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Código:HR 330 JUL-AGO 2012 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2012
Descripción:Varias paginaciones 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 04/01/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Revista;
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Código:HR 330 JUL-AGO 2012 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2012:
300:Varias paginaciones 27 cm.
500:F.I. 04/01/2016
653Revista; Economía

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2012. # Ingreso:1038812

   Varias paginaciones 27 cm..

Contents Jul 7th, 2012 The world this week Leaders The Higgs boson Science’s great leap forward The LIBOR affair Banksters Education A 20-year lesson The euro crisis Inching towards integration Australia’s new taxes Underland revenue Letters On the Arctic, corruption, Marco Rubio, France, slavery, bees, terminology Briefing The LIBOR scandal The rotten heart of finance The turmoil at Barclays First-mover disadvantage United States Education Charting a better course The future of Medicaid Run for cover Washington’s power cuts Taken by trees Fear of sequestration Collateral damage Catholicism in America A contentious flock Infrastructure spending A patch on the road Silicon Valley chic Back to the garage Lexington Appalachia v Obama The Americas Mexico’s election A qualified comeback …and its television Channelling public anger Venezuela’s presidential campaign Tilting the pitch Canadian politics Time to flip Asia The South China Sea Roiling the waters Afghan biometrics The eyes have it Pakistan and America Making up, a bit Australia’s fiscal reform Tithes of discontent Banyan The idea of Myanmar China Hong Kong and China A city apart Fake degrees A quick study Shanghai Film Festival Not just history Middle East and Africa The crisis in Syria The tide begins to turn … and rebel graffiti Mocking him to death The Sahel Hungry again A cultural assault in Mali The jihadists’ new front Congo and Rwanda Stop annoying each other Religion in Africa Celebrity priests Europe France’s public finances Hollande’s fiscal puzzle Turkey and its neighbours Delicate balance Danish politics Helle unfriended Circumcision in Germany Incisive arguments Bulgaria’s economy In a rough region Russian politics Gudkovs, bad cops Charlemagne The Cypriot presidency Britain Reforming exams Testing the limits Military cutsreform New model army James Bond at 50 From Britain with Love Bagehot Banker-bashing International The Vatican’s woes God’s bankers Short-wave radio Tuning out Holiday hell-holes Danger zones Business Volkswagen Leaving rivals in the dust Advertising on mobile phones Attack of the pesky pop-ups GlaxoSmithKline Pill-pushing punished Women managers in Asia Untapped talent British law firms Taking the magic abroad Airbus Coming to America Manchester United Shares for fool and fans Schumpeter No rush Finance and economics The euro zone and the economy Powering down China’s capital controls Postcard from Qianhai Oil prices Rollercoaster Buttonwood The New Depression Seth Klarman The Oracle of Boston Free exchange Migration in América Science and technology The Higgs boson Gotcha! Dark matter Material answers Hunting asteroids Rock on The cheating side How cuttlefish lie Books and arts Segregation in cities Life in black and white (25) Mario Vargas Llosa Celtic dreams Good Italy, bad Ital Conquering demons. Jeff Koons Sexy antiquities Business Books Quarterly Hedge funds Masterclass Eli Broad Unreasonable man Terry Leahy Tesco triumph Benjamin Graham Figuring it out Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Nora Ephron and Lonesome George When Nora met George ********************************************************************** Jul 14th, 2012 The world this week Leaders The American economy Comeback kid Romania and democracy Putsch-up job Constitutional reform Lording it Russia’s economy and the World Trade Organisation A chance to get down to business Libya’s election So far, so hopeful Letters Letters On London, hypoxia, currency, super-sizing, repetition Briefing America’s economy Points of light United States Election laws Voting rights, voting wrongs Mitt Romney and the Koch brothers On the beach Trains in Hawaii Aloha, again Charlie Rangel His last roar? Wyoming Poor rich kid Greening Houston Changing the plans Lexington The China-bashing