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Código:HR 330 JUL-OCT 2015 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: London
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2015
Descripción:Varias paginaciones; figuras, ilustraciones, tablas; 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 08/01/2018
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 JUL-OCT 2015 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2015:
300:Varias paginaciones; figuras, ilustraciones, tablas; 27 cm.
500:F.I. 08/01/2018
653Economía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2015. # Ingreso:1058593

   Varias paginaciones; figuras, ilustraciones, tablas;.27 cm..

July 4th-10th 2015 The world this week Leaders The euro - Europe’s future in Greece’s hands London’s airports - Now get on with it Race in America - Lost, but now found Shale oil - There will be blood Malnutrition in India - Ravenous for reform Letters On dynastic wealth, headhunting, Hungary, Singapore, duelling, AI toys, skunk, sex Briefing The Greek crisis - The day comes United States The Supreme Court - Change is gonna come Traffic accidents - Road kill Gerrymandering - One for the people Relations with Cuba - Our man in Havana Solving homicides - Getting away with murder The legal marijuana industry - Silicon Valley meets Bob Marley Lexington - The vanity of the short-distance runner The Americas Brazil’s foreign policy - High time to make up Bello - Calling the FARC’s bluff Canada’s irate leftist - A furious beating of wings Caribbean passport sales - A nice little earner Asia Vietnam and America - Struggles in hanoi Civil society in Cambodia - The vice tightens Australia’s north - Investing in a wilderness Opium in Afghanistan - A new high Nutrition in India - Of secrecy and stunting China National security - Everything Xi wants Rich kids - Lifestyles of the rich and infamous Middle East and Africa Islamic State - Spreading its tentacles Tunisia’s economy - The other victim The Iran nuclear talks - I wonder what he meant by that? Syria’s conflict - Drawing in the neighbours Nigeria - Learning from Lagos Nigeria’s currency - Toothpick alert Europe Russia and Islamic State - Caucasian jihad Chechnya dispatch - Diamond ring, iron fist Renewable energy - Why the Dutch oppose windmills Denmark’s new government - Coalition of one Spanish politics - Los indignados in power Terrorism in France - On home soil Charlemagne Why the EU cannot muddle through Britain Airports in London - Decision time Fracking stumbles again - Seismic Bagehot - Death on the beach International Capital punishment - On the way out Islam and punishment - By the book Business Shale oil and gas - Fractured finances Nestlé in India - Instant karma LG - Plucky contender Jardine Matheson - Return to China Schumpeter - McJobs and UberJobs Finance and economics China and commodities - Cornering the markets Buttonwood - Lessons of 2015 Puerto Rico - A Caribbean fuse China’s Banks - Small is ugly Italy’s bad debts - Beautifying bankruptcy Wages in America - A middle-class mirage Free exchange - Credit where taxes are due Science and technology Space flight - Rapid unplanned disassembly A weird and wonderful worm - The Cambrian find Inspecting airliners - Strike out Ancient tsunamis - Knowing the drill Diagnosing depression - Sounds bad Books and arts Race in America - Letter of despair South Asian history - A searing split New British fiction - Secrets and pies Sir Thomas Browne - Weird science Chinese art - Documenting history Elon Musk - Fortune favours the brave The new economy - Opportunity in America Government auditors - The wisdom of watchdogs Fitting in - In praise of misfits Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer look at manufacturing activity Obituary Tama-chan - The cat’s miaow July 11th – 17th 2015 The world this week Leaders Stocks in China - China embraces the markets Greece - The way ahead The lessons of Srebrenica - Stop genocide early Financing development - Beyond aid Smoking - Quitting is so hard Britain’s budget - The new Conservatism Letters On prisons, the Energy Charter, coal mining, divestment, China, SNP, British Muslims, Greece Briefing The Greek crisis - So, we meet again Vox pol - Reactions to a referendum After the vote - A moment of triumph Avoiding the very worst - Gradations of Grexit The banks - On the cusp of the cusp United States America’s heartland - Reinvention in the rust belt Immigration - Afromerica City policing - Back on the beat Crime and immigration - A delicate balance Local food regulation - Is lemonade legal? Lexington - The Puerto Rico problem The Americas Canada’s economy - A rough ride Bello - The Peronist pope Street theatre