lose but their chains Charlemagne Europe and the Atab Spring BRITAIN Governing the BBC Lights, action, meltdown British banks Cracking the oligopoly The NSA and cryptography Bagehot Ed Mitiband and the unions INTERNATIONAL The NSA and cryptography Cracked credibility Spying securely Knock knock BUSINESS Smartphones in China EU telecoms regulation A new plan Multinationals in emerging markets Must try harder Netflix resurgent Another pioneering deal Backlash in Israel Tycoons under fire Social entrepreneurship in India Selling sanitary pads Schumpeter Norway´s sovereign-wealth Fund SCHOOLS BRIEF The dangers of debt Lending weight FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Wells Fasrgo Riding high The Lehman anniversary Five years in charts Bond markets A big number from Verizon Electrónic payments in Africa Cash be cowed Buttonwood Equities v bonds Poutry markets Henmania Indonesia´s banks The good times end Free exchange Bank leverarage SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Obesity Wider understanding Heart failure Progress at last Bioengineering Panda poop power BOOKS AND ARTS Nuclear Iran Unthinkable Patrick Leigh Fermor Pure Paddy The war on cancer Hard pounding Hyperinflation in Germany Where the angst comes From American football Not susch a great game Polish cinema Wajda on Walesa ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at global Foreign-exchange turnover Obituary Narendra Dabholkar SEPTEMBER 21ST 2013 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS America, Russia and Syria The weakened West In praise of art forgery The emperor’s new pictures Inequality Growing apart Big companies A world turned upside down Inequality Growing apart Britain’s new interventionism Hands off LETTERS On our capital-freeze index, Utah, Chinese banks, Montessori schools, biofuels, Brazilian foreign relations, the Holocaust, knitting, class (2) BRIEFING The world’s biggest firms Back on top (79) UNITED STATES America, Russia and Syria Style and substance The budget Once more to the brink Marijuana legalisation The budget Once more to the brink Gun massacres Mass shootings are up; gun murders down Justice in New Orleans Of trolls and mistrials Public health The risk of rabid raccoons Lexington Tyler Cowen and the American Dream THE AMERICAS Brazil and the United States More in sorrow than anger Mining in the Dominican Republic Sickness and wealth The demise of Acapulco Diving off a cliff Violence against women Everyday aggression ASIA Politics in Taiwan Daggers drawn Communal violence An old curse returns North Korean posturing Picking up steam Justice and vengeance in Bangladesh Swing votes Electricity in Japan Power struggle Banyan China´s maritime CHINA Building dams Open the floodgates Learning to speak proper Mandarins push Mandarin MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Syria’s war An unlikely band of brothers Iranian diplomacy His biggest smile Algeria’s leaders The dead live longer China and Africa Little to fear but fear itself EUROPE German election Final push Polish protests Tusk’s troubles Sex-selective abortion Gendercide in the Caucasus France Weird about Wednesday Greece On the edge Bulgaria Birth of a civil society Charlemagne Immigrants arriive BRITAIN Business policy The new interventionism The Premier League Sticks and stones Video games Pixel pressures Bagehot The prophetic liberal INTERNATIONAL Poverty Growth or safety net? Charitable foundations A spoonful of sugar BUSINESS Pharmaceuticals Ranbaxy’s chronic maladies Commercial aircraft Bombardier lights a fuse E-commerce Tencent’s worth Electric vehicles in Europe Plugging away Electric bicycles Two (motorised) wheels better Selling art online Enter Amazon Managing under the abaya Gambling Losing streak Twitter Tweeting the IPO launch Supermarkets in Africa The grocers’ great trek Schumpeter The future of the Firm Schools brief Monetary policy after the crash FINANCE AND ECONOMICS US Monetary policy in America Taper tiger The Federal Reserve When Larry sparked rally The capital-freeze index, again This spreadsheet is different The economics of equity research Analyse this Latvian lessons Extreme economics Buttonwood Smoke and mirrors Foreign-exchange Special FX Free exchange Jeffrey