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Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1973 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
Ubicación:UCSP - Sucre
Autor Personal:Sky Publishing Corporation
TítuloSky and telescope
Ciudad: Cambridge, Mass.
Editorial: Sky Publishing Corporation
Año: 1973
Descripción:66 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
Notas:F.I 17/10/2016
Palabras Claves:ASTRONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Astronomía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1973 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
100:Sky Publishing Corporation
245Sky and telescope
260:Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1973:
300:66 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
500:F.I 17/10/2016
653Astronomía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

Sky Publishing Corporation. Sky and telescope. -- . --Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1973. # Ingreso:1051139

   66 páginas; il., fots..29 cm..

JANUARY 1973 V. 45 Nº 1 COVER: The 158-inch (4-meter) Mayal telescope of kitt Peak National Observatory, Tucson, Arizona, as it appeared last summer last summer fully assembled, but still awaiting mechanical alignment and installation of the optics. At upper left is the secondary-mirror support and prime-focus cage, which is large enough to accommodate an observer riding with the telescope. The primary mirror cell is at right, cradled between the arms of the giant horseshoe bearing at the north end of the polar axis, where the declination axis is also located. Standing in front of the multiple-leaved primary-mirror cover are the project´s engineer, L. K. Randall; N. U. Mayall, past director of the observatory; D. L. Crawford, associate director and Project manager; and staff engineers D. Graham, A. Abraham, and F. Hendy. Kitt Peak National Observatory, which supplied this photograph by Tom Eglin, is operated by AURA, Inc. - THE OSO-7 YEAR OF DISCOVERY – Stephen P. Maran and Roger J. Thomas - PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT FROM KITT PEAK - ASTRONOMY IN NEW MEXICO – William L. Reitmeyer - PROGRESS REPORT ON SKYLAB - EVENTS OF 1973 IN THE GRAPHIC TIME TABLE – Maryland Academy of Sciences - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A September Conference of Amateurs at Oakland California Amateur Dies - BOOKS AND THE SKY Selected Exercises in Galactic Astronomy Star Myths and Stories Catadioptric Imaging Systems Man and His Universe - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Occultation Highlights for the Year 1973 Paths of Uranus and Neptune This Year - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s An Observatory Built as a Retirement Project - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Deep-Sky Objects in a 24-inch Reflector Deep-Sky Wonders A Large and Very Complex Sunspot Group - RAMBLING THROUGH JANUARY SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- FEBRUARY 1973 V. 45 Nº 2 COVER: Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543). Although no portrait of the famous Polish astronomer known to have been painted during his lifetime is extrant, this oil painting on wood panels dates from the mid-16th century. It seems to represent an authentic tradition of Copernicus´ appearance, agreeing reasonably with a portrait (now preserved in Strassbourg) by the German artista Tobias Stimmer, who it is said copied from a now lost self-portrait of Copernicus. Reproduced by permission of the Municipal Museum, Torun, Poland, from a color photograph taken by Charles Eames in November, 1972. - COPERNICUS´PLACE IN THE HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY – Edward Rosen - USING AND IMAGE INTENSIFIER AT A COLLEGE OBSERVATORY – Michael A. Seeds and Anthony J. Distasio - VISIT TO TAURUS-LITTROW - RESULTS FROM THE UTRECHT ORBITING SPECTROPHOTOMETER – T. M. Kamperman, K. A. van der Hucht, H. J. Lamers, and R. Hoekstra - PURSUING THE LUNAR SHADOW – Arthur N. Cox - MUTUAL PHENOMENA OF JUPITER´S SATELLITES IN 1973-74 – R. T. Brinkmann and R. L. Millis - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Japanese Amateurs Visit the Land of Morning Calm More Tours to the June Solar Eclipse - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK The Adventures of C. H. F. Peters – I - BOOKS AND THE SKY Astronomy One. – Gravitation and Cosmology The Physics of Cosmic X-ray, Gamma-ray Particle Sources Boundaries of the Universe - CELESTIAL CALENDAR February Pleiades Occultation Reminder - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s February Pleiades Occultation Reminder - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Dual-Power Cassegrain with a Relay Lens A Motor-Driven Eyepiece Focuser - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE A Potpourri from the Observers´Notebook Deep-Sky Wonders Photometric Observations of Auroras During August, 1972 Algol Observations - RAMBLING THROUGH FEBRUARY SKIES --- MARCH 1973 V. 45 Nº 3 COVER: On December 7th at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Apollo 17´s arching eastward path is caught from the time of ignition to near first-stage burnout three minutes later. Mark R. Chartrand, III, of the American Museum-Hayden Planetarium in New York City, set up his Nikon camera (with a 24-mm. lens at f/16 and Kodachrome-X) only a few miles west of the launch pad. The shutter was operated by Mrs. Roy Laubscher of West Palm Beach, wife of the planetarium director there. Parkway floodlights illuminated viewers perched on car tops in the foreground. - THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE – Wasley S. Krogdahl - A BRAZILIAN RADIO TELESCOPE FOR MILLIMETER WAVELENGTHS – Pierre Kaufmann and Richard D´Amato - ORANGE SOIL AND OTHER APOLLO 17 RESULTS - AMATEURS VIEW APOLLO LAUNCH - GAMMA RAYS FROM NP 0532 - MOLECULES AND EVOLUTION IN THE GALAXY – David Buhl - SOLAR ECLIPSE: JUNE 30, 1973 - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Amateur Activities at Latitude 26º South - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK The Adventures of C. H. F. Peters – II - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Solar System Solar Magnetic Fields Moon and Planets Physics of the Solar System The Optical Aurora - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Observing the Satellites of Saturn - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s An Arc Lamp for Optical Testing - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Deep-Sky Photography with Cooled Emulsions Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH MARCH SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- APRIL 1973 V. 45 Nº 4 COVER: This photograph of the Eta Carinae nebula was made by placing a thin prism in front of the Michigan 24-inch Curtis Schmidt telescope. The light from each star is broken up into a small spectrum and recorded on Ektacolor Type L. Film. The extended nebulosity itself is shown without being broken up, since it shine in the monochromatic light of hydrogen-alpha. See the adjacent column for a discussion of this picture and the direct color photograph bound in the center of this issue. See also the article on page 208 for information on gaseous nebulae. Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory photograph by Gaston Araya. - AURA´S FABRY-PEROT INTERFEROMETER – Malcolm G. Smith - IRA SPRAGUE BOWEN (1898-1973) – O. C. Wilson - GEGENSCHEIN OBSERVATIONS FROM PIONEER 10 – M. S. Hanner and J. L. Weinberg - THE DISTRIBUTION OF X-RAY SOURCES IN OUR GALAXY – Frederick D. Seward - TWO PUZZLING OBJECTS: OJ 287 AND BL LACERTAE – M. A. Stull - SPECIAL FEATURE: ETA CARINAE NEBULA. –Center - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Perseid Observations by Dutch and Belgian Amateurs - BOOKS AND THE SKY External Galaxies and Quasi-Stellar Objects City of the Stargazers The Emerging Universe - CELESTIAL CALENDAR The Eclipsing Variable VV Ursae Majoris - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Moving a 16-inch Telescope - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Observations of the Moon in the Pleiades Deep-Sky Wonders A May Occultation of Vesta by the Moon - RAMBLING THROUGH APRIL SKIES --- MAY 1973 V. 45 Nº 5 COVER: Inside the Orbiting Workshop of Skylab (to be launched this month), a technician stands at the controls of S1 83, developed by the Space Astronomy Laboratory, Marseilles, France, for determining star colors at 1800 and 3000 angstroms in the ultraviolet. At right