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Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1972 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
Ubicación:UCSP - Sucre
Autor Personal:Sky Publishing Corporation
TítuloSky and telescope
Ciudad: Boston
Editorial: Sky Publishing Corporation
Año: 1972
Descripción:66 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
Notas:F.I. 17/10/2016
Palabras Claves:ASTRONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Astronomía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1972 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
100:Sky Publishing Corporation
245Sky and telescope
260:Boston: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1972:
300:66 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
500:F.I. 17/10/2016
653Astronomía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

Sky Publishing Corporation. Sky and telescope. -- . --Boston: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1972. # Ingreso:1051138

   66 páginas; il., fots..29 cm..

CONTENIDO JANUARY 1972 Vol. 43, Nº 1 COVER: These University of Arizona photographs of Jupiter have exceptionally high resolution. They were taken several years ago when the planet was north of the celestial equator, not well south as it is now, which resulted in improved seeing conditions. Top: January 20, 1967, 5: 58:31 Universal time. Bottom: January 25, 1968, 10:13:43 UT. In the latter, the bright disk. To its south the Great Red Spot is distinctly visible. Both photographs were taken with the 61-inch reflector of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Arizona. (See page 4.) - LUNAR AND PLANETARY LABORATORY STUDIES OF JUPITER- I – Gerard P. Kuiper - AN EXPERIMENTO TO MEASURE THE EARTH´S. – Darrel Hoff - THREE SPACECRAFT STUDY THE RED PLANET - OBSERVATORY AT RIDLEY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA - TELESCOPIC OBSERVATIONS OF MARS IN 1971- III – Gerard de Vaucouleaurs - SOME DEEP-SKY PHOTOGRAPHS – Kurt Rihm - SOLAR ECLIPSE OF JULY 10, 1972 - EVENTS OF 1972 IN THE GRAPHIC TIME TABLE – Maryland Academy of Sciences - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS European Amateurs Meet in West Germany – Günter D. Roth - BOOKS AND THE SKY White Dwarfs Planetary Atmospheres Principles of Astronomy GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A 4 ½-inch Unobstructed Maksutov Telescope – Arthur E. Crowe, Jr. - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Occultation Highlights for the Year 1972 – David W. Dunham The Leonids in November The Lunar Eclipse in January - RAMBLING THROUGH JANUARY SKIES ---- FEBRUARY 1972 Vol. 43, Nº 2 COVER: Over 150 guests, including astronomers from Europe and United States, attended the dedication of wise Observatory in the Negev Desert of Israel on October 26, 1971. Housing a modern 40-inch reflector, it is a joint Project of Tel Aviv University and the Smithsonian Institution. Photograph by Fred L. Whipple. (See page 72.) - THE WISE OBSERVATORY IN ISRAEL - ATRONOMY IN MID-ATLANTIC – John E. Packer - LUNAR AND PLANETARY LABORATORY STUDIES OF JUPITER – II – Gerard P. Kuiper - HIGH-SPEED PHOTOMETRY OF CATACLYSMIC VARIABLES – Brian Warner and R. Edward Nather - THE AFCRL LUNAR LASER RANGINC EXPERIMENT IN ARIZONA – Mahlon S. Hunt - SOVIET EXPLORATION OF MARS - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Astronomy Activities in Mauritius – Cader Carrim Notes on the British Meteor Sosiety – R. A. Mackenzie - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK More About the Visibility of the Lunar Crescent - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Haven-Finding Art Stellar Rotation - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Favorable Opposition of Minor Planet No. 1 - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s An 18 ½-inch Telescope in Memphis – Durley H. Bratton Telescopes with Unobstructed Light Paths - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Two Adapters for Projection Photography November Sky Configuration Deep-Sky Wonders A Bright Cluster in the February