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Código:HR 330 ABR-JUN 2015 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: London
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2015
Descripción:varias paginaciones;; fotos, gráficos; 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 08/01/2018
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
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Código:HR 330 ABR-JUN 2015 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2015:
300:varias paginaciones;; fotos, gráficos; 27 cm.
500:F.I. 08/01/2018
653Economía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2015. # Ingreso:1058592

   varias paginaciones;; fotos, gráficos;.27 cm..

APRIL 4TH-10TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Urban land Space and the city - Nigeria’s election Three cheers for democracy - Prenatal care Great expectations - British foreign policy Punch and duty - Special economic zones Not so special LETTERS On Latin America, Russia, Japan, deep learning, companies, the Budget BRIEFING Land-shackled economies The paradox of soil UNITED STATES - The Confederacy The present past - The South’s economy They wish they were in Dixie - Delaware’s economy Falling in the First - Dating apps Less choice, please - Indiana politics Religious freedom v gay rights - Harry Reid The slugger of the Senate retires - Lexington Why the gun lobby is winning THE AMERICAS - Venezuela Maduro’s muzzle - Bullfighting Matadors on the march - Peru’s government The fall of Ana Jara - Bello The neglected art of biography ASIA - Malaysian politics Riding a tiger - Ethnic minorities in Vietnam Out of sight - Elections in Central Asia No choice - Japan’s working poor Struggling - Banyan Asia´s retiring strongmen CHINA - Poverty in China Just a little bit richer - The internet Great walls of fire - Stolen artefacts Relics of plunder MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Nigeria's election Hail to the voters - The Iran talks Going to the wire - Saudi Arabia Decisive or rash? - Yemen The old man who lingers - Syria’s civil war Assad on the back foot - Politics in Somalia Loth to admit failure - South African history Hit the Rhodes, Cecil EUROPE - Germany’s logjam An uncomfortable arrangement - Minorities in France An edgy inquirí - Spanish politics The old and the new - Russia’s recent past Nemtsov Bridge - An angry Dutch mood A low-spirited country - Charlemagne Europeans´ privacy fears BRITAIN - Projecting power Little Britain - Hague departs William, it was really nothing - Bagehot Scaring voters, not impressing them INTERNATIONAL - Prenatal health and life Unequal beginnings - Smoking in pregnancy Huffing and puffing BUSINESS - Microsoft at middle age Opening Windows - Steel in China Twin peaks - Startups in Mexico Techs-Mex - Iran’s oil Rusty taps - Tyremaking in India Apollo’s mission Schumpeter Valley of the dudes FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Special economic zones Political priority, economic gamble - Buttonwood Jitters on Wall Street - Investing in art A study in red and black - German property Braking bad - Corruption in Brazil Taxmen on the take - Nigeria’s economy To the victor the toils - Greece and its creditors Starting to list - Free exchange Making meetings work SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Exploration (1) Wiring the world below - Exploration (2) The worlds beyond - Powering space travel NASA’s dark materials - Emergency medicine Someone to hold your hand - An ancient mother Cretaceous insects BOOKS AND ARTS - Becoming Steve Jobs Jobs 2.0 - Britain and the EU The Brexit dilema - Flash fiction Super-short short stories - Life and friendship Time it was Collecting personal data Uses and abuses ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Stastistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at crowdfunding OBITUARY - Sashimani Devi A marriage made in heaven --- APRIL 11TH-17TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Hillary Clinton in 2016 What does Hillary stand for? - Repression in Malaysia Disconnect - The euro-zone revival Don’t get europhoric - NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION A nuclear test for the Obama doctrine BRITAIN’S TAXES No to non-doms LETTERS On equality, Britain, Singapore, airports, business cards BRIEFING VOLCANOES AND CLIMATE After Tambora UNITED STATES - The Democratic nomination A contest, or a coronation? - Rand Paul Ane ye doctor´s visión - Guns and anger Trigger happy - Drought in California The price is wrong - Chicago Rejecting Hanukkan Harry - Lexington Why students make better senators THE AMERICAS - Normalisation with Cuba The thrill of the thaw - Elections in Bolivia A rebuff Evo Morales - Bello A warmer Latin climate for Obama ASIA - Economic policy in Japan Aben and the central bank - Terrorism in Malaysia Illiberal measures - Politics in Taiwan Grassroots power - Banning beef in India The politics of beef - Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Judgment day - The reef´s crown-of-thorns starfish Coral-killers CHINA - Opinion polls Taking the pulse - Government websites Frozen in time - Banyan Where all Silk Roads lead MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Iran nuclear deal Too soon to celebrate - The war against IS (1) Creeping toward Damascus - The war against IS (2) Mosul beckons - Libya’s civil war An oily mess - Nigeria´s president-elect Don´t