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Código:HR 330 ENE-MAR 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: London
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2016
Descripción:en varias paginanciones il., fots. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 02/08/2016
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
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Código:HR 330 ENE-MAR 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016:
300:en varias paginanciones il., fots. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 02/08/2016
653Economía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016. # Ingreso:1040401

   en varias paginanciones il., fots..27 cm..

JANUARY 2ND-8TH 2016 Contents The world this week Leaders - Latin America Brazil´fall - Travel visas Sticker shock - Republican tax plans Be serious - Global inflation Low and behold - Internet security When back doors backfire Letters On business, species, elections, whistleblowers, plurals, Donald Trump Briefing Brazil´s crisis Irredeemable? United States - Republican tax plans Indecent disclosure - Race on campus Of slavery and swastikas - Rating pólice officers Revenge of the nerds - Election forecasting Prediction 2016 - Lexington Pitchfork politics The Americas - Human rights in El Salvador Digging for justice - Argentina´s president A fast start Asia - Japan and South Korea Apologies - Family planning in Vietnam Running deer - Thailand´s isurgency No end in sight - India´s economy One country, many markets China - Social media Weibo Warriors - Supply-side economics Reagan´s Chinese ghost Middle East and Africa - Iraq Reclaiming Ramadi - Christians in the Middle East And the there were none - Enforcing morality No sex please, we´re Middle Eastern - Ethiopia Whatt if they were free? Europe - Russia´s Far East Turning towards China - Vladivostok´s new casino Russian roulette - Spanish politics The chore of the Spanish succession - Polish politics Catholic talk radio - Educating refugees Learning the hard way Britain - Founding the pólice Counting the coppers - Floods Northern waterhouse - Bagehot Bring on the tempest International The undiscovered world A new breed of explorer Business - Travel visas A strange sort of welcome - Activists and resources companies Icahn, you can´t - Capital spending Diggers and data centres - Cruise lines Eastward ho! - Schumpeter Socially responsible, tax-avoiding companies Finance and economics - Global inflation Low for longer - The first VCs Fin-tech - Buttonwood Demystifying 2016 - European insurance firms One rule to bind them all - South-East Asian integration More hat than cattle - Free Exchange Escaping low interest rates Science and technology - Aircraft engines Flying´s new gear - The Nobel prizes Throw caution to the wind? - Meteorology Barmy weather Books and arts - The consequences of 1916 A most terrible year - Kennedy´s other crisis China, India and the CIA - Ukraine´s history Keeping hope alive - Non-Western music Voyages of discovery - New film “The Revenant” bears down Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at the fastest- and slowest-growing economies Obituary Elsie Tu From missionary to firebrand --- JANUARY 9TH-15TH 2016 Contens The world this week Leaders - Saudi Arabia The bueprint - Nuclear North Korea Another bombshell - China´s market meddling The control quagmire - Puerto Rico The bill will come due - The EU´s presidency Stop the music Letters On the death penalti, Italy, Myanmar, antiques, South Africa, SuperBosses, populism Briefing - Saudi Arabia Young Price in a hurry - Saudi Aramco Sale of the century? Unites States - Puerto Rico Defaults When the salsa stops - Gun laws Talking up arms - The Oregon stand-off They the people - Floods in the Midwest Disaster foretold - Police in schools Arresting developments - Lexington Flanklin Graham´s promised land The Americas - Venezuela´s parlianment The coming confrontation - Crime in Mexico Death and the mayor - Millennials in Canada Surprisingly rich Asia - Politics in Taiwan A Tsai is just a Tsai - Tokyo´s Tsukiji market So long, and thanks