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Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1966 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
Ubicación:UCSP - Sucre
Autor Personal:Sky Publishing Corporation
TítuloSky and telescope
Ciudad: Boston
Editorial: Sky Publishing Corporation
Año: 1966
Descripción:Varias páginas; il. 29 cm.
Notas:F.I. 17/10/2016
Palabras Claves:ASTRONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Astronomìa - Revista;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1966 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
100:Sky Publishing Corporation
245Sky and telescope
260:Boston: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1966:
300:Varias páginas; il. 29 cm.
500:F.I. 17/10/2016
653Astronomìa - Revista

Sky Publishing Corporation. Sky and telescope. -- . --Boston: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1966. # Ingreso:1051148

   Varias páginas; il..29 cm..

JANUARY 1966 V. XXXI N° 1 CONTENTS Cover: The upside-down test firing of a solid-fuel rocket nearly 22 feet in diameter and 80 feet long, in Florida on September 25, 1925. Thrust of over 3,000,000 pounds was developed for about two minutes. Photograph from Aerojet-General corp. ASTRONOMY ON THE MOON THE DOUBLE STAR SIRIUS Sarah Lee Lippincott and Michael D. Worth PROMINENCES AT LAST MAY’S ECLIPSE FIRST OBSERVATIONS AT SHORT WAVELENGTHS WITH THE 140-FOOT RADIO TELESCOPE J.W. M. Baas and P.G. Mezger LUNAR QUESTIONS DISCUSSED AT PASADENA John A. O’Keefe THE FINES DEEP-SKY OBJECTS –III James Mullaney and Wallace McCall THIS YEAR’S ECLIPSES OF THE SUN PHOTOGRAPHS OF COMET IKEYA-SEKI NASA’S GIANT BOOTERS EVENTS OF 1966 IN THE GRAPHIC TIME TABLE Maryland Academy of Sciences AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS BOOK AND THE SKY Sourcebook on the space sciences Astronomy Weather eyes in the sky The sky at night CELESTIAL CALENDAR R lyncis: a mira-type variable star GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A one –man 25-year observatory project- Jack Smolen LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE REPORTS OF COMET IKEYA-SEKY QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH JANUARY SKIES FEBRUARY 1966 V. XXXI N° 2 CONTENTS Cover: The 6-inch transit circle of the u.s. naval observatory is used for precise measurements of the positions of star, sun, moon and planets. built in 1897 to the highest standard, it has been completely modernized. The task of an scope pointing and of the eyepiece micrometer reading. Official U.S. Navy photograph THE NASA CUTBAK THE WASHINGTON 6-INCH TRANSIT CIRCLE Paul D. Hemenway GREAT LAKES FIREBALL THE FLIGHTS OF GEMINI 6 AND 7 THE PECULIAR A STARS Louis C. Green MICHIGAN STELLAR SPECTROSCOPIST K.O. Wright A GRAPHICAL DEVICE FOR CONVERTING COORDINATES Lee Heflinger AMATEUR ASTRONOMERs Student observers active in Hong Kong D.S. Chung and C. Cheung ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK The pulkovo double stars and J.H. Madler BOOK AND THE SKY Starlight nights Lighthouse of the skies Telescopes for skygazing The sun in art The planet Uranus CELESTIAL CALENDAR Notes on two minor planets GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A one –man 25-year observatory project- Jack Smolen LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Observations of three meteor showers Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH FEBRUARY SKIES SOUTHERN STARS MARCH 1966 V. XXXI N° 3 CONTENTS Cover: A view of the newly completed ford observatory in the san Gabriel Mountains of southern California. Its 18-inch Newtonian reflector is to be used primarily for variable star studies by amateurs LUNA 9’S DOUBLE SUCCESS THE INTERSTELLAR HYDROXYL RADIO EMISSIO Nannielou H. Dieter, Harold Weaver, and Dacvid R. W. Williams A MOON-BLINK OBSERVATION Thomas A. Cragg AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT YALE’S PATHFINDER OF MOONS, PLANETS AND STARS MEASURING THE SHAPE OF THE MOON Robert L. Wilder JAMES CROLL AND SOLAR EVOLUTION Neville J. Woof PIONEER 6 ORBITS THE SUN AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS New York amateurs aid world science center- Jane Douglas BOOK AND THE SKY Chemistry and beyond Neighbors of the earth Introduction to the atmosphere CELESTIAL CALENDAR S canis minoris: an orange variable star Occultation highlights-march-May, 1966 – David w. Dunham GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A one –man 25-year observatory project- Jack Smolen IN FOCUS LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Observations