Sachs SCHOOLS BRIEF Monetary policy after the crash Controlling interest SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Cryptography The devil and the details How animals perceive time Slo-mo mojo Satellite propulsion It’s not rocket science Subterranean biology Life in the labyrinth BOOKS AND ARTS America and Bangladesh Blood meridian Bombing in 1939-45 A costly, brutal failure Paul Harding´s Enon Jorney through grief Translating Herodotus The father of history The lure of pearls Iridescence Economic and financial Indicators Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer look at world GDP OBITUARY Robert Capon NOVEMBER 23RD 2013 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS America and the world The man who used to walk on water Reform in China Let quite a few flowers bloom World trade The Indian problem Energy in Mexico Make or break for Peña Nieto Global banking You break it, you own it LETTERS Letters On trusts, inflation, teachers, labour markets, EU bureaucrats, tunnels, Zwarte Piet Briefing Freeports Über-warehouses for the ultra-rich UNITED STATES The presidency Emergency surgery Long laws Making “War and Peace” Look Outrageous bills (8) Tackling reoffending Helping them stay home JFK, 50 years on Face it: Oswald did it House prices The shaky housing recovery Home truths Thaksgiving abroad Fowl is fair Puerto Rico’s economy Buying on credit is so nice Lexington All about Adam THE AMERICAS Mexico’s president leading from behind Chile’s election Presidency postponed The Caribbean Passports to ignominy Argentina’s government No lame penguin ASIA Democracy in South Asia Off square one Sri Lanka After the circus Australia and Indonesia What’s bugging you? Afghanistan after 2014 Hard work Japan and the poor On yer bike Banyan Stormy weather after Haiyan Special report: America´s Foreign policy Time to cheer up After page 46 CHINA A blueprint for reform The Xi manifesto Regional history The politics of statues MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA South African whites Braai, the beloved country Central African Republic A coming catastrophe Libya and its militias Make or break Syria’s civil war Rebels v rebels Dubai It’s bouncing back EUROPE Germany’s coalition talks Uppity Social Democrats Italian politics A golden opportunity Norway’s economy The spirit is willing Turkey’s south-east Huda-Par’s emerges Moldova A geopolitical hostage Poland’s government New faces, same policies? Charlemagne East West in Ukraine BRITAIN Post-crisis economics Keynes’s new heirs Scotland’s economy Scotch on the rocks Pig farming To the trough Bagehot The rejects´revenge International Advertising to children Cookie Monster crumbles International law Mightier than the words BUSINESS Reincarnation at Nokia Planning the next bounceback Very large planes Airbus’s big bet Private military contractors Beyond Blackwater Corporate governance Women on board Delaware’s corporate courts A new judicial boss Asian shipyards The deeper the better Schumpeter Managing complexity FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Big trade deals Grain and thunder Road tolls in Europe Make the foreigners pay Reforming China’s state-owned firms From SOE to GLC Buttonwood A better way for pensions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Two albatrosses take flight German financial habits Under the mattress Investing in frontier markets Fishy tale Putting Humpty together Again Free exchange Turining workers onto capitalists SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The future of the oceans Acid test Cancer research Of mice and men Batteries Going viral Frederick Sanger The father of genomics BOOKS AND ARTS Geo-engineering and climate change Stopping a scorcher The Kremlin Red fortress Terrorism in Mumbai Remember, remember Britain against Napoleon Blood, sweat and tears The voice of Johnny Cash He walked the line A poet’s life Waterfall of words ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, Plis a closer look at global Business confidence OBITUARY John Tavener Economic and f The sound of God DECEMBER 7TH 2013 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Investment management The rise of BlackRock The future of Afghanistan Too important for pique Crisis in