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Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1969 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
Ubicación:UCSP - Sucre
Autor Personal:Sky Publishing Corporation
TítuloSky and telescope
Ciudad: Cambridge, Mass.
Editorial: Sky Publishing Corporation
Año: 1969
Descripción:66 páginas; 29 cm.
Notas:F. I. 17/10/2016
Palabras Claves:ASTRONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Astronomía - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1969 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
100:Sky Publishing Corporation
245Sky and telescope
260:Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1969:
300:66 páginas; 29 cm.
500:F. I. 17/10/2016
653Astronomía - Revista

Sky Publishing Corporation. Sky and telescope. -- . --Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1969. # Ingreso:1051143

   66 páginas; 29 cm..

CONTENTS Vol. 37, Nº. 1 JANUARY, 1969 COVER: Jupiter`s occultation by the moon on October 19, 1968, was recorded by Terry E. Schmidt for Tersch Enterprises through breaks in the clouds over Colorado Springs, Colorado. The lowest image 8at 5:18 a. m. Mountain day light time) shows the planet two minutes before immersion behind the bright crescent. The Other views are at 5:28, 5:38, and 6:38 821 minutes after emersion). The first there exposures were six seconds long, the last, three seconds. Ektachrome Daylight film was used in a 4-by-5 Crown Graphic camera with an f/4.7. MARE ORIENTALE AND ITS INSTRIGUING BASIN William K. Hartmann and Francis G. Yale PLANETARIUM IN BATON ROUGE - David H. PETTUS DISCOVERY AND STUDY OF BRIGHT VARIABLE STARS W. Strohmeir AND h. Mauder TO LAND ON THE MOON NINETY MINUTES OF TOTALITY Robert D. Mercer and Jay M. Pasachoff VERY HEAVYNUCLEI IN COSMIC RAYS Krishna M. V. Apparao EVENTS OF 1969 IN THE GRAPHIC TIME TABLE Maryland Academy of Sciences A MESSIER AlBUM John H. Mallas and the Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A Student Observatory in Nottinhamshire – Kenneth Birch BOOKS AND THE SKY Meteorites and the Origin of planets Die Welt der Planeten Vistas in Astronomy CELESTIAL CALENDAR RR Geminorum: A Cluster – Type Variable Occulation Highghts – January – March, 1969 David W. Dunham GLENINGS FOR ATM`S An Inexpensive Spectrohelioscope by a California Amateur Fredrick Veio LETTERS NEW NOTES OBSERVER`S PAGE News About the October Occultation of Jupiter Deep-Sky Woders- Walter Scott Houston Orionids and Leonids in 1968 RAMBLING TROUGH JANUARY Skies SOTHERN STARS Vol. 37, Nº 2 FEBRUARY, 1969 FEBRUARY, 1969 COVER: From the ancient civilization of the Mayans in Central America, this picture depicts evets in their history that are believed to have astronomical and meteorological significance. It found on page 74 of the Dresden Codex, this copy in color having been rendered by Eugenia Robinson of Providence, Rhode Island. Five mayan eclipses in thirteen years Hubert E. Harber AROUND THE MOON AND BACK r. j. Grader, R. W. Hill. And F. D. Seward THE FIRST MAPS OF THE MOON j. classen A RADIO TEOLESCOPE AND THE HEILIGENSCHEIN Freed L. Whipple NEUTRINO ASTROPHYSICS DISCUSSED AT MOSCOW NEW STUDIES OF THE SIKHOTE-ALIN METEORITE SHOWER - E. L. Krinov AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT NOVA VULPECULAE 1968 Nº 2 A MESSIER AOLBUM John H. Mallas and Everd Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A Delaware Amateur`s Observatory – Michael Puszcz ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK The Clarks and Some of their Refractors BOOKS AND THE SKY The Zodiacal Light and the Interplanetary Medium The Zodiacal Light and the Interplanetary Medium The Origin of the Solar System The Story of Jodrell Bank The Radiation Belt and Magnetosphere Annual Review of Astronomy and astrophysics, vol. 6 CELESTIAL CALENDAR T Leonis: A Phantom Variable GLEANINGS FOR ATM´S A 10-inch Reflector Fashianet