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Código:HR 330 MAR-ABR 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2013
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 MAR-ABR 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013:
300:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 04/01/2016
653Economía - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013. # Ingreso:1038810

   varias paginaciones; il. col..27 cm..

THE ECONOMIST MARCH 2ND-8TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Italys election Send in the clowns - The worlds fastest-growing continent Aspiring Africa - American gas Better out than in - The British economy Moody blues - Yahoo Mayer culpa LETTERS - On American politics, currencies, shale gas, pensioners, the Catholic church, business and the armed forces BRIEFING - Iraq ten years on The slow road back - Iraqi oil A hard tap to turn UNITED STATES - The economy Waiting for the chop - Energy policy Biofuelery - Los Angeless mayoral election A Pacific plod - Voting rights Preclearance, past and present - Building infrastructure A river runs through it - Health care An offer they can t refuse - The coinage The penny drops - Lexington The view from Maine streets THE AMERICAS - Power in Mexico The Teacher in detention - Cuba s leaders The new man - Justice in Haiti Double standards - Urban transport in Latin America Better by bici - Colombia s economy The black stuff ASIA - Japan and America Spin and substance - Thailand s illegal immigrants A deadly cocktail - India s Muslims Growing, and neglected - Afghanistan Yankee beards go home - Banyan Not as smooth as silk CHINA - Black jails Treating the symptoms - Tax reform A better service game MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Kenyan election Don t mention the war - Lebanon and Syria In a pickle - Egyptian politics Grim tidings EUROPE - Italy s election Ungovernability wins - The Five Star Movement The crickets come out - France s economy Austerity stakes - Dual citizenship in Germany Jus sanguinis revisited - Russian politics Putin s purges - Ukraine and the European Union An awkward partnership - Charlemagne Rome s bad spell BRITAIN - The dowsgrade Weaker still and weaker - Monetary policy Negative response - Farmers and the EU Aggro-cultural - Bagehot Machiavelli in the Treasury INTERNATIONAL - Refugees Flight to nowhere - Conditional aid Carrots all round - Geriatric prisoners In it for life - ISBN numbers Book-keeping BUSINESS - Working from home Yahoo bans it - Smartphone operating systems Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - Japan Tobacco Turning over a new leaf - The music industry Something to sing about - Drug companies Let the sunshine in - Europe s defence industry A hard pounding, this - Schumpeter Companies moral compasses FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Banking in Africa Continent of dreams - Africa s bond markets Kings of the wild frontier - Private equity When the music gets you - America s mortgage markets Spread besting - Buttonwood Voting but not counting - Corporate governance in Hong Kong Of privacy and opacity - Monetary policy in China Don t go Zhou - America s cheap gas Bonanza or bane - Free exchange Robocolleague SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Solar-powered flight Its moment in the sun - Pollinators Variety is the spice of life - R&D in America Bad medicine - Marine biology Finding Nemo s role - Surviving strokes Living on BOOKS AND ARTS - Iran s revolution Waiting for God - America and the second world war The workshop heroes - Benjamin Britten Suffolk lad - Paul Muldoon Rock chick - R.B. Kitaj Obsessions ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Ray Cusick Designer of the daleks THE ECONOMIST MARCH 9TH -15TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Latin America Hugo Chávez s rotten legacy - Peer-to-peer rental The rise of the sharing economy - A growth manifesto A little faster, George? - Shareholder rights Power to the owners The Dow s new high Rally drivers - Sergei Magnitsky The enemy within LETTERS - On Italy, Syria, corporate taxes, the sequester, teaching finance, Texas BRIEFING - Venezuela after Chávez Now for the reckoning UNITED STATES - The sequester On to the next crisis - Marijuana legalisation Tax, and tax again - Health policy Let s Move Slowly - Energy policy Green steps - South Carolina s congressional election Same again, please - Urban coyotes Dogged persistence - The Harlem Shake What s in a meme? - Lexington When not in Rome THE AMERICAS - Central America Out of control - El Salvador s gangs The year of living less dangerously MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - The Muslim Brotherhood It s hard being in charge - The Gaza Strip Hamas on the defensive - The Tigris and Euphrates