for all the fish - The war in Afganistan A bloody year of transition - Banyan Indo-Pakistan relations: just Modi-fied China - Hong Kong and the mainland Publish and be abducted? - Liberal economists Reform´s wise old men Middle East and Africa - Politics in the Middle East The Arab Winter - South Africa´s presidency Another Zuma? - Nigeria´s federation A house divided - Electricity in Africa Faulty power Europe - France fights terror A step too far? - Bavaria´s CSU Merkel´s quarrelsome partner - Assaults in Cologne New year, new fear - Italy´s economy Mezza mezza - European nightlife The decline of clubbing - Charlemagne The Dutch: Europe´s early adopters Britain - The Church of England Resurrection? - Global Anglicanism Rowing, not rowing - Bagehot Preventing Islamic extremism International - Racial segregation The great melting - London´s population White shuffle, not flight Business - The motor industry The driverless, car-sharing road ahead - VW´s scandal The cost of cheating - Gene editing Cutting remarks - Facebook in India Can´t give it away - Fastion retailing To the Maxx - Jollibee Acquired tastes - Startups in Australia From Lucky to plucky - Japanese Enterprise Thinking inside the box - Schumpeter The lessons of the hoverboard fad Finance and economics - The Big Mac index After the dips - Competition in banking Blunt elbows - Oil benchmarks Crude measure - Buttonwood Diverging policymaking - The market for economists The right match - Banking for immigrants Far-sighted - Airbnb Buffett´s revenge - Free Exchange The trouble with forecasting Science and technology - Astronomy Studying black holes - The search for ET Cluster analysis - A real hoverboard Skating with Mcfly - Bugs from the belfry Zoonotic disease Books and arts - American economic growth Its rise and fall - The great rift Africa breaks free - Eisenhower´s armies Wartime Friends - The world in 1946 First chill of the cold war - Leonharh Euler Master mathematician - Molly Crabapple When anger turns to ink Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Live fast, die old --- JANUARY 16TH-22ND 2016 Contens The world this week Leaders - China´s economy The yuan and the markets - Immigration and asylum Migrant men and European women - The Iran nuclear deal Big day imminent; big problems ahead - The battery era A plug - Cohabitation and the law When unmarried parents split Letters On free speech, broadband, Israel, animals Briefing Chinese politics A crisis of faith United States - Barack Obama A voice in the wilderness - Vice-presidential contenders Haley´s comet - Rebuilding New York Bridge and tunnel - The Supreme Court Labour pains - Detroit´s public schools Of rats and debts - Subsidising NFL teams Sacking the taxpayer - Lexington Leaving Congress The Americas - Cuban migrants The last wave - Crime in Mexico The drug lord and the actor Asia - Vietnam´s Communists Changing of the guard? - North Korea´s economy A kim in his counting house - Feral cats in Australia Felicitous felicide - Urban pollution in India Particular China - Military reform Xi´s army shake-up - Lego relents An artista celebrates - Confucian cuisine Just add sage - Banyan Hong Kong´s outrage Middle East and Africa - Sharing the Nile Disputed waters - Botswana Diamond dog - The nuclear deal with Iran The end of the beginning - Political tweeting in Africa Trending in Tanzania? - The war in Yemen Getting closer - The West Bank The doomsday settlement - Power and wáter in Israel Sun and sea Europea - Refugees in Germany Cologne´s aftershocks - Migrant statistics The “man problema” - Catalonia´s new president Rebel, Rebel - Poland and the EU On the naughty step - Fighting French unemployment Mode d´emploi - Charlemagne Referendum madness Britain - Britain and the EU Let the campaigners begin - The NHS Strike one - Bagehot Labour´s quixotic leader International - Unwed parents Carriage and horse - Unmarried, ill-informed The myth of common-Law marriage Business - Lithium Increasingly precious metal - Chinese acquisitions abroad Better than barbarians - Planemakers A smoother ride - E-commerce in India Local heroes - Biotechnology The downside