syndrome The Americas South American integration Mercosur RIP? Cholera in Cuba Under observation After Mexico’s election Counted out Asia Politics in Malaysia The racial question Sino-Japanese relations Jingoist jangles South Korean politics The iron lady in red Afghanistan’s economy The hand that feeds Thai rice Less paddy power Post-war Sri Lanka Tiger country China Inner Mongolia Little Hu and the mining of the grasslands Middle East and Africa South Sudan Unhappy birthday Nigeria’s troubles Getting worse Fighting Malaria Net benefit Libya’s election A big step Egypt’s stalemate Brothers v generals, again Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Shooting the sheikhs Special report: Natural gas An unconventional bonanza Europe Germany’s government On the home front Spanish woes Hard pounding France and prostitution On the game Romania in trouble Levers of power Hungary’s government Viktor and Victor Remembering Srebrenica Commemoration day Charlemagne Euro ups and downs Britain Lords Reform The coalition’s millstone Bank regulation Culture clubbed Bagehot Scourge of slums International Contraception and development Choice not chance Relgius products Prayers and playthings Business Industry in Russia Bracing for WTO membership Innovation in Russia Silicon Skolkovo Corporate transparency Measuring mud Metal theft in Germany Of pilfering and punctuality Consumer goods in India Seducing shoppers in Sticksville Semiconductors Moore’s law lives on Schumpeter Intoxivation (4) Finance and economics Interest rates The fog of LIBOR (37) Probes galore PFGBest et al Credit in Brazil Maxing out (16) Buttonwood The golden rules of banking Quantitative easing QE, or not QE? (73) Free exchange Auctions and LIBOR Science and technology Marine technology A voyage of discovery Psychology Tall, dark and stable Drug delivery Made to order Making tracks Exploring Mars Ecology Under the mistletoe Books and arts The heritage debate Living treasure Rehabilitating capitalism For those who have lost faith Life in Congo War and peace Racism in sport The black white hope Harry Belafonte Twentieth-century lion Economic and financial indicators Statistic on 42 economies, plus a closer look at agricultural commodities Obituary Yitzhak Shamir A fighter for Israel ******************************************************************************** Jul 21st, 2012 The world this week Leaders Syria Towards the endgame Emerging markets The great slowdown The Olympics Rewards of the rings Russia The empty Kremlin Data privacy Out of shape Letters On bankers and LIBOR, Libya, rationality, charter schools, world leaders, James Bond Briefing Business and the Olympics Victors and spoils The business of the Paralympics Adversity and adverts United States Government surveillance Little peepers everywhere Washington city politics Shadow boxing Eminent domain and mortgages Negative enmity Attractiveness discrimination Hiring hotties America’s drought Drying times Municipal bankruptcy The sadness of Scranton The Obama campaign Slow and steady… Lexington The long fight The Americas Jamaica at 50 A slow start Argentina’s tax agency Knock, knock Canadian defence Booby traps Asia Indian politics Booted upstairs Japan’s nuclear protests The heat rises Asian diplomacy Chinese checkers North Korea’s leadership Disneyland for dictators China Health-care reform Restoring the safety net Violence against doctors Heartless attacks Middle East and Africa Syria after the big bomb How long can the regime last? Christians in the conflit They’ve turned against him, too The United Arab Emirates Send the dissident away! Israeli politics Religion’s power South Sudan’s borderland Misery on the march African Union Woman in charge Equatorial Guinea Unesco’s shame Europe Russian politics The Duma’s new laws Turkey’s army scandal Sex for secrets The Greek bail-out The troika is coming Italian politics The last thing Italy needs Charlemagne Disunited states of Europe Britain Urban living The city roars back The economy Olympics Going for gold Bagehot Searching for Dave International Visa sanctions Face control Terrorism A letal bomb in Bulgaria Robot sport Heavy hitters Business Oilfield services The unsung masters of the oil industry Oil refining Under pressure DIY apps Make your own Angry Birds Yahoo! Googling a new boss Advertising agencies The lion’s Dentsu Air India Flying low The