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Código:HR 330 OCT 2015 - ENE 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: London
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2015
Descripción:varias paginaciones; il., fots., gráfs. 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 12/08/2016
Palabras Claves:DERECHO;
Términos Locales:Derecho - Revista;
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Código:HR 330 OCT 2015 - ENE 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2015:
300:varias paginaciones; il., fots., gráfs. 27 cm.
500:F.I. 12/08/2016
653Derecho - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2015. # Ingreso:1041022

   varias paginaciones; il., fots., gráfs..27 cm..

OCTOBER 3RD-9TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - The dollar Dominant and dangerous - Zimbabwe Act before the tyrant diez - Property taxes Welcome to New London - War in the Muslim world Putin dares, Obama dithers - Remembering history Museum pieces Letters On consciousness, migrants, Thailand, bureaucracy, seed banks, accomplishments Letters to the editor Briefing Asian-Americans The model minority is losing patience United States - Lethal injection Cruel and increasingly unusual - Hillary Clinton in the South Not quite fireproof - Meth v alcohol The heirs of Al Capone - Congress Exit John Boehner - Explaining low inflation The lowdown - The Supreme Court Gavels ready - Lexington Ben Carson The Americas - Venezuela’s legislative elections Muddled, yet united - Term limits in Bolivia The man who would be King - Justin Trudeau Canada’s hair - Bello Dilma in the vortex Asia - Afghanistan and a resurgent Taliban Unhappy anniversary - Myanmar´s election Divided we stand - North Korea Blast from the past - Japanese erotic art Pillow fight - An Asia slowdown Running out of puff - Banyan Xi and Modi: a Pooh and a bear-hugger China - Xi and the UN The blue helmets - Green markets Domesday scenario - Urban design Darkness under the light Middle East and Africa - Zimbabwe Backs to the Wall - South Africa´s opposition City stakes - Nairobi´s property boom Find the money - Swaziland Elephantine delusions - Saudi Arabia King Salman’s year of trouble - Israel and the Palestinians Abbas’s damp squib The sticky superpower The world economy Europe - Russia in Syria A new spectacle for the masses - Germany united The trouble with Saxony - Refugees in Turkey No good deed goes unclaimed (27) - Meltdown at FIFA The continuity candidate - Italian gambling An offer they couldn’t refuse - Charlemagne Leaders in driverless cars Britain - The Labour Party End of the pier show - Railways Gravy trains - Bagehot Hi-de-Hi with Jeremy Corbyn International - Climate change It’s getting hotter - Short-lived climate pollutants Low-hanging dirt Business - Carmakers after the VW scandal Good in parts - Car loans Warning light - Oil companies in the Arctic A rig too far - Mexico’s oilfield auction Lessons learned - Foreign takeovers in Australia Selling the farm - E-commerce in India Snap, flip and crackle - Board games Not twilight, but sunrise - Schumpeter Capitalism and its discontents Finance and economics - The copper market Red scare - Buttonwood Corporate-bond yields - Abenomics Less of the same - Emerging markets Under the cosh - Resilient notes and coins Money for everything - Property taxes London and New York - Global housing markets Upwardly mobile - Free exchange Will the yuan supplant the dollar? Books and arts - Henry Kissinger Ideas man - Artificial intelligence Machines for thinking - Asian-American history Tiger ancestors - German football The making of a Fussballwunder - The Wadsworth Atheneum Temple of delight Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at commodity prices Obituary Yogi Berra It ain’t over til it’s over --- OCTOBER 10TH-16TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Viruses and parasites Eradicating disease - The Trans-Pacific Partnership Every silver lining has a cloud - Egypt under Sisi No return to democracy - Europe’s migrant crisis Angela the beleaguered - India´s emissions Greenery by stealth Letters On Volkswagen, Muslims, South Africa, the World Bank, vaccinations Letters to the editor Briefing Malaria eradication Breaking the fever United States - The Democratic primary Berning up - America and Afghanistan The unending war - Assisted dying Brownlighted - Tort law Ralph’s house - Ending mass incarceration Two cheers - Slaughterhouses A jungle no more - Lexington Ashton Carter The Americas - Violence in El Salvador Rivers of blood - Bello Gay rights - Canada’s election Politics of the niqab - Syrians in Brazil Welcome, but not working Asia - India