of being “tech talent” Finance and economics - China´s labour market Shocks and absorbers - Buttonwood A gloomy start to 2016 - Remittances with love - The oil market $20 is the new $ 40 - Lotteries A hard sell - Poor financial decisions Anti-choice - SoFi So far, so good - Free Exchange Whither the yuan? Science and technology - Counter- terrorism Shrinking the haystack - Illumination Light-bub moment - Climate change Stopping the big burp - Bird navigation Obscure truths - A fossil parasitoid Getting to the point Books and art - Rare metals Unobtainiums - The maverick mountaineer George Ingle Finch - Love and marriage It takes grit - Obituary: Pierre Boulez L´enfant terrible Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at retail Obituary David Bowie Starman Jones --- JANUARY 23RD-29TH 2016 Contens The world this week Leaders - The world economy Who´s afraid of cheap oil? - Turkey´s war on the kurds Futile repression - Taiwan´s election Dear prudence - Intelligence oversight Snoopers and scrutiny - The millennial generation Young, gifted and held back Letters - On Saudi Arabia, rating pólice, David Bowie, investing, Poland Briefing Oil and the economy The oil conundrum United States - Nuclear weapons Cruise control - The changing electorate No we can´t - Poisoned wáter That Flinty taste - Wage insurance Creative compensation - University teachers Ratings agency - Roy Moore The prophet of decline - Lexington Karl Rove´s history class The Americas - Venezuela´s crisis Heading for a crash - Caribbean tourism Bankruptcy in the Bahamas - Bolivian women Feminism v faith - Bello The success of Plan Colombia Asia - Taiwan´s election A Tsai becomes a cheer - East Asia´s talent agencies Penal colonies - Security in South-East Asia After Jakarta - Terrorism in Pakistan Shady war, shadow peace - Fiji´s tainted politics Corking the genie - Banyan Hallucinations across the Taiwan Strait China - Family relationships Th rise of divorce - China and the Middle East A rare presidential tour Middle East and Africa - Iran´s economy The peace dividend - Israel and Islamic State The caliphate eyes the Holy Land - Egypt´s crackdown Remember, remember - Floating armouries Cruisin´with guns - Kenyan politics Special report: The Young Generation uphill Europe - Turkey and the Kurds Widening the conflict - Religious diplomacy Turkey´s mosqued objectives - Bosnia´s new visitors Ottoman comfort - Renzi and the EU Troublemaker - Charlemagne An ill wind for Merkel Britain - The snoopers´charter Of warrants and watchers - Petition against Trump Not welcome - Pension policy A tangled web - Bagehot Dominic Cummings, and optimistic Eurosceptic International - Pentecostalism… Ecstasy and exodus - … in Brazil… Modesty and ostentation - … and in South Korea Business - Semiconductors Chips on their shoulders - Airlines in America… Don´t get carried away - Engineering firms Hanging loose - Vietnamese companies Gold stars - Media Easy on the ears - Schumpeter The fad for workplace collaboration Finance and economics - Stockmarkets The bear necessities - Russia´s economy Phase two - The impact of refugees For good ori ll - Investment fraud The cockroaches of finance - Buttonwood Endangered dividends - China´s P2P lending boom Taking flight - American Banks Not yeto ut of the woods - Free Exchange Are economists dogmatists? Science and technology - The origin of coal Rocking the world - Zika fever Virus chequers - Medicine Curing multiple sclerosis - Social science Done, bar the counting - Planetary science And then there were nine Book and arts - Indonesia´s man tiger Burning bright - Garth Greenwell´s debut Come as you are - Religion and psychology God is watching you - Central Banks Avoiding the next collapse - The magic of Velázquez With brush and eye - Dadaab and its refugees Cheek by jowl Economic and financial indicators Statistics 42 economies, plus new passenger-car registration, 2015 Obituary Tancréde Melet The artist of the void --- JANUARY 30TH-FEBRUARY 5TH 2016 Contents The world this week Leaders - America´s presidential primaries The brawl begins - Nigeria´s economy Hope the naira falls - Foreign