in Wood Robert C. Ludden A Split-Ring 10-inch Equatorial of Low Cost – Alfred C. Haven NEWS NOTES OBSERVER`S PAGE Cooled-Emulsion Photography Without a Vacuum J. D. Wiseman, Jr. Leonids Give Impressive Display in 1968 Lunar Ghot Ring – Thomas L.MacDonald Deep-Sky Wonders – Walter Scott Houston RAMBLING THROUGH FEBRUARY SKIES Vol. 37 Nº 3 MARCH, 1969 COVER: In a cleared area at his home in the suburbs of Newburgh, New York, Weather shelter. The main tube is 18 feet long, to carry a henry a Henry Fitz 12-inch achromatic (two-element) lens OF 200 inches focal length. For decades it was the objective of and automobile –mounted telescope used for public viewing in New York City Photograph by Galati Photographers, Inc. APOLLO ASTRONAUTS PROTOGRAPH THE MOON AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT Two problems in gravitation Herbert J. Rood Optical observations of Apollo Harold B. Liemohn APOLLO 9`S BUSY SCHEDULE A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS AMATEUR Conventions and Meetings An Amateur´s Odyssey –G. Wyckliffe Hoffler, M.D. BOOKS AND THE SKY The Riddle of the Universe Astronomical objects for Southern Telescopes Principles of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis Telescopes in Space CELESTIAL CALENDAR Pleiades Occultations: Observations and Predictions S and U Coronae Barealis GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s An Amateur`s 12-inch Long-Focus Refractor Oliver E. Shipp A 5-inch Binocular with Wide-Angle Eyepieces - Burton L. FitzGerald A Low-Power Telescope with and Unusual Finder - Keneth W. Landon LETTERS NEW NOTES OBSERVER`S PAGE The Planet Mars in 1969 –C. F. Capen and V. W.Capen Deep-Sky Wonders – Walter Scott Houston RAMBLING THROUGH MARCHA SKIES SOUTHERN STARS Vol. 37, Nº 4 APRIL, 1969 COVER: The new San Fernando Observatory operated by Aerospace Corp., stands on the end of a peninsula and overlooks a Los Angeles reservoir. The main instrument is a 24-inch reflector that feeds a vacuum spectro heliograph. At far right is a 6-inch refractor used for patrol observation in the red light of hydrogen. A NEW SOLAR OBSERVATORY IN CALIFORNIA D. B. Mayfield, D. Vrabec, E. Rogers, T. Janssens, and R. A. Becker THE 1968 TEXAS SYMPOSIUM: PULSARS Louis C. Green MARINERS TO FLY PAST MARS THE PERKINS 72-INCH TELESCOPE IN ARIZONA John S. Hall and Arne Slettebak Two PROBLEMS IN GRAVITATION Hebert J. Rood TELEVISIÓN OBSERVATIONS OF THE CRAB NEBULA PULSAR A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer Amateur Astronomers Amateur Activities in Trinidad – R. Barrow Reworking a School Telescope – Robert A. Yajko Astronomical scrapbook Some Questionable Comets BOOKS AND THE SKY Trackers of the Skies Observation in Modern Astronomy Visitors From Afar: The Comets CELESTIAL CALENDAR Some Little-Known Variables Occultation Highlights – April – August, 1969 - David W. Dunham GLEANINGS FOR ATM´S A 6-inch Springfield Telescope with Remote Reading Dials John K. Newel Testing a Schmiadt Corrector at a Finite Distance A Detroit Amateur`s Rich-Field Refractor – Barry C. Carter NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Observing Solar Flares by Radio –Casper H. Hossfield Deep-Sky Wonders – Walter Scott Houston RAMBLING THROUGH APRIL SKIES Vol. 37 Nº 5 MAY, 1969 COVER: Dr. E. L. Fireman of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory holds a specimen of freshly fallen meteorite from Mexico. He stands before part cosmic ray Bombardment during its travels in space. Sky and Telescope photograph by Dennis Milon. FRESHLY FALLEN MEREORITES FROM PORTUGAL And México – E. L. Fireman COLORFUL MARCH AURORA SOME EARLY RESULTS FROM CELESCOPE THE PLANETARY NEBULAE Lawrence H. Aller SOFT X-REY OBSERVATIONS FROM OSOS – - J. L. Culhane, P. W. Sanford, and K. J. H. Phillips QUASARS SIX YEARS LATER Louis C. Green AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT GIANT X-RAY