expect miracles - Urban regeneration Polishing the city of gold - An atrocity in Kenya Could things get worse? EUROPE - Reforming Italy’s government Working on it - Turkish politics Taken hostage - Poland’s election Echoing crash - Eastern Ukraine Kharkiv in the fold - Greece and Russia Desperate times - French radio Vive la résistance - Charlemagne A Minsk muddle BRITAIN - Scotland Sturgeon calls the tune - Taxes and the election All must pay - Bagehot All about that base INTERNATIONAL - Energy efficiency Green around the edges - Renewable energy Not a toy BUSINESS - Shell and BG A vote for gas - Commercial drones On the up - Streaming video A business home run - Drug dealing The net closes - Ageing consumers Chasing the grey yen - Europe´s recovery Green shoots, risk of frost - Schumpeter Robert Schuller, retailer of religión FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Growth in America Careful now - Crowdfunding Open the floodgates - The global economy Diminished hopes - Financial secrecy Cracking the shells - Cash in Argentina Low bill - Free exchange Robin Hood economics SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Expanding the internet Sky-Fi - Medical robotics To the point BOOKS AND ARTS - Venice Biennale Radical on the Rialto - Africa’s natural resources Looting machine - John Aubrey Fictional diarist - Alberto Manguel Quirky and inquisitive - The dead and the dying How to remember - Sarah Hall´s fiction Born to be wild ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY - Fredric Brandt The baron of Botox --- APRIL 18TH-24TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - The power of families Dynasties - Turkey and Armenia A time to heal - General Electric Back to business - Reform in China The quiet revolution - Contraception in America Don’t recoil from the coil LETTERS On Turkey, British politics, universities, campaigns, illustrations BRIEFING - China's economy Coming down to earth UNITED STATES - Marco Rubio Young, gifted and not Barack - The Clinton campaign Mystery machine - Deepwater Horizon Bashing BP - Young Mormon women More preaching, less college? - Busking There´s an app for it - Implants and IUDs Taking the bother out of birth control - Lexington Bob Corker, the man with a plan for Iran THE AMERICAS - Central America Stemming the migrant tide - Protests in Brazil Tropical tea party - Religion in Cuba The Santería revival - Bello Politics before family ASIA - The internet in Vietnam The party and social media - South Korea and Japan Talking again - Japan’s rural regions Hometown ties - Marriage in India and China A widening imbalance - Banyan Storm-tossed Pakistan CHINA - Greying economy Migrant´s retirement woes - The environmental rules Saving fish baring teeth - Censorship Breaking the Mao taboo MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Russia in the Middle East Putin’s targeted strike - The war in Yemen Arabia Infelix - The Muslim Brotherhood Hoping for a reprieve - Drug abuse in Egypt A pill for work and play - Sudan’s politics May the only man win - South Africa’s politics Black to trump White? Social report: Family companies To have and to hold EUROPE - Russia and the West Putin tries to stay strong - Migrants in the Mediterranean The numbers nightmare - Germany and asylum Is Tröglitz everywhere? - Balkan warriors abroad The good fight - Hungarian politics Jobbik´s rise - France’s National Front A family feud - Charlemagne Turning Finnish BRITAIN - Election manifestos The cross-dressers - Housing and the election The right to buy...votes - Young voters Apathetic fallacy - Bagehot Mocking Miliband INTERNATIONAL - The Armenian massacres Was it genocide? - Classifying acts of evil Naming the unspeakable - The Vatican and Turkey Never forget BUSINESS - Europe v Google Nothing to stand on - General Electric Banking on de-banking - Intrutrial firm´s Banks Risky business - Telecoms equipment Engaged tone - Information technology The convenient cloud - Moore’s law turns 50 Ever more from Moore - Schumpeter Business lessons from private schools FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Liquidity in markets Frozen - Buttonwood Is merging a mania? - Oil prices Unlikely to rise - Investment advice Seller beware - Offshore finance Trouble in Paradise - Global housing markets Property puzles - Investing in wine Intoxicating - Free exchange The economic impact of elections SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Domestic automation Robochef gets cooking - Biofuels Thin harvest - Gender bias in science The unfairer sex? - Looking for aliens Infra digging BOOKS AND ARTS - Ayaan Hirsi Ali Rethinking Islam - James Merrill Love, grief and gaiety - American history Gunning for the G-word - Eric Ravilious Another world, another time BUSINESS BOOKS QUARTERLY - Employee productivity Getting the most - Entrepreneurship in India Ready, steady, go - Information technology Lessons from lions ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at financial exclusión ORBITUARY Gunter Grass The beat of the drum --- Contents APRIL 25TH-MAY 1ST 2015 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Refugees Europe’s boat people - The United States, Japan and trade How to get a deal - Scottish nationalism Norhern exponsure - Greece - On the Gredge - Airlines Flights of hypocrisy LETTERS On prenatal health, prime ministers, privacy, Taiwan, America’s civil war, Robert Schuller BRIEFING - Europe’s