students Train´em up. Kick´em out - Corporate tax Going after Google - The Zika virus Let us spray Letters On migrants, India, Jeremy Corbyn, Catalonia, clubbing, ageing Briefing America´s primary elections Outsiders´chance United States - Walmart and low-wages High expectations - Transgender life Restroom rumpus - Dry California All the leaves are Brown - Ecology Murre mystery - Policing and privacy The StingRay´s tale - Universities and free speech Hard to say - Lexington John Kerry in China The Americas - Brazil Partying on a precipice - Haiti´s election Presidential postponements - The Zika virus To bread, or not to breed - Bello From red tape to joined-up government Asia - The South China Sea Making splash - Politics in Vietnam No changing of the guard - Nepal´s stand-off Trouble in the basement - Subhas Chandra Bose Mystery theatre - Superstition in Thailand Angel baby blues - Kazakhstan´s economy Drift and dissent - Suicide in Japan China - Growth targets Grossly Deceptive Plans - Tibet´s environment A bottled-water threat - Banyan Xi´s confessional culture Middle East and Africa - Nigeria´s economy Crude tactics - Child abuse in Kenya Breaking only by hatred - Africa´s gym craze Beerbelly busters - Trouble in Tunisia Dying to work for the government - A Saudi financial hub Castles in the air Europe - Illiberal central Europe Big, bab Visegrad - Putin´s popularity Impervious to recession - Crisis in Moldova How to steal a republic - Refugees in France Why aren´t there more? - Charlemagne The EU´s values-free foreign policy Britain - Black Britons The next generation - Counterculture God sabe the punk - Brexit war games A rocky rehearsal - Bagehot Putin and the death of a Londoner International Students abroad Brains without borders Business - Art auctions House pride - Web auctions Going once, going online - Toshiba and Sharp Coming clean? - Apple ¡Phone, therefore I am - Car-hailing apps in China More than mobility - Steelmaking A corrosive climate - Schumpeter “Dynamic” pricing Finance and economics - Natural gas Step on it - Buttonwood The crazy world of credit - Fintech and insurance Against the odds - Google´s tax deal A digital dust-up - Robots v humans Machine earning - The economic of corruption The wages of sin - Big banks Chop chop - Free exchange Reviving Italy´s economy Science and technology - Touchscreens The finger moves on - Artificial intelligence Computer say Go - Winemaking The perfect pinot problem - Schizophrenia Brain gains - Miniature satellites Cubism Book and art - Dark money Influence in America - Julian Barnes Music and memory - Communists in Britain Reds in the bed - Life in London Beyond the glitter - Banning alcohol Prohibition era - Johnson A column on language Economic and financial indicators Statistics in 42 economies, plus a closer look at corruption Obituary George Weidenfeld A world on Friends --- FEBRUARY 6TH-12TH 2016 Contents The world this week Leaders - Europe´s refugees How to manage the migrant crisis - Interest rates Negative creep - Libya The third front - Britain and the EU The accidental Europhile - HSBC´s domicile dilemma Asian dissuasion Letters On economic, American politics, inmigration, divorce, il, Donald, Trump Briefing - Europe´s migrant crisis Forming an orderly queue - Schengen´s impact Putting up barriers United States - Ted Cruz The man in the ostrich-skin boots - Iowa and beyond Trump bumped - The campaigns Heard grass roots - Political advertising A bit MEH - School choise A lottery lose - Confederate monuments Recast in Stone - Lexington Falling towards Hillary The Americas - Mining in Latin America Conflict and co-operation - Miners and aboriginals in Canada I´ll see you in court - Bello The endgame in Venezuela Asia - Democracy in Myanmar A new parliament opens - Asian nuclear weapons A race beneath the seas - North Korean missiles Going ballistic again - Politics in Japan Negative rates, positive polls - Banyan Singapore and the art of political survival China - Financial fraud Xi´s Ponzi worries - Television news Evening propaganda - Diplomatic insults How feelings get hurt Special report: Turkey Erdogan´s