of center, within a ring of vacuum-pump hose, is a heavy canister containing the articulated mirror system (of experiment S0 19) that determines the field of view, and to the left of this is the photometer-camera assembly. This and other Skylab astronomical experiments are describen on page 272. McDonnell Douglas photograph. - ASTRONOMY THROUGH THE SKYLAB SCIENCTIFIC AIRLOCKS – Karl G. Henize and J. L. Winberg - THE EARLY EVOLUTION OF STAR – I – S. E. Strom and K. M. Strom - PROBLEMS OF LUNAR MOTIONS AND MAPPING – J. Derral Mulholland - ASTRONOMY EDUCATION – NEW STRATEGIES – Frank Six, Tony Wawrukiewicz, Paul Campbell, and Richard Hackney - THE FIRST NEW COMET OF 1973 – F. Dossin and A. Heck - SOLAR OBSERVERS TO COOPERATE WITH SKYLAB - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Variable Star Observers Meet in Connecticut - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Johann Bayer and His Star Nomenclature - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Legacy of George Ellery Hale The Motion, Evaluation of Orbits, and Origin of Comets Physics of the Solar Corona - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Ceres – The Best Minor Planet in 1973 - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s An Easily Constructed Caustic Tester Light-Emitting Diodes for Telescope Illumination - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Some Hints for Photographers of Total Solar Eclipses Observations of the Quadrantid Meteors in 1973 Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH MAY SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- JUNE 1973 V. 45 Nº 6 COVER: According to Hindu legend, the dragon Rahu drank some of the néctar of immortaly. When the god Vishnu learned of this from the Sun and Moon, he cut off Rahu´s head. But being inmortal, the head continues to follow the Sun and Moon, causing an eclipse whenever it catches one or the other. The cover picture to Charles H. Smiley of Brown University, who had gone to Thailand as leader of the National Geografic Society´s expedition to observe the solar eclipse of that May 9th, and who lent the painting for reproduction. - THE CREAT ECLIPSE OF 1878 – John A. Eddy - ANOTHER JUPITER PIONEER SOUTH AFRICA´S NEWEST OBSERVATORY – R. P. Olowin - SWIFT AS THE MOON´S SHADOW – D. H. Liebenberg and M. M. Hoffman - NOTES ON THE FOURTH LUNAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE – I – Thornton L. Page - THE EARLY EVOLUTION OF STAR – II – S. E. Strom and K. M. Strom - CONSTELLATION POSTCARDS AND SLIDES - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A South African Amateur´s Radio Telescopes - BOOK AND THE SKY Atmospherer The New Astronomies Laboratory Exercises for General Astronomy Solar Activity Observations and Predictions New Techniques in Astronomy - CELESTIAL CALENDAR The Objects for Telescope Resolution - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A California Amateur´s 12 ½-inch Newtonian-Cassegrain Building a Recorder for Sudden Enhancement of Atmospherics - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Color Infrared Photography of Some Astronomical Objects Limiting Magnitudes with Amateur Telescopes - RAMBLING THROUGH JUNE SKIES - INDEX TO VOLUME 45 --- JULY 1973 V. 46 Nº 1 COVER: The gibbous moon rises beyond the 30-foot dome of Stony Ridge Observatory, at an altitude of 5,775 feet among the pine tres of Angeles National Forest. The sun is setting and David Thomas and Alvin Cram (staning near the building) have opened the slot to prepare the 30-inch reflector for a night´s observing. Probably this is the largest operating amateur-built telescope in the United State. Photograph takes last August by Dennis Milon. - RADIO EMISSIONS FROM SOLAR FLARES – Alan Marwell - FIRST 4-METER PHOTOGRAPHS FROM KITT PEAK - NOTES ON THE FOURTH LUNAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE – II – Thornton L. Page - STONY RIDGE OBSERVATORY AFTER 10 YEARS - SKYLAB´S TROUBLED FLIGHT - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Riverside Convention Instruments Pictorial - ATRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK The Eagle Eye of William Rutter Dawes - BOOKS AND THE SKY Science and Controversy The Origin of the Chemical Elements Proceedings of the Third