boat people For those in peril - Refugees in Asia “Stop the boats” UNITED STATES - The politics of trade The secret plot to make the world richer - Republican presidential hopefuls A field guide to 2016 - Police culture Learning from social workers - Police brutality in Chicago Dark days - Iowa and etanol A fuel and your money - Disability lawsuits Hobbling businesses - Property rights The California raisin grab - Lexington Not so Wild West THE AMERICAS - Rio’s Olympics On track, so far - Bello Dilma Rousseff´s dwindling influence - Informal workers in Buenos Aires Of recyclers and rag men - Local elections in Cuba Fine, as long as we win ASIA - Japan and the United States Updating the allience - Literacy in India The power of Bollywood - Thai politics Entrenching the junta - Sri Lanka Sirisena´s shaky start - Nuclear power in Japan Legal difficulties - Banyan Forty years after the Vietnam war CHINA - Waste disposal Rethinking landdiff - Hong Kong politics Struggle over political reform MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Xenophobia in South Africa Blood at the end of the rainbow - Technology in Africa The pioneering continent - Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Gaining ground - Saudi Arabia and Yemen A stop-start war - Israeli politics All together now - The Gaza Strip As bleak as ever EUROPE - France and labour reforms François Hollande’s Rhine journey - Labour reforms in Europe Doing better slowly - Finland’s election The Finns’ momento - Germany’s finance minister Firm elder statesman - Greece’s finance minister Absent professor - Charlemagne British and Europe BRITAIN - David Cameron A lucky leader in an unlucky time - Ulster unionism Another false dawn - Bagehot The view from Grimsby INTERNATIONAL Mental health Out of the shadows BUSINESS - Gazprom and the EU Margrethe and the bear - Gulf and Turkish airlines Super-connecting the world - China’s motor industry The coming crash - Net neutrality in India Not quite what we said - Petrobras The results are in - Schumpeter Twilight of the management gurus FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Greece and the markets Hellenic bruises - Buttonwood Corporate-bond defaults - Stockmarkets in China The cash catch - Financial regulation in America Volcker´s plan - Japan’s stockmarket Winged Nikkei - The flash crash The Hounslow connection - Active passive investing Hyped active - Free exchange Scrip tease SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The process of invention Now and then - Road safety Driven from distraction - Space debris Chair wars - Planetary science Killing the MESSENGER - Biotechnology and fish farming Gas guzzlers - Dinosaur sexes Identity plates BOOKS AND ARTS - Asia’s environment Business and the green revolution - The Wright brothers Heavens above - The joy of flying Skyfaring - Treasure hunting in China To have and to hold - Bela Bartok Sonata in two movements - The new Whitney Should have been gutsier ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at Exchange rates OBITUARY Richie Benaud The voice of cricket --- MAY 2ND-8TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Our endorsement Who should govern Britain? - Illegal drugs The wars don’t work - The South China Sea Sea of troubles - Gay marriage in America Bless it - Business in France Double trouble LETTERS On internet voting, rescuing migrants, Malaysia, Scotland, the Miliband brothers BRIEFING - The economics of low wages When what comes down doesn’t go up UNITED STATES - Equality before the law Showtime for gay marriage - Gay marriage The cost of delay - Cheap oil Not as good as you think - Baltimore burning Rioting makes it worse - Roland Fryer From the hood to Harvard - Closing schools It´s good for pupils - Utah Young, tolerant and surprising - Lexington Hillary’s money woes THE AMERICAS - Mexico and its NGOs New movers and shakers - Alberta’s election End of winning streak? - Colombia’s judiciary Trouble at the top - Bello Latin America’s rural dream ASIA - After Nepal’s earthquake To the rescue - Pakistan’s economy Fuel injection - Australia and Indonesia Chill factor - Indonesia’s foreign policy A thousand jilted Friends - Extremism in Central Asia Enemies of the state - Banyan Shield and spear in Soth Korea CHINA - The South China Sea Asserting claims - Corruption Nowhere to run MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Israeli politics Netanyahu v the Supreme Court - Israel and Syria Hizbullah in the crosshairs - Repression in Egypt Worse than Mubarak - The Saudi succession Palace intrigues - African president Aprés moi, moi - South Africa’s kings More trouble than they’re worth? EUROPE - Russia’s Victory Day Great patriotic war, again - German remembrance Guilt and reconciliation - Ukraine and Europe Commitment anxiety - Corruption in Spain Inside Jobs - Divorce in Italy Arrivederci, Darling - Azerbaijan and the European games Aliyev’s party - Charlemagne Margrethe Vestager, Europe´s competition tsar BRITAIN - The Tory campaign Wooing white-van man - Our opinion poll Scotland is another country - Bagehot Tearing apart the unión INTERNATIONAL - Illegal drugs The new drug Warriors - Nuclear weapons Non-proliferation treaty talks BUSINESS - Military aircraft Battle joined - Shareholder rights Short-term or short-changed? - Generic drugs Much ado about something - Volkswagen Driven out - Food manufacturing Slimming down - Schumpeter When innovative