TELESCOPE A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Bolivia Invites Mars Observers – Prof. Max Schreier BOOKS AND THE SKY Galactic Astronomy Mysteies of the Solar System Planétes et Satélites CELESTIAL CALENDAR RZ Pphiuchi´s Long Eclipse GLEANINGS FOR ATM`s A Combination Wide-Field Telescope and Astrocamera Hans Pfleumer Construction of a Folded Redracting Telescope and Astrocamera Hans Pfleumer Construction of a Folder Refracting Telescope Ernie Pfannenshmidt NEW NOTES OBSERVER´S PAGE Observations of the March Pleiades Occultation Unusual Phenomena of Callisto Deep –sky Wanders – Walter Scott Houston Giant March Sunspot Group RAMBLING THROUGH MAY SKIES SOUTHERN STARS Vol. 37 Nº 6 JUNE, 1969 Cover: Three of six domes now on Cerro La Silla in Chile, site of the European Southern Observatory. They were photographed in the early morning by Bengt Westerlund (author of the article on page 340). From left to right are shelters for the 1.5 meter spectrographic telescope, the 50-cm. Danish reflector, and the 61-cm. reflector of Bochum University. Dr. wensterlund was facing southward while standing on a path leading from the astronomers hostel EUROPEAN SOUTHERN OBSERVATORY DEDICATED IN CHILE –Bengt E. Westerlund THE PLANETARY NEBULAE – II - Lawrence H. Aller A CALIFORNIA TELESCOPE MAKERS’ CONFERENCE - Clifford Holmes SOLAR ROCKET OBSERVATIONS ON AN ECLIPSE DAY - M. J. Koomen, R. T. Seal, - J. D. Purcell, and R. Tousey AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT THIRD NIMBUS WEATHER SATELLITE A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Denver Convertion Program An Indian Amateur`s Observatory –N. M. Athavale ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK John Herschel’s Expedition to Scouth Africa BOOKS AND THE SKY The structure of the universe The encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences and Astrogeology Stars and Clouds of the Milky Way A History of Nautical Astronomy CELESTIAL CALENDAR A Trio of Bright Asteroids Two Eclipsing Variables in Ophiuchus GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A Photo-Chronograph for Timing Observations -Allen S. Clarke An English Observer’s 12/1/2 –inch Reflector – J. L. Long LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE A Japonese Observer of Mars- Takeshi Santo Deep-Sky Wonders – Walter Scott Houston Polaris in Twilinght RAMBLOING THROUGH JUNE Skies INDEX TO VOLUME Vol. 38, No. 1 JULY, 1969 COVER: The adult male Indigo Bunting. A common songbird throughout the eastern United States and Canada, is about 5 ½ inches long. Studies at Cornell University indicate that these birds use the stars as a guide on their annual migratory flights. Conell University photograph by George Batik THE CELESTIAL GUINDANCE SYSTEM OF A MIGRATING BIRD –Stephen T. Emlen WEATHER PROSPECTS FOR NEXT MARCH’S TOTAL ECLIPSE –Edward M. Books THE PLANETARY NEBULAE – III Lawrence H. Aller GESTTING DOWN ONTO TUE MOON REPORT ON THE MAGELLANIC CLOUDS -Bengt E. Westerlund A MESSIER ALBUN John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR STRONOMEES World Amateur Meeting in Italy – Kenneth E. Chilton Third Australian National Convention held –Ralph L. Sangster BOOKS AND THE sky Wolf- Rayet Stars An Introduction to Planetary Physics Handbook of Military Infrared Technology Variable Stars CELESTIAL CALENDAR A Good Year for Mira GLEANINGS FOR ATM’S A Semipermanent Telescope Pedestal – Albert J. Blackwood An Inexpensive Slide-off Roof Observatory – W. D. Williams, Hr. A simple Recording Faucault Tester –Alfred C. Haven, Jr. LETTERS NEWA NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Observations of Venus near Conjunction A Bright May Aurora Deep-Sky Wonders – Walter Scott Houston Observers Notebook Apollo 10 Optical Tracking Uranus and Its Satellites – Rev. Richard G. Hodgson RAMBLING THROUGH JULY SKIES SOUTHERN STARS Vol. 38 Nº 2 AUGUST, 1969 COVER: Practically