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Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1976 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
Ubicación:UCSP - Sucre
Autor Personal:Sky Publishing Corporation
TítuloSky and telescope
Ciudad: Cambridge, Mass.
Editorial: Sky Publishing Corporation
Año: 1976
Descripción:69 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
Notas:F.I. 17/10/2016
Palabras Claves:ASTRONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Astronomía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1976 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
100:Sky Publishing Corporation
245Sky and telescope
260:Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1976:
300:69 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
500:F.I. 17/10/2016
653Astronomía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

Sky Publishing Corporation. Sky and telescope. -- . --Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1976. # Ingreso:1051142

   69 páginas; il., fots..29 cm..

JANUARY 1976 V. 51 Nº 1 Cover: Still the world´s second largert reflactor, the 36-inch at Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, California, has been in steady use since 1888. Its objective by Alvan Clark and Sons has a focal length of 57.8 feet. In this view, a filar micrometer for measuring double stars is attached at the eye end of the Steel tube, near the large ring by which an observer can set the telescope by hand on a selected object. With its 6-inch finder, the instrument rides on a German-type equatorial mounting, whose center of montion is 37 feet above the base of the iron pier. Note the perforated ribs of the dome, which is 70 feet in diameter. Dennis Milon took this photograph for Sky and Telescope in August, 1975. - AN INSIDE LOOK AT NASA PLANETOLOGY – Stephen E. Dwornik - THE CALIFORNIA-WISCONSIN AXIS IN AMERICAN ASTRONOMY – I – Donald E. Osterbrock - ASTRONOMY EAST AND WEST – Don Trombino - THE NEW MCGRAW-HILL OBSSERVATORY ON KITT PEAK – Delo E. Mook - EVENTS OF 1976 IN THE GRAPHIC TIME TABLE – Mary Academy of Sciences - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Amateur Gatherings for the November Eclipse - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Otto Struve 21 and Some Other Double Stars - BOOKS AND THE SKY Highlights in Astronomy The Intensity Interferometer - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Highlights of the Inner Planets This Year Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in 1976 - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Fork-Mounted 10 1/4 – inch Reflector Making a Projection Blink Comparator - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE A Transatlantic Eclipse of the Moon Occultation Highlights for the Year 1976 Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH JANUARY SKIES - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- FEBRUARY 1976 V. 51 Nº 2 COVER: The 100-inch Hooker reflector on Mount Wilson in California was the world´s largest telescope from 1917 to 1948; it is part of Hale Observatories. At the top of the picture, a bright chain encircles the junction of the telescope tube and a secondary-support cage for the Newtonian, Cassegrain, or coude observing positions. Here the coude arrangement is in use, with a round tertiary mirror seen inside the tube between the yoke arms sending light southward down the polar axis, giving a 250-foot effective focal length. Partway up the tube five Brown rings form a catwalk for hooking up the Newtonian controls. On the left (west) yoke arm is a declination-driving motor, and outside each arm is a long tube that contains 1,100-pound weights for counterbalancing the secondary cages. The housing at the bottom hides the 17-foot right-ascension driving wheel. At extreme left, a red crane is used to raise equipment from ground level to the observing floor. Photographed for Sky and Telescope in 1972, by Dennis Milon. - NOVEMBER´S LUNAR ECLIPSE: AN ANALYSIS - THE ECLIPSE IN COLOR - A NEW LOOK AT THE HUBBLE DIAGRAM – Kenneth R. Lang and George S. Mumford - SOLAR-ELECTRIC ROCKET PROPULSION - THE CALIFORNIA-WISCONSIN AXIS IN AMERICAN ASTRONOMY – Donald E. Osterbrock - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A Portable Shelter for a Vintage Reflactor - BOOKS AND THE SKY A Survey of the Almagest New Frontiers in Astronomy X-Ray Astronomy Eyes on the Universe - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Occultation Highlights for Hawaii and Alaska - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Graphical Approach to the Foucault Test Astronomy´s Neglected Child - The Reflactor - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Polar Alignment of Portable Equatorial Telescopes Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH FEBRUARY SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- MARCH 1976 V. 51 Nº 3 COVER: In Tucson, Arizona, workmen erect the astronomical mural at the University of Arizona´s Flandrau Planetarium. Within its 17-by-9-foot span, artista Donald R. Cowen fraces the rise of astronomical thought from prehistory to the present. The work i son permanent display in the planetarium´s main lobby. Its details are scribed beginning on page 165. University of Arizona photograph. - NEW VISTAS IN PLANETARY RADIO ASTRONOMY – Joseph K. Alexander, Jr. - THE NEW GREEK 48-INCH CASSEGRAIN-COUDE TELESCOPE - G. Contopoulos and C. Banos - COMET HUNTERS IN THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN - John Bortle - MARS TO OCCULT EPSILON GEMINORUM - AN ASTRONOMICAL MURAL AT FLANDRAU PLANETARIUM - SPACE HIGHLIGHTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD - ON THE SUMMIT OF COLORADO´S MOUNT EVANS - THE STAGE IS SET FOR COMET WEST - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A Carryall for Telescope Accesories - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK America´s Last King and His Observatory - BOOKS AND THE SKY Graze Observer´s Handbook The Dark Night Sky Dividing, Ruling and Mask-Making Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Cosmology - CELESTIAL CALENDAR The March Occultation of Neptune - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Miscellaneous Items from Our Mailbag - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Observations of the Geminid and Quadrantid Meteors Notes About Fireballs and Unexpected Shower - RAMBLING THROUGH MARCH SKIES - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- APRIL 1976 V. 51 Nº 4 COVER: Comet West (1975n) was a splendid sight in the dawn sky when Dennis di Cicco photographed i ton March 8, 1976, about 4:30 a.m. Eastern standard time, at Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts. Note the straight, narrow gas tail, blue in color, rising nearly vertically from the brilliant head: the broad, curved dust tail, of a pearly hue, leans to the north. The bright orange star to the left of the comet is Epsilon Pegasi (Enif). The two-minute exposure with a 58-mm. lens at f/2 was made on Fujichrome film, force processed to ASA 400. - A ROUNDUP OF OBSERVATORIES BY AMATEURS - QUADRANTID METEORS FROM 41,000 FEET – Peter M. Millman - VISITING CERRO TOLOLO - CASSIOPEIA A – AN UNSEEN SUPERNOVA – Karl Kamper and Sidney van den Bergh - ALL THE OUTER SATELLITES OF JUPITER - THIN-PRISM SPECTRA OF MESSIER 4 IN SCORPIUS – A. G. Davis Philip - A DIAGRAM FOR SCHEDULING DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME – A. Adler Hirsch - THE SOLAR ECLIPSE OF APRIL 29TH - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS An Amateur Eclipse Chaser from Peru - BOOKS AND THE SKY Positional Astronomy Archaeoastronomy in Pre-Columbian America Optics - CELESTIAL CALENDAR A Guide to Saturn´s Satellites - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A. 12 ¼-inch Folded Newtonian Reflector The Light-Gathering Efficiency of Telescopes - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE The Coming Flyby of Asteroid Betulia Deep-Sky Wonders - RAMBLING THROUGH APRIL SKIES - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- MAY 1976 V. 51 Nº 5 COVER: The southern limit and central line of the October 23, 1976, total solar eclipse have been added to this Skylab-4 photograph taken in February, 1974, showing a portion of the southeastern Australian coastline. At top left, the arrow indicates north. Near the bottom, the blue waters of Bass Strait are partially covered by cloads, and two large embayments, Port Phillip