firms flout the law FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Investment in Mexico The 100-year view - Buttonwood NASDAQ´s new record - Managing bank balances Deposits go walkabout - The rouble The worst is yet to come - Gold prices Buried - Asian bond markets Calm before the tantrum - Deutsche Bank That’s it? - Free Exchange Compulsory land purchases in India SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Rogue drones Copping a ’copter - Drones and the law Jail birds - Germ-line gene therapy To the crack of doom - Genes and the placebo effect Are you easily pleased? - Sports technology Every step they take BOOKS AND ARTS - Ronald Reagan A great life - A history of revolution Aux armes, historiens! - New fiction: Sofi Oksanen Singular voice - Vital question How did life come to be? - The benefits of pork Nose-to-tail eating - Gutai´s moment The other modernism ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Satistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at grains and oilseeds OBITUARY Sabeen Mahmud Karachi’s wild child --- MAY 9TH-15TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Clever computers The dawn of artificial intelligence - Making Indonesia grow Jokowi’s to-do list - How to prevent riots Fixing America’s inner cities - Financial services The fintech revolution - Bribery Daft on graft LETTERS On Greece, Israel, cricket, manufacturing, family firms, John Kasich BRIEFING Artificial intelligence Rise of the machines UNITED STATES - Black America Fifty years after the Moynihan report - Campaign 2016 Enter Carly, Mike and Ben - David Goldberg, RIP The first man of Silicon Valley - Terrorist recruitment The siren song of IS - Lexington The new culture war THE AMERICAS - Bolivia’s access to the sea A courtroom clash - Landlocked contries Interiors - Drug wars in Mexico May Day mayhem - Bello Chile at turning point ASIA - Modi’s trip to China Seeking the Nixon spirit - Pakistan’s car industry Flop gear - Maori rights Water, water everywhere - Politics in Cambodia The faithful couple - Banyan Who’s afraid of the activists? CHINA - Russia and China An uneasy friendship - Rock music Worries in the most pit MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - America and the Gulf Obama shakes up the sheikhs - Middle East sea lanes Oil on troubled waters - Syria’s civil war Assad clinging on - Israel´s new government Wafer thin - Ebola in west Africa After the plague - Kenya and its Somalis Scapegoats - South African wine Chin-chin in China SPECIAL REPORT: INTERNATIONAL BANKING Slings and arrows EUROPE - Germany and economics Of rules and order - Danish politics Love me not, they love me - French regions New bondaries - Italy’s constitution Swapping places with Britain - Poland’s presidential election The harbinger - Turkey and the Kurds The mule killers - An Odessa file Black Sea woes - Charlemagne The sorry saga of Syriza BRITAIN - The economy post-election A climb come The next government Lots to do INTERNATIONAL Climate and the weather Is it global warming or just the weather? BUSINESS - Internet firms Eat or be eaten - Cisco Assessing the Chambers era - Retailing in India Bharti looks to Future - American Manufacturing Uneasy rider - Theme parks in Europe Bumpy rides ahead - Europe’s digital reforms Disconnected continent - Corporate bribery The anti-bribery business - Schumpeter The self-service economy FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Indonesia’s economy Spicing up growth - Buttonwood Making economics human - Saudi Arabia’s stockmarket A cautious opening - Bond markets Reverse speed - Investor-state dispute Playing nicely - Bank branches The great pruning - Free exchange Ageing and inflation SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Advanced weapons Rail strike - The origin of complex life Shape-shifters - Space telescopes A glittering prize - Liquid-nitrogen engines Cool thinking - How music evolves First principals BOOKS AND ARTS -Museum succession in America Turnover - The founding fathers A new nation - John Maynard Keynes A man for all seasons - Ann Enright´s fiction Green, green grass of home ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Wladyslaw Bartoszewski The great survivor --- MAY 16TH-22ND 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Subsidised debt The great distortion - Reforming Cuba Be more libre - Britain and Europe Sweat the big stuff - Paternal leave More hands to rock the cradle - Refugees The hard journey LETTERS On Russia, gay marriage, bullfighting, voting online, pigs UNITED STATES - The armed forces America’s Amazons - Trade policy Toying with a poorer world - The Texan economy Not quite so sunny - Alternative politics A Contract for the left - Illinois’s public pensions The bottomless pit - Amtrak Derailed - Lexington The young and politics THE AMERICAS - Cuba’s economy Picturesque, but poorly - Reforming Cuba´s currency system Day zero or D-Day? - Brazil’s supreme court A confirmation battle - Bello The futility of coca eradication ASIA - People-trafficking Adrift in the Bay of Bengal - Vietnam Lost generations - Singaporean food How much longer can they satay? - Australia’s budget No more emergencies - The media in Japan Speak no evil - Indian politics Jayalatitha´s resurrection - Banyan Generational change in Indonesia CHINA - Farm subsidies Bailing out losers - China and global farming Bucking the trend - A taste for art Big money for