Less fertile crescent - Kenyan politics And the winner is… - South Africa s police Bad cop, bad cop routine EUROPE - German politics Of scissors and biting - Spain s economy Not yet the new Germany - The Czech politics The new man in the hrad… - Hungary s central bank Orban s soldiers - Charlemagne Anatomy of a failure ASIA - Unrest in Bangladesh A nation divided - Korean tensions Kim blows up again - The Philippines and Malaysia Intrusion confusion - Forestry in Japan Killing two birds with one tree - Banyan Another country Correction: Japanese prisons CHINA - The future of Tibet s Limits of despair - Other minorities cope Never say Dai - China s legislatura Bones and shoals BRITAIN - Consumer spending Dropping shopping - Northern Ireland The melting pot - Infrastructure Bunged up - Visas for brazilians No entry - Bagehot The politics of wind farms INTERNATIONAL - Roman Catholicism Flocks and shepherds BUSINESS - Corporate governance Shareholders at the gates - Executive pay Fixing the fat cats - Google Don t be ugly - Railways in Canada Pacific turnaround - Microsoft s antitrust fine Sin of omission - Business and gay rights From Stonewall to payroll - China s car market Still racing ahead - African Fashion Kenya on the catwalk - Spanish business Foreign gain, domestic pain - Schumpeter Pope, CEO FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - America s stockmarket Better than the alternatives - Buttonwood Desperately seeking yield - Credit in the euro area Still crunching - Bankers bonuses Tilting the playing field - American banks De-stressing - China s economy Three meetings, many partings - Ending deflation in Japan Waging a new war - Free exchange The internet s consumer surplus SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The Brain Activity Map Hard cell - Navigation Crystal gazing - Cometary billiards Have you heard, it s in the stars - AIDS research Cured of HIV? BOOKS AND ARTS - Hugo Chávez Goodbye, Presidente - The life of Sylvia Plath The blood jet of poetry - Behind the New Deal Shady trading - Women s Institutes in the war Building Jerusalem - After Japan s tsunami Triple horror - Royal treasures on show A Golden age ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Van Cliburn The piano man THE ECONOMIST MARCH 16TH-22ND 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Competitiveness in the United States The America that works Cyprus Make a model of it, not a mess - Israel, Palestine and America Spell it out, Barack - Indian technology firms Looking for India s Zuckerberg - Pope Francis The first southern pope LETTERS - On credit ratings, the EU and finance, Turkey, Iraq, telecommuting, Scotch, Shakespeare(6) BRIEFING - The Middle East peace process Could two become one? UNITED STATES - California and climate change Gold and green - Budgets and Congress Opening bids - The president s charm offensive Let s do dinner - North dakota Formation pressures - Rebuilding Staten Island After Sandy - Abortion laws in the South Cutting away at Roe v Wade - Endangered trees Making a hash of the ash - Lexington The curious strength of the NRA THE AMERICAS - Mexico s new president Sacred cows no more - The Falklands referendum Loud and clear - Venezuela s presidential campaign A man after his own heart ASIA - Myanmar The Lady s not for turning - Kyrgyzstan Gold in the hills - Land-grabs in Vietnam Losing the plot - Pakistan and Iran Gas, but not the useful sort - Sydney in Australian politics Winning the west - Saving sharks Rays of hope CHINA - The one-child policy Monks without a temple - Maritime security Dragons unite - Money and power Don t flaunt it - Banyan The old regime and the revolution MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Kenya s presidential election A Kenyatta is back in charge - Uhuru Kenyatta A chip off the old Kikuyu block - Catholics in Africa Boomtown church - The war in Syria Can Jordan keep out of it for ever? - Iran s economy Islamist Maseratis EUROPE - Turkey s future Presidential dreaming - Hungary and the European Union Viktor s justice - Germany s labour market Wunderreform - Greenland s elections Below the ice - Russia and the Middle East Vladimir Putin and the holy land - Bosnia and the European Union A Balkan dysfunction - Charlemagne Europe s flawed temple of democracy BRITAIN - Changing families The post-nuclear age - Railways in the north Manchester united - Bagehot A big crush on Sweden INTERNATIONAL - Pope Francis White smoke, some clouds - Hostage-taking Trading places - Islamist extremism Green glass ceilings - Development Not by bread alone BUSINESS - Indian technology The screen revolution - The lift business Top floor, please - The private space industry Spectrum for spacemen - Intellectual property Can you keep a secret? - SXSW interactive Silicon Spring break - The