Bay and Western Port, are at left and right of center, respectively. The grayish area along the top (northern) edge of Port Phillip Bay is the city of totality. At the end of the bay´s western extension is the small city of Geelong. The high-resolution 70-mm. Hasselblad image shows few clouds, a typical situation during the Australian summer. Weather probabilities at eclipse time are discussed on pages 300 and 327. - OCTOBER´S TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE IN AUSTRALIA – J. B. Trainor - THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PLANET MERCURY – William K. Hartmann - COMET WEST´S FINE PERFORMANCE - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Notes on the October Total Eclipse in Australia Astronomical League and ALPO Sponsor AstroCon 76 - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK – Capella as a Close Visual Binary - BOOKS AND THE SKY Problems in Stellar Atmospheres and Evelopes Thinkers and Tinkers Pulsating Stars - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Mars and the Beehive Cluster A Photography Project - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Pillow-Block Mounting for a 12 1/2-inch Cassegrain A Nomogram for Astrophotographers Further Notes on Exposure Times - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Recording Meteor Echoes By FM Radio Deep-Sky Wonders Observers´Notebook - RAMBLING THROUGH MAY SKIES - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- JUNE 1976 V. 51 Nº 6 COVER: A famous Mayan ruin at Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, is the Caracol tower, long believed to have been by the early inhabitants for Owen Gingerich of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, taken in February, 1976, the view is from the northwest, with only one of three Windows used for sighting seen in the circular tower at the top of the structure. Other views, showing more Windows, are on pages 375 and 376, illustrating the articles on archaeoastronomy. - ASTRONOMY IN THE ANCIENT AMERICAS – Robert D. Hicks, III - A VIEW OF THE ETA CARINAE NEBULA - BUILDING THE SPACE SHUTTLE - DISINTEGRATION PHENOMENA IN COMET WEST – Zdenek Sekanina - THE MAUNDER MINIMUM - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Ontario Project AFC – Astronomy for Campers Bok Astronomy Awards - BOOKS AND THE SKY Ancient Cosmologies Planetary Geology - CELESTIAL CALENDAR The July Occultation of Beta Scorpii BF Ophiuchi - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Structural Considerations for Telescope Makers - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Big Sunspot Group Triggers the Aurora Borealis Mars Occults a Bright Star - RAMBLING THROUGH JUNE SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH - INDEX TO VOLUME 51 --- JULY 1976 V. 52 Nº 1 COVER: Artist Don Davis has depicted the separation of the Viking 1 descent capsule from its large companion orbiter. The two-part spacecraft was scheduled to entera n orbit around Mars on June 19th, with separation and landing to occur on the afternoon of July 4th. Once on the suface of Mars, the lander will conduct a variety of investigations that include three for life. Some two months later, a second orbiter-lander pair will arrive in the vicinity of Mars for a planned landing on September 4th.The Vilking Project is managed by NASA´s Langley Research Center. Details of the misión are found in the article beginning on page 4. NASA illustration. - VIKING AND MARS: A PRELUDE - COMET D´ARREST APPROACHES THE EARTH – Brian G. Marsden and John E. Bortle - THE MMT OBSERVATORY ON MOUNT HOPKINS – Nathaniel P. Carleton and Thomas E. Hoffman - A UNIQUE AIRBORNE OBSERVATION – J. L. Elliot, E. Dunham, and C. Church - THE BEGINNINGS OF AMERICAN ASTRONOMY – Trudy E. Bell - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Planetarium Educators Meet in New Jersey - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK An Almanac for July, 1776 - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Universe: Its Beginning and End Astronomy: A Popular History Astronomy Radio Astronomer´s Notebook - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Jupiter´s Satellites in the Morning Sky - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Digital