music business Universal’s gamble Schumpeter Stephen Covey, RIP Finance and economics Emerging markets Dream on? HSBC’s grilling What comes out in the wash Global accounting standards Closing the GAAP Buttonwood Corporate profits Bank bondholders Burning sensation Free exchange Fine and punishment Science and technology Scientific publishing Brought to book Psychology ’Snot fair! Robots and psychology Mapping the uncanny valley Global health One potato, two potato, three potato Books and arts Money, markets and materialism Insatiable longing David Lipsey Backroom boy English cricket Bush conquerors Jane Austen A puzzle inside an enigma New fiction: Chris Cleave Rings of truth Beach music The Aldeburgh World Orchestra Economic and financial indicators Statistic on 42 economies, plus a closer look at trade in comercial services Obituary Roger Payne For love of mountains ************************************************************************ Jul 28th, 2012 The world this week Leaders America’s presidential campaign Another fine mess The euro The flight from Spain Israel and Judaism Pray for the doves America’s gun laws Colorado’s dark night The battle against AIDS Aim for victory Letters On the House of Lords, agroforestry, procrastination, free trade, the Olympics Briefing European entrepreneurs Les misérables United States The size of the state A big beast to tackle Government services Here’s how to do it Mitt Romney abroad He’s got a ticket to ride Teenage pregnancy Setting aside childish things The Great Lakes Carpe diem Marijuana in California Highs and lows Indian rituals One in ten million Immigration Asian boom Lexington Angus King and the Maine Senate race The Americas Corruption in Brazil Justice delayed Indigenous rights (1) Cowboys and Indians Indigenous rights (2) Our town Asia India’s climate Monsoon, or later Politics in Japan Eyes right Nepal A whiff of sobriety Violence in Tajikistan The strongman cometh China China’s economy Not with a bang Flooding in Beijing Under water and under fire Middle East and Africa Syria’s civil war A vacuum looms Chemical weapons Watch out! Israel and Hebron Not so easy Democracy in Ghana In rude health Special report: Judaism and the Jews Alive and well Europe Europe’s troubled regions Another weak link A Greek bail-out Are we close to a “Grexit”? Russian opposition Punk prayer Germany’s energy The switch to renewables Hungary’s Nazis Old and nasty Charlemagne Euro EUphemism Britain The economy Heavy weather 2012 Olympics The London model Bagehot The Geordie shore International Military technology Trucks, not limos Economics of sleep Snoozing geysers Rulers’ ages Antique cabinets Business Apple in China Blossoming A Chinese oil firm in Canada Canucks, meet CNOOC Formula One Life after Ecclestone Europe’s carmakers Who will survive? Libraries and e-books Literary labours lent Air conditioning Cool innovation Schumpeter Management lessons from the Mexican mob Finance and economics Spain and the markets The Spanish patient Hedge funds Où est Monsieur Paulson? The Dodd-Frank act Unhappy birthday to you Buttonwood Taking stock Olympionomics The dismal dash The Big Mac index Calories and currencies Commodity prices Downhill cycling Free exchange The Chicago question Science and technology The 19th International AIDS Conference Looking into the future A synthetic jellyfish that swims Creating a jellyfish 3D manufacturing Print me a phone Books and arts Titian’s glories Master of seduction Asia and the West Never the twain The importance of cities A guide to high living “Uncle Vanya” in New York Love’s labour’s lost Britain’s economy Relegation for Albion Shakespeare at the British Museum London, Britain and the Globe Economic and financial indicators Statistic on 42 economies, plus a closer look at euro-area exposure Obituary Alastair Burnet Journalist, broadcaster and editor of The Economist ***************************************************************************** Aug 4th, 2012 The world this week Leaders Chinese multinationals Who’s afraid of Huawei? India’s infrastructure Blackout nation The Olympic tickets fiasco Bring on the touts Mitt Romney abroad Gaffes and choices Rwanda A painful dilemma Letters Fracking, gun laws, robots, the music industry, education, Milton Friedman, plurals, academic publishing, Kim Jong Un's wife Briefing Huawei The company that spooked the world United States