Lebanese diaspora A tale of two traders - Schumpeter The transience of power FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Bailing out Cyprus Slow, slow, quick - European bank bondholders How many one-offs make a trend? - The SEC s new boss The White stuff - Buttonwood Credit watch - The WTO The other conclave - The minor metals Elementary school - Dollar coins Kill bill - Free exchange High, wide or handsome? SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Low-cost radar A programme worth watching - Table-top astrophysics How to build a multiverse - Astrochemistry The great test tube in the sky BOOKS AND ARTS - Sheryl sandberg Feminist mystique - Stalin and Russia Pain after death - Taiye Selasi Singular voice - The Iraq war Decade of regret - W.D. Hamilton Darwin s retriever - With Grinling Gibbons Cutting for inspiration ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Princess Lilian of Sweden The secret woman THE ECONOMIST MARCH 23RD-29TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - E-commerce in China The Alibaba phenomenon - The euro-zone crisis Just when you thought it was safe… - Justice in Bangladesh Another kind of crime - The british press A rotten deal - Electronic cigarettes No smoke. Why the fire? LETTERS - On Africa, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Britain, the pope BRIEFING - Alibaba The world s greatest bazaar UNITED STATES - America s combat veterans The waiting wounded - Averting a shutdown Continuing irresolution - The Republicans Nostra culpa - Dystopia Tea-party games - The Los Angeles Times Here comes the cavalry - Nursery education Winning grades - Lexington The price of detachment THE AMERICAS - Argentina and the Pope The awkward couple - Uruguay Justice or democracy? - Football in the Caribbean Bonus money - Brazil s opposition The Minas medicine CHINA - Foreign policy Changing faces - The new prime minister A talker or a walker? - The new corruption fighter Calling fire chief Wang ASIA - Malaysia s looming election Video nasties - Shipping Deadly trade - Election time in Pakistan Hollow milestone - Politics in Sri Lanka Military muscling - Japan and free trade Better late than never - Banyan Tryst with dynasty MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Africa and China More than minerals - Pleasures in Ethiopia Addled in Addis - Zimbabwe s referendum On to the polls - Israel and America A less awkward embrace - Egypt s police What happened to reform? EUROPE - French politics The trials of François - Euroscepticism in Germany Silent no more - Italian politics First steps of the citizens - The Netherlands Focus on growth - Spain s Socialists Why Spain s left is in a funk - Bulgaria s crisis Poverty protests - Charlemagne Small island, big finger BRITAIN - The budget Ploughing ahead - Press regulation Over the Rubicon - Bagehot Striving for Harlow INTERNATIONAL - Electronic lending and public libraries Folding shelves - The lure of sunken riches Fortunes ahoy - Cyberlaw Badlands - Shared worship spaces God s new digs BUSINESS - Gazprom Russia s wounded giant - Online retailers Building real shops, too - Manufacturing in Bosnia Balkan brakelights - Reselling media content Seconds to go - Indian airlines Open skies, bottomless pits - E-cigarettes Vape em if you got em - Schumpeter New rules for schools FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - The Cyprus bail-in A bungled bank raid - Buttonwood The financial-repression levy - Cypriot gas Hot air - The SAC settlement And the winner is… - India s shadow economy Evasive action - Big insurers Us? Risky? - Measuring poverty The decathlon of deprivation - Private-equity firms Zombies at the gates - Free exchange Demography ans American growth SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The Cambrian explosion Kingdom come - Science awards All shall have prizes - Evolution Road-kill stew BOOKS AND ARTS - China goes global Testing the world - Rahm Emanuel s family Brothers in arms - Statistics and probability The joy of stats - Cyberstalking Complex persecution - Mobiles in India Where fingers walk - The Cyrus cylinder Diplomatic whirl ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist Asoldier’s duty THE ECONOMIST APRIL 6TH-12TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Coping with North Korea Korean roulette - Mexico s new president Peña s promising start - Economic policy A world of cheap money - France s beleaguered president Down and out in Paris - Renewable energy Bonfire of the subsidies LETTERS - On Bangladesh, e-cigarettes, buildings, the Falklands, shareholders, the euro, medicine, marriage BRIEFING - A world of cheap money Six years of low interest rates in search of some growth UNITED STATES - Immigration reform Getting there - The visa system Not working - Infrastructure D (for