and the environment Catching China - The Hangul alphabet Superscript - Banyan China: big motherland China - Resettling refugees A rare success - Politics in Hong Kong A former leader arrested Middle East and Africa - Egyptian politics The liberals´sad state - Syria's opposition Down but not yet out - Aid in the Middle East The quality of mercy - South Sudan That elusive peace - Nigeria’s government Baba go slow Europe - Germany’s refugee crisis Merkel at her limit - Russia’s Syrian war An odd way to make Friends - Belarus´s despot Strong man and Mini-Me - French unions Shirty - Spanish ident politics The mosque in the cathedral - Charlemagne Europe needs Erdogan Britain - The Conservative Party Unchallenged yet unstable - English cities All politics is local - Immigration The snarling dud of May - Bagehot Keep calm and vote Dave International - Data and privacy Get off of my cloud - Data and privacy Under my thumb Business - Corporate taxation New rules, same old paradigm - Tax havens Still slipping the net - Oil companies in America Debt and alive - Chinese internet firms Clubbing together - Indian private universities Go forth and multiply - Auction houses Blue period - Schumpeter Why Norway must rediscover its viking spirit Finance and economics - The Trans-Pacific Partnership Weighing anchor - Buttonwood Taxing pensions - Latin America´s economies Grey days - Insider trading Friends without benefits - Agricultural commodity markets Oily food - Health spending The pause before fast-forward - Fund management Two’s a crowd - Free Exchange Quantitative frightening Science and technology - The 2015 Nobel science prizes Wisdom, ancient and modern - Food safety Particle biology - Dysmorphology Looking for answers - Data analysis On the other hands Books and arts - Carers and careers Unifinished business - Detroit story Once in a great city - Ameida Theatre It´s all Greek Business books quaterly - Leadership True north - The circular economy Green and more Green - Behavioural economics Lessons of failure - Entrepreneurs in emerging nations From the other side Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Denis Healey A fighting life --- OCTOBER 17TH-23RD 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Great-power politics The new game - Britain and Europe The reluctant European - Cloud computing The sky’s limit - Canada’s election Living dangerously - China’s left-behind generation Pity the children Letters On climate change, the dollar, housing, Russia, statues, martial arts Briefing China’s left-behind Little match children United States - Refugees in America Yearning to breathe free - Feuding Republicans The new McCarthyites - Gang shootings Sagas by the Strip - Juveniles in prison Parsing sentence - Selling cannabis Mother of all highs - Films in the South That old zombie charm - Lexington One-horse race The Americas - Canada’s election Struggling to stay afloat - Bello The persistence of Peronism - Canada’s economy The dangers of debt Asia - Indian elections Fighting for Bihar - Okinawa Base battles - Insurgency in the Philippines Elusive peace - Disabled sports in Japan The price of names - Soothsaying in Sri Lanka The Price of names - Punishment Thailand Novel techniques China - Li Keqiang Power behind the economy - Ideology The revival of Marx Special report: Britain and the European Unión recluctant European Middle East and Africa - Russia and Iraq Putin, champion of the Shias - Israeli-Palestinian violence On the edge - Iraq’s Christians Nour’s list - Private security in Nigeria Rent-a-cop - Democracy in West Africa Fingers crossed in Guinea - Somaliland Going it alone Europe - Terrorism in Turkey Heightening the contradictions - Migration into Europe Spain´s forward defence - The MH17 report Europe´s wake-up - Italy´s constitution Not just hand-waving - Crimea’s empty spas Muddling through - Charlemagne The TTIP of the spear Britain - The economy The other déficit - Views on Europe Not team players - Bagehot In Cawdor´s shadow International Sea power Who rules the waves? Business - Merger under a cloud Dell and EMC - AB InBev and SABMiller The beerhemoth - Ferrari’s flotation Wheel spin-off - Poste Italiane´s IPO Post apocalypse - China’s film industry Lost in Shangywood - Business schools Still a must-have - The world’s best business degrees Which MBA? 2015 - Schumpeter Technology and professions Finance and economics - European Banks The agony continues - Buttonwood Collateral damage - Exchange rates Pegs under pressure - Banking in Africa Somali star - Indonesia´s economy The unstimulating stimulus - Free exchange This year´s Nobel Science and technology - CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing No pig in a poke - RNA drugs The slopes of enlightenment - Anthropology Now I lay me down to sleep - Flying boats Enter, the dragon Books and arts - The Romans What a strange lot - Margaret Thatcher High in iron - The Horn on Africa Money, war and power - Ben Bernanke at the Fed Talk talk - Andrea del Sarto at the Frick Free hand - China and censorship Chop chop Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at merchant fleets Obituary Brian Friel A quiet bell ringing --- OCTOBER 24TH-30TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Management Reinventing the Company - China and Britain Friends in need - Republicans in Congress The Speaker’s shoes - Argentina’s election Cleaning up after Cristina - Mental-health research Mind stretching Letters On tax rules, Norway, trade, railways, Jeremy Corbyn Briefing American capitalism Reinventing the deal United States - Civil-military relations Who will fight the next war? - The Democratic race Joe says no - Playboy in Chicago Sex doesn’t sell any more - Social change and the Southern Baptists Love the sinner - Google Books in court Keep calm and click on - Lexington Democrats in them thar hills The Americas - Trudeau wins Canada’s untested prime minister - Argentina’s next president The end of kirchnerismo - Haiti’s elections No bums to throw out - Bello Damage control in Chile Asia - Nepal v India Crisis in Kathmandu - Taiwan politics Turmoil in the KMT - History in South Korea A grim orthdoxy - Nuclear power in Japan Edging towards Dai-ichi - Banyan South Kora´s balancing act China - Business and corruption Robber barons, beware - The five-year plan The party´s new goals - Hong Kong’s colonial relics Embarrassing insignia Middle East and Africa - Africa’s middle class Few and far between - Tanzanian politics Challenging the descendants of Julius - Road deaths in Africa Worse than malaria - Iran and the nuclear deal The next battle begins - Plastic surgery in Iran Under the knife - Israeli politics The sound of the drum - The war in Yemen The unbeautiful south Europe - Poland’s resurgent right Voting for a better yesterday - The migrant crisis German flexibility - Swiss elections Fear of immigration - Romania´s jail literatura Time off for bad prose - Rural France The countryside in back - Charlemagne Angela Melkel´refugee realpolitik Britain - Xi Jinping´s visit We can pivot too - Steelmaking Steeled for worse - Bagehot Physician, heal thyself International Post-traumatic stress disorder Fear itself Business - Peak profits The age of the torporation - Yahoo A portal to nowhere - Coach travel in Europe Revolution on wheels - BlaBlaCar Something to chat about - Multi-level marketing in America Pharaonic creations - Corruption and natural resources A fight for light - EDF’s nuclear ambitions French lessons - Reviews on Amazon Five-star fakes - Schumpeter Nine billion company names Finance and economics - Retail banking Cracking the vault - Buttonwood Emerging makets - America´s economy Dodgy GDP data - Egypt´s foreign reserves Dwindling dollars - Debt in China Deleveraging delayed - The euro-zone economy Under threat - Corporate tax in Europe State raid - Free exchange Temperature and productivity Science and technology - Fusion power Stellar work - Fusion startups Nuclear proliferation - Birth order and intelligence Who’s the number one son? - Alzheimer’s disease Fungus, the bogeyman - Quantum theory Hidden no more - A new Galápagos tortoise Animal taxonomy Books and arts - The invention of science Controversial story - Physics lessons The universo, writ small - Unauthorised Ted Hughes State of an eco-warrior - Dark day of the 1940s Holocaust as warning - Chicago school of economics Going off the rails - Orhan Pamuk The migrant´s stale - Monotheism at the British Museum Abraham on the Nile Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at oil exporters in the Middle East and north Africa Obituary Paul Prudhomme The joy of jambalaya --- OCTOBER 31ST-NOVEMBER 6TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Blockchins The trust machine - Britain’s House of Lords Right answer, spoken out of turn - Democracy in Myanmar Still the generals’ election - Turkey’s election Sultan at bay - Ending a war Lessons from Colombia Letters On Asian-Americans, malaria, Iraq, Canada, the South China Sea, Angus Deaton, Hillary Clinton Briefing Bitcoin and blockchains The great chain of being sure about things United States - The federal Budget Cleaning the barn - Politics in Kentucky An outsider for governor? - Policing Paralysed by You Tube - The value on university Where´s best? - Lexington A city that waths more refugees The Americas - Argentina’s elections A big surprise - Argentina’s elections Who is Mauricio Macri? - Guatemala´s president Electing a comedian - Bello Bringing up better babies Asia - An election in Myanmar Change in the air - Attempted munder in the Maldives Veep in the dock - Japan´s Buddhists Vanishing temples - Banyan America sails, China wails China - Eliminating rural poverty The final push - If China´s provinces were countries Comparing longevity - Banning golf Bunkers and bribes Special report: Colombia Halfway to success Middle East and Africa - Iraq´s war against IS One step back, two steps forward - Politics in Iraq Uneasy lies the head - Protests in South Africa Boiling over - Reclaiming Nigeria After Boko Haram - The International Criminal Court Against impunity Europe - Turkey’s election Voting to the sound of explosions - Poland turns right A conservative enigma - Portugal’s politics Left march - The 2006 World Cup Fair play or foul? - Bavaria and migration Migrants spoil the joke - Charlemagne A task for Tusk Britain - Welfare Credit crunch - The House of Lords Crisis? What crisis? - Bagehot The spectre of past glories International Nuclear energy Half-death Business - Container shipping The big-box game - Dry-bulk cargo shipping Hitting the bottom - Network neutraly A multi-speed Europe - Theranos The table of the unicorn - Multinationals in China A harder road ahead - Recruitment No names, no bias? - Schumpeter Creative accounting Finance and economics - Brazil´s economy Fiscal dominance - Buttonwood Rates and markets - Bank regulation in China Letting go - Robo-advisers Does not compute - Cashpoints The eyes have it - Private-debt investing Lenders of first resort - Credit unions Winning converts - Free Exchange Money does buy happiness Science and technology - Evolution Greater than the sum of its parts - Financial time machines Stamp collectors - Malaria One more punch - Dentistry Tooth fairy-dust Books and arts - John le Carré Comes in from the cold - Charlotte Bronte Woman of substance - Economic history FDR for beginners - American fiction Fiery debut - Ottoman history War, revolution and the endgame - Frank Gehry A life in shapes Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at the time it takes to start a business Obituary Irwin Schiff The man who said no --- NOVEMBER 7TH-13TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Germany and Europe The indispensable European - China and Taiwan Talk strait - The Republican Party Clean-cut radicals - Heroin addiction How to smack it down - Family planning in China Two little, too late Letters On Britain and Europe, share buy-backs, Myanmar, companies Briefing Angela Merkel The chancellor’s crucible United States - The Republicans Being right - White America Mid-life crisis - Obamacare Take three - San Francisco Golden gates - Guns in universities Revenge of the nerds - Energy policy and the states Mostly over bar the shouting - Sea snakes Fangs a lot - Lexington Learning to Love compromiso The Americas - Mexico’s economy Shopping therapy - The Inuit language Easier said than written - Bello A Brazilian Elder statesman Asia - Cross-strait relations Hands across the wáter - China’s offensive charm Reef knots - Bangladesh Fear in the shadows - Vanuatu Pardon me - Australia and the monarchy Knightmare’s end - Banyan Indian politics gets ugly China - Population control Now, the two-child policy - Family planning in Xinjiang Tighter controls - Singles day Unmarried spending Middle East and Africa - Africa´s industrialisation More a marathon than a sprint - Health care in Kenya Vegetables, not samosas - Urban traffic Paralysed in logos - Oil under the Golan The territorial catch - A Russian plane crashes Two crackdowns Europe - Russia’s Sergei Shoigu The successor to Putin? - Republic of Tuva Mighty throat singers - Arrests at the Vatican Church of the poor judgment - Turkey’s AK party Illiberalism wins - Charlemagne The dispensable French Britain - The environment Less green and pleasant - The war on Islamic State A vote postponed - Wild salmon Floundering - Bagehot The EU referendum: let battle commence! International - Planning for El Niño Disaster foretold - Indonesia’s forest fires Burning questions Business - Silicon Valley startup Y Combinator, the X Factor of tech - Hewlett-Packard Growing old, but not together - Cyber-security The cost of immaturity - Data breaches in America The rise of the hacker - Pharmaceuticals Drug-fuelled couplings - VW´s emissions scandal Fuel on the fire - New aircraft Rivals to Airbus and Boeing - Video games A crush on mobile - Schumpeter Where expat managers come home Finance and economics - The Securities and Exchange