The housing market Pulling its weight at last The Federal Housing Administration When loans turn sour Texas and the tea party The looming battle Health reform and the election A hard sell Infrastructure in California Moonbeam dreams Transport and taxation A penny saved Bath salts The synthetic scare Lexington Meddling for morality The Americas Quebec’s election None of the above, please Oil theft in Mexico Black gold on the black market Mining in Colombia Digging deeper Asia India’s electricity problems An area of darkness Papua New Guinea Land of the unexpected A church scandal in Singapore Reaping what they sow Thai politics Giving Thaksin a run for his money Demography in Japan Generational warfare China The battle of Shaanxi’s oil-wells There was blood The balance of payments BoP until you drop Banyan The meaning of Bo and Gu Middle East and Africa Syria Any alternative to chaos? Syria’s jihadists On the way The Kurds Hedging their Syrian bets Egypt’s government The revolutionaries get a few Morsels Ethiopia If Meles goes too… Congo and Rwanda A new sphere of influence? Europe Russian politics Alexei Navalny charged Serbia’s government New guard, old guard Romanian politics Basescu v Ponta, continued German economists In a momentous tiff Foreign workers in Sweden Berrypickers, unite! Charlemagne Une rentrée chaude Britain A year after the riots Like a bad dream Women and the olympics In the closet Bagehot Boris Johnson, serious man International Political parties Lonely at the top Regulating the arms trade One more heave Communism still rules A diferent medal count Business American Universities The college-cost calamity Recruiting interns All work and no pay? Business and religion God, Mammon and Chick-fil-A Facebook Work in progress Schumpeter Wannabe global brands Finance and economics The global crash Japanese lessons Buttonwood Bond binge The Greek economy Promises, promises Soaring grain prices Corn on the cusp Suing the banks Blood in the water Private equity’s mega-deals Too big to veil Free exchange Supply-chain fragmentation Science and technology Extra-terrestrial life Closer to encounter The Fundamental Physics Prize Back to basics Athletic performance Faster, higher, no longer Books and arts Revolution in the Arab world The twilight of the dictators America and the Middle East Tricky territory Running in the wild Away from it all New documentary The mystery of the sugar man The question of existence Why not? Treasures from the Han dynasty They took it with them Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus our poll of forecasters Obituary Captain Lakshmi Fighting for India *********************************************************************** Aug 18th, 2012 The world this week Leaders Modern medicine Microbes maketh man Paul Ryan The man with the plan Egypt’s president Brothers in charge Brazil A moment of truth for Dilma Banking reform Sticking together Letters House of Lords, ciber-security, universities, narconomics, Jews, plurals Briefing The Catholic church in America Earthly concerns United States The Republican ticket The Ryan roadshow Medicare reform A healthy difference Domestic terrorism The benefits of hindsight Carbon capture Going underground Education Extreme couponing Social Impact Bonds Being good pays Lexington Proposing Vice-President Ryan The Americas Brazil’s economy Dilma changes course Rio de Janeiro’s Olympics The countdown starts Argentina’s capital Tunnel vision Mexico’s presidential handover The waiting game Asia ASEAN in crisis Divided we stagger History wars in North-East Asia Ripping yarns Afghanistan The worm turns Australia and asylum-seekers Julia’s about-turn China Xinjiang Fast and loose Tibetan blogging Tweets from the plateau Domestic violence Beaten but unbowed Banyan China, Olympic victim? Middle East and Africa Iran and sanctions When will it ever end? Iran and China The latest invasion The Gaza Strip A building boom Egypt’s president New broom in action Lagos Destroying a slum South Africa and its Zulus Zuma’s kingdom Europe German economy Europe’s tired engine French politics Liberté, égalité, fermeté? Poland and the euro Augustinian delay Turkey’s Kurds Violent times Spanish savers Unhappy holidays Italian politics Court closures Britain Higher education The best years of their lives The Olympic legacy Carrying the torch Train franchises The railway children Bagehot Generation Xhausted International Islam and technology The online ummah Preaching and practising Muslim rituals Islam and alcohol Tipsy taboo Business Consumer goods in Africa A continent goes shopping Avon in South Africa Cosmetic make a difference The New York Times A new boss from the BBC Eike Batista Batista battered The economics of self-storage The golden hoard South Korea’s music industry Export or starve Schumpeter The silence of the Bollygarchs Finance and economics Indian banks Hold your nose Standard Chartered v New York An unsettling settlement Universal banking Together, forever? Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Law of the Jhungle Derivatives exchanges Open deck Slovenia’s economy Next in line Global house prices Searching for solid ground Free exchange On the origin of specie Science and technology The human microbiome Me, myself, us Books and arts Change under Obama “The New New Deal” Julia Child American foodie Nell Freudenberger Marital bliss Pat Barker Revisiting the war Rockcreek Park thriller Beltway drama Wildlife in Africa Apes and ivory Economic and financial indicators Statistic on 42 economies, plus a closer look at global business confidence Obituary Bernard Lovell British astronomer ************************************************************* August 25th 2012 The world this week Leaders The presidency So, Mitt, what do you really believe? The Horn of Africa Bye-bye big man Japan and China Barren rocks, barren nationalism The euro crisis The Finn red line Mobile-money services Let us in Letters On Paul Ryan, the euro zone, Japan, Ofcom, lunchtime drinking, the long jump Briefing Mitt Romney’s chances The changing man United States Crime in cities America’s safer streets The Todd Akin affair Grenades and stilettos America and China Working partners Atheism Growing disbelief Immigration law Out of the shadows Lexington Attack and defence The Americas Ecuador and Julian Assange Deserving each other Antitrust law in Brazil A champion for choice? Canada’s First Nations More pow than wow The Dominican Republic Medina’s turn Asia India’s north-east A neglected crisis Australia’s economy Hitched to the China wagon The press in Myanmar Up to a point, Lord Copper An arrest in Vietnam Touchable after all Banyan Pakistan’s nuclear profusion China China and Japan Relations on the rocks Chinese justice Punishing the powerful Nationalism in Hong Kong Patriot games Middle East and Africa Ethiopia’s prime minister The man who tried to make dictatorship acceptable Somalia’s government Baby steps South Africa’s mines In the pits Syria’s rebels More than they can chew Europe Norway and terrorism From hero to knave European tax diplomacy A Swiss-German deal? Angela Merkel A critics writes The Dutch election Leftward tilt Romanian politics The fight over the judiciary Italy’s public finances The boat-tax war Britain Unhealthy Glaswegians No city for old men Scotswomen and independence Just say yes Bagehot The law of averages International Singletons The attraction of solitude Maritime disputes Make law, not war Business The airline business The ineluctable middlemen The future of printers A fight for survival Apple The tech giant’s challenge Parcel pick-up services Delivering the goods Education technology Another click on the wall Innovation in Africa Upwardly mobile Schumpeter Women in business Finance and economics Finland and the euro crisis Northern gripes One-firm economies The Nokia effect Mexico’s stock exchange Elektric shock Swiss private banks Bär’s leap China’s economy Teenage angst Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Back to black Inflation in India Who cares about the price of onions? Free exchange R&D spending Science and technology Terrestrial ecology NEON light Computer viruses A thing of threads and patches Genetic damage and paternal age Father figures Repairing voices Good vibrations Books and arts The first Vietnam war Hope and hubris Japanese history Selective memory “The Queen of Versailles” All fall down Stories of espionage Spies like her Modernism in literature Rumble and roar André Brinks’s new novel Promises, promises The Venetian roots of modern finance By the numbers Economic and financial indicators Statistic on 42 economies, plus a closer look at farmland prices Obituary Winnie Johnson A mother’s duty

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