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Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1987 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
Ubicación:UCSP - Sucre
Autor Personal:Sky Publishing Corporation
TítuloSky and telescope
Ciudad: Cambridge, Mass.
Editorial: Sky Publishing Corporation
Año: 1987
Descripción:118 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
Notas:F.I. 16/11/2016
Palabras Claves:ASTRONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Astronomía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 520 ENE-DIC 1987 ST [Colección Mario Sotillo]
100:Sky Publishing Corporation
245Sky and telescope
260:Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1987:
300:118 páginas; il., fots. 29 cm.
500:F.I. 16/11/2016
653Astronomía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

Sky Publishing Corporation. Sky and telescope. -- . --Cambridge, Mass.: Sky Publishing Corporation: 1987. # Ingreso:1052443

   118 páginas; il., fots..29 cm..

JANUARY 1987 V. 73 Nº 1 - In Search of Martian – Seas Stuart J. Goldman Current evidence points toward the existence of ancient of ancient lakes on the red planet. - Japan´s Blossoming Space Science – M. Oda and Y. Tanaka A small university institute has become a formidable builder of satellites. - The March Annular-Total Eclipse – Edward M. Brooks Weather prospects along the path from Argentina to Somalia. - IRAS and the Quasars – Richard Tresch-Fienberg Astronomers begin to understand what makes quasars glow in the infrared. - The Splendor of Eta Carinae – David Malin New color images rekindle John Herschel´s awe of this magnificent nebula. - Quantized Galaxy Redshifts – W. G. Tifft and W. J. Cocke A novel interpretation of redshifts implies the universe may not be expanding. - New-Wave Pulsars – Nicholas E. While Before the Exoat satellite reentered, it discovered a new breed of X-ray source. - The Bygone Era of Time Balls – Ian Bartky About an obsolete time service that is remembered chiefly on New Year´s Eve. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – Clyde Tombaugh: observer and telescope maker - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – The flight of a meteor - BOOKS AND THE SKY – Super stars, death stars, and aliens - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – Solar system events this month and for the year - 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – Focusers, spectroscopes, and black widow spiders - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – Adventures in gas hypering - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – The high-low Moon of 1987 - SKY-GAZER´S ALMANAC 1987 – Celestial events every night this year - SOUTHERN STARS FOR FEBRUARY-MARCH --- FEBRUARY 1987 V. 73 Nº 2 - The Shaping of Planetary Nebulae – Bruce Balick New images help explain planetaries´varied and intricate forms. - The Temperate F. Stars – James B. Kaler F stars mark the transition from hot to cool stars and include those beacons of the skies, the pulsating Cepheid variables - Tracing M81´s Spiral Arms – Michele Kaufman Viewing this galaxy at several wavelengths yields clues to its structure - The Education of Mary Somerville – Kenneth Weitzenhoffer A self-educated Scotswoman defied early 19th-century social pressures to earn the respect of the British scientific community - Light from the Depths of Time – Rudolf Kippenhaln Why Crown jewel of astronomy has a few more hurdles to clear before it gets a go for liftoff. Vanishing Solar Neutrinos – Anna Franco and D. H. Smith A new theory promises to solve the solar neutrino problema. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – Spotlight on Japan - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – Tracking down a comet - BACKYARD ASTRONOMY – Star finding with a planisphere - BOOKS AND AND THE SKY – The anthropic cosmological principles - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – The Moon occults Spica - 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – Edgar Everchart´s comet tracker - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – Two eclipses and a transit - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – An old pictorial star atlas --- MARCH 1987 V. 73 Nº 3 - Realm of the Comets – Paul R. Weissman The distant and unseen Oort cloud sends regular reminders that it exists. - The Black Heart of Comet Halley – Fred L. Whipple The originator of the “dirty snowball” theory discusses Halley´s nucleus. - Sampling the Stuff of a Comet – Roger Knacke The gas and dust in Halley´s coma hint at the solar system´s origin. - Comet Halley and the Solar Wind – R. Sagdeev and A. Galeev Spacecraft found a circus of electromagnetic activity inside Halley´s coma. - Inside the IHW: The Professionals – J. Kelly Beatty Ray Newburn and Jürgen Rahe assess the International Halley Watch. - The IHW Island Network. – M. B. Niedner, Jr., and W. Liller A network of portable cameras helped keep a vigil on Halley data. - Comet Rendezvous – The Next Step – Marcia Neugebauer A way to answer questions about comets is to follow one around. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – A gallery of historic observatories - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – Astronomical software benchmarks - BOOKS AND THE SKY – Thunderstones and Shooting Stars - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – The March 5th Pleiades occultation - 50 AND 25 YEAR AGO - FOCAL POINT – Cometary studies come of age - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – Twin lighweight telescopes - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – Sky photography near the Arctic Circle - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – Teaching space science - SOUTHERN STARS FOR APRIL-MAY --- APRIL 1987 V. 73 Nº 4 - Project Galileo: The Phoenix Rises – Michael W. Carroll The years overdue, our next probe to Jupiter will be worth the wait. - Gauging Angles in the 17th Century – Allan Chapman Building replicas helps relive a fruitful period of astronomical discovery. - Star Formation and IRAS Galaxies – David A. Allen Some otherwise normal galaxies shine as brightly as quasars. - Kavalur´s Stellar Hermitage – Dilip M. Salwi India commissions a new 2.3-meter telescope – Asia´s largest. - Secrets of Galaxy Clusters – David H. Smith If we are to understand galaxies, it is crucial to study clusters of them. - Giant Galactic Ares – Leif J. Robinson A new phenomenon in the univers may have been discovered. - A Supernova in Our Backyard – Ronald A. Schorn Four centuries of waiting are over with the Discovery of a naked-eye supernova. - Satellites on a String – Robert G. Nichols Long cables in orbit promise to be a new tool for working in space. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – The Philippines: a land in shadow - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – A plea against megalithic assumptions - BACKYARD ASTRONOMY – The care and cleaning of optics - BOOKS AND THE SKY – History of McDonald Observatory - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – A spectacular occultation of Venus - 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO - FOCAL POINT – In defense of the Sun - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – A digital Foucault tester - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – Polar alignment and a pair of planets - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – Astronomical updates --- MAY 1987 V. 73 Nº 5 - Supernova Shine On – Ronald A. Schorn SN 1987 in the Large Magellanic Cloud remains easily visible to the unaided eye and continues to surprise scientists. - Neutrinos from Hell – Ronald A. Schorn Neutrinos from SN 1987 give u sour first look into the star´s fiery heart - Where Are We Going? – Timothy Ferris With everything in the universo on the move, it´s difficult to know where we´re headed - Monster Telescopes for the 1990´s – Leif J. Robinson A new era for optical astronomy has almost arrived. - British Plan for the Year 2000 – David H. Smith British astronomers have published wish list for the year 2000 - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – Two new major observatories - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – Kepler´s equation - BOOKS AND THE SKY – The Invisible Universe Revealed - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – Observing the LMC supernova - 50 AND 25 YEAR AGO - FOCAL POINT – Astronomy, Challenger, and Budget cuts - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – A pair of hefty telescopes - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – An interview with Walter Scott Houston - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – That amazing analemma - SOUTHERN STARS FOR JUNE-JULY --- JUNE 1987 V. 73 Nº 6 - A Surprising Supernova – Ronald A. Schorn SN 1987 brightened slowly and steadily during April - The Challenge of Space Surveillance – Capt. J. Andreas Howell Tracking everything in orbit is not an easy task. - The Sunspot Cycle: Tip of the Iceberg – Leif J. Robinson New discoveries suggest the 11-year sunspot cycle is only part of the story - Images: A New Perspective on Mars A stunning mosaic of Mars off a new photographic feature. - Desperately Seeking Supernovae – Roland N. Kahn The gulf between a good idea and a successful project can be very wide. - From Aerobee to AXAF – David H. Smith After 25 years of unrivaled progress, American X-ray astronomy faces an uncertain future. - Stardust on Earth – J. Kelly Beatty Poking through meteorites, a research group finds diamonds from another star. - New Charts for the Deep Sky – George Lovi A. New atlas shows stars to about magnitudes 9.5, the entire NGC, and more. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – Project Milky Way - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – The Savage benchmark revisited - BOOKS AND THE SKY – Meteorites in history - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – The Moon´s Straight Wall - 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO - FOCAL POINT – Is the U. S. abandoning the solar system? - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – John Gregory´s new doublet - INDEX TO VOLUME 73 - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – M101, the Ursa Major spiral - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – Magellanic “toolhouses” --- JULY 1987 V. 74 Nº 1 - SN 1987A: Watching and Waiting – Ronald A. Schorn Supernova 1987A hovered at 3rd magnitude in May, while astronomers watched for signs of possible dramatic new developments. - Newton´s Principia: A Retrospective – Gale E. Christianson The most influential book in the history of science celebrates its 300th birthday this month. - The Total Solar Eclipse of March, 1988 – Edward M. Brooks The total eclipse next March will be the longest in years. Here´s where to find the decades to come. - The Legacy of E. E. Barnard – George S. Mumford A skilled American observer and astrophotographer helped change our understanding of the Milky Way. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – Astronomy under Texas skies - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – The orbit of a binary star - BACKYARD ASTRONOMY – Observing from the city - BOOKS AND THE SKY – Listening for life in the cosmos - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – Watching the Moon´s librations - 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO - FOCAL POINT – Should all satellites fly? - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – A portable observatory, you say? - IMAGES – Southern sky spectacular - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – The odyssey of an African ring eclipse - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – Ibrium highlights - SOUTHERN STARS --- AUGUST 1987 V. 74 Nº 2 - A Gamma-Ray Pinhole Camera – Walter J. Wild Computers make the humble pinhole a tool for high-energy astronomy. - Surveying the Northern Sky – James Schombert For the second, and probably last, time the Palomar Schmidt is mapping the sky. - While Dwarfs: Fossil Stars – James B. Kawaler and D. E. Winget Why many stars will end their lives as crystals. - Spirals from Order and Chaos – David H. Smith It seems spiral galaxies shouldn´t exist. Two theories explain why they do. - VB 8B´s Vanishing Act – Ronald A. Schorn According to recent observations, this giant planet may not real after all. - Six-Meter Views of M33 – David H. Smith An underrated telescope sheds new light on a well-known galaxy. - The Solar-Stellar Connection – Mark S. Giampapa Studying other stars can reveal much about the Sun. - The B Stars: Beacons of the Skies – James B. Kaler These hot, young objects shine brightly and mark regions of recent star formation - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – The pride of Globe, Arizona - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – How long will our solar system last? - BOOKS AND THE SKY - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – A daytime occultation of Spica - 50 AND 25 YEAR AGO - FOCAL POINT – Supernova 1987A and the press - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s On DC motors and cutting a hole in your roof - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – April´s occultation of Venus - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES. Milky Way meanderings --- SEPTEMBER 1987 V. 74 Nº 3 - Sky on a Chip: The Fabulous CCD – Janesick and M. Blouke A piece of silicon the size of your fingernail has changed forever the way we view the heavens. - Charting the Souther Sky – John Lankford A 1908-11 expedition to Argentina exposed the human side of science. - Stellar Granulation – Ronald A. Schorn Astronomers can now observe small-scale convection on the surface of stars. - Pluto and Charon: The Dance Goes On – J. Kelly Beatty Already their mutual occultations are yielding a windfall of new data. - A Mysterious Woodcut – David W. Hughes The most famous image of a meteor shower ever published may have a religious origin. - In the Shadow of the Horsehead – David Malin Dim and delicate features are revealed within this famous dark nebula. - Supernova 1987A´s Fading Glory – Ronald A. Schorn The new star has dimmed but continues to surprise astronomers. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – To catch a child´s imagination - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – A visit to Monte Carlo - BOOKS AND THE SKY – Windows on the cosmos - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – A grand Pleiades occultation - 50 AND 25 YEAR AGO - FOCAL POINT – Let´s keep our dirty hands off Mars - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – Music wire and a cure for quivering scopes - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – Copying: a simple yet powerful tool for photographers - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – Planetariums and socces balls - SOUTHERN STARS Center POPULAR ASTRONOMY HANDBOOK – A new astronomical directory --- OCTOBER 1987 V. 74 Nº 4 - Laying Bare Venus´Dark Secrets – David A. Allen Infrared measurements reveal a previously unseen cloud layer deep within Venus´ hellish atmosphere. - The Strange Case of Beta Lyrae – J. Tomkin and D. L. Lambert This familiar eclipsing binary star offers a rare glimpse of an exposed stellar core. - Perfecting the Modern Reflector – William Tobin León Foucault´s methods of making mirrors revolutionized telescope construction, leading to colossal gains in aperture size. - The Wandering Stars of Allegheny – Roger W. Sinnott An old refractor´s new lens and electronic measuring apparatus keep it in the forefront of astrometry. Its quest for extrasolar planets has begun. - Gravity Waves: A Progress Report – Virginia Trimble Some scientists think they´ve found wrinkles in the fabric of space. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – The children of Stellafane - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – Fun with sterographic projections - BACKYARD ASTRONOMY – The art of planetary observing - I - BOOKS AND THE SKY – Birth of the Earth - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – The lunar crater Plato - 50 AND 25 YEAR AGO - FOCAL POINT – Is SDI good or bad for astronomy? - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s. – A homemade wide-angle eyepiece - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – An amateur´s night with the Mount Wilson 60-inch - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – Star charts: the Apian way --- NOVEMBER 1987 V. 74 Nº 5 - The Spectacular O Star. Star B. Kaler – James B. Kaler - Hottest, bluest, brightest, rarest, and most massive, the O stars form the blazing tip of the main sequence. - GONG: To See Inside Our Sun John W. Harvey, James R. Kennedy, and John W. Leibacher A new telescope network will tell us why the Sun rings like a bell. - Supernova 1987 after 200 Days – Ronald A. Schorn The supernova continues its slow decline in brightness while the passage of time is gradually revealing the explosion´s long-term behavior. - Amateurs Triumph in Paris – Stephen J. O´Meara Amateur contributions to astronomy are assessed at an IAU colloquium. - S&T Test Report Sky & Telescope introduces product reviews with a tryout of the CAT. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – Amateurs and professionals unite in England - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – The tide at Tarawa - BOOKS AND THE SKY – The Sky & Telescope guide to astronomy textbooks - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – Transit times of Jupiter´s Great Red Spot - 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO - FOCAL POINT – Astronomy and the war for scientific literacy - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – World´s largest amateur reflector? - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – Skyshooting with the fastest color film - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES – The ecliptic slip - SOUTHERN STARS FOR DECEMBER – JANUARY --- DECEMBER 1987 V. 74 Nº 6 - Particle Physics for Everybody – Paul Davies A simple guide to the esoteric world of elementary particles, which is becoming ever more important to our understanding of the cosmos. - The Top 10 Telescope Ideas of 1987 S&T combed the contry´s three largest telescope conventions in search of nifty ideas for anyone who makes or uses a telescope. Here is our report. - Discovering M31´s Spiral Shape – Gérard de Vancouleurs For nearly half a century after “spiral nebulae” were known, the great galaxy in Andromeda was not ranked among them. - The High-Flying Kvant Module – J Kelly Beatty Since June, cosmonauts have been taking X-ray snapshots of the heavens. - AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS – Astronomy for the Italian public - ASTRONOMICAL COMPUTING – Sundials on walls - BOOKS AND THE SKY – Observing and drawing the planets - CELESTIAL CALENDAR – Timing eclipses of Jupiter´s moons - 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO - FOCAL POINT – Who are you, anyway? - GLEANINGS FOR ATM´s – A boatbuilder´s observatory dome - INDEX TO VOLUME 74 - LETTERS - NEWS NOTES - OBSERVER´S PAGE – December´s Ursid meteor shower has its surprises - RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES. – Denizens of a celestial ocean - S&T TEST REPORT – ThermoPak – a rechargeable hand warmer

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1052443HR 520 ENE-DIC 1987 ST  Colección Mario Sotillo UCSP - Sucre Original 1Disponible  

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