dilapidated) plus - The Columbia River Crossing Bridge of sighs - E-commerce Click and pay - Atlanta s schools The reckoning - Boston s mayor Dropping the pilot - Lexington Knowing best is not enough THE AMERICAS - Mexico s new president Working through a reform agenda - Drugs in Brazil Cracking up - Land in Colombia Reserved for whom? - Chile s presidential election Bachelet is back ASIA - North Korean tensions Inside the cult of Kim - Press freedom in Taiwan Keeping the doctor away - Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Intimations of mortality - Politics in Afghanistan Attaboy - India and Sri Lanka Trawling for trouble - Banyan Grave concerns CHINA - Crime statistics Murder mysteries - Mining in Tibet The price of gold MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Kenya s new president Will the new centre hold? - …and Mau Mau veteran Historic hair - South Africa s abroad A Central African flop - Sudan Cash, aid and diplomacy - Dissent in Egypt No joking matter - Palestinian reconciliation Could it really happen? EUROPE - France s president I have a confession to make - Italy s non-government Napolitano steps in—and out - French taxes Another absurdity - Cyprus s troubles The blame game - Ukraine s future Linguistically challenged - The press in Turkey Not so free - Charlemagne Banking disunion BRITAIN - Welfare reform Chipping away - The Daily Mail and General Trust Out of dead trees - Bagehot Grumpy Young tories INTERNATIONAL - Organised labour Unions, Inc. - The weapons trade A killer deal BUSINESS - Wood The fuel of the future - Apple in China Apologise or else - Business in Japan Appraising Abenomics - Corporate scandals in Japan Horiemon returns - Oil in Russia Picnic time for teddy bears - Health care in America Medicine at the mall - Big data and hiring Robot recruiters - Personality testing at work Emotional breakdown - Schumpeter The new New World FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Investing in Africa The hottest frontier - Buttonwood Where did all the money go? - Capital controls Cash cowed - LIBOR Surprise judgment - Investing Backing lawsuits - The Philippines In ratings heaven - Hedge funds Number games - Free exchange Property booms SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Dark matter Fractional distillation - America s neuroscience Mind-expanding - Biofabrication Fit to print - Decaffeinating waste Brewing a solution BOOKS AND ARTS - Cambodian art Out of adversity - Aleksandar Hemon Writing to survive - Julian Barnes Sense of no ending - Mohsin Hamid Fithy rich in Asia - On atheism In search of the ungodly - Glyn Maxwell s poetry Dark and arresting ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Ieng Sary Blood and brandy THE ECONOMIST APRIL 13TH-19 TH 2013 - The world this weeK LEADERS - Margaret Thatcher Freedom fighter - Japan Revolution in the air - Germany and the euro Right target, wrong shots - Indian politics Memento Modi - Digital currencies A new specie LETTERS - On climate change, North Korea, Tibet, India, Cyprus, Egypt, tax avoidance, Europe BRIEFING - Margaret Thatcher No ordinary politician - The world s reaction Opinions divided UNITED STATES - Bobby Jindal Trying to lead the party of growth - Prison in New Orleans Sex and drugs and rock and roll - The budget Something for everyone - California goes to China Chasing the dragon - Closing airport control towers Eyes wide open - Interfaith marriage Across the aisles - Maple syrup and crime Caught sticky-handed - Lexington Demography is not destiny THE AMERICAS - Venezuela s presidential election Voting in St Hugo s shadow - Peru s rural development The Andean connection - Argentina s economy Gaucho blues - Colombia and the FARC Friend and foe march for peace - The mayor of Toronto mayor Still standing ASIA - Farming in Japan Field work - India s Narendra Modi Steamroller - Malaysia s general election A time of gifts - North Korea All cranked up - Banyan Firebug or matchmaker? CHINA - Bird flu New scare - The dangers of debt Shadows lengthen - Censorship Contradictions among the people MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Nigeria Lurching ahead - …and its Zimbabwean farmers Nothing like chicken feed - Cote d Ivoire Will the guilt be shared? - Unrest in Yemen Southern grumps - Syria s civil war Closer to the capital - Israelis, Palestinians and football Kick out racism EUROPE - Germany and the euro Don t make us Fuhrer - Portugal s budget Constitutional difficulties - Slovenia and the euro The next domino - Europe s royals Unloved king, popular queen - Febrile France Morality play - Repression in Russia Put in his place - Charlemagne Euro wobbles BRITAIN - Military procurement To boldly GOCO - Religion and politics High office, low church - Bagehot The ghost of Mrs T INTERNATIONAL - Teaching the