new sultanate After Middle East and Africa - Jihadists in Libya Islamic State - Jordan At boiling point - Algeria Who is in charge? - The International Criminal Court Mutual protection - Kenya´s flower trade Leaving on a jet plane Europe - France´s Socialists Macro the iconoclast - Migrants and youth Girl, not abducted - German Russophiles Bear-backers - Russia and Chechnya Putin´s enforcer - Charlemagne The safe-harbour battle Britain - The EU referendum Slings and arrows - The elderly Shades of grey - Bagehot London´s next mayor International - Call centres The end of the line - Night shifts and health I´ll sleep when I´m dead Business - The consumer v the corporation Handling disputes - Oil companies In the dark ages - The chemicals industry Bad romance - Agribusiness Of profits and prophesies - Corporate hegemony The dominant dozen - Pilot Flying J A truck-stop recovery - Schumpeter Succession in the Gulf Finance and economics - London v Hong Kong HSBC´s dilemma - Buttonwood Valuing equities - Argentina´s debts Feeding the vultures - Klarna From payments to banking - The American consumer Still kicking - Finland´s economy Permafrost - Free Exchange Making trade work Science and technology - Organ preservation Wait not in vain - Guinea-worm disease Going, going… - Voice-powered devices Good vibrations - Doping No more horsing around - Winging it Convergent evolution - The scientific method Let´s just try that again Book and arts - Chamber music Four into one does go - Egypt´s uprising Reading Piketty on the Nile - Latin´s Greek roots Once upon a time - Neurosurgeon´s farewell As he lay dying - A Jewish memoir England, my England - Art and the internet When new grows old Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly of forecasters Obituary Henry Worsley In Shackleton´s shadow --- FEBRUARY 13TH-19TH 2016 Contents The world this week Leaders - Regulating cannabis The right way to do drugs - Hong Kong Wounded society - European Banks Borrowed time - Travel in Africa Let Africans fly - The Mekong river Damned if you do Letters On Arab investment, electricity, restrooms, citizenship, dedicated subscriber, punk, collaboration Briefing Legalising cannabis Reeferegulatory challenge United States - New Hampshire Trumped and Berned - Sanders´economic policy A vote for what? - Trump´s German roots Kallstadt´s King - The campaigns Heard on the trail - Libertarians Live free, or try - Climate change Supreme emissions - The defence Budget Mr Carter placer his bets - Lobsters Shell shock - Lexington The talk-radio election The Americas - Argentina´s statistics An Augean stable - Bello Towards univesal health care - What Cubans think of Cruz and Rubio Not much - Currencies Border bazaar Asia - North Korea and the world Between Punxsutawney and Pyongyang - Tasmania´s new course Water into wine - Tasmania´s forests Saving the Swift parrot - Banyan The ASEAN-Obama love-in China - Hong Kong and the mainland Troubled transport schemes - Rioting erupts Street violence and politics - Corruption Portrait of a purge Middle East and Africa - Aviation in Africa Departure delayed - Saving Africa´s rhinos Dogs beat drones - The veil in wet Africa Banning the burga - Syria´s war Assad on the offensive - The Mosul dam A watery time-bomb Essay - Introduction Requiem for a river - Chapter one A world receding - Chapter two The vanishing 4,000 - Chapter three Fathers and sons - Chapter four The delta Europe - Corruption in Ukraine Friends in high places - Smoking in France Puffing along - Spanish politics Back to the bullring - Germany and refugees Is the welcome culture legal? - Russians in London Government in exile - Charlemagne Britain and the EU Britain - The tax code Spaghetti junction - Brexit Budgetary bust-ups - Bagehot Cameron the diplomat International - Coral in peril How to sabe it - Corals in the South China Sea A thousand cuts Business - Railways in America Doing the locomotion - France´s almighty bosses In praise of the splits - Twitter Clunky Dorsey - Japanese companies Sharp elbows - Foxconn Pointed questions - Indian business Crossing the desert - Turkish wine producers Sour grapes - Drone-racing Whizz kids - Schumpeter Diversity fatigue Finance and economics - Falling bank shares A tempest of fear - Buttonwood Central bankers´put options - Deutsche Bank Discomforting brew - Gold A hedge against ignorance - Lesbians´wage Premium Girl power - Sri Lanka´s economy Taxing times - Free Exchange Optimising romance Science and technology - Gravitational waves Merger and acquisition - Neanderthals and disease A Parthian shot - Bacterial visión Go towards the light - Livers and alcohol Bugs in the system - Air quality In the air tonight Books and arts - Pandemic Global contagion - Proust as a graphic novel Second bite of the madeleine - The art of the con Fool me once - Johnson Double-edged words - Sex in the sea Kama Sutra meets Jacques Cousteau - A Holocaust memoir Dear father Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at defence budgets Orbituary Marvin Minsky Mind and machine --- FEBRUARY 20TH-26TH 2016 Contents The world this week Le world this week Leaders - The world economy Out of ammo? - The South China Sea Sunnylands, cloudy waters - America´s Supreme Court After Scalia - The war in Syria The peril of inaction - Reforming FIFA SEC as a parrot Letters On refugees, Europe, brains, China, the Cleveland Browns, millennials Briefing Fighting the next recession Unfamiliar ways forward United States - The Supreme Court Courting controversy - Sourth Carolina Bush land no more - Sanders and black voters Slow Bern - The campaigns Heard on the trail - Analysing Trump Inc From the Tower to the White House - Lexington Bloomberg´s momento The Americas - Bolivia´s referéndum They think it´s all Evo - Venezuela´s debt Praying to pay - Jamaica´s election Let them eat goat - Bello Rigging Peru´s election Asia - Thailand´s coup politics Twentieth time lucky? - Politics in the Maldives Archipelago of ire - Alcohol in India Barmy booze bureaucracy - Media freedom in Japan Anchors away - South Korea and its neighbours The por relations China - Dementia The burden of ageing - Trees Hong Kong A threatened species - Left-behind children The government responds - Banyan A gala for Xi Middle East and Africa - Putin´s war in Syria Why would he stop now? - Counting the dead Syria´s ghastly toll - Elections in Iran The great candidate cull - Students in South Africa Whiteness burning - Elections in Uganda No jam today Europe - Anti-austerity politics Fudging the revolution - Russia´s lawless economy Night of the long scoops - French politics Comeback skid - Europe´s civil courts The slow wheels of justice - Charlemagne How Europe lost Turkey Britain - Wales Full steam ahead? - Hotels v Airbnb Build and they will come - Bagehot Explaining Euroscepticism International - Tax evasión The biggest loophole of all - Secrecy in Panama The problema child Business - Mobile telecoms The advent of 5G - Mining Core ores - Apple´s encryption battle Tim Cook, privacy martyr? - Breakfast cereals Soggy sales - Bombardier Plane truths - Greek businesses An actual Grexit - Schumpeter Performance reviews Finance and economics - Manufacturing A hard pounding - Buttonwood Liquidity and markets - Low interest rates (1) Japan turns negative - Low interest rates (2) Insurance suffers - Oil A Saudi-Russian accord - The gig economy Smooth operators - Hedge funds Not dead, just resting - Free Exchange Central-bank credibility Science and technology - The AAAS Cassava-nova - Inmunology Mr T-cell - Genetic engineering CRISPR crunch - Analysing art Light, relief Book and arts - The Romanov dynasty Long they ruled - Julian Ward Howe Her truth marches on - American Utopianism Short-lived, much loved - Syrian court music Song of Aleppo - Damascus Love story - Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun Woman of the world Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at food prices Orbituary Antonin Scalia Always right --- FEBRUARY 27TH-MARCH 4TH 2016 Contens The world this week Leaders - The Republicans Time to fire him - Britain and the EU The real danger of Brexit - Making indonesia work Open up - Traffic in megacities Jam today - Apple v the FBI Code to ruin? Letters On international