the entire surface of Mars during its 1969 apparition appears in these views from the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, courtesy G. P. Kuiper. Kodak Ektachrome-EF film was uses by Stephen Larson in the 61-inch reflector, which was stopped down to 50 inches aperture. Top row, left to right: June 4, 8:02 Universal time, 05 –second exposure; May 30, 7:50.5, 0.5-second ; bottom row: May 24, 8:33.9, 1-second; May 11, 7:29.4, 0.5-second; For more information about these pictures, see page 72. SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT APPARITION OF MARS THE STARS OF VERY LARGE PROPER MOTION -Jean H. Anderson The lastet biosatellite The planetary nebulae –iv Lawrence H. Aller PICTURES FROM APOLLO A SHADOW – band experiment - Roger D. Burgess and Malcom E. Hults REPORT FROM ROME: X-RAYS AND GAMMA RAYS George S. Mumford A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK An Astronomy: An Introduction The Physical Foundations of General Relativity The Sun and Its Influence CELESTIAL CALENDAR Observing Tips for the August Pleiades Occultation - Ronald Abileah - Minor Planet 324 Bamberga DX Delphine: A Cluster – Type Variable GLENINGS FOR ATM’s Fabrication of a Wright Telescope –Thomas J. Waineo A Small Domed Observatory – Michael D. Scott LETTERS NEWS NOTES Observer’s page Some Notes on Recent Solar Activity Deep-Sky Woders – Walter Scott Houston RMBLING Through august skies Vol. 38 Nº 3 1969 SEPTEMBER, 1969 Cover: The brilliant glow of molten ceramic glass illuminated the Owens-Illinois plat IN Toledo, Ohio, on June 25, 1969, when the 158-inch mirror blank was poured for Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory. In the center, a White-hot stream of molten Cer-Vit from the foreground Bleachers to the far rear, near where the mold will cool cool after the 131/2- minute pouring. Photographed by Dennis Milon for Sky and Telescope. GIANT MIRROR BLANKS POURED FOR CHILE AND AUSTRALIA THE FIRST MEN ON THE MOON - ROBERT HILLENBRAND THE APOLLO EXPERIMENTS THE PLANETARY NEBULAE - Lawrence H. Aller PLANETARY SPECTROSCOPY WITH THE 107-INCH Telescope – Robert G. Tull SEPTEMBER’S SOLAR ECLIPSE STEWARD 90-INCH TELESCOPE DEDICATED A MESSIER ALBUM John h. Mallas and Evered Kreimer Amateur astronomer A Hinged-Roof Observatory in Minnesota – Donald R. Miller BOOKS AND THE Sky Through Rugged Ways to the Stars Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars Astronomers Royal The Exploration of the Universe CELESTIAL CALENDAR X Cygni: A Classical Cepheid Mars in the Evening Sky Occultation Highligts – September – December, 1969 - David W. Dunham GLEANINGS FOR ATM’S A Homebuilt Machine for Scanning Plates – Hans Vehrenberg NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Photography with a 10-inch Reflector – Ginger LeGendre Deep-Sky Wonders – Walter Scott Houston RAMBLING THROUGH SEPTEMBER SKIES SOUTHERN STARS Vol. 38 Nº 4 OCTOBER, 1969 COVER: As described by Lowrence H. Aller on page 227, planetary nebulae have a great variety of shapes. These examples are (Clockwise from top left): the giant Helix nebula (NGC 7293) in Aquarius, the Dumbbell nebula (M27) in Vulpecula, NGC 7881 in Aquila, and the Ring nebula (M57) In Lyra. Note that when gas is visible near the center of a planetary (as in M27), it appears bluer indicating a higher level of excitation by the central star (conspicuous in each frame). Except for NGC 6781, which was photographed with the 48-INCH Schmidt telescope, the views the 200-inch Hale reflector. Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories photographs. MARS PICTURES FROM MARINERS 6 AND 7 THE PLANETARY NEBULAE – VI - Lawrence H. Aller ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL OSO FIRST FINDINGS FROM THE MARINER FLYBYS VIENNA PLANETARIUM CONFERENCE - George Lovi HIGHLIGTS FROM THE DENVER CONVENTION A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A Compact Backyard Observatory – B. N. Stakes ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK John Pond: Sixth Astronomer Royal BOOKS AND THE SKY A Portrait of Isaac Newton Astrophysics and Stellar Astronomy Optical Physics The Amateur Astronomer’s Handbook Beobachtungs-Objekte fur Vier- und Sechzoller CELESTIAL CALENDAR RT Persei: A Famous eclipsing variable GLEANING FOR A ATM’S An Amateur’s Torque –Tube Mount – Herbert Link The Aberrations of a Prism Diagonal F. Jack Eastman, Jr A Note on Curved Spiders – Carl H. Werenskiold LETTERS News notes OBSERVER’S PAGE Favorable Skies Aid Perseid Watchers –Steven S. Ross August Occultation of the Pleiades June Lyrids Confirmed Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter Scott Houston RAMBLING THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES Vol. 38, Nº 5 NOVEMBER, 1969 Cover: The setting sun tints the verdant foliage at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona on August 25th of this year. The new 158-inch telescope building at lower right is a dormitory. Photographed for sky and telescope by Dennis Milon. PHOTO ALBUM OF KITT PEAK’S 158-INCH TELESCOPE BUILDING ULTRAVIOLET PHOTOMETRY FROM A SPACECRAFT -A. D. Code, T. E. Houck, J. F. McNall, R. C. Bless, and C. F. LILLIE HIGHLIGTS FROM THE SAN DIEGO CONVENTION AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT CONFERENCE ON LABORATORY EXERCISES Steven S. Ross THE PLANETARY NEBULAE – VII Lawrence H. Aller FIRT STUDIES OF LUNAR MATERIAL 1970 OCCULTATION SUPPLEMENT A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Auckland Observatory`s Child-Parent Astronomy as Applied to Geodesy Messier`s Nebulae and Star Clusters ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK John Pond: Sixth Astronomer Royal BOOKS AND THE SKY CELESTIAL CALENDAR Occultation News for Hawaii and Alaska –David W. Dunham RT Persei: A Famous eclipsing variable GLEANING FOR A ATM’s Some Fine Telescopes Are Exhibited at Stellafane LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Observations of the September Solar Eclipse Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter Scott Houston Observations of Apollo RAMBLING THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES SOUTHERN STARS Vol. 38 Nº 6 DECEMBER, 1969 COVER: An aerial view of Sacramento Peak’s Observatory, sunspot, New México, showing on the wester ridge the newly complement solar tower telescope. In the foreground is the 16-inch coronagraph, at far right a 6-inch coronagraph Photographed by Victor L. Neumeier, Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories. SACRAMENTO PEAK’S NEW SOLAR TELESCOPE - Richard B. Dunn THE PLANETARY NEBULAE – VIII – Lawrence H. Aller MODERNIZATION AT TTWO EASTERNPLANETARIUMS ON THE ORIGIN OF ARMS IN SPITAL GALAXIES - Halton Arp FAR-ULTRAVIOLET SOLAR OBSERVATORY THE SPIRAL STRUCTURE OF OUR GALAXY – I - Bart J. Bok A MESSIER ALBUM John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Variable Star Observers Meet –Clinton B. Ford ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK James Nasmyth’s Telescopes and His Observations BOOK AND THE SKY Vistas in Astronomy, Vol. 11 Seeing and the Eye Concepts of the Universe Astronomical-Atlases, Maps and Charts The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Space CELESTIAL CALENDAR This December’s Occultations of Pleiades Stars - Harols R. Povenmire Observing Baily’s Beads at the March 7, 1970, Eclipse GLEANING FOR A ATM’s A New Three-Mirror Off-Axis Amateur Telescope - Richard A. Buchroeder LETTERS NEWS NOTES Perseid Meteor Spectra Photographed in 1969 – John A. Russell Recent Comet Observations –John E. Bortle and Charles Scovil The Orionid Meteor Shower in 1969 Deep-Sky Wonders – Walter Scott Houston A WIDELY Seen September Aurora OBSERVER’S PAGE RAMBLING THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES SOUTHERN STARS

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