Ukraine Not the same movie Asset prices More bricks, fewer bubbles Genetically modified crops Fields of beaten gold LETTERS On Puerto Rico, climate change, economics, Fred Sanger, jazz, Obamacare, Germany BRIEFING BlackRock The monolith and the markets UNITED STATES Public finances Those pension blues San Francisco Growing pains Political polarisation United States of Amoeba America and China Choose me! No, me! Homelessness Tales from the streets Southern history Not even past Lexington Why Americans are so angry Correction: Hunting with drones (1) THE AMERICAS Canadian politics The son also rises Brazil’s economy The deterioration Cultural politics in Colombia Whose statues? Argentina Riots in Córdoba Haiti and the Dominican Republic A storm in Hispaniola ASIA Thailand’s protests Pressing the pause button Biden in Asia Calm, please Elderly suicides in South Korea Poor spirits Gays in Taiwan Going nuclear America in Afghanistan Filling stations in the sky Central Asia CHINA Mao Zedong Merry Mao-mas! Judicial reform Court orders Banyan The West and its Hypocrisies MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Africa and France More sikduers Mali’s recovery Taken down a peg Malawi’s mess Banda and the bandits Mining in west Africa Where’s our cut? Egypt’s politics How baffing Syrian heritage In ruins EUROPE Ukraine’s protests Revolution on Maidan Square Poverty in Hungary How to help the homeless Prostitution in France Turning off the red light Spain’s Socialists Popular and inexperienced Strikes in Greece Stalemate Charlemagne Out of commission BRITAIN Non voters The reluctant kingmakers Sheep rusting On the lam Bagehot Boris, traduced INTERNATIONAL School league tables Finn-ished Beating bribery Small change Political poetry What rhymes with protest? BUSINESS The future of corporate IT Reluctantly into the limelight Patent reform in America Trolls on the hill Paying chief executives Fortune favours the boss Apple in China Better days ahead Accountancy reform Shining a light on the auditors German companies An unhappy business Piano-makers Major challenges, minor successes Advertising Nothing more than feelings Schumpeter What are boards for? FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Asset prices Not fully inflated The Paris Bourse Trading up Pawnbrokers Irish banks Concentrating binds China’s currency controls Zone of contention Currency unions in Africa Tender bender The LIBOR scandal Fixed harmony Free exchange Secular stagnation SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Sex and brains Vive la différence! GM maize, health and the Séralini affair Smelling a rat China’s Moon rover Yutu or me-too? Cockroach hygiene Faecal position BOOKS AND ARTS Books of the year Torrents of words E economic authors Weekend wriying ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Stsatistics on 42 Economies, plus our Monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Natalia Gorbanevskaya Russian poet and Soviet dissident DECEMBER 14th 2013 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Nelson Mandela Invictus India Would Modi save India or wreck it? Crackdown in Ukraine Goodbye, Putin World trade Life after Doha Minimum wages The logical floor The Volcker rule Hedge-trimming LETTERS On India, Thailand, Iran, China, Napoleon, motorcycles, brains BRIEFING Narendra Modi A man of some of the people UNITED STATES The budget deal Making nice The politics of low pay Raising the floor Health reform Faint signs of recovery Christmas music Dreaming of a hip-hop Christmas VoterID IN Texas How it really works Satanism in Oklahoma Beelzabubba Lexington The marriage The Americas Venezuela’s municipal elections Maduro’s hollow victory Reforms in Mexico Oil’s well that ends well Democracy in Colombia The bumptious functionary EU-Mercosur trade talks Strategic patience runs out ASIA Thailand´s political crisis Deadlock A Singapore riot Trouble in Lettle India Japan´s secrecy law Potent protests Indianpolitics Sweeping up Banyan Crying uncle in North CHINA Genetically modified crops Food fight Success at football Keepy uppy Foreign correspondents Personae non gratae MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA South Africa after Mandela A question of leadership Bahrain Trouble