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Código:HR 330 JUL-AGO 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2013
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 JUL-AGO 2013 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013:
300:varias paginaciones; il. col. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 04/01/2016
653Economía - Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2013. # Ingreso:1038811

   varias paginaciones; il. col..27 cm..

CONTENTS THE ECONOMIST JULY 13 TH-19TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - The Arab spring Has it failed? - Europe’s zombie banks Blight of the living dead - Tax reform in America Simpler, fairer, possible - Reforms in Mexico Choose Pemex over the pact - Presents for presidents Hogtied with a ribbon LETTERS - Letters On India, gay marriage, protesting, Iran, Marc Rich, political pi BRIEFING - Shopping The emporium strikes back UNITED STATES - Tax reform Fixing the tax sieve - Sexual politics More than half the electorate - Rick Perry’s presidential ambitions A time to run? - Surveillance Silence in court - Health reform Mississippi spurning - Goat meat The kids are all right - Lexington The war of the words THE AMERICAS - Mexican politics Political horse-trading - Publishing in Brazil Folding papers - Canada’s rail disaster Playing with fire ASIA - Cambodia’s election Not quite the usual walkover - Japan’s upper-house election Gloves off - Landmines in Myanmar Politically explosive - Taiwan’s economic isolation Desperately seeking space - Kazakhstan’s capital Laying the golden egg CHINA - Women and the property market Married to the mortgage - Party campaigns Masses of meetings - Chinese Braille Feeling their way MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Egypt after the coup It isn’t over yet - Egypt and reactions in the region A mixed bag - Egypt’s Sinai desert A haven for malcontents - Syria’s new opposition leader Better than the one before? - United Arab Emirates Sending the foreigners home - Ivory Coast’s grim past With allies like this… - South Sudan Vroom-vroom in the bush EUROPE - The Sochi Olympics Castles in the sand - France’s political right Sarkozy Resartus? - Czech politics Power grab - Crime in Germany Gang Länder - Charlemagne Lessons from Lagarde BRITAIN - Westminster politics Ed’s big chance - European justice More is less - Mail privatisation Going postal - South West Trains Tracks and control - York’s booming economy Northern light - Bagehot Claiming Andy INTERNATIONAL - A villain’s guide to football Welcome to the beautiful game - Cleaning up football Ref! BUSINESS - Tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East Start-up spring - Arab women entrepreneurs Untraditional choice - Clothing firms in Bangladesh Accord, alliance or disunity? - Chinese shipyards Too sick to sail - The Dell buy-out Hobson’s choice - BP and spill settlements Deepwater, deep pockets - Schumpeter Mayors and mammon FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - The rising dollar Green and back - The Big Mac index Value meal - EMI’s pensions buy-out Paying for certainty - Buttonwood A new hope - Coffee prices Brewed awakening - Financial data Seconds out - Free exchange Ad scientists SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Birds’ magnetic sense Columbarian Columbuses - The epigenetics of fat Altered states - Children’s intellectual development Bedtime stories - Do-it-yourself glaciers The iceman cometh BOOKS AND ARTS - Boom and bust in Asia Going for growth - Civil liberties Robocops - Christa Wolf Divided soul - Life during the Blitz Death threats ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Doug Engelbart THE ECONOMIST JULY 27TH-AUGUST 2ND 2013 The world this week LEADERS - America’s public finances The Unsteady States of America - Zimbabwe’s election Don’t let the crocodile cheat again - Japan’s election Licence to grow - Britains monarchy Very long till you reign over us LETTERS - On Trayvon Martin, the Arab spring, Britain, teaching, forestry, Google, retail, the moon - Briefing Emerging economies When giants slow down United States - Detroit’s bankruptcy Can Motown be mended? - The other Detroit Buy to the sound of gunfire - Retirement benefits Who pays the bill? - Zoning laws Biking and hiking, but no parking - Digital dating Young, single and nearby - Lexington What if Mitt Romney had won? THE AMERICAS - Obesity in Latin America Battle of the bulge - Argentina and YPF Flogging a Dead Cow - Politics in Colombia Peace and brotherly love ASIA - Japan’s