Commission Pots and kettles - Buttonwood America´s pension hole - Greek banks The damaga - Tax evasion America, the mega-haven - The yuan and the SDR Feeling special - The OPEC of maple syrup A sticky situation - Property in Sweden Home is where the heartache is - Free exchange Monetising Japan´s debt Science and technology - Driving in old age Hell’s grannies - Spaceplanes SABRE-rattling - Renewable energy Waving good buy? - Sexual selection My pretty maid - Religion and altruism Kind-hearted heathens Books and arts - Alexander von Humboldt Man of the world - Military hubris Their own worst enemy - Foggy days Grey and dreichy - Italian politics He’s back - American art Modern man Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Günter Schabowski One little word --- NOVEMBER 14TH-20TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - The world economy The never-ending story - Myanmar’s general election A new era - Britain and the EU How to make the case - Student protests The right to fright - Markets in rice Hare-grained Letters On college, BlackRock, America’s army, The British Parliament, Europe, James Bond Briefing The world economy Pulled back in United States - Wages Looking for a rise - Electing judges Courting cash - Undocumented migrants A stay, so go - Beards Pogonophilia - Politics in Louisiana Sins of the fathers - Illinois’s budget stand-off Rauner v the rest - Lexington The narcissism trap The Americas - Immigration to Brazil No golden door - Bello The ugly mood in Venezuela - Canadian oil Keystone flops - Canada’s new government Unmzzling scientists Asia - Democracy in Myanmar Historic elections - Polling in Bihar A big defeat for Modi - Politics in Thailand A troubled elite - Indonesian tourism Trying to catch up - Regional development APEC´s uncertain future - Banyan China´s summit with Taiwan China - Politics The rise a new generation - Internet fiction Sex and censors Middle East and Africa - Arab bureaucracies Aiwa (yes) minister - Iran’s crackdown After the nuclear deal - Conflict in Sinai The peninsular war - Israel and Palestine Stick a label on it - Recovery in Liberia Ebola´s aftermath - Uganda President forever Europe - Doping in athletics Russians on steroids - Russia and terrorism Tolerance for casualties - France’s National Front Fear of migrants - The Polish right Back in power - Politics in Romania Corruption kills - Charlemagne A summit in Malta Britain - Britain and the European Union Cameron’s call to arms - Public services Sharper elbows - Bagehot Trouble in Labourland International - Aviation security After the Metrojet crash - Terrorism in the air Unnerving but uncommon Business - Oil companies and climate change Nodding donkeys - Enel and stranded assets Anyone want a power station? - SoftBank Here comes the Son - A Australian battle From waterfront to boardroom - Retailing in South America Cautious conqueror - Schumpeter Why brands strive to be “authentic” Finance and economics - Rice in Asia Paddy-whacked - Buttonwood Bonds as bank capital - The oil market Abnormally normal - Economics can comedy A graph a minute - Amundi’s IPO Supersize me - Taiwan’s economy Straitened circumstances - Free exchange Getting trade in services to Bloom Science and technology - Dark matter Envisaging the invisible - Earthquake rescue Compare and contrast - Preventing meningitis Knockout jab - America’s BRAIN initiative The observer corps Books and arts - Pop music Makers and shakers - Europe, 1914-49 To hell and back - The financial crisis Debt and the devil - Salem´s witch trials Madness in Massachusetts - Walter Kempowski´s fiction Prussia goes west - “Futurity” in New York If yoy don´t like musicals Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at energy demand in India Obituary Helmut Schmidt Smoke and fire --- NOVEMBER 21ST-27TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Paris How to fight back - Abortion in America Back in court - Ireland’s economy Getting boomier - Industrys digital challenge Machine learning Letters On salmon, Paul Ryan, reviews, mental health, China, Buttonwood Briefing - The war with Islamic State Paris under attack - The enemy within Jihad at the heart of Europe - The war in the Middle East Fighting near and far - Seeking peace in Syria A new alliance United States - Terrorism, refugees and Unfinest hour - Automatic voter registration Left turn - The postal service How to lose $5 billion - Mormons and gay marriage Particularly grievous - Justice in Louisiana Darth Vader’s lament - Baltimore’s spiking murder rate Unsolved - Lexington The Firewall State The Americas - Extradition in Latin America How to handle a drug gang - Bello The paradox of