past 1066 and all that - Tracking by phone Pilgrims progress - Capital punishment Not dead yet BUSINESS - America s high-tech industry Immigrants impact - Google Fiber We re not (just) in Kansas anymore - America s freight railways Back on track - Disrupting television Signalled out - Schumpeter Sex, drugs and hope FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Bitcoin Mining digital gold - Prediction markets Intrade s demise - Monetary policy in Japan Opening the floodgates - Offshore finance Leaky devils - Italy s public arrears An overdue move - The Securities and Exchange Commission Rakoff s revenge - The Institute for New Economic Thinking A slipping taboo - Cigarette taxes Weight watchers - Free exchange The death of inflation SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Heart disease and the microbiome High steaks - Psychology Ground down - Male attractiveness Abs-olutely fabulous - A new human relative - Cancer medicine Drug dependence BOOKS AND ARTS - The importance of 1979 Turning - point - Servants in Britain Life below stairs - Drone warfare America s killing machine - The Rijksmuseum reopens A new golden age BUSINESS BOOKS QUARTERLY - Women and work Girl talk - Seven profesional firms Simly the best - The bankers new clothes Safety in numbers - Global business Englishnization ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala The eye of the exile THE ECONOMIST APRIL 20TH-26TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - The future of the car Clean, safe and it drives itself - China s economy Speed isn t everything - Venezuela Maduro’s lousy start - Pandemic preparedness Coming, ready or not - The politics of north and south Britain s great divide LETTERS - On China and the internet, Heathrow, renewable energy, electronic publishing, animal spirits BRIEFING - Britain s north and south Divided kingdom UNITED STATES - The Boston bomb Manhunt - The economy That swooning feeling - Gun control Taken down - Cyber-security From SOPA to CISPA - Extraterritoriality The Shell game ends - Health-care reform Promises, promises - Coal exports in the north-west Dirty war - Lexington A nation apart THE AMERICAS - Venezuela s election Ebbing support, tightening grip - Mexico s dissident teachers Unruly southerners - Inflation in Brazil Behind the curve - Canada s Liberal Party Betting on Trudeau Mark Two ASIA - America and North Korea Birthday blues - Japan s nuclear future Don t look now - The Australian dollar Resources boomerang - Kyrgyzstan s ethnic division Stubborn facts - Banyan Horn of scarcity CHINA - The economy Climbing, stretching and stumbling - Overseas investment Nice to see you, EU - Free trade with Iceland The rice man cometh - Political A reformer reappers MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Northern Iraq Peace, harmony and oil - The Palestinians West Bank After Fayyad - Iran s banned trade unions Aya-toiling - Tanzania s gas boom The Mtwara Rockefellers - Atrophy in Algeria Septuagenarians in the Sahara EUROPE - France s battered economy François Hollande s cyclical troubles - French politicians wealth Transparency days - Latvia and the euro Baltic ambition - Justice in Russia The Navalny affair - Germany s Wulff scandal The hounding of a president - Free speech in Turkey A secularist s lament - Charlemagne The flying taxman BRITAIN - The Crime puzzle Not-so-mean streets - Tesco s strategy The end of the space race - Bagehot A final farewell INTERNATIONAL - Banning the sex industry Naked ambition BUSINESS - Mobile telecoms in America DISHing out the dosh - Google and antitrust Try it and see - Mobile apps Paris, c est fini - Indian technology firms Shibulal s struggles - Luxury hotels Room to disagree - Start-ups in Brazil Samba in the valley - Online media AOL s second life - Schumpeter Fixing the Republic FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Carbon trading ETS, RIP? - Buttonwood Like chess, only without the dice - Sovereign-debt markets An illusory haven - Balkanised banking The great unravelling - Hedge funds Launch bad - Electronic trading Dutch fleet - Free exchange Reinhart, Rogoff and the 90 question SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Pre-empting pandemics An ounce of prevention - The first spacecraft to land on Mars Space archaeology - Printing batteries Total extrusion zone - How to win at poker A handy tip - Biotechnology patents Natural justice BOOKS AND ARTS - India s economy The growth manifesto - Claire messuds fiction Foxy lady - Germany and Europe The battleground country - Immigration into Britain You re not welcome - Saving General Motors Salvage work - New film 42 The power of Jackie Robinson ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY Víctor Carranza The emerald tsar

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