of the phase of venus Finding the combined magnitude of a double star – Roy K. Marshall How to find it: Messier 94 – William J. Busler Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH MARCH SKIES FEATURE PICTURE: The lunar crater gassendi and environs, photographed on September APRIL 1966 V. XXXI N° 4 CONTENTS Cover: this month the parks department of montreal, canada opens the doors of a new planetarium in the downtown section of the city.Thrust of over 3,000,000 pounds was developed for about two minutes. Photograph from Aerojet-General corp. NEW HARVARD DIRECTOR NEW SKIES FOR A NEW CITY Donald d. Davis OBSERVATIONAL ASPECTS OF COSMOLOGY Louis c. Green INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITY IN SPACE AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT THE FAN MOUNTAIN STATION OF MCCORMICK OBSERVATORY D. Scott Birney SYNCHRONIZATION IN CLOSE BINARIES Su-Shu Huang AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS An amateur astronomy group in Montana –urana Clarke ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Roger Bacon and the voynich manuscript BOOK AND THE SKY Solar radio astronomy Satellites of the solar system Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics, V. 3 Sky rangers CELESTIAL CALENDAR R lyncis: a mira-type variable star GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A one –man 25-year observatory project- Jack Smolen LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston Some hits for observing the sun Observing the moon – Bessarion B. Alika K. Herring QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH APRIL SKIES SOUTHERN STARS MAY 1966 V. XXXI N° 5 CONTENTS Cover: The domeless solar observatory on the isle of capri, operated by the fraunhofer institute, Freiburg Germany. The 14-inch coude refractor is high above groud to minimize seeing effects.THE DOMELESS SOLAR REFRACTOR OF CAPRI OBSERVATORY K.O. Kiepenheuer THE HERTZSPRUNG –RUSSELL DIAGRAM TODAY –I Margharita hack CHINA’S PURPLE MOUNTAIN OBSERATORY Chi Yu-Ching AMERICAN PIONEER IN PHOTOELECTRIC ASTRONOMY A.E.Whitford SOME FACETS OF ASTRONOMY IN THE U.S.S.R. THE SCOPE OF ASTRONOMY TODAY GEMINI DOCKING IN SPACE THREE OFFSHOOTS OF ASTRONOMY E.D. Dale AN AIRBORNE ECLIPSE EXPEDITION Wallace P. Boquist AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Activities of grazing occultation observers Amateur meeting during coming months How S. W. Burnham became an astronomer BOOK AND THE SKY Stellar structure Advances in astronomy and astrophysics V. 3 Introduction to space science All about light and radiation CELESTIAL CALENDAR An occultation of alpha librae A variable star near the head of draco GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s Mounting a 12 ½ -inch long –focus mirror – B. Franklyn shinn IN FUCUS LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Unusual widespread colors on Jupiter Jose Olivarez Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH MAY SKIES FATURE PICTURE: The moon’s south-central highlands, photographed on august 31, 1961, with the 120 inch reflecting telescope of lick observatory. JUNE 1966 V. XXXI N° 6 CONTENTS Cover: Three closeup pictures by Veronica Schwartz of the brilliant fireball of April 25th. She took these photographs from Baldwinsville, New York, with a 35-mm. praktina camera, equipped with an f/8 lens of 135-mm. focus. These black- and white reproductions were made from high speed Ektachrome film. AN EX-VARIABLE STAR? SPLENDID APRIL 25TH FIREBALL HOT SPOT ON THE MOON John m. Saari and Richard W. Shorthill THE HERTZSPRUNG-RUSSELL DIAGRAM TODAY-II Margherita Hack THE SPECTRUM OF 10 LACERTAE NEW GIANT TRACKING ANTENA AT GOLDSTONE AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT SOFT LANDING ON MARS AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS New variable star observatory in Germany – Ralph Gizinski ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Father Perry’s Expedition to Kerguelen Island BOOK AND THE SKY Galactic structure Celestial handbook CELESTIAL CALENDAR Ru Camelopardalis Occultation highlights – June-September, 1966 – David W. Dunham GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s Oregon amateurs’ simple equipment for astrophotography Alan Harris and J.D. Wiseman, Jr. LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Saturn: A 1966 spectacle Observations of the double Nucleus in Comet ikela-Seki Howard A. Pohn Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston How to find it: Messier 92 – William J. Busler Photographing the Gegenschein H. Gordon