students, Trump history, monuments, tax reliefs, linguistics, Supreme Court Briefing - Britain and the EU The Brexit delusion - Britain´s EU reforms A change of status United States - Marco Rubio The moral of this story - The Nevada caucuses Winning big - The campaigns Heard on the trail - The religious left The least of these - Fringe movements Finding Keepers - Lexington A Latino firewall totters The Americas - Crime in Mexico Mean beaches - Architecture in Sao Paulo Biography of a building - Bello A rebuke to Evo Morales Asia - Caste in India Backward ho! - South korean individualism Zero to hero - Japanese politics What´s in a name? - Traffic in the Philippines´capital Slowly does it - Politics in Cambodia Same old, same old - Banyan Asia taking arms China - Football A spending splurge - Families The ordeals of single mothers - Online dissent A bold tycoon Middle East and Africa - Trade within Africa Tear down these walls - Ethiopia´s drought Dry, with a change of famine - Syria Russia calls the shots - Consanguineous marriage Keeping it in the family - Israel An Arab agenda - Iran´s election Even hardliners want reform - Kurdistan Fin de renaissance Special report: Indonesia Jokowi´s momento Europe - Refugees in Greece No way out - German right-wingers The radicalising middle - Organised crime China nostra - Happiness in Europe Hell is other people, for Swedes - Charlemagne Ever farther unión Britain - The justice system Law in a time of austerity - Tories and the EU Blue on blue International - Ending energy poverty Power to the powerless Business - Industry in China The march of the zombies - The India-China trade gap Arrive full, leave empty - The film business Fading stars - Hollywood Silver-screen playbook - Natural resources Flare-up - German industry Town and Company - Schumpeter CEOs as statesmen Finance and economics - Stockmarkets Complicate, then prevaricate - Exchange mergers Stocks exchanged - Banks and money-laundering Woops apocalypse - Buttonwood Trump´s economic plan - China´s stockmarket Fail to the chief - Overhauling Swiss banking Shake your money makers - BBVA Digital addition - India´s Budget Leap of faith - Free exchange Is London too small? Science and technology - Cryptography Taking a bite at the Apple - Cancer A run a day keeps the tumour at bay - Trachoma Less blind - Sexual reproduction Rubies from the rubbish - Cuckoldry and song Fidelio Books and arts - Hieronymus Bosch Begetter of the Renaissance - David Astor´s Observer Setting the liberal agenda - Being a beast Animal instinct - Free-diving Living and breathing - Elizabeth Strout´s fiction Family ties - Johnson Fidding with French Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at sovereign-wealth funds Orbituary Harper Lee and Umberto Eco The finger of fame --- MARCH 5TH-11TH 2016 Contens The world this week Leaders - America´s primaries Battle lines - E-commerce India online - Iran´s election Against the reactionaries - Malaysia´s prime minister The Najib effect - Concussion Schools and hard knocks Letters On cannabis, freedom of press, American politics, diversity, Brexit, Language, Cornwall Briefing Online retailing in India The great race United States - Super Tuesday Goobye, Rubio Tuesday - Abortion Back in court - The campaigns Heard on the trail - Primaries The party declines - Lexington Cosying up to Trump The Americas - Argentina´s debt A deal at last - Canadian foreign policy Trudeaumania 2 - Americans in Canada Border babies v the IRS - Bello Zika and the Olympics Asia - Scandals in Malaysia The art of survival - Malaysia´s 1MDB affair Follow the money - Sanctions on North Korea Big bother - Intolerance in Pakistan A game of dare - Banyan Patriotism, Indian style China - A new economic plan The distraction of politics - Hong Kong´s future A doom-filled film Middle East and Africa - Iran Mr Rohani´s victory - Syria´s fragile truce Too many holes to last - Lebanon When elephants battle - Egyptian television hosts Sisi´s mouthpieces - Electricity in Nigeria Lights out - Film-making in Uganda Lights, camera, no budget - African migration To the land of good hope Europe - France´s