Enrique Peña Nieto - Ecuador Wily President Correa - Venezuelan slang A Bolivarian-English dictionary Asia - Myanmar’s election Minority report - Cambodian politics The trap is laid - The slums of Seoul Moonrise kingdoms - Vietnam’s economy Crying over cheap milk - Banyan Personality politics in the Philippines China - Sex education Dream of the bed chamber - Animal conservation The elephants fight back Middle East and Africa - Chinese investment in Africa Not as easy as it looks - Nigeria’s government At work at last - Tunisian politics The great Arab hope struggles - Sexual harassment in Egypt Slapping back - Iraq Iraq´s blighted city Europe - The Europe’s response After Paris, drawbridges up? - Football as symbol Footie in the time of terror - Moldova on the edge Small enough to fail - Politics and social networks Extreme tweeting - Charlemagne The fly Dutchman Britain - The National Health Service Carry on working? - Northern Ireland The beginnings of a breakthrough - Bagehot The new front line International Open goverment data Out of the box Business - Germany’s industry Does Deutschland do digital? - Bankruptcy in India The business of going bust - Newspapers Up against the paywall - Business travel On the road again - Hotels No reservations - Virtual-reality devices Ready, headset, go - Schumpeter Manufacturers and the internet of things Finance and economics - Investing in a world of low yields Many unhappy returns - Buttonwood Currencies get exciting - Chinese financial regulation Takeover bid - Fannie Mae and Freddie A funny form of conservation - Square’s IPO Swiped - Multinational banks Impecunity in diversity - The Irish economy Celtic Phoenix - Free exchange American education and race Science and technology - The future of sniping Enemy at the gates - Animal behaviour and missile design Hawker hunters - Cool clothing Chilled out - Post-operative bleeding Snake charm Books and arts - The other Paris Bridge of sighs - Winston Churchill Mr high-roller - Gloria Steinem A feminist memoir - Crazy games Footgolf and fox tossing - Great escapes Picnicking on Mount Kenya - Tap dancing It’s got that swing Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at Japan´s GDP Obituary Cédric Mauduit The bureaucrat’s secret --- NOVEMBER 28TH-DECEMBER 4TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Climate change Clear thinking needed - Public spending in Britain U-turns and new turns - Tech unicorns Gored - Russia and Turkey No room for manoeuvre - Argentina’s election The ebbing of the pink tide - General relativity Thanks, Albert Letters On Paris, guns, refugees, free speech, heroin, Republicans, golf Briefing Cyber-security The terrorist in the data United States - America and Syria In Russia’s defeat he trusts - Trump in history This land is our land - Universities What’s in a name - Cricket in America Some corner of Citi Field - American marriages Demand, meet supply - Lexington With Cruz, they’d lose The Americas - Argentina’s new president The end of populism - Bello Argentina in microsm - A Brazilian disaster Solling the sea - Road deaths Safety second Asia - Politics and death in Bangladesh The noose tightens - Sikhism in India Blurred lines - Climate diplomacy Best-laid plans - Kim Young-sam Death of a democrat China - Shanxi province Bad times in coal country - Children’s literature A preachy new genre - Banyan A liberal leader´s ghost Special report: Climate change Hot and bothered Middle East and Africa - Israel and Palestine Managing or failing? - Iran´s economy Heavy liffing required - Nuclear power Wasting energy - Protests in Biafra Go your own way - The Radisson Blu siege Murder in Mali Europe - France at war Coalition of the grudging - Russia v Turkey Fighter jet down - Black Sea blackout Power struggle - Refugees in winter Icy reception - Charlemagne A continent like Belgium Britain - The spending review The unsubtle knife - Housing Giving and taking - Defence and security More gear, maybe more fighting? - Bagehot George Osborne, liberal idealist International From dictatorship to democracy A liberators´guide Business - Technology unicorns Rise and fall - Business in Hong Kong Standing up to Superman - Drugmakers and research Billion-dollar babies - Private space flight Reusable rockets - Corporate culture in South Korea Loosening their ties - Fashion retailing Chicago hope - Schumpeter Disrupting the meaning of disruptive innovation Finance and economics - Negative interest rates Bankers v mattresses - Buttonwood Why Banks fail - China’s bond market Pricing risk - Italy’s bad debts Burden-sharing - BTG Pactual Deep impact - Taxing unhealthy behaviour Big hunk of junk - Free exchange