upper-house election Redemption - Australia’s boat people The PNG solution - Buddhism v Islam in Asia Fears of a new religious strife - Hydropower in Tajikistan Folie de grandeur CHINA - Civic virtues The unkindness of strangers - The rule of law Bizarrely consistent - Architectural bombast MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Zimbabwes vote Poll dancing - Yemen’s interior A reluctant refuge for al-Qaeda - South Sudan’s government Going for the nuclear option - Egypt’s crisis The generals strengthen their hand - Iraqi violence The nightmare returns - Syria’s war The new normal - The peace process Tailwind for doves EUROPE - Poland’s government The seven-year itch - Riots in France Trouble in Trappes - Russian politics The Navalny power game - Religion in Turkey Erasing the Christian past - Charlemagne Sire, there are no Belgians BRITAIN - Eating habits The British at table - Newspapers Homelessness in London INTERNATIONAL - GPS jamming Out of sight - Female genital mutilation Still bleeding - The revival of Latin Resurrexit vere BUSINESS - Tech firms and their founders Monarchs versus managers - TSMC A fab success - Australia’s gas The next Qatar? - Australia’s gas (II) Beach in the outback (1) - Italian fashion French invasion - Company taxes Minimise this - The college-athletics business Basket cases - Schumpeter Thinking twice about price FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Commerzbank Das slog - Buttonwood Holiday hassles - Interest rates in China A small step forward - Globally systemic insurers Premium members (1) - Interchange fees Card sharps (1) - The Karachi Stock Exchange Inefficient frontier - Free exchange Penury portrait (1) SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Mass extinctions Small but deadly - What is truth? A la recherche du temps inconnu - Mostly harmless (1) - Robot plants Putting down roots - Sleep and the phases of the Moon Lunacy? BOOKS AND ARTS - The life of Franz Kafka Nervous brilliance - The Korean war The best doggone army - John Kennedy’s final days When America wept (25) - Those sad young literary men - The life of Jesus No angel ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer THE ECONOMIST AUGUST 3RD-9TH 2013 he world this week LEADERS - The future of oil Yesterday’s fuel - The crackdown in Egypt Democracy and hypocrisy - Financial-technology firms Apps at the gate - Iran’s new president Blood under the bridge? LETTERS - On warriors, Colombia's infrastructure, remittances, illness, online education, India's nouveau riche, meaning BRIEFING - The global oil industry Supermajordämmerung UNITED STATES - Security, leaks and surveillance In the secret state - Bradley Manning Less than treachery - Justice Locked in - Political dynasties (1) Exit Saxby, enter Nunn? - Political dynasties (2) Wary in Wyoming - The San Joaquin Valley Down on the farms - High-speed rail in California Riding to the rescue - Lexington The latino prom THE AMERICAS - Defence policy in Canada Strong. Proud. Ready? - Peru Humala humbled - Drug legalisation in Uruguay The experiment ASIA - Elections in Cambodia The humbling of Hun Sen - America, Vietnam and Cambodia Realpolitik redux - Thailand and Myanmar Build it and they might come - The Salang tunnel Dig deeper - Telangana India’s new state CHINA - The death penalty Strike less hard - Trade Sabres sheathed - Banyan A caged tiger MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Egypt’s army Ambitious men in uniform - Tunisian politics Double trouble - Lebanon’s electricity Blackout - Iran’s new president Smoother operator - Hamas and the peace process Not at the table - Mali’s election So far, so good - Somalia and Somaliland Muffled voices EUROPE - The German election An unforeseen controversy - The Dutch and the EU A founding member’s apostasy - Kosovo’s Serbs Bordering along the Ibar - A diamond heist in Cannes Another French exception - Charlemagne Vamos a la playa BRITAIN - Healthy export How to sell the NHS - The state of the coalition INTERNATIONAL - Pope Francis Style and substance - Cyber-security Hats off - Aaron Swartz and MIT Deadly silence BUSINESS - The future of advertising agencies Omnipotent, or omnishambles? - Advertising to the super-rich Posters for plutocrats - Siemens Crisis, what crisis? - German industrial relations Labour’s lost love - Carmakers and unions Let’s go Germany - Brewers in the Middle East Sin-free ale - Schumpeter The father of fracking FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Financial-technology firms Revenge of the nerds - Buttonwood A