masters MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - The war in Yemen From Aden to Camp David - Arming Iran After the nuclear deal - Egypt’s economy The lure of Sisi - Iraq’s orchestra The melody of life and death - Angola The music stops - South Africa's opposition Black star rising EUROPE - Ukraine and history Fighting with ghosts - Violence in Macedonia Danger or distraction? - French education High-flyer and sad failures - A makeover for Milan Time to spruce up - French education High flyers and sad failures - A makeover for Milan Time to spruce up - German wages Misery with a silver lining - Charlemagne Europe´s boat people BRITAIN - The new government Cameron’s big embrace - Britain and Europe The interpreter - Bagehot Labour´s scraps INTERNATIONAL - Parenting and work A father’s place - Paternity leave The dad dividend BUSINESS - Management training On the company campus - The oil industry After OPEC - Japanese firms At the sharp end - Online news The Facebook effect - Lobbying in Germany Turning American - Lobbying in Brazil Courting the state - Schumpeter How to join the 1% FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Venture capital Disrupters disrupted - Buttonwood What write-offs mean - Australian banks Like a shag on a rock - The Federal Reserve Railing against bailing - Ethnic inequality and development The ins and outs - Italy’s regional divide A tale of two economies - Free exchange Coco bonds SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Solar energy Crystal clear? - Innovation The X-files - Technology and health To sleep, percance - Nuclear proliferation The watcher in the water - How long will you live? Getting a grip BOOKS AND ARTS - Amitav Ghosh’s fiction The great bobachee-connah - Russia and the first world war Blindly over the brink - Joseph Mitchell The grammar of hard facts - The Korean war Tyrant and truant - French banlieue cinema Chronicles of the years of fire ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at US corporate cash holdings OBITUARY Brian Beedham The pipe-smoking warrior --- MAY 23RD-29TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Modi’s rule India’s one-man band - Scottish nationalism How to scotch it - Ukraine The other battleground - Geopolitics in the Gulf The new Saudis - Financial crimes Unfair cop LETTERS On drugs policy, Scotland, Amtrak, leadership, shoes BRIEFING Saudi Arabia The challenged kingdom UNITED STATES - The Patriot Act Reviewing the surveillance state - Philadelphia´s next mayor Hard graft endangered - ADX Florence The terrorists' prison - The biker brawl in Waco Rotarians with chains on - Chicago’s gun violence What’s in a name? - American families Having it all, and then some - Hope, Arkansas Something in the water - Lexington What Elizabeth Warren wants THE AMERICAS - Separatism in Quebec No, we shouldn’t - Guyana’s election A time to heal - Sexual harassment Criminalising the catcallers - Bello The Chinese chequebook ASIA - South Korea’s orphans Flawed legislation - Taiwan and China Historic pipeline - Rohingya boat people Myanmar’s shame - Banyan The politics of people-trafficking CHINA - Human rights Jailing grassroots lawyers - Propaganda A film starring Deng - Conservation Old trees, new technology MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Islamic State The caliphate strikes back - Egyptian football Red card for the ultras - Israel’s foreign relations Netanyahu contra mundum - Refugees in Lebanon Outstaying their welcome - Burundi Good coup, bad coup - The African Development Bank Risk on SPECIAL REPORT: INDIA Modi´s many tasks EUROPE - Europe’s Green parties Verdant pastures - Eurosceptics in Europe Rift on the right - Ukraine’s front line Longing for silence - Mediterranean migrants A splash of bravado - Schools in Italy A class divided - France and global sport Ellipsoid beats sphere - Charlemagne And then there were four BRITAIN - Scotland The view from the north - Death in Surrey See no evil - Back to deflation A 55-year rollercoaster - Bagehot The trials of Nigel Farage INTERNATIONAL - Development aid It’s not what you spend - Philanthropy Doing good by doing well BUSINESS - Samsung The soft succession - Hanergy´s share price Burned - France’s nuclear industry Arevaderci - Construction in Brazil Repair job - Gambling in Macau Doubling down - Bombardier Turbulence - Technology firms Kiwis as guinea pigs - Schumpeter Managing in an age of partnerships FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Ukraine’s economy War-torn reform - Buttonwood Bond markets reverse - Rigging the stockmarket Avon falling - Asia exports A faulty gauge - Financial crime Unsettling settlements - Energy subsidies Waste not, harm not - Tackling tax evasion America the not so brave - Free exchange A “basic income” for all? SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Synthetic biology Home-brewed heroin - Democratising medicine The crowd will see you now - The world´s oldest tool Early man - Graphene supercapacitors Sheet lightning - Exorcising photographic ghosts Double take - Epidemics and artificial intelligence Reservoir rats BOOKS AND ARTS - Battle of Waterloo A near-run thing - Laszlo Krasznahorkai Transcendental meditation - Self-regard You are not special - Mediterranean history Coasts and coalitions - Faulkner on stage Signifying something ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at poverty rates OBITUARY Ann Barr Who Sloanes