labour reforms No more nine-to-four - The Irish election Fragged - Refugees in Greece Rising tide - Regulating pesticides Fog of uncertainty - Charlemagne Germany´s myth of the Heile Welt Britain - Transport infrastructure Life in the slow lane - Brexit briet In, out, find a fib to shout - Bagehot Tory unity in disunity International - Internet governance We, the networks - The IETF Mother of consensus Business - Volkswagen Emission imposible - Aubrey McClendon Death of a shale pioneer - Our glass-ceiling index Still a man´s world - Road haulage The appy trucker - Italian coffee firms Not so espresso - Schumpeter America´s rust-belt revival Finance and economics - Emerging-market debt The well runs dry - Buttonwood 4,000 years of investing - Russia issues a bond Toe in the wáter - High-denomination banknotes Cash talk - Barckays Africa Capital in fetters - The euro-zone economy The new mediocre - Bilking investors America´s crooked financial advisers - Free Exchange China´s debt binge Science and technology - Concussion Bang to rights - Rogue waves Incoming! - The internet of things Passive voice - Economics as a science A far from dismal outcome - Social media The médium is the messengers Books and arts - America´s election A test for political science - New horizons The art world discovers Africa Economic and finacial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Eric “Winkle” Brown Know your enemy --- MARCH 12TH-18TH 2016 Contens The world this week Leaders - After Moore´s law The future of computing - The Petrobras scandal Interrogating Lula - Farming in Africa Miracle grow - China´s economy Ore-inspiring - Europe´s migrant crisis A messy but necessary deal Letters On Donald Trump, the Maldives, English law firms, Gaelic games Briefing African agricultura A Green evolution United States - Varieties of inequality The great divergence - Injustice The ruin of many a por boy - Polling flops Mich-fire - Heard on the trail GOP souvenir edition - The primaries Trump done well - Becoming an astronaut Mice in their million hordes - Lexington Cuban-Americans The Americans - Brazil´s political crisis Lula under fire - Caribbean prisons Blue seas, black holes - Antiquities in Latin America Returning the hatchet - Bello The return of inflation Asia - The Philippines´election A family affair - Politics in Kiribati Making waves - Religion in India Holy noodles - Taiwanese identity Multiculti roots - Japanese politics Abe agonistes - Banyan Asia not gloating, but fretting China - A new five-year plan Unlucky for some - Political music Praising Xi in song - Carbon emissions Modest targets - Trade with North Korea What sanctions? Technology Quarterly Middle East and Africa - Women in Saudi Arabia One step forward, one step back - Transport in the Middle East In a jam - Equatorial Guinea Palace in the jungle - Rwanda The Kagame dilemma - Energy in Rwanda What lies beneath Lake Kivu Europe - Europe and Turkey A new migration deal - German state elections Mutti´s challenge - Nadia Savchenko A modern martyr - Italy´s Five Star Moment Stmartening up - Charlemagne The necessity of culture Britain - Britain and the EU Next stop: Brexit? - Illegal immigration Channel hopping - Aston Martin and McLaren Speed merchants - Bagehot The meaning of the Gogglebox International - Civil servants Mandarin lessons - Exam-cramming in India Turn ver your papers… now Business - Health care Things are looking app - Fracking companies DUC and cover - Royal Enfield Approved by mothers-in-law - The Wallenberg group A Nordic pyramid - BMW at 100 Bavarian rhapsody - Retailing Shops to showrooms - Schumpeter Mexico keeps the faith in globalisation Finance and economics - Chinese property For whom the bubble blows - Buttonwood High tech, low finance - America´s economy Inflation rises, unnoticed - Commodities Steel chrysanthemums - Greek Banks On the front line - Financing divorce Till debt us do part - Discount brokerages Free trade - Free exchange Feminist economics Science and technology - Artificial intelligence The Go showdown - Early human diets Without fire? 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