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Código:HR 621.3824 V64 N° 2 APS [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
TítuloIEEE transactions on antennas and propagation
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Año: 2016
Descripción:835 P. figs., tabs. 27 cm.
Notas:F. I. 06/03/2017
Palabras Claves:INGENIERÍA;
Términos Locales:Antenas y Propagación - Revista;
Idioma: Ingles;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 621.3824 V64 N° 2 APS [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
245IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation
260:New York: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers: 2016:
300:835 P. figs., tabs. 27 cm.
500:F. I. 06/03/2017
653Antenas y Propagación - Revista; Idioma: Ingles

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation. -- . --New York: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers: 2016. # Ingreso:1053313

   835 P. figs., tabs..27 cm..

REGULAR PAPERS Antennas Printable Planar Dielectric Antennas... A Rashidiam, L. Shafai, M. Sobocinski, J. Juuti, and H. Jantunen A Compact Broadband Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna Using Planar Folded Dipole Elements X. Cai and K. Sarabandi Linearly Polarized and Dual-Polarized Magneto-Electric Dipole Antennas With Reconfigurable Beamwidth in the H-plane L. Ge and K-M. Luk Miniaturization of Ultrawideband Monocone Antennas Using Dialectric Loading Y. Shi, A. K. Amert, and K. W. Whites 3-D Printed Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Lenses with Fixed and Frequency Scanned Beam H. Yi, S.-W. Qu, K.-B. Ng, C. H. Chan, and X. Bai Reliability-Aware Optimization of a Wideband Antenna A. Kouassi, N. Nguyen-Trong T. Kaufmann, S. Lalléchere, P. Bonnet, and C. Fumeaux Modeling and PCB Implementation of Standing Leaky-Wave Antennas Incorporating Edge Reflection for Broadside Radiation Enhancement Y.-W. Hsu.-H.-C. Lin, and Y.-C Lin Optimum Feeds for Reflectarray Antenna: Synthesis and Design M. A. Moharram and A. A. Kishk Phaseless Characterization of Broadband Antennas A. Arboleya, J. Laviada, J. Ala-Laurinaho, Y. Álvarez, F. Las-Heras, and A. V. Raisanen Constrained Pole-Zero Synthesis of Phase-Oriented RFID Sensor Antennas S. Caizzone, E. DiGiampaolo, and G. Marroco Arrays and Periodic Structures Multibeam SIW Slotted Waveguide Antenna System Fed by a Compact Dual-Layer Rotman Lens K. Tekkouk, M. Ettore, L. Le Coq. And R. Sauleau A Hybrid Method for the Optimal Synthesis of 3-D Patterns of Sparse Concentric Ring Arrays X. Zhao, Q. Yang, and Y. Fan Wideband Wide-Scan Planar Array of Connected Slots Loaded With Artificial Dielectric Superstrates W. H. Syed, D. Cavallo, H. Thippur Shivamurthy, and A. Neto 60-GHz Dual-Polarized Two-Dimensional Switch-Beam Wideband Antenna Array of Aperture-Coupled Magneto-Electric Dipoles Y. Li and K.-M. Luk One and Two-Dimensional Beam-Switching Antenna for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Applications A. Dadgarpour, B. S. Virdee, and T. A. Denidni An Omnidirectional Circularly Polarized Antenna Array J. Shi, X. Wu, X. Qing, and Z. N. Chen Synthesis Procedure for Thinned Leaky-Wave-Based Arrays With Reduced Number of Elements F. Scattone, M. Ettorre, B. Fuchs, R. Sauleau, and N. J. G. Fonseca Characterization of a Dual-Polarized Connected-Dipole Array for Ku-Band Mobile Terminals R. J. Bolt, D. Cavallo, G. Gerini, D. Deurloo, R. Grooters, A. Neto, and G. Toso Metasurfaces With Interleaved Conductors: Phenomenology and Aplications to Frequency Selective and High Impedance Surfaces A. Vallecchi, R. J. Langley, and A. G. Schuchinsky Electromagnetics Evaluation of Two Approaches for Breast Surface Measurement Applied to a Radar-Based Imaging System Analysis, Design, and Measurements of Circularly Symmetric High-Impedance Surfaces for Loop Antenna Applications M. A. Amiri, C. A. Balanis, and C. R. Birtcher Minimum Trace Norm Regularization (MTNR) in Electromagnetic Inverse Problems M. D. Migliore High-Performance Electrically