Lunar Sience Conference - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Four Coming Meteor Showers - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Casting a Pitch Lap in a Mold A Large Portable Knockdown Telescope - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE The Planet Mars in 1973 Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH JULY SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- AUGUST 1973 V. 46 Nº 2 COVER: In the evening twlight of June 2nd, the two-day-old crescent moon, Venus, and Mercury made a colorful scene over Walden Pond in New England. Venus is to the right of the dark clouds, serving as a guide to Mercury, directly above it but only a twelfth as bright. Note the reflections of oak trees along the far bank, and below then bright streak of Venus. The photographer was Dennis Milon of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, who used High Speed Ektachrome in a tripod-mounted Crown Graphic camera with a 135-mm. f/4.7 lens. - THE LONG ECLIPSE IS WIDELY OBSERVED - FIRST SKYLAB MISSION PROVES SUCCESSFUL - INTERPRETING EARLY-TYPE STELLAR SPECTRA – Dimitri Mihalas - MARINER 9 PICTURE DIFFERENCING AT STANFORD – L. Quam, R. Tucker, B. Eross, J. Veverka, and Carl Sagan - NOTES ON THE FOURTH LUNAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE – III – Thornton L. Page - COMET KOHOUTEK – PROSPECTS AND PLANS - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Apollo Rendezvous in Ohio - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Milky Way Astronomy Atoms and Molecules in Astrophysics - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Satellites lo and Europa in August - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Construction of a 10-inch Cassegrain A Driven Pointer for Setting Circles A Leveling Device for Portable Telescopes - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Saturn: A Photographic Roundup Amateur Observations of the Skylab Procession The Zodiacal Light Observed from Latitude 52º North RAMBLING THROUGH AUGUST SKIES --- SEPTEMBER 1973 V. 46 Nº 3 COVER: Mauritanians in Akjoujt view the partial phases of the June 30th eclipse though aluminized Mylar filters, in a picture by Roger Tuthill of Mountainside, New Jersey. The photograph of totality was taken by Francisco and Vivien Diego of Mexico City. Who were members of Mr. Tuthill´s expedition, sponsored by Amateur Astronomers, Inc. They used a 6-inch f/4 reflector equipped with a vignetting disk to reduce the intensity gradient of the corona. This two-second exposure was made on High Speed Ektachrome film. - HIGH-RESOLUTION MARS ALBEDO MAPS – Gerard de Vaucouleurs - VIOLENT CHANGES IN COMET 1973B - THE GREAT SOLAR ECLPSE - THE RECOVERY OF POLLO – Brian G. Marsden - PLANS FOR MARS LANDNGS - X-RAY STUDIES OF THE CRAB NEBULA OCCULTATIONS, 1974-75 – T. M. Palmieri - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Northwest Region Meets in Oregon - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Navigation Near the North Pole - BOOKS AND THE SKY From Stonehenge to Modern Cosmology Space Physic and Space Astronomy Clouds of the World Beyond Jupiter - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Same Eclipses of Europa by lo and Ganymede - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Dutch Clock Drive Made from Meccano Parts A Three-Way Camera for Solar Eclipse Photography - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Some Solar Eclipse Highlights Partial Eclipse Notes Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH SEPTEMBER SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- OCTOBER 1973 V. 46 Nº 4 COVER: The historic 26-inch refracting telescope of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D. C.., is now starting its second century of continuous operation. Built in 1973 by Alvan Clark and Sons, it has been modernized to carry on essential programs requiring long focal length and the high resolution for which large refractor objectives are noted. The astronomer holding the control block is Mihran Miranian. Official U. S. Navy photograph. - A HISTORIC REFRACTOR´S 100TH ANNIVERSARY – R. W. Rhynsburger - FRENCH ECLIPSE STUDIES – S. Koutchmy - HIGH ALTITUDE OBSERVATORY ECLIPSE PORTRAIT - ECLIPSE VIEWS - JOINT JAPANESE