in Bogotá - Dramatic solutions Mexico’s media - Death of a spokesman Asia Japan’s security - Beyond pacifism Sri Lankan politics - Rajapaksa redux Uranium in Central Asia - Dangerous waste China Baby bust continues Tales of the unexpected Education Rigging the daddy race - Middle East and Africa How to get into the best schools - Rigging the daddy race Middle East and Africa Oil in the cradle of mankind - A glimpse of Africa’s future Nigeria’s insurgency - Bombs are back Gaza - One year on Reporting in Egypt - Editor Sisi Libya’s civil war - Five peace plans—and counting Europe Remembering Srebrenica - Solemnity and squabbling Germany’s Eurosceptics - A bad time to break up French satire - Don’t stop deriding us Anti-Chinese protests in Turkey - Bashing and wooing China Britain The budget - Fix, then fiddle George Osborne - Master of all he surveys Bagehot The chancellor’s sad triumph International Smoking - Time to quit Business Making towels in India - Dry run Telecoms in Kenya - A new east Africa campaign Rolls-Royce - Hitting turbulence South Korean firms - Reconstructing Samsung Schumpeter - How innovate are Chinese firms? Finance and economics China's stockmarket crash - Uncle Xi's bear market Buttonwood - The debt trap Bank and interest rates - The trials of Saint Antony Banks and interest rates - Aiming for the net New York Stock Exchange - Glitch perfect Financing development From aid to taxes Free exchange - The problem with price-comparison sites Science and technology Ex-planetary science - The final frontier Treating cancer - Colourful chemotherapy Wireless communication - Acoustic chatter Genetically modified crops - Something fishy Books and arts The Syrian war 1 - Divided country, divided narratives The Syrian war 2 - Paty the poor alawites America and Israel - Lost in translation Modern romance - Luv u l8r Two-hour marathon - Tantalizingly close Cricket and life - The art of batting Doris Salcedo - Artistry of grief Economic and financial indicators - Statics on 42 economies, plus our monthly of forecasters Obituary Nicholas Winton - A job well done July 18th – 24th 2015 The world this week Leaders Nuclear Iran - Hiyatollah! A bad week for Mexico - Of prisons and petroleum The euro zone - Pain without end Embedded computers - Hacking the planet Asian values - Happy 50th birthday, Singapore Letters On doctor-assisted dying, divestment, dangerous driving, NHS, Greece Briefing Iran comes out of the cold - A special Ramadan feast The Iran nuclear accord - Making the world a bit safer United States Las Vegas - Viva again Educating technologists - Business high school Selling sex - Hold the Backpage Prison reform - Presidential penitentiary Maternal mortality - Exceptionally deadly Lexington - What would Reagan do? The Americas Mexico’s great escape - The long arm of the lawless Comparing prisons - Breaking out is hard to do Buenos Aires’s power brokers - How the other half votes Bello Populist parallels between Europe and America Asia Afghanistan and the Taliban - Distant hopes Vietnamese literature - Writers’ block The South China Sea - See U in court Banyan Myanmar’s election China Coal Mining - Still dirty, less dangerous Human rights - Locking up lawyers Middle East and Africa Africa’s jihadists - A spreading menace Mine-detecting elephants - The whiff of danger Israel and the world - Netanyahu pivots to Asia Pollution in the Gulf - A dust-up over dust Europe Greece and the euro - From rage to resignation The Greek deal - Hemlock, not champagne Two hellenes’s tales - Angry in Athens, livid in Lesbos German views of Greece - Austere? Your word, not ours Migrants in the Balkans - Funnelling them forward Russian holidays - Banned from foreign beaches Charlemagne - The dark clouds of peace Britain Migration - No milk, less honey Power - Softly does it Bagehot - This house is falling International Athletic performance - Citius, altius, fortius, numerus How much have golfers improved? - No gutties, more glory Business Oil in Latin America - The good oil boys club Digital maps - Location, location, location Detroit’s car workers - The state of the union Technology spin-offs - Better off alone Schumpeter - Dallas is booming Finance and economics The future of the City - A chance of showers Buttonwood - Losing a tailwind Infrastructure in Brazil - Not many aboard China’s economic data - Right on target The Big Mac index - A few dollars less Free exchange - Some bubbies are worse than others Science and technology Cyber-security - Their own devices The New Horizons mission - Pluto’s icy mountains Aviation - Volting ambition Social mobility and epigenetics - No good deed goes unpunished Protecting coffee crops - Beetles and bugs