Clock for Sidereal Time A Visual Photometer for Small Telescopes - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE The April Solar Eclipse – Annular and Partial - RAMBLING THROUGH JULY SKIES - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- AUGUST 1976 V. 52 Nº 2 COVER: Near Flagstaff, Arizona, Lowell Observatory operates the 42-inch reflector seen through the slit of its 34-foot dome. This Winter, the solar-energy equipment seen in the foreground will provide as much as 150000 BTU per day to heat the observer´s working quaters (two floors below the observing level) and a darkroom. The triangular enclosures contain two three-ton piles of rock for storing heat colected from sunlight by two arrays. The one at left uses open-end aluminum soft-drink cans, the one right black-painted corrugated iron absorb solar radiation. Fans circulate the heated air within the enclosures and to the building as needed. Lowell Observatory photograph by Suart Jones. - SOLAR HEATING AT AN OBSERVATORY – John S. Hall and Herbert Wade - PHOTOELECTRIC PHOTOMETRY AT A SMALL COLLEGE – A. D. Grauer, C. E. Pittman, and G. Russwurm - THE VIKING 1 LANDING-SITE DECISION - THE NEXT DECADE OF SOLAR ECLIPSES – Jean Meeus - POLAR MOTION: HISTORY AND RECENT RESULTS – W. Markowitz - PENETRATING PUPPIS – M. Pim FitzGerald and A. F. J. Moffat - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Amateur Astronomy in Hungary - BOOK AND THE SKY The Amazing Universe. – Pictorial Guide to Planet Earth Copernicus: Yesterday and Today. – Astronomy and Cosmology Kepler: Four Hundred Years - CELESTIAL CALENDAR - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Ideas from Resourceful Readers - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Odds and Ends from the Observers´Notebook More About Mars and Epsilon Germinorum - RAMBLING THROUGH AUGUST SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- SEPTEMBER 1976 V. 52 Nº 3 COVER: At Bardon, Queensland, Australia, the observatory of Wallace G. Best (seen in foreground) is set on a 22-foot-nigh tower that formerly supported a 5,000-gallon water tank. As the water load was over 22 tons, the rigid tower easily supports the present telescope and observatory. Vibrations of the instrument damp out very quickly. Photograph by John R. Henley. - VIKING 1 LANDS ON A VERY RED PLANET - NEW EVIDENCE FOVORS THE BIG BANG - THE EIGHTH ANNUAL RIVERSIDE CONFERENCE – Sandra Selden - MARS VIEWED FROM THE VIKING 1 ORBITER - BALTIMORE´S NEW DAVIS PLANETARIUM – Daniel Zirpoli - TWO QUEENSLAND OBSERVATORIES - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Great Lakes and Northeast Regions Hold Conventions - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK C.D. Perrine and Jupiter´s Sixth Satellite - BOOKS AND THE SKY The Unfolding Universe Apollo Expeditions to the Moon The Universe and Its Structure 291 Doppelstern-Ephemeriden für die Jahre 1975-2000 - CELESTIAL CALENDAR The Current Apparition of Venus Hebe in 1976 - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Extensions of the Dall Null Test Additional Notes on Null Testing - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Planetary Photography at High Resolution Another Strong Display of Northern Lights Observations of the Beta Scorpii Occultation - RAMBLING THROUGH SEPTEMBER SKIES - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- OCTOBER 1976 V. 52 Nº 4 COVER: The fully polished and aluminized mirror of the 100-inch Irénée du Pont telescope had just been lifted into its cello n July 18, 1976, when this snapshot was raken by John B. Irwin, visiting astronomer from kean College of New Jersey. Located in the Chilean Andes on 8,235-foot-high Cerro Las Campanas, this will be the fourth largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. Its formal dedication takes place on October 5th and 6th. Erected by the Carnegie Institution of Washington and operated by astronomers from the Hale Observatories in California, this instrument was described in Sky and Telescope for March, 1971, page 131, and January, 1974, pages 13-15. - NUCLEAR AND DIFFERENTIATED ABUNDANCE PATTERNS – I – Charles R. Cowley - OBSERVING ECLIPSES OF JUPITER´S MOONS - A NEW RADIO TELESCOPE FOR SWEDEN – Donald H. Menzel - SOME RECENT ADVANCES IN X-RAY ASTRONOMY – Alan P. Lightman - A VISIT TO WASHINGTON´S AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM - VIKING 2 ON MARS: “A FOREST OF ROCKS” - SELF-DISCOVERY IN ASTRONOMY FOR THE PUBLIC – Dennins Schatz and Alan Friedman - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Some Fine Telescopes at Stellafane - BOOKS AND THE SKY Lowell and Mars Glossary of Astronomy and Astrophysics Galaxies and the Universe - CELESTIAL CALENDAR November´s Full Moon Passes Through the Penumbra - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Split-Ring Mount from Aluminum Exclusions Making and RFT as First Telescope On Focusing a Cassegrain - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Summer Reports of Comet d´Arrest - RAMBLING THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- NOVEMBER 1976 V. 52 Nº 5 COVER: A helicopter view toward the southwest of the Very Large Array (VLA) of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, along the west arm of the giant radio iterferometer that is being built on the Plains of San Augustin some 50 miles west of Socorro. New Mexico. The scence shows five 82-foot antennas in their positions at the beginning of August, four of them at observing stations and one on the outfitting pad at letf. In the foreground are large trailers that housed the operations computer at that time. Photograh by Gary Blockley, courtesy E-Systems, Inc., Dallas, Texas. - WORLD´S ASTRONOMERS MEET AT GRENOBLE – John B. Irwin and Joseph Ashbrook - THE VLA TAKES SHAPE - NASA´S 91-CM. AIRBORNE TELESCOPE – Robert M. Cameron - SPACE SHUTTLE ROLLOUT - COLOR PICTURES OF DOPPLER SHIFTS – R. J. Allen - THE NATIONAL CONVENTION IN PENNSYLVANIA - NUCLEAR AND DIFFERENTIATED ABUNDANCE PATTERNS – II – Charles R. Cowley - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS National Astrophotography Contest at Kutztown - ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Computers: Electronic and Human - BOOKS AND THE SKY Russell W. Porter: Arctic Explorer, Artist, Telescope Maker Moon Morphology Geschichte der Astronomie von Herschel bis Hertzsprung - CELESTIAL CALENDAR Vesta Becomes Stationary This Month - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s Correcting Astigmatism of the Observer´s Eye Construction of a 12-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE Highlights from the Observers´Notesbook A Dutch Observatory - RAMBLING THROUGH NOVEMBER SKIES - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH --- DECEMBER 1976 V. 52 Nº 6 COVER: The koala bear inhabits chiefly southeastern Australia, which region was darkened by the moon´s shadow at the eclipse of October 23, 1976. Roger W. Sinnott photographed this koala three days later, on the road up to Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, where the partial eclipse had been 84 percent. The picture of totality, showing the corona´s short polar plumes, was taken by Jeffrey and Christine Seckold with a 6-inch Newtonian telescope; the exposure was about one second on liford Pan F black-and-white film. - VIKINGS REST DURING MARS´ CONJUNCTION - GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF HUBBLE´S CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM – Sidney van den Bergh - WESTERN AMATEURS MEET IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Peggy Townsend - ASTRONOMICAL NOTES FROM GRENOBLE – John B. Irwin and Joseph Ashbrook - MOON SAMPLE FROM LUNA 24 - PLANETARIANS CONVENE IN COLORADO – George Lovi - RADIO ASTRONOMY AND COSMOLOGY – John B. Irwin Astronomy: The Evolving Universe Second Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies The Webb Society Observers Handbook, Vol. I : Doubles Stars The Stars Belong to Everyone: How to Enjoy Astronomy - CELESTIAL CALENDAR The Eclipsing Binary RW Tauri - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s A Well-Equipped 8-inch Newtonian Reflector - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE A Guiding Reticle for Astrophotography Naked-Eye Observations of Jupiter´s Moons - RAMBLING THROUGH DECEMBER SKIES - SOUTHERN STARS - THE SUN, MOON, AND PLANETS THIS MONTH - INDEX TO VOLUME 52

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