EXPEDITION TO MAURITANIA – M. Kanno - AIRBORNE STUDIES OF THE AFRICAN ECLIPSE – Arthur N. Cox and Donald H. Liebenberg - A RING ECLIPSE IN THE TROPICS - THE NOVEMBER TRANSIT OF MERCURY - AMATEURS CONVENE IN NEBRASKA - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Annual Review of Astronomy and Weekend and Stellafane - BOOKS AND THE SKY Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 10 Dictionary of Scientific Biography Optical Production Technology Handbook of the Constellations - CELESTIAL CALENDAR This Month´s Occultation of Saturn - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Construction of a Blink Comparator Temperature Effects on Mirror Cells - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Coronal Structures at the June 30th Eclipse Deep-Sky Wonders A Photographic Guide to Mars - RAMBLING THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES --- NOVEMBER 1973 V. 46 Nº 5 COVER: On the 7,600-foot ridge of Mount Hopkins in southern Arizona, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory now operates a 60-inch reflector (open dome at left) and a 10-meter dish for gamma-ray astronomy (at right, with many of its 248 mirrors temporarily removed), which has a control building with slanted roof. Between these is a 12-inch, in a small dome. This view south-ward toward Mexico, only 25 miles distant, was taken from a nearby knoll in August, 1972, by the observatory field manager J. T. Williams and Dennis Milon od Sky and Telescope. (See adjoining column.) - OPTICAL FABRICATION TECHNIQUES FOR THE MMT – G. M. Sanger and R. R. Shannon - COMET KOHOUTEK NEWS - SOME CURRENT PROBLEMS CONCERNING GALAXIES – John B. Irwin - NEW PROBLEMS IN ASTROMETRY – Bart J. Bok - THE JUNE, 1974, TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – Robert G. Roosen, Patrick H. Verdone, and Archie Jackson - MORE HIGH-SPEED PHOTOMETRY OF CATACLYSMIC VARIABLES – Brian Warner - ANOTHER SKYLAB SUCCESS - THE 3.6-METER REFLECTOR FOR HAWAII - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Some Summer Conventions - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Some Bunchings of Planets - BOOKS AND THE SKY Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel Coronal Expansion and Solar Wind Cosmonauts in Orbit The Astronomy of Birr Castle - CELESTIAL CALENDAR December´s Partial Lunar Eclipse - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Photographic Polar Alignment of an Equatorial Mounting - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Photographing the Infrared Airglow Notes on Some Summer Meteor Showers - RAMBLING THROUGH NOVEMBER SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS --- DECEMBER 1973 V. 46 Nº 6 COVER: The optical instruments of Culgoora Solar Observatory in Australia. On top of the 50-foot steel tower at right is the chromospheric telescope that took the pictures on pages 361 and 362 of this issue. Over the office building is an instrument for measuring solar magnetic fields. A. flare patrol camera occupies the low platform between them. Not seen among the distant trees is the headquarters building for the huge radioheliograph. CSIRO photograph courtesy R. E. Loughhead. - WORLD´S ASTRONOMERS MEET IN AUSTRALIA – John B. Irwin and Joseph Ashbrook - THE LUNAR CRATER LINNÉ – Richard J. Pike - ASTRONOMY IN MONGOLIA – Krzysztof Ziolkowski - INTERNATIONAL COPERNICAN CELEBRATIONS IN POLAND – Owen Gingerich - THE INTERNACIONAL ULTRAVIOLET EXPLORER SATELLITE – Anne B. Underhill - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Variable Star Observers Hold Annual Meeting Bay Area Amateurs Convene at Berkeley - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Evolution of Radio Astronomy Guideposts to the Stars Meteorites and Their Origins - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Alinda´s Closest Approach to the Earth December Occultation of Saturn Venus-Jupiter Configuration - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s The Focal Reducer as a Telescope Accessory - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Another Patpourri from the Observers´Notebook Night Sky in kenya Deep-Sky Wonders News of Comet Kohoutek - RAMBLING THROUGH DECEMBER SKIES - INDEX TO VOLUME 46

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