ahead Syria’s war An inconvenient truth The Dead Sea Emptying out EUROPE Ukraine’s protests The battle for Maidan Liberalism in Germany Dead or just resting? Turkish politics Erdogan v Gulen Italian politics Heading off the populists Charlemagne Banking on a new union BRITAIN Immigration The Polish paradox m A military U-turn reform No go, GOCO Bagehot Ed Balls´s wrong tune INTERNATIONAL Dirty bombs Glowing in the dark Disability Who counts? BUSINESS Comcast’s future Thinking outside the set-top box Companies and emissions Carbon copy British lawyers in Dubai Money for old laws Restructuring European aerospace Enders justifying means GM’s next boss Detroit’s first lady The journey of an Indian onion Lords of the rings American food distribution Meal deal Schumpeter TIES THAT BIND FINANCE AND ECONOMICS The Volcker rule More questions than answers The World Trade Organisation Unaccustomed victory The Australian dollar Buoyant Oil prices Spreading disarray Corporate entertaining in Japan Kanpai! Voting rights at the ECB New club rules Private banking in Switzerland Dis-closure Free exchange Randomised control triall Science and technology Epigenetics and sperm Poisoned inheritance Poisoned inheritance The history of life A warm little pond? Scientific publication What’s wrong with Science Sharks and humans He’s behind you! Geomorphology Gopher broke BOOKS AND ARTS A history of Israel Song to Zion Pre-Christian Britain More questions than answers Business takeovers Mad merger men Selling fine art Purse of the beholder René Redzepi’s food Carrots and sticks Renaissance painting The greatest Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at employment OBITUARY Nelson Mandela A hero, not a saint DECEMBER 21ST 2013 LEADERS The first world war Look back with angst British immigration You’re welcome London airports Go west Alcohol pricing We wish you a merry (ish) Christmas The Economist’s country of the year Earth’s got talent LETTERS On trust government, Quebec, rugby league, America, Santa Claus UNITED STATES The Republican Party Daring to be reasonable Rain and the Tea Party Measuring the power of protest NSA snooping Judge v spies School discipline Pop-Tarts? Call the police Neo-Nazis in North Dakota A racist mob of two Lexington Empty stockings THE AMERICAS Paraguay’s new president Cartes plays his cards Argentina’s socioeconomic statistics Still lying Chile Bachelet seals victory ASIA Bangladesh The campaign trail North Korean intrigue The execution of power Japan’s national-security strategy Island defence The Philippines and Typhoon Haiyan The winds of change Saving Indonesia’s fisheries Plenty more fish in the sea? CHINA Power and patriotism Reaching for the Moon Winter Olympics Nothing to luge Bodies for sale Dead but not buried MIDDLE EAST AND AF RICA War and peace in Syria Where are the good guys? Ghana Get a move on South Sudan Two elephants trample the grass Nigeria’s president Loveless letters EUROPE Germany’s new government Hollande´s travels Home thoughts from Abroad Animal-rights parties Free the goldfish Animal-rights parties Free the goldfish Russia and Ukraine Putin’s expensive victory Arrests in Turkey Erdogan v Gulen, part two Charlemagne Defenceless? BRITAIN Airports Still up in the air Heritage railways Steaming ahead Member-owned banks Mutual assured destruction Defining religious belief Merry whatever The cost of Christmas Good news for Santa Bagehot The parable of Stonehenge INTERNATIONAL Alcohol pricing Mulled whines Dirty money Rich smell BUSINESS Health care in America Going public, and private Construction equipment Digging for victory Unmanned aircraft Game of drones Online retailing Return to Santa The film business Even now, nobody knows anything FINANCE AND ECONOMICS The Fed at 100 Age shall not weary her Buttonwood The bond bears 2013 in charts A creeping ascent Free exchange The man who invented Economics SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Private space flight Cluster analysis Early man A river ran through it Palaeontology A bone to pick ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statustucs on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at world GDP OBITUARY Delbert Tibbs

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