Bailing out Puerto Rico Science and technology - General relativity The most beautiful theory Books and arts - Contemporary Cuban art Seize the day - Food politics in America Fighting Bid Soda - The Maldives A darker shade of blue - Human remains A cultural history - St Augustine Hero from the ancient world Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at growth in Asia Obituary Cynthia Payne Sex in Streatham --- DECEMBER 5TH-11TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - The speend of business Hyperactive, yet passive - Brazil The pot and the kettle - Poland Europe’s new headache - Criminal justice in Japan Forced to confess - Biodiversity In defence of invaders Letters On the USPS, Belgium, salmon, abortion, startups, airlines Briefing Time and the company The creed of speed United States - The federal budget Reflections on projections - Another mass-shooting Lamentable - Policing Chicago The fall guy - Trump's persistence The greatest show on Earth - Enlightened agriculture Moveable feasts - Lexington Campaigns woo with whimsy The Americas - Brazil’s president Initiating impeachment - Bello The toilet-paper tangle - Venezuela’s election Oposition on the march - Tetraphobia Fear of four Asia - Criminal justice in Japan Extractor, few fans - Japan’s prisons Silent screams - India’s diamond polishers Hard faces Minor vices in Malaysia Smoke signals - Banyan Malaysia´s Najib: stick-in-the mud China - Climate change Raise the green lanterns - Stars and morals That’s entertainment - Censorship Freeze: the new normal Technology Quarterly Middle East and Africa - The war in Syria The search for boots on the ground - Iraq’s Shia Muslims The ailing ayatollah - Lebanon 546 days but no president - South African universities The ivory tower - Zimbabwe Light at the end of a long, dark tunnel Europe - Polish government The awkward squad - Russia and Turkey feud Tsar v sultan - Italian tax evasion Show me the money - Bosnia 20 years on Dating Dayton - Europe´air polluction Worse than you think - Charlemagne Denmark, Sweden and migrant Britain - Britain and Syria In Iraq’s shadow - Mega-basements Subterranean blues - Children in prison A welcome jailbreak - Bagehot Marching forth with Stop the War International Invasive species Day of the triffids Business - Corporate crime The age of the whistleblower - Swiss scandals Rough terrain - Chinese companies Red chips, red faces - Pipelines in America Running on empty - The rise of hackathons Going mainstream - Commercial drones Airborne innovation - Cosmetics A shake-up in make-up - Male grooming in South Korea The east is rouge - Schumpeter Family firms and succession Finance and economics - Emerging-market banks Stressful times - Buttonwood Climate and investing - The yuan in the SDR Maiden voyage - Sustainable pensions Live longer, work longer - American health insurers Fit as fiddles - Facebook and philanthropy I’ll give it my way - Gulf currencies Keeping it riyal - Banking and fintech Love and war - Free exchange Putting a price on carbón Science and technology - Climate diplomacy Goal difference - Carbon capture and storage On a hot-tin route - Astronomy Gravity’s rainbow - Microbes and thermoregulation Cold-weather Friends - Genetic engineering Time to think carefully Books and arts - Books of the year Shelf life - Books by Economist writers in 2015 Desk life Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus aur monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Robert Craft At Igor’s side --- DECEMBER 12TH-18TH 2015 Contents The world this week Leaders - Illiberalism Playing with fear - Refugees and Europe More toil, less trouble - Monetary policy After lift-off - Venezuela’s election A counter-revolution - Randomised controlled trials Human guinea pigs Letters On Iraq, smart products, Syria, Colombia, unicorns, George Burns Briefing African demography The young continent United States - American jihadists The home-grown threat - The Supreme Court What people? - Education No Child Left Behind gets left behind - Congress Show and tell - Chicago in film Athens on the lake - Foreigners Not so fast - Esoteric research Sneaking with the fishes - Lexington The politics of panic The Americas - Venezuela’s election Reasons to celebrate - Bello The United States and Cuba talk lot, trade less - Argentina´s president A rocky road - Sunken treasure Who wants to be a galleonaire? - Corruption in Brazil Weird justice Asia - India and Japan Come together - Floods and India Next time by wáter - Deaths at sea North Korea´s ghost vessels - South Korea´s clergy More money than God - Asia’s migrant maids Broken homes - Banyan Myanmar in transit China - Luxury goods