Evening Sky - RAMBLING THROUGH FEBRUARY SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- MARCH 1972 Vol. 43, Nº 3 COVER: The main optical installation at Table Mountain Observatory, operated by Jet Propulsion Laboratory about 40 miles east of Angeles. The 24-inch reflector´s spectrograph is housed in the wing with the sloping roof. A. White disk on the long rod shields the front of the telescope tuve (dark round spot) from sunlight for observing Mercury and Venus when they are near the sun, as described on page 140. This view was taken from a helicopter by JPL photographer John Gregoire. - OBSERVING VENUS NEAR THE SUN – A. T. Young and L. G. Young - THE THIRD LUNAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE – I – Thornton L. Page - PLANS FOR APOLLO – Robert Hillenbrand - COMETS LOST AND FOUND - THE LEONIDS: WHO SAW THEW FIRST? – D. J. Schove - A FAR-ULTRAVIOLET LOOK AT ORION – Richard C. Henry - THE QUADRANTID METEOR STREAM – Keith B. Hindley - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS An Illinois Amateur´s Home-Built Observatory – Gil Betourne - BOOK AND THE SKY Dark Nebulae, Globules, and Protostars Modern Cosmology The View from Space - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Double Star Notes: Kappa Geminorum - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Quickly Aligned Foucault Testing Apparatus – Glenn L. Wilson Notes on Spherometers and Wedge Testers - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE The Aurora Borealis and the 1972 Total Solar Eclipse – Robert S. Krassa and William N. Hall Dutch Meteor Observations – Ben C. J. Apeldoorn Some Results from the 1971 Geminid Meteor Shower Deep-Sky Worders - RAMBLING THROUGH MARCH SKIES --- APRIL 1972 Vol. 43, Nº 4 COVER: The world´s largest radar-radio telescope, nestled in the limestone mountains of northwestern Puerto Rico. Its reflecting Surface is a 20-acre bowl of galvanized wire mesh. A tenth of a mile overhead is suspended an antenna platform, supported by cables running to three towers, one of which is visible here. At the extreme left is an engineering maintenance building and a cable car used to reach the platform. The facility is about to undergo a $ 7,700,000 modernization program, as describe don page 214. “Sky and Telescope” photograph by W. E. Shawcross. - SOME MARINER 9 OBSERVATIONS OF MARS - ARECIBO OBSERVATORY TODAY – I - THE THIRD LUNAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE – II – Thornton L. Page - DISK AND RING STRUCTURE IN THE UNIVERSE – Su-Shu Huang - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Hevelius and His Star Catalogue - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Discovery of Our Galaxy The Mariner 6 and 7 Pictures of Mars Basic Physics of Stellar Atmospheres Dividends from Space - CELESTIAL CALENDAR The April Lyrids: A Faithful Meteor Shower - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Don´t Belittle Tha Small Telescope! – Conrad L. Kussner Attaching a Large Setting Circle to a Clock Drive – Brian D. Morrinson - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE January Lunar Eclipse Synopsis Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH APRIL SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- MAY 1972 Vol. 43, Nº 5 COVER: This color picture of Mars was reconstructed from three black-and-white television images taken by Mariner 7 as the spacecraft approached Mars in 1969. The techiques used are described in the adjoining column. Mars pictures from Mariner 9 are reproduced on pages 300 and 301 of this issue, and on page 276 is a discussion of Mars´great dust storm year. Photograph courtesy Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology - MARS´GREAT STORN OF 1971 - Charles F. Capen and Leonard J. Martin - THE TITIUS-BODE LAW: A STRANGE BICENTENARY – Stanley H. Aller - THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF COSMIC RAYS – I – Lawrence H. Aller - MORE ABOUT SUNDIALS – OLD AND NEW – Hermann Egger - CANADIAN SOLAR ECLIPSE FLIGHT – Arthur N. Cox - THE PROBLEM OF SHADOW BAND OBSERVATIONS – Andrew T. Young - STARS