Books and arts Gigantism art - When size matters Computers and spying - Lookout Seashells - Their secret lives Harper Lee’s new novel - Scout grows up Animal emotion - Beyond minds Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer look at global threats Obituary Yevgeny Primakov - Steel and shadows July 25th – 31st 2015 The world this week Leaders Inside Silicon Valley - Empire of the geeks Drug testing - Trials and errors Barack Obama and Africa - Neglected Minimum wages - A reckless wager Demography - Baby love Letters On private equity, the Supreme Court, divestment, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, pixels, morals, Greece Briefing Silicon Valley - To fly, to fall, to fly again United States Wages and 2016 - Ways of seeing The Iran deal - Not déjà vu all over again The funeral trade - A grave business The 2016 field - The Kasich conundrum Civil-war memorials - Too big to veil Lexington - El Donald The Americas Brazilian politics - Power behind the throne Cuba’s sports defectors - The 90-mile sprint Venezuela’s currency - Crackers in Caracas Bello - Leaders who never retire Asia Asian security - Battle of the coastguards South Korea’s singletons - I don’t Rohingya refugees - Exile island Politics in Malaysia - Najib soldiers on China Political philosophy - Confucius says, Xi does The Christian church - Render unto Caesar Middle East and Africa Africa and America - The prodigal grandson returns Iran and Saudi Arabia - Proxies and paranoia Dubai’s bright prospects - The nuclear deal’s other winner Driving in Lebanon - Buckle up Israeli politics - Bibi blue Europe France’s role in the world - The president’s thankless burden Cider in Poland - Apples, apples everywhere A giant bomb in Turkey - Worse to come Refugees in Greece - A choppy route to freedom Charlemagne Tacking migration at last Britain Labour’s leadership race - Forward, comrades! The queen’s Nazi salute - Royally embarrassed Foreign policy - We’ll be with you in Syria Bagehot - A peninsula, not an island International Pro-natalism - Breaking the baby strike Demographic statistics - Lies, damned lies, and Lysistrata Business Cuba and Iran - When the sanctions come off Toshiba’s accounts - A load of tosh Helicopters - Rotor slayed Diageo in India - Scotch, not so neat The geography of drinks - Booze around the world Schumpeter - Employees: The enemy within Finance and economics The Trans-Pacific Partnership - Into the home stretch Trade deals - Bargaining chips Greek banks - Long march to normality Small banks in America - Bank free or die Buttonwood - Bypassing the voters Volcker rule - Much ado about trading Free exchange - Minimum wages Science and technology Clinical trials - Spilling the beans Dementia - A flattening the slope Artificial vision - Seeing triple Science and justice - Looks could kill The search for aliens - The optimistic gamble Books and arts Why information grows - Multiplier effects Spain’s golden age - Global power Economics and Africa Why they get it wrong France, a history - Citoyen, citoyenne How Shiism evolved - Powers of persuasion Southpaw Raging bullshit Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer look at coffee and cocoa Obituary Burt Shavitz - Bee businessman August 22nd – 28th 2015 The world this week Leader Genetic engineering - Editing humanity NGOs in China - Pummelling the little platoons Britain’s Labour Party - The resistible rise of Jeremy Corbyn Higher education in America - Better ways to pay for college The Ashley Madison hack - An affair to remember Letters On low-cost private schools, Nigel Piercy, Rosalind Franklin, hipsters, driverless cars Briefing Genome editing - The age of the red pen Gene drives - The most selfish genes United States After Hurricane Katrina - Some people got away alright Iowa’s state fair - Of chops and choppers Pet waste - A crap-shoot Companies and employment - Who’s the boss? Lexington - The Sandernista revolution The Americas Sex and society in Latin America - Wonder women and macho men The costs of sexism - Girl power Bello - The migrant nation Asia Politics in Myanmar - Pistols and purges Unease in Thailand - Game of thrones Sri Lanka's parliamentary election - Mahinda misfires India’s lyrical politicians - Honeybees and souls Banyan - Asia’s new family values China Non-governmental organisations - Suspicious society After the Tianjin disaster - Poisonous connections Middle East and Africa Arab armies - Full of sound and fury Hizbullah’s learning curve - Deadly experience Islamic State and antiquities - Nothing is sacred Palestinian hunger strikes - To feed or to free South African property - Trendy townships Ali Bongo shares his inheritance - Giving back in Gabon Europe