Solberg, jr. and R.B. Minton QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH JUNE SKIES SOUTHERN STARS INDEX TO VOLUME XXXI JULY 1966 V. XXXII N° 1 CONTENTS Cover: TheU.S. Naval research laboratory has just put into operation the highly precise 85-foot radio telescope in the foreground. At the left is an 84 –foot instrument ercted several years ago at this site, the Maryland point observatory. Ed tedeschi of the Rohr corporation climbed 60 feet into a gum tree to secure this color photograph. MARINER 4 HEARD FROM AGAIN A HIGH-PRECISION 85-FOOT RADIO TELESCOPE Edward f. McClain THE BARWELL METEORITE P. Lancaster brown AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT EARLY REPORTS OF THE MAY ECLIPSE PÍCTURES FROM THE MOON THE LONG-BASE-LINE INTERFEROMETER AT JODRELL BANK Albert D. frost and henry P. palmer R.M.PETRIE: CANADIAN ASTROPHYSICIST Anne B. Underhill BOSTON MASTER OPTICIAN DIES James G. Baker AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS A two-hundred-dollar observatory – Leo J. Weinstein BOOK AND THE SKY Stonehenge decoded Dictionary of technical terms for aerospace use The solar spectrum CELESTIAL CALENDAR Beta Lyrae this summer GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s Notes on constructing a 51/2-inch cassegrainian-maksutov A pensioner’s telescope – C. Case LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Composite picture of five globular cluster Ernest and Marison Robson Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH JULY SKIES SOUTHERN STARS AUGUST 1966 V. XXXII N° 2 CONTENTS Cover: Taking off from sea well airport on the West Indies island of Barbados. A jet aircraft files above a 164-inch gun which is 119 feet long. Here being elevated into firing position, five degrees from the vertical, this gun is used by Canadian and American researcher’s ti fire 200-pound vehicles to altitudes approaching 100 miles, in a program of high-atmosphere exploration. Photograph by peter M. Milllman. SOME SURVEYOR FINDINGS BIG GUN ON BARBADOS Peter M. Millman OTTO STRUVE MEMORIAL SYMPOSIUM Bart j. Bok INFRARED STARS Harold L. Johnson ANNULAR ECLIPSE OF MAY 20TH AFCRL RADIO OBSERVATIONS OF MAY’S ECLIPSE John P. Castelli and Ronald M. Straka NEW ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSEVATORY SOME PHOTOGRAPHS BY HANS VEHRENBERG AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS New variable star observatory in Germany – Ralph Gizinski ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Father Perry’s Expedition to Kerguelen Island BOOK AND THE SKY Galactic structure Celestial handbook CELESTIAL CALENDAR August planetary groupings GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A Canadian amateur’s observatory – Rene Doucet Barlow Lens designs for a spherical primary mirror Berly brixner LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE An improved cooled camera for astrophotography – Evered Kreimer An Unusual lunar Dome – Strathmore R.B.Cooke Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH AUGUST SKIES SEPTEMBER 1966 V. XXXII N° 3 CONTENTS Cover: An aerial view of blackford hill at Edinburgh, showing buildings and grounds of the royal observatory of Scotland. In addition to a 36-inchreflector and a 16-inch Schmidt telescope, there are twin 16-inch photoelectric reflectors housen in the conspicuous hemispherical dowe left of center. Photograph by Scotsman publications, ltd. RADIO ASTRONOMERS DETEC COSMIC HELIUM EMISSION TWIN 16-INCH PHOTOMETRIC REFLECTORS AT EDINBURGH – V.C. Reddish LUNAR BASINS, LUNAR LINEAMENTS, AND THE MOON’S FAR SIDE – WILLIAM K. HARTMANN CONVENTION IN MIAMI A MAXIMUM ECLIPSE EFFORT A PUBLIC OBSERVATORY IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA B. Polesny SOME RESULTS FROM SPACE STUDIES THE MARK SMITH PLANETARIUM IN GEORGIA Angus B. Domingos, jr. AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Swiss convention of amateur astronomers – T. Auerbach BOOK AND THE SKY Naked-eye astronomy Smithsonian treasury of 20th-century science Life into space The origin of the solar system CELESTIAL CALENDAR Minor planets pallas and Juno GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s Working a mirror blank of “zero” expansion coefficient LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Lunar photography with a 5-inch reflactor – Stephen M. Larson Identifying barnard’s star Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston July prominence observed in Czechoslovakia – Joseph klepesta PLANETARIUM NOTES QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH SEPTEMBER SKIES