AND PLANETS DURING TOTALITY ON JULY 10TH - ARECIBO OBSERVATORY TODAY – II - AN ITALIAN 54-INCH REFLECTOR OF UNUSUAL DESIGN – G. de Mottoni - PIONEER 10 MISSION TO JUPITER - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS South African Club Celebrates 60th Anniversary 60 th Anniversary - BOOKS AND THE SKY Earthbound Astronauts. – Eyewitness to Space The Magellanic Clouds Films and the Sky - Skies of the Andes - CELESTIAL CALENDAR - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s An Australian 11 ½-inch Wright Telescope – Don H. Whitehead - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Recent Solar and Auroral Activity How Large Was the Earth´s Shadow? Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH MAY SKIES --- JUNE 1972 Vol. 43, Nº 6 COVER: The main observing room of the MacMath solar telescope on Kitt Peak in Arizona, with the entrance slit and focal plane of the 13.5-meter spectrograph located at the heavy doublé table that caps the spectrograph cylinder in the foreground of the picture. At left, W. C. Livingston inspects the 34-inch image of the sun (seen on the high table) that has just been acquired by David Johnson, a solar assistant and member of the Papago Idian tribe. He is seen in the right background operating the telescope´s main control console. Art right are the photometry electronics racks for the 40-channel magnetograph (below the table) and at the top a crane for handling heavy equipment. Kitt Peak National Observatory Photograph. - MEASURING SOLAR PHOTOSPHERIC MAGNETIC FIELDS – W. C. Livingston - A MAGNESIUM FEATURE IN ULTRAVIOLET STELLAR SPECTRA – G. A. Gurzadyan - A FIRST REPORT ON APOLLO 16 - HINTS ON PHOTOGRAPHING THE ECLIPSE – Peter A. Leavens - CANADIAN ECLIPSE ROCKET PROGRAM – John Bird - NOTES ON THE PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF JULY 10TH - THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF COSMIC RAYS – II – Lawrence H. Aller - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Riverside: A. Western Stellafane - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Three Copernican Treatises Nuclei of Galaxies Vanguard – A History - CELESTIAL CALENDAR July Occultation of the Pleiades Cluster - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s The Vacuum Method of Making Corrector Plates - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE The April Venus-Moon Conjunction and Occultation Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH JUNE SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS - INDEX TO VOLUME 43 --- JULY 1972 Vol. 44 Nº 1 COVER: Four color photographs of Eta Carinae, an extraordinary novalike object in the southern Milky Way. They were taken on February 29, 1972, by R. D. Gehrz and E. P. Ney, using the 60-inch reflector at Cerro Tololo InterAmerican Observatory in Chile. From top left, the exposures are 1, 15, 60, and 120 seconds on High Speed Ektachrome film. With increasing exposure, the image of Eta grows from nearly starlike to a compact nebula shaped like a manikin. Here these University of Minnesota photographs are to the large scale of about 0.43 second or are per millimeter. - THE CORE OF ETA CARINAE – R. D. Gehrz and E. P. Ney - MORE ABOUT APOLLO 6 - HUNTING SUNDIALS – R. Newton Mayall - THE SHAPE OF THE ANALEMMA – Bernard M. Oliver - SOME CURRENT STUDIES OF GALAXIES – Paul W. Hodge - HERE AND THERE WITH ECLIPSEGOERS - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS An Inespensive Canvas Dome for a 8-inch Telescope - BOOKS AND THE SKY Geology and Physics of the Moon Introduction to Scape Science Encyclopedia of Astronomy - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Some Occulation Notes - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Novel Drive on a 20-inch Telescope A Simple Dew-Preventive Device - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Springtime Evening Sky Configuration Album Deep-Sky Wonders July´s Lunar Eclipse - RAMBLING THROUGH JULY SKIES --- AUGUST 1972 Vol. 44, Nº 2 COVER: Now in its second year of operation, the Vanderbilt Planetarium at Centerport, New