Thin Dual-Band Polarizing Reflective Surface for Broadband Satellite Applications N. J. G. Fonseca and C. Mangenot Numerical Techniques A Mixed Potential MLFMA for Higher Order Moment Methods With Application to the Generalized Method of Moments D. Dault and B. Shanker A Scalable Parabellel PWTD-Accelerated SIE Solver for Analzing Transient Scattering From Electrically Large Objects Y. Liu, A. C. Yucel, H. Bagci, and E. Michielssen An Adjoint Variable Method for Wideband Second-Order Sensitivity Analysis Through FDTD Y. Zhang, M. H. Negm, and M. H. Bakr Wave Propagation and Scattering Approximate Method for Estimating Gaseous Loss at Very Low Angles Along Paths of Finite Length and Earth-Space Paths P. Bouchard Using NWP Reanalysis Data for Radiometric Calibration in Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Experiments L. Luini and C. Capsoni Geometry Reconstruction Based on Attributes of Scattering Centers by Using Time-Frequency Representations K.-Y. Guo, Q.-Y. Qu, and X.-Q. Sheng Some Statistical and Spatial Properties of Signal Scattering by 2-D Slightly Rough Random Surfaces S. El-Bah, R. Dusseaux, and S. Afifi Wireless Emulating Ray-Tracingg Channels in Multiprobe Anechoic Chamber Setups for Virtual Drive Testing W. Fan, I. Carton, P. Kyosti, and G. F. Pedersen A Measurement-Based Model for Outdoor Near-Ground Ultrawideband Channels S. Sangodoyin, S. Niranjayan, and A. F. Molisch COMMUNICATIONS A 6: 1 Bandwidth, Low-Profile, Dual-Polarized Ring Array of Spiral Antennas With Connecting Arms I. D. Hinostroza Sáenz, R. Guinvarc h, R. L. Haupt, and K. Louertani A High-Fidelity All-Textile UWB Antenna With Low Back Radiation for Off-Body WBAN Applications L. A. Yimdjo Poffelie, P. J. Soh, S. Yan, and G. A. E. Vandenbosch A Non-Isolated Power-Combining Antenna for Outphasing Radio Transmitters F. P. van der Wilt, E. Habekotté, and A. B. Smolders Compact Broadband Dual-Polarized Antenna for Indoor MIMO Wireless Communication Systems H. Lee and B. Lee Design of Koch Fractal Circularly Polarized Antenna for Handheld UHF RFID Reader Applications A. Farswan, A. K. Gautam, B. K. Kanaujia, and K. Rambabu Millington Effect and Propagation Enhancement in 60-GHz Body Area Networks T. Mavridis, C. Leduc, L. Petrillo, J. Sarrazin, M. Zhadobov, R. Sauleu, A. Benlarbi- Delai and P. D. Doncker A dual-Polarized 2-18-GHz Vivaldi Array for Airborne Radar Measurements of Snow J.-B. Yan, S. Gogineni, B. Camps-Raga, and J. Brozena Simple Boundary Condition for Canonical EBG Surface: PMC-Backed Uniaxial Medium M. Bosiljevac, Z. Sipus, P.-S Kildal, and A. Freni A novel High-Gain Printed Antenna Configuration Based on TM12 Mode of Circular Disc P. Juyal and L. Shafai Omnidirectional Wideband E-Shaped Cylindrical Patch Antennas A. Y. Svezhentsev, V. Volski, S. Yan, P. J. Soh, and G. A. E. Vandenbosch Analysis of Slotted Sectorial Waveguide: Arrays With Multilayered Radomes M. Kalfa and V. B. Ertürk A Wide-Angle Scanning and Low Sidelobe Level Microstrip Phased Array Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization Y. –Q. Wen, B.-Z Wang, and X. Ding Millimeter-Wave Circularly Polarized Tapered-Eliptical Cavity Antenna With Wide Axial-Ratio Beamwidth X. Bai, S.-W. Qu, S. Yang, Y. Hu, and Z.-P. Nie High-Performance 45° Slant-Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna for 2-66-GHz UWB Applocations A. Dastranj and B. Abbasi-Arand Impedance Matching for Compact Multiple Antenna Systems in Random RF Fields S. Shen and R. D. Murch Dual-Band Reflection-Type Circular Polarizers Based on Anisotropic Impedance Surfaces M. Fartookzadeh and S. H. Mohseni Armaki A Class of Extremely Wideband Resonant Cavity Antennas With Large Directivity-Bandwidth Products R. M. Hashmi and K. P. Esselle CALL FOR PAPERS Call for Special Issue Proposals

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1053313HR 621.3824 V64 N° 2 APS  Universidad Católica San Pablo Planta baja estanteria abierta Original 1Disponible  

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