Russia’s economy - The path to penury Azerbaijan - Back in the USSR Greek debt - What the classics know Merkel’s power - Angela regina Bullfighting - Why Spanish bulls are now deadlier Britain Britain’s new underclass - Hiding in plain sight The Labour Party - Seeing red Bagehot The secret of Cambridge International Islam and slavery - The persistence of history Journalist wanted Business The motor trade - Death of a car salesman China’s motor trade - Driven to the brink European mobile telecoms - Together we stand Odebrecht - Brazil`s builder Schumpeter - When workers are owners Finance and economics The sell-off in commodities - Goodbye to all that American oil - Nafta naphtha Bitcoin - Forking hell Tax blacklists - EU hypocrites! Amish banking - Nice gig Free exchange - Financing education Science and technology El Niño - Bringing up baby 3D printing - What goes around, comes around Climatology - Childbirth Natural aerobatics - Glider spiders Science brief Of what is the universe really made? - To the dark side Books and arts The legacy of autism - Horrible history Reforming finance - Other people’s money Gore Vidal - Empire of self New silk roads - Brilliant threads Show Me a Hero - Down and dirty in city hall Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer at US housing Obituary Padre Pietro Lavini - Stone by stone August 29th – september 4th 2015 The world this week Leaders Market turbulence - The Great Fall of China Government fees - It’ll cost you The Iran nuclear agreement - Lots of heat but not much light Migration to Europe - Let them in and let them earn Virtual reality The vision thing Letters On patents, Germany and Poland, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Briefing China and the world economy - Taking a tumble United States Nuclear waste - Faff and fallout Teamsters - Truckin’ on The Iran deal - Counting heads Jimmy Carter - High Plains drifter Counterfeit art - The Bean and the Bubble Lexington - School buses in decline The Americas Crime in Venezuela - Justice decayed Canada’s economy - The new rustbelt Caribbean resorts - Seaweed in paradise Asia Politics in Malaysia - No more Mr Nice Guy An election in Singapore - May the best party win Troubled Nepal - Clashing over a constitution Troubled Nepal - Lights, camera, inaction! Banyan - View of Japan China Living alone (1) - Young, single and what about it? Living alone (2) - Old and isolated Middle East and Africa South Africa’s state-owned companies - Commanding plights Ebola in Sierra Leone - Hail to the chiefs Reform in Iraq - Good on paper Protests in Lebanon - Talking trash Israeli politics - The left’s Likudnik Muslim dress in Egypt - Haughty about the hijab Europe Migration in Europe - Looking for a home French security - Derailed South-eastern Europe - Knocking on heaven’s door Turkish politics - The gambler Greek elections - And another one Britain Public services - Pay-as-you-go government Murder and politics in Belfast - Consequences of a killing Weather forecasting and the BBC - Turned out not so nice Bagehot - Lessons from Angela Merkel International Luxury tourism - A place to lay your bread Responsible holiday-making - Travelling light Business Ads in the digital age - A brand new game Monetising Snapchat - Snap judgments Agricultural suppliers - Controversial hybrids Taxing multinationals - Patently problematic Bakeries - Croissantonomics Schumpeter - Manage like a spymaster Finance and economics Infrastructure in the rich world - Building works Ukraine’s debt restructuring - Tinkering around the edges Defending the naira - Wheelbarrows to the rescue Monetary policy in Japan - Core concern The economics of generosity - The kindness of neighbours Private islands - Non-profit paradise Free exchange - Off the block Science and technology Virtual reality - Grand illusions Science brief What caused the Cambrian explosion? - The other Big Bang Books and arts Italian fiction - Ties that bind Why companies fail - Blighting the horizon The French Resistance - Freedom force The Lewis chessmen - Bones of contention Islamist violence - Hydra-headed Contemporary art in Japan - Educating Aida Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer at market volatility Obituary Howard Brody - The science of swing September 5th – 11th 2015 The world this week Leaders American politics - Trump’s America Europe’s migrant crisis - Merkel the bold Brazil’s disastrous budget - All fall down South Africa’s foreign policy - Clueless and immoral Remittances - Costly cash Letters On China, science, Alexander Hamilton, Urals, editing genes Briefing The Trump campaign - The art of the demagogue Foreign policy - Time to strike fear United States Poverty - It’s expensive to be poor Arguing over Iran - Fighting talk Dairy farming - From moo to you Arctic America - Tales of Atlantis Lexington - Is there an app for that? The Americas Brazil’s economy - Desperate times, desperate moves Guatemala’s president - Not so serene Canada’s pot-loving church - Dope springs eternal Asia Marriage in India - Love (and money) conquer caste Pakistani politics - Karachi crackdown Indonesia - Too-gentle jokowi? The Koreas and China - He shells, she shells Women and work in Japan - We’re busy. Get an abortion China Victory Day celebrations - Xi Jinpin’s show of strength The price of pageantry - Beijing in lockdown Banyan - Chinese meritocracy Middle East and Africa The Middle East and oil - The perils of relying on the sticky stuff Iranian politics - A lion in winter Investment in Iran - Not so fast Smartphones and ultra-Orthodox Jews - Digital temptations Tourism in South Africa - Beware of good intentions Boko Haram - Shadow army Europe Generation Interrail - What Europe means to the young Polish gold fever - Waiting for the train France’s National Front - From protest to power Workers and wages - Our turn to eat Organised crime - Ruffians in Rome Charlemagne - Sprechen Sie power? Britain Older workers - March of the greybeards Britain and Europe - Le wobble Music and journalism - Public NME Bagehot - The land that Labour forgot International Urban planning - Two wheels good, four wheels bad Physical inactivity - You have waked me too soon… Business Primark - Faster, cheaper fashion Employers in America - Work to rule Hispanic broadcasting - Univision’s blurry picture ENI in Egypt - Euregas! Hon Hai - Kicking the Apple addiction Schumpeter - The Trump in every leader Finance and economics India’s economy - Still in business Buttonwood - Taming markerts Global banks - Emerging troubles Remittances - Like manna from heaven The cost of international transfers - A tax on the poor Free exchange - Inflated claims Science and technology Medicinal chemistry - Drugs that live long will prosper The war on malaria - A charge that sticks Fisheries - Drawing the line Evolution - Slippery customers Books and arts Gay rights in America - The arc of history American college football - Punishingly profitable Religious conflict - Bloodied brothers Herring’s history - Net worth New American fiction - Being Franzen’s friends Cross-cultural art - East meets West Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus our monthly poll of forecasters Obituary Oliver Sacks - Travels through a mindscape September 12th – 18th 2015 The world this week Leaders Refugees in Europe - Exodus Gay marriage: the aftermath - Some martyr The Federal Reserve - False start Business in China - The China that works Biodiversity - Growing pains Letters On Israel, Britain, advertising, taxes, the Balkans, the Suez Canal, education, the octopus, capitalism Briefing The Syrian exodus - “Germany! Germany!” Europe’s challenge - Strangers in strange lands United States Cyber-security - Trouble shooting Culture wars, cont’d - One man’s freedom United Airlines - The chairman’s flight Hawaii - Under the volcano Museums of black history - A fresh start Wildfires - America in flames Lexington - The cross blue line The Americas Canada’s role in the world - Strong, proud and free-riding Guatemala’s actor-politician - Change you can laugh at Colombia and Venezuela - Seeking scapegoats Mexico’s massacre probe - Look harder Asia Coup politics in Thailand - Curiouser and curiouser Japan’s yakuza - Doing the splits A new flag for New Zealand - Hang up the fern! The Pacific Islands Forum - Australasia feels the heat Banyan South-East Asia’s haze China Local-government debt - Looking for ways to spend A religious revival - Animal spirits Middle East and Africa Syria - Positions harden Targeting terrorists - Britain’s jihadi kill list Political rights in the Gulf - Creeping consultation Yemen’s war - A downward spiral Public transport in Africa - In praise of matatus Europe Turkey and the Kurds - The hatred never went away Greek voters - Life under capital controls Russia’s opposition - Lonely but not lost Charlemagne The migrant maze Britain The new Elizabethans - Longest to reign over them International Agricultural biodiversity - Banks for bean counters Botany and bureaucracy - A dying breed Business Virtual personal assistants - The software secretaries Android in China - The lure of the mobile kingdom Glencore and commodity traders - Nowhere to hide Spanish family firms - Opening up E-commerce in India - Stack and deliver AirAsia - A turbulent patch Mitsubishi in Mexico - A covenant of salt Schumpeter Scientific management in the digital age Finance and economics The