York, has a theater with a projection dome 60 feet in diameter. The Goto projector at right is silhouetted against an imaginary scene on one of the satellites of Saturn. Vanderbilt Planetarium photograph by James H. - THE VANDERBILT PLANETARIUM – Philip L. Harrison - THE NEW MARINER 9 MAP OF MARS – Mariner 9 Television-Experiment Team - TITAN AND ITS ATMOSPHERE – Dale P. Cruikshank and David Marrison - MICROWAVE CELESTIAL WATER-VAPOR SOURCES – K. J. Johnston, S. H. Knowles, and P. R. Schwartz - SPECIAL FEATURE: MARINER 9 MARS MAP - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Northeast Region Meets in Massachusetts Mid-States Region Convenes - BOOKS AND THE SKY Planets, Stars, and Galaxies Les Radiotélescopes The Radiating Atmosphere The Beauty of the Universe - CELESTIAL CALENDAR A Favorable Year for Perseid Meteors Minor Planet Highlights - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s The Newton Observatory in Manitoba - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE The Brilliant Aurora on June 17-18 Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH AUGUST SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- SEPTEMBER 1972 Vol. 44, Nº 3 COVER: The views of the July eclipse. At upper left Mark Bowers, Attleboro, Massachusetts, filmed the last bead of sunlight before totality at Caribou Campground, Nova Scotia. He used a 600-mm. Lens at f/16 and an exposure of 1/125 second on High Speed Ektachrome (pushed to ASA 400). At nearby Arisaig, William D. Armitage of West Warwick, Rhode Island, recorded a number of prominences with his 11 1/4- inch Maksutov telescope, f/ 6.6, on High Speed Ektachrome at 1/250 second. The middle corona in the bottom view was secured at Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, by John A. Findlay and William T. Peters of Calgary, Alberta. A Zeiss 4-inch f/10 refractor was used with Ektachrome-X for the one-second exposure. - THE ECLIPSE ACROSS NORTH AMERICA - TWO UNIVERSITY FIELD STATIONS IN THE NORTHWEST - AN ECOLOGY SATELLITE EYES THE EARTH - THE OLYMPIA´S VOYAGE TO DARKNESS – Edward M. Brooks, George S. Mumford, and Leif J. Robinson - THE MULTIPLE-MIRROR TELESCOPE PROJECT – R. J. Weymann and N. P. Carlton - THE ABUNDANCE OF HELIUM IN THE COSMO – I – Margherita Hack - ECLIPSE COLOR ALBUM - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS The 1972 Apollo Rendezvous in Dayton Gathering of Amateurs at Syracuse - BOOKS AND THE SKY Physical Cosmology. – New Horizons in Astronomy The Mind of the Scientist. – The Ethereal Aether Sundials - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Eunomia Is Back in the Evening Sky - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Some Items from the Gleanings Mailbag An Observatory and a Telescope Base for Field Use - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Some Observations of Venus Two Astrophotography Projects Deep-Sky Wonders Photometric Observations of the March Aurora Amateurs Observe CH Cygni - RAMBLING THROUGH SEPTEMBER SKIES --- OCTOBER 1972 Vol. 44, Nº 4 COVER: At Springfield, Vermont, on August 4th shortly before 10 pm. Eastern daylight time, a homogeneous auroral are appeared in the northern sky, where stars of Perseus and Andromeda shine at right of center. The streaks in the foreground were made by red-capped flashlights as telescope makers moved among the instruments set up for observing and testing at the M13 cluster in Hercules with the Porter turret telescope (left of center), its large perforated flat being visible next to the roof´s ápex. For this seven-minute exposure, R. W. Sinvisible next to the roof´s ápex. For this seven-minute exposure, R. W. Sinnott used a 24-mm. Lens at f/2.8 and High Speed Ektachrome. - AUGUST SOLAR ACTIVITY AND ITS GEOPHYSICAL EFFECTS – Patrick S. McIntosh - SOUDING ROCKETS IN SPACE ASTRONOMY – George R. Carruthers - A WIDELY OBSERVED PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE - THE GREAT SOLAR FLARES OF AUGUST, 1972 – David M. Rust - AN ASTRONOMY SATELLITE NAMED COPERNICUS - THE ABUNDANCE OF HELIUM IN THE COSMOS – II – Margherita Hack - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Stellafane – The Telescope Maker´s Mecca - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK John Tebbutt, His Observatory, and a Probable Nova - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Life of Benjamin Banneker Astronomy: Fundamentals and Frontiers The Euler-Mayer Correspondence (1751-1755) and Tobias Mayer´s Opera Inedita - CELESTIAL CALENDAR A Request for Algol Observations - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Wisconsin Amateur´s 20-inch Newtonian Reflector An Inexpensive Mounting with Fixed Eyepiece - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Notes from Lunar Eclipse Observers Observers´ Notebook A Great Daylight Fireball Over the Northwest - RAMBLING THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- NOVEMBER 1972 Vol. 44, Nº 5 COVER: In southern California, the 210-foot dish of the Goldstone tracking antenna gleams in the afternoon sun against a desert storm background. The site was visite don August 18th by persons attending the joint convention of the Western Amateur Astronomers and the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers. Sky and Telescope photograph by Dennis Milon. - THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE OF JUNE 30, 1973 – ONE OF THE BEST – Charles H. Smiley - WEATHER PROSPECTS FOR NEXT YEAR´S TOTAL ECLIPSE – Edward M. Brooks - NOTES ON THE ECLIPSE OF THE SUN IN JUNE - A NEW OBSERVATORY AT CHAPEL HILL – R. S. Knapp and W. A. Christiansen - TWO WESTERN CONVENTIONS - INFRARED MAPS OF JUPITER – C. S. L. Keay, F. J. Low, and G. H. Rieke - A HYBRID SUNDIAL – Albert Ericson - A MODERN VERSION OF THE OLE ROEMER EXPERIMENT – Robert S. McMillan and John D. Kirszenberg - PROGRESS REPORT ON PROJECT VIKING - A NEAR-INFRARED VIEW OF THE URANUS SYSTEM – William M. Sinton - ABOUT THE OBSERVATORY OF COPERNICUS – J. Classen - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Three Solutions to the Inexpensive Observatory Problem - BOOKS AND THE SKY Structure and Evolution of the Galaxy Handbook of Elemental Abundances in Meteorites Thermospheric Circulation - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Next Month´s Faborable Apparition of Mercury - CLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Compact 16-inch Cassegrain Reflector - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Summertime Observations of Sunsports and Auroras The Perseids Make a Good Showing - RAMBLING THROUGH NOVEMBER SKIES --- DECEMBER 1972 Vol. 44, Nº 6 COVER: Harlow Shapley (1885-1972) near the close of his career. He was Paine professor of practical astronomy, emeritus, at Harvard University and had been director of Harvard College Observatory from 1921 to 1952. Five articles by astronomers in honor of his 80th birthday appeared in “Publications” of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 77. 1965. This charactistic photograph was taken by Fremont Davis for Science. - HARLOW SHAPLEY – COSMOGRAPHER AND HUMANITARIAN – Bart J. Bok - SIX ULTRASHORT-PERIOD BINARY STARS – Brian Warner - MARINER 9 PHOTOGRAPHY ENDS - HAWALL´S MAUNA KEA OBSERVATORY TODAY – David Morrison and John T. Jefferies - THE LARGE SPACE TELESCOPE PROGRAM – C.R. O´Dell - APOLLO 17 EXPLORATIONS AND EXPERIMENTS – Robert Hillenbrand - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Notes on the AAVSO Annual Fall Meeting News from Australia - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK E. P. Mason and the Nebulae - BOOKS AND THE SKY Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 1970´s Vol. 1: Report of the Astronomy Survey Committee Celestial Mechanics, Vol. 2: Perturbation Theory - CELESTIAL CALENDAR An Old-Fashioned 6-int Telescope A Portable Telescope with a Wooden Fork - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Lunar Photographs from Oklahoma Observers´Notebook An Amateur´s Map of Mars for 1971 Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUNGH DECEMBER SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS - INDEX TO VOLUME 44

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