Wins --- MAY 30TH-JUNE 5TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Social change The weaker sex - Share prices in China Flying too high - Turkey’s election Why Turks should vote Kurd - Corruption in football At last, a challenge to the impunity of FIFA - Urban policy How to shrink a city LETTERS On land, Russia, gay marriage, bribery, markets, Myanmar, the Beatles ESSAY Manhood Men adrift UNITED STATES - California’s drought All the leaves are Brown - Texas floods Pray for a proper policy - Cities v suburbs and states Texan tug-of-war - Capital punishment Killing it in Nebraska - Preventing juvenile crime The witching hour - Tourism in New Jersey A Shore thing - Lexington Mr Manchin stays in Washington THE AMERICAS - Mexico’s mid-term elections A maverick candidate - Graft in Guatemala Rolling heads - Colombia’s peace process Bullet proof - Bello The persistence of teen pregnancy ASIA - South China Sea Tensions rise - Japan and the AIIB To join or not to join - Wartime history A relic´s shame - Afghanistan and Islamic State A new fighting season - Banyan Lessons for Modi CHINA - Hong Kong politics The rise of nativism - Regional development Big plans for the north MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Ethiopia’s economy Too cautious by far - Nigeria´s oil Problems at the pump - South Africa’s economy Dark days ahead - The state of the caliphate The fortunes of war - Oman’s foreign policy A country apart - Israeli politics Cross channels TECHNOLOGY QUARTERLY EUROPE - Russia and the West Alternative reality - Poland’s new president Youthful conservatism - The French right Republicans in name aussi - Spain’s regional elections In with the new - Charlemagne Populism is here to stay BRITAIN - Turkey A big momento for Erdogan – and Turkey BRITAIN - The productivity puzzle Under the Bonnet - Bagehot Liz Kendall’s workout INTERNATIONAL Urban planning Shrinking cities BUSINESS - FIFA at bay A tarnished trophy - Cable deals in America Malone Wolf - Electronics in China From followers to leaders - North Sea oil Offshore fog - The Washington Post Exploring the Amazon - Health care Bedside manners - Schumpeter Strategies for choosing a strategy FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - China’s stockmarket A goring concern - Greece and its creditors When the talking has to stop - Buttonwood The economics of bluffing - Rating agencies Undue credit - Reinsurance Compacts of god - The yuan Feeling valued - Danish mortgages Homeowning Hamlets - Free exchange Measuring the benefits of free trade SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Astrobiology Waterworlds - Robots Coping with adversity - Yellowstone´s wolves Pack power - Multilingualism Do you see what I see? BOOKS AND ARTS - Palmyra´s many symbolisms Stones that speak - “Dietland” A slimming novel - Algerian fiction Rewriting Camus - Saul Bellow To fame and fortune - Cannes film festival Beachcombing ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at foreign investment in Africa OBITUARY John Nash Lost and found --- JUNE 6TH-12TH 2015 Contents THIS WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - US-Arab relations Entangled - Devolution Time for a civic surge - Business in Japan Meet Shinzo Abe, shareholder activist - India’s bad-debt problem Rump stake - Cleaning up sport Bigger than Blatter LETTERS On debt and tax, the Rotarians, barbecue, the Rohingyas, Utah, FIFA BRIEFING America and the Middle East A dangerous modesty UNITED STATES - The Democrats In two minds - Domestic spying A little sunshine - Immigration The future’s Asian - Corruption in Illinois Where’s mine? - The Supreme Court Speak some evil - Homelessness Nipped in the bud - FAO Schwarz Too much fun to make money? - Lexington Why Lindsey Graham matters THE AMERICAS - Brazil’s economy Eating greens - Indigenous Canadians Truth and consequences - Crime in Latin America Quickie kidnappings - Bello Mixing tequila and caipirinha ASIA - Pakistan and China Bullets in Baluchistan - Rohingyas The boat-people crisis - Corruption in Indonesia Jokowi´s difficulties - Politics in Japan The might of the right - Banyan China´s splendid isolation CHINA - Civil servants A hard life without bribes - Bad debt The online loan bazaar - A ferry disaster Tragedy on the Yangzi MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - African energy The leapfrog continent - Dairy farming in Nigeria Uncowed - Qatar’s migrant workers Still slaving away - Dubai’s economy Growing up - Egypt’s demography The too fertile crescent - Riots and stink bombs A whiff from hell EUROPE - Germany and America Waiting for Schindler’s list - Turkey’s election The protest vote - Ukraine and Russia Misha’s momento - Italy’s regional elections Renzi checked - Portugal’s government Austerity without the anger - The Roma Left behind - Charlemagne Greece´s struggle BRITAIN - England’s cities Spreading their wings - Elected mayors When it all goes wrong - Bagehot Charles Kennedy: death of a Liberal INTERNATIONAL - The FIFA scandal Taxi for Blatter! - Corruption in sport Good money, bad money - America’s legal reach The world’s prosecutor BUSINESS - Japanese companies Winds of change - The Algosaibi affair Edging towards agreement - Climate change Walking the walk - Coal Black modos - Online advertising Block shock - Schumpeter Women as managers FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - India’s public-sector banks Terms of Indira - Buttonwood Exporting deflation - Investing in airports Flying high - America’s economy Blip or blight? - Greece deposits Stuffing mattresses - Social isolation With a little help from my Friends - Money-laundering 311 designations - Financing capital goods Keeping the grease - IPOs in America Open season - Free exchange Demography and the euro SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Oncology And then there were five - Helicopter technology Chop-chop - Shells Their ancient colours - Portable robots A handy collaborator BOOKS AND ARTS - Inequality Mind the gap - China’s one-child policy Only and lonely - Alain Mabanckoun A Congo memoir - How music got free From rock to crock - Hokusai Riding the crest ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Elisabeth Bing Making labour joyful --- JUNE 13TH-19TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - The world economy Watch out - Turkey’s election Sultan at bay - The Rohingyas Apartheid on the Andaman Sea - Insurance in Asia Narrow-minded - Military innovation A sharper blade LETTERS On men, stockmarkets, cocaine, aid, the Bible, art BRIEFING America’s economy Better than it looks UNITED STATES - Republican contenders What’s in a name? - Education policy Into reverse - Chinese hacking Put up the firewalls - The Supreme Court What the prez says, goes - Crime in Atlanta Fighting back - Donations to universities Unto him that hath... - Transgender rights Ready for their close-up - “Sesame Street” Big Bird, big brain - Lexington Speech on campus THE AMERICAS - Mexico’s elections Punishing bad behaviour - Argentina’s economy Plan Hang On - Suriname A flawed presiden wins - Bello Latin American art ASIA - The Rohingyas The most persecuted people on Earth? - Bangladesh and India Mapped out - South Korea and MERS Don’t inhale - Japan’s constitution Peacemongers - Japan’s obscenity laws Vagina monologue - Banyan South Asia´s miserable mothers CHINA - Hong Kong’s economy The mainland´s embrace - E-cigarettes Starting them Young MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Jihad and vandalism Save our stones - Israel and Saudi Arabia The new frenemies - Fashion in Saudi Arabia The couture-buyer beneath the abaya - Yemen’s war No end in sight - Jobs in Kenya Guards, not guides EUROPE - Turkey’s election The voters’ signal - The Cyprus problem Talking time - Greece and the euro Non-meeting of minds - Corruption in Romania Immune system - Reinventing Paris Start-up city - Berlin’s new castle What would the Kaiser say? - Charlemagne EU solidarity and refugees BRITAIN - Britain and Europe Swimming the Channel - Magna Carta at 800 Stitch in time - Fiscal rules Playing by the book - Bagehot The House of Lords, a democratic embarrassment INTERNATIONAL - Weapons technology Who’s afraid of America? BUSINESS - Uber Driving hard - Alan Bond Bubble man - Apple and the music The second revolution - Renewable energy Banishing the clouds - Art sales Brush hour - Executive-search firms From headhunters to culture vultures - Schumpeter Lobbying is bad for business FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Deutsche Bank and HSBC In hole, still digging - Buttonwood Regulating bond funds - Iceland’s economy The flows resume - Financial crime A bigger stick - Forecasting interest rate The Fed gets dotty - State-owned assets Neglected wealth - Insurance in Asia Astounding claims - Free exchange The wriggle-room ranking SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Bioengineering Towards a body-on-a-chip - Diagnostics Retina selfie - Humanoid robots After the fall BOOKS AND ARTS - How the French think Portrait of an intelectual people - American Baptists Dipped in controversy - The human body Life in the round - Duelling in literatura Men at arms - Milan Kundera’s fiction Unbearable lightness - Pierre Boulez at 90 Happy birthday, music magpie ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at world GDP OBITUARY Bob Randall The stealing time --- JUNE 20TH-26TH 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Justice in America Jailhouse nation - Greece and the euro My big fat Greek divorce - The ICC and South Africa Justice delayed - Trade agreements TPP, RIP? - Britain’s immigration Kneecapping the recovery - Africa Nigeria’s momento LETTERS On transparency, India, modelling for free trade, tax evasion, exports, artificial intelligence BRIEFING American prisons The right choices UNITED STATES - Congressional business Tangling on trade - Film-making in California The Empire strikes back - Population trends Latino mojo - The Rachel Dolezal case White is the new black - Louisiana’s budget The Norquist wriggle - Paying for college A teaspoon of sugar - Anthropology Kenne-which Man? - Lexington Time past the Republicans THE AMERICAS - The pope´s encyclical What would Jesus do about global warming? - Food and Venezuela Let them eat Chavismo - Haitian migrants Fear of statelessness ASIA - Japan’s national debt Hoping for growth - …and its Olympic games A capital spat - Police in South Korea The K-cop wave - Politics in Taiwan Madam President? - Politics in Malaysia The trouble with trebles - Justice in Vietnam Compassionate communists - Banyan The shadow of the caliphate CHINA - Hong Kong’s politics A snub to the party - Corruption After Zhou, who? - Dog-lovers v dog-eaters The qualms of a new middle class SPECIAL REPORT: NIGERIA Opportunity knocks After page 46 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - China and the Arab world The great well of China - Health care in Egypt Dirty sheets and stray cats - Syria and Israel Don’t bruise the Druze - Iraq’s oil boom Gush but worry - Ugandan politics Bored of the Big Man - Googling in Africa Work or play? - Ghana´s economy The mighty fallen EUROPE - France’s reforms Almost out of time - German same-sex unions End of the Regenbogen - Kosovo and war crimes Where the past isn’t even past - Ukraine and Russia Putin the uniter - Charlemagne The east´s awkward squad BRITAIN - Military strategy Doing less with less - Terror-tourism The Yorkshire bomber - Intelligence agencies Spies and lies - Bagehot England’s sensible slumber INTERNATIONAL - Minorities and sovereignty Who deserves a state? - The Crimean Tatars Back into exile BUSINESS - Legend Holdings A torch-bearer for Chinese capitalism - Chinese companies A red tide ebbs - Retailers and supplier rebates Buying up the shelves - Mobile telecoms Change is in the air - Wearable technology Fitbit goes public - Aircraftmakers Keep seatbelts fastened - Challenging sanctions Who are you calling a rogue? - Schumpeter The Middle East and globalisation FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Greece and the euro Down but not yet out - Buttonwood Piketty and the rich - The Swiss economy True to form - Trade disputes Torture by tariff - Commodities and El Niño The mocha hedge - AIG Pyrrhus would be proud - Private equity Another Greek tragedy - Free exchange When debt-relief is warranted SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Quantum computers A little bit, better - Displaying Braille Reading lessons - Burdensome Global disability - Biometrics Shifting identity - Psychology Friends, then benefits BOOKS AND ARTS - Abortion in America After Roe - Primates of Park Avenue A field guide - Cosmology Black and light - The birth of Data Breaking out - Silicon Valley art Good advice ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at private wealth OBITUARY Christopher Lee Noblesse oblige --- JUNE 27TH-JULY 3RD 2015 Contents THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Doctor-assisted dying The right to die - Fossil-fuel divestment No smoking - Muslims in China Wooing Islamists with a beer festival - Russia and Yukos Bound over - Latin America The loss of El Dorado LETTERS On France, the House of Lords, students, vaginas, identity verification, antiquities BRIEFING - Doctor-assisted dying Final certainty - Our poll results Attitudes towards assisted dying UNITED STATES - The Charleston shooting At half-mast - Gun politics A counsel of despair - California’s budget Trouble ahead - Property rights No more sour grapes - Ransoms A horrible choice - Trade bills Fair wind blowing - Lexington Capitalism in America THE AMERICAS Latin America’s economies Expansion´s end ASIA - Farming in India Rules that lef fruit rot - Health data in India Sparing Mr Modi’s bluses - Japan´s elderly A rural solution - Cooking in South Korea The food-show craze - Pirates in South-East Asia Malacca buccaneers CHINA - Education in Xinjiang The language divide - Buddhism and business Enlighten your wallet - Banyan Hong Kong´s defining moment MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Salafism Politics and the puritanical - Israel and Gaza Fear of isolation - Haredi Jews and jobs Eat, pray, don’t work - South Africa’s media Happy, patriotic news EUROPE - Greece’s troubles Athenians at bay - France and America I spy, you spy - Bread in France Forget the baguette - Political scandals in Italy Roman carnaval - Asylum-seekers in Europe Hungary shuts the door - Turkey’s parliament Coalition dreaming - Polish politics Women at war - Charlemagne The UE and Greece BRITAIN - The Bank of England Cruising, for now - Gay marriage They do - Bagehot The last deep coal mine INTERNATIONAL - Harnessing diaporas Gone but not forgotten - How valuable are they? Migrant brainpower BUSINESS - Medical testing Young blood - Theranos´s boss On a mission - The Yukos affair A ghost bites back - Israel and energy exports Much hot air about gas - European cruise ships Riding the wave - Health insurance in America Better together? - German consumers Spending on the Spree - Corporate reputation The halo effect - Schumpeter Kirk Kerkorian, the great gambler FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Divestment campaigns Fight the power - Buttonwood Equities and pensions - Banking in Mexico A light in the darkness - Europe’s small firms Treasure hunt - Chinese shares Dragon v bear - Inflation in India Of rainfall and price rises - Free exchange Democracy and growth SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Wireless charging Coiled and ready to strike - Wise after the events Climate change - Tropical ecology Blood earth - The sport of kings Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop BOOKS AND ARTS - Science fiction The next world war - Vaccination The lifesaver - Drug-trafficking On the cocaine trail - Gian Lorenzo Bernini Getty got it, good - Deng Xiaoping Still in the shadows - Guggenheim Helsinki Lacking spark ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at foreign direct investmen OBITUARY Nek Chand From rubbish, beauty

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1058592HR 330 ABR-JUN 2015 TE  Universidad Católica San Pablo Planta baja estanteria abierta Original 1Disponible  

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