SOUTHERN STARS COTOBER 1966 V. XXXII N° 4 CONTENTS Cover: A recent view of palomar observatory in southern California, showing at far left the dome of the 18-inch Schmidt telescope, erected in 1936; at center the 48-inch Schmidt (1948); the 200 –inch hale reflector (1948); and at right a water tower and maintenance facilities. Compare this scene with that on page 185. Mount Wilson and palomar observatories photograph. PALOMAR 60-INCH PHOTOMETRIC REFLECTOR S. Bowen and Bruce H. Rule WESTERN AMATEURS CONVENE IN CALIFORNIA Joel W. Goodman NEW COMET KILSTON 81966b) LUNAR ORBITER SURVEYS THE MOON THE PERIODS OF RR LYRAE VARIABLE STARS V. Zessevich STELLAR ULTRAVIOLET SPECTRA FROM GEMINI 10 Karl G. Henize and Lloyd R. Wackerling SECOND INTERNATIONAL PLANETARIUM EXECUTIVES CONFERENCE AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT EAST AND WEST THE MOON AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Some invisible astronomers BOOK AND THE SKY Dictionary of astronomical terms Galaxies, nuclei, and quasars Explorer of the universe CELESTIAL CALENDAR Occultation highlights – June-September, 1966 – David W. Dunham GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s An engineering student builds a mounting – Victor Nikolashin An unusual off-axis reflector – Joseph R. pawlick LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Many observers watch summer meteors Observing the moon – encke – Alika K. Herring QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES NOVEMBER 1966 V. XXXII N° 5 CONTENTS Cover: Adorning the façade of the astronomical museum at kitt peak national observatory in Arizona is this multicolored glass-tile mosaic of ancient mayan astronomical motifs. KPNO phothograph. THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE X-RAY SOURCE IN SCORPIUS Herbert Gursky RESULTS OF SUNDIAL COMETITION Hermann Egger WHAT LUNA 9 TOLD US ABOUT THE MOON Yuri N. Lipsky AMERICAN ASTRONOMERS REPORT HIGH-FLYING GEMINI 11 ALPO MEETS IN TUCSON RADIO ASTRONOMY AND THE GALACTIC SYSTEM – I Edward P. Ney BLAEUW´S CELESTIAL GLOBE AND THERE NEW STARS Karel Hujer 1967 OCCULTATION SUPPLEMENT AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS BOOK AND THE SKY Canon of solar eclipses The origin and evolution of the universe Weather on the planets CELESTIAL CALENDAR GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A Connecticut observatory with rool-off roof – C. R. Hammond A rigid mounting that required little machining Charles R. Willington LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE August planetary configurations Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston Ptolemaeus at sunrise – Strathmore R. B. Cooke Telescope image reversal – David W. Rosebrugh QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH NOVEMBER SKIES SOUTHERN STARS DECMBER 1966 V. XXXII N° 6 CONTENTS Cover: The first mountaintop observatory in the United States, on Mount Hamilton in California, in its present stage of development. Dominating this lick observatory scene is the 96-foot dome of the 120-inch reflecting telescope. To its left is the 20-inch twin astrograph and a small dome for the touchmann 22-inch cassegrain reflector. Beyond are the 36 –inch and 12-inch refractor domes, on the main observatory building, and at extreme left the 36-inch crossley reflector. University of California photograph. NEW SANTA CRUZ HEADQUARTERS FOR LICK OBSERVATORY A.E. Whitford NOTES ON SOUT AMERICAN ASTRONOMY Thornton L. page RADIO ASTRONOMY AND THE GALACTIC SYSTEM – II Bart J. Bok TOWARD A NEW ASTRONOMICAL IMAGINATION Robert S. Richardson LUNAR ORBITER PHOTOGRAPHS EARTH AND MOON NEW COMMUNICATIONS SATELLITES AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS AAVSO Meets at nantucket ASTRONOMICAL SCRAPBOOK Review of a yet-unwritten moon book BOOK AND THE SKY Essentials of Astronomy First conference on faint blue stars The amateur astronomer CELESTIAL CALENDAR GLEANINGS FOR ATM’s A simple comparator for star photographs A variety of instruments by a California mamteur Kenneth W. London LETTERS NEWS NOTES OBSERVER’S PAGE Auroral activity increases Deep-Sky Wonders –Walter scott Houston An observation of pallas - Roberts P. Stevens QUESTIONS RAMBLING THROUGH DECEMBER SKIES SOUTHERS STARS INDEX TO VOLUMEN XXXII FEATURE PICTURE: The earth and Moon photographed by lunar orbiter 1 on August 23, 1966.

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1051148HR 520 ENE-DIC 1966 ST  Colección Mario Sotillo UCSP - Sucre Original 1Disponible  

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