Million dollar mastiffs - Censoring TV Blood and cuts Middle East and Africa - Islamic State´s propaganda Unfriended - Islamic State’s finances Degraded - Yemen Houthis, Saudis and jihadis - South Africa’s debts Towards a bail-out - Congolese politics Will Joe go? Europe - France’s National Front Eyes on the prize - Anti-immigrant populism Europe’s little Trumps - Corruption in Ukraine Making Joe Biden mad - Germany´s next chancellor Ursula major - Charlemagne Battling with Britain Britain - The EU referendum Cameron’s Brexit gamble - UKIP Unrisen fruitcakes International - Extreme poverty Leaving it behind - Randomised controlled trials Not just for drugs Business - Europe´s refugees The new arrivals - Antitrust in America Pushing the limits - Alibaba’s media empire Mission improbable - Talent versus hard work Best or Keegan? - Avon’s troubles Ding-dong - Schumpeter Private school for the por Finance and economics - Interest rates in America Buckle up - Buttonwood The Fed and investors - Emerging markets The secular sulk - Bill Gates and the IDB Pooling resources - Banking in Congo Cash in a canoe - Investing in railways On the right track - The ECB’s medicine Raising the dose - Bitcoin’s schism Stumbling blocks - Slumping commodities In a hole - Free exchange The gifts of the moguls Science and technology - Downsized car engines The incredible shrinking machine - Engine oil Fast lube - Camera technology Round the bend - Malnutrition Chicken out - Fatherhood Pot luck - Distant mountains, frozen seas Pictures from Pluto Books and arts - Hollywood and Wall Street Finally, a terrifc films - The Jewish deli Its rise and fall - Michael Cunningham Duty and the beast - Argentine malambo Dancing in the dark - Economic and legal philosophy Bood oil - Women artists No man´s land Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at asset performance Obituary Charles Cawley The man from MBNA --- DECEMBER 19TH 2015-JANUARY 1ST 2016 Contents The world this week Leaders - Disney Star Wars, Disney and myth-making - Spain’s general election ¡Feliz Navidad, España! - South Africa Try again, the beloved country - Climate change Hopelessness and determination - Our country of the year Most favoured nation Letters On climate change, Japan, St Augustine, music, Bernie Sanders Briefing Disney In this Company the forcé is strong United States - Capital punishment Who killed the death penalty? - Muslim refugees Doing just fine - The polls and Donald Trump’s outbursts Enough said - Lexington Miss Manners and modern America The Americas - Legalising marijuana in Canada No so easy - West Indian cricket Gone with the Windies Asia - Pakistan confronts extremism Job half-done - Thailand’s royal pooch Who are you calling a bitch? - North Korea’s pop sensation Songs of praise - Mongolia and copper mining Back in the saddle? China - Internal migration Loosening controls - Philanthropy Panda power Middle East and Africa - South Africa’s trouble democracy The hollow state - Skiing in Iran Off piste in the Islamic Republic - Saudi Arabia One (very) small step for a woman Essay Animal minds They seem to think, therefore… Europe - Spain’s elections Clean hands - Refugees in Berlin Queues and chaos - European Union A real border guard at last - French politics Outflanking Marine - Charlemagne The prospects for Spain´s insurgent parties Britain - Industrial woes The makers stumble - Airports Still stuck in a holding pattern - The Thatcher auction The Iron Lady´s final sell-off - Organised crime Bad blood - Mapping obesity The fat of the land - Mapping obesity The fat of the land International - The Paris agreement on climate change Green light - Forests and climate change Hope for the trees Business - Chinese business and the state Another turn of the screw - Roll-ups Serial thrillers - India’s low-cost carriers SpiceJet ascends - Schumpeter The advent of the SuperBoss Finance and economics - High-yield bonds Canaries or canards? - Ukraine’s prospects Still on the edge - Festive splurges Cash at Christmas - Buttonwood A year of bad calls - Free exchange Wookienomics: lessons for Earth Science and technology - The promise of human exoskeletons Full metal jacket - The perils of public office A merry life but an unhealthy one - Materials science No tangled web - Some pretty cosmic baubles Extra-solar planets Books and arts - The “Hamilton” phenomenon Patriotism on Broadway - Do-gooders Impossible idealism - Soul machines The invention of the modern mind Economic and financial indicators Statistcs on 42 economies, plus a closer look at world GDP Obituary Brajraj Mahapatra King of mud, king of rain

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