misleading model - Inspecting euro-zone banks Make or break—or fudge - Europe’s banks Ordeal by slide deck - Fertiliser prices Rich in potassium - Singapore’s banks The perils of a gilded age - Japan’s consumption tax Taxonomics - Hedge funds after SAC Edge fund - Free exchange Boundary problems SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Neuromorphic computing The machine of a new soul BOOKS AND ARTS - China’s return to greatness Marching forward - Benjamin Disraeli Off the pedestal - Why writers drink Bottoms up - Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film Above the fray - New fiction Mind games - The paintings of Peter Doig Plumbing depths - Economic and financial indicators - Obituary THE ECONOMIST AUGUST 10 TH-16TH 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Britain’s economy How is it really doing? - Climate change Can China clean up fast enough? - Computer hacking A byte for a byte - Italian politics Addio, Silvio - Legal highs A new prescription LETTERS - On tax reform, cochlear implants, outdated acts, gift-giving, paying MPs, treating mental illness, home-brewing, crime, entrepreneurs(1) BRIEFING - China and the environment The East is grey UNITED STATES - Barack Obama and the war on terror Taking no chances - America and Russia No speaks - Dysfunctional Illinois No play, no pay - The Baseball Hall of Fame We’ll get ’em next year - Lexington Keeping the mighty honest THE AMERICAS - Corruption in Venezuela The billion-dollar fraud - Brazil’s opposition Own goals - Social networking in Latin America Follow the leader ASIA - Thailand’s economy The rice mountain - Taiwan’s army Blooded - Japan and China Fishing trips - Japanese security Wide-mouthed frog - Australian politics Trust v fair dinkum - Bangladesh’s volatile politics The battling begums - Banyan Conquerors of kings? CHINA - Aviation Crowded skies, frustrated passengers - Food safety Spilt milk - Anti-abortion activism Uncommon cause MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Elections in Zimbabwe Stealing the vim from Zim - Syria’s civil war A flower in the desert - The Israel Defence Forces Taking wing EUROPE - Italian politics L’Italia giusta v political expediency - Alpine dress The Lederhosen boom - Turkish politics Justice or revenge? - Hungary’s Roma How to get out of a vicious circle - Spain and Gibraltar Like North Korea? - Social media and French Nous twitterons BRITAIN - Living standards Squeezing the hourglass - Organised crime Farewell to the heist INTERNATIONAL - The Indosphere Made outside India BUSINESS - Cyber-crime Firewalls and firefights - Mexico’s oil industry Unfixable Pemex - American newspapers Chasing paper profits - Commercialising neuroscience Brain sells - Browser wars Chrome rules the web - Italian manufacturing A washout - Schumpeter Cronies and capitols FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Europe’s bail-out programmes What Angela isn’t saying - Raghuram Rajan joins the RBI Out of the frying pan - The race to head the Federal Reserve Summers v Yellen - The trial of Fabrice Tourre Collective guilt - The price of fish Different scales - Free exchange SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The perils of sitting down Standing orders - Artificial meat A quarter-million pounder and fries - Influenza Damned if you don’t - 3D printing with paper Print me the head of Alfredo Garcia BOOKS AND ARTS - Christians, Muslims and Jesus Centuries of dialogue - The Johnson & Johnson dynasty Pass the painkillers - Spanish culture under Franco Rebels with a cause (21) - New American fiction Blood sport - Mathew Brady History on film - “Billy Budd” at Glyndebourne High notes (1) ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS - Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY - Wu dengming The crusader of Chongqing THE ECONOMIST AUGUST 17TH-23RD 2013 - The world this week LEADERS - Egypt's bloodbath The battle for Egypt - India and Pakistan Hold the line - America’s overcrowded prisons One nation, behind bars - Economic growth A rickety rebound - Online media Pennies streaming from heaven LETTERS - On Russia's infrastructure, whistleblowers, Egypt, Detroit, state taxes, the royal baby(6) BRIEFING - Egypt’s crisis The storm before the storm - Scenes from provincial No fear of death UNITED STATES - Prison reform An unlikely alliance of left and right - Prison politics Jam-packed or alone - National parks Why go outside when you have an iPhone? - Surveillance Empty promises - Newarks mayor When Cory’s gone - Hobo culture Riding the rails - Transgender pupils Playing for the other team - Chinatown buses Driving them out of business - Lexington Smart ALEC THE AMERICAS - Energy reform in Mexico Giving it both barrels - A Mexican drug lord walks free Ghosts of the past - Argentina’s primary elections Bad dress rehearsal ASIA - India and Pakistan Border disorder - Indian military power All at sea - Myanmar’s press Bad news - After Cambodia’s election Stand-off - Crime in Malaysia Drive-by shooting CHINA - The economy A bubble in pessimism - Banyan Climbing trees to catch fish MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Palestinian prisoners Why they count - Israeli new towns Looking south - Trafficking in north Africa Boom boom - Mali’s new president What next? - Drug addiction in Iran The other religion EUROPE - East European defence Flexing its muscles - German child care Fighting over the Kinder - Montenegro Leader of the pack - Spain and ETA Always around - Swedish politics Reinfeldt redux - Islam in Denmark Of mosques and meat BRITAIN - Britain’s Somalis The road is long - The Premier League Ball-watching - Bagehot Tits, out INTERNATIONAL - Children’s homes The nanny state - Prison policies Gilding the cage BUSINESS - Digital media Counting the change - Retail Hard knocks - Apple and Carl Icahn’s Nice juicy Apple - Antitrust and airlines Brace, brace - Law firms’ signing bonuses Supreme desire - European railways The quest for a Ryanair of rail freight - Schumpeter In praise of laziness FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Commodities and banks Metal bashing - Euro-zone economies Mirabile dictu Bill Ackman Hash of the titan - Buttonwood Net gains and losses - Stockbroking in Africa The day after the fall - The Economist valuables index Fruits of passion - Reforming derivatives Heavy lifting - Free exchange Down towns SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The future of transport No loopy idea Animal behaviour Birds of a feather land together - A new mammal Peekaboo - Facebook is bad for you Get a life! BOOKS AND ARTS - Education Best and brightest - English views of marriage From here to eternity - Robert Graves After the trenches - Economics and eating Thought for food - Leonard Lauder’s art collection Focus, focus, focus ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at global business confidence OBITUARY Nicolae Gheorghe Champion if the gypsies THE ECONOMIST AUGUST 24 TH-30TH 2013 The world this week LEADERS - Race relations in America Chasing the dream - India's economy How India got its funk Syria A step too far - Fracking Dash for cash - Central bankers The apprentices LETTERS - On Cuba, diamonds, Larry Summers, flying, the University of Arizona, forestry, holidays, dominatrices BRIEFING - Black America Waking life UNITED STATES - Health reform and employment Will Obamacare destroy jobs? - New York politics Campaign circus - Policing Philadelphia Boots on the street - Lexington Barack Obama’s Iraq syndrome THE AMERICAS - Latin America’s largest economies Different kettles of fish - Trade in Haiti Chickens and eggs - Ecuador’s unpredictable president Zig-zagging ASIA - Indonesia’s economy Slipping - …and its oil and gas Gusher - India’s malnourished A mess of pottage - A Korean thaw? Bordering on comradely - Japan’s leaky nuclear plant No end in sight - Banyan Trade, partnership and politics CHINA - Bo Xilai on trial Settling scores - Organs for transplants Chopped livers - Underground Christianity Lamb of God MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Syria’s war If this isn’t a red line, what is? - Egypt’s turmoil The army tightens its grip - Egypt’s Copts The butt of angry Islamists - Bombings in Iraq Bloodier than ever - Nigeria’s most wanted man Dead or alive - Telecoms in Ethiopia Out of reach EUROPE - Turkish politics Lonely command - Greek privatisation Business class - Germany’s election Party season - Ukraine and Russia Trading insults - Human rights in Russia Grim to be gay - Dutch immigration Overflow - Organised crime in Italy Gangsterland BRITAIN - Suburban London Trouble in Metroland - Anti-terror laws Miranda rights and wrongs - Bagehot Xenophobia and xenophiliat INTERNATIONAL - Holocaust history Bearing witness ever more BUSINESS - Fiat and Chrysler Hoping it will hold together - Sportswear-makers The adidas method - Foreign firms in China Guardian warriors and golden eggs - Semiconductors Serial disrupter - Head-hunting Heidrick struggles - Designer headphones The sound of music - Schumpeter Mr Geek goes to Washington FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - India in trouble The reckoning - Hiring Chinas princeling Blood and money - Offshore finance Trawling for business - Recessions and public health Body of research - Asset-management companies in China Lipstick on a pig - Private equity Tax attack - European bank funding A long, dry summer - Free exchange A new toolkit SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Dark energy A problem of cosmic proportions - Judging music competitions The sound of silence - Evolution How the rhino got his woolly BOOKS AND ARTS - American politics Something rotten - The science of politics From the gut - The natural world Fields of dreams - Pope Francis and Argentina Days of penance - Commemorating Crécy Garter’s order - Armenian culture in Turkey From the ashes ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Jacques Verges The shining bastard THE ECONOMIST AUGUST 31ST-SEPTEMBER 6TH 2013 The world this week LEADERS - Syria Hit him hard (821) - Russia and the West Getting shirty with Vladimir (245) - Federal Reserve Choosing the chairman (66) - Banks in China Too big to hail (11) - Australia’s election Lucky no more (175) LETTERS - On Gibraltar, Europe's Roma, laziness, Page 3, Fresno, London, the outdoors, hobos, beer (15) BRIEFING - Attacking Syria Global cop, like it or not (273) - The military options The Tomahawks fly (129) - The history of chemical weapons The shadow of Ypres (85) UNITED STATES - State politics Guns, gays, drugs and taxes in Colorado(48) - Utah’s economy Busy bees (38) - Obamas college plan Universities challenged (34) - Making law school cheaper For many, two years is plenty (16) - Maine’s abrasive governor Front page LePage (3) - New Orleans Lawyers v drillers (5) - Ornithology Tern limits (3) - Lexington The empathiser-in-chief (56) THE AMERICAS - Colombia’s peace talks To the edge and back again (8) - Health care in Brazil Flying in doctors (12) - Brazil’s foreign policy Freelance diplomacy (20) ASIA - Australia’s general election Why Parramatta matters (27) - The Pacific islands Sea change (8) - The Maldives Yellow fever (9) - Electricity in Vietnam A heavy load (12) - Banyan Bad memories (6) CHINA - Bo Xilai’s trial Going down fighting (10) - Microblogs Big Vs and bottom lines (63) MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Central African Republic Another failed state beckons (1) - The United Nations and Congo Raising the stakes (7) - Livilihood in South Africa The dole toll (4) - Arab conspiracy theories Strange bedfellows (13) EUROPE - Russia and the West Cold climate (325) - Racism in Italy Educating Cécile (121) - Portugal’s economic recovery Between bail-outs (5) - Albania’s new government Getting it together - Norway’s election A resurgent right (5) - Germany’s televised debates Dog eats dog (8) - French holidays The hardworking Mr Hollande (9) - Charlemagne Back to school (27) Correction: Merkel BRITAIN - Housebuilding Road blocks (11) - Britain and Germany Merkel über alles (37) - Bagehot The parable of the Clyde (12) INTERNATIONAL - Politics and humour The satirical verses (10) - Skewering dictators Laugh them out of power (1) - Honorary consuls A booming trade BUSINESS - Entrepreneurs in Japan Time to get started (25) - Takafumi Horie’s comeback Up, up and away - Drug firms and cancer Lucrative lifesavers (21) - Microsoft and the PC industry Defenestrated (42) - European carmakers A heated row over coolants (4) - Iran’s oil industry Dreaming of a new golden age (3) - Food companies and innovation Cultural revolution (18) - Schumpeter The entrepreneurial state (22) FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - China’s big banks Giant reality-check (43) - The Federal Reserve Dove v dove (19) - Women central bankers The unsteady march of diversity (3) - Crashing exchanges Code blue (4) - Global house prices Mixed messages (8) - Free exchange Horns of a trilemma (5) SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Growing model brains An embryonic idea (7) - The origin of MERS Watching the detectives - Female professors Promotion and self-promotion (19) - Kopi Luwak Brown-gold blend (27) BOOKS AND ARTS - The psychology of scarcity Days late, dollars short (15) - Islamic fundamentalism Stories of zealotry (252) - The life and poetry of George Herbert Consciously fruitful (2) - Meg wolitzers new novel Come what may - Family history and the Holocaust The pursuit of evil (4) - Dave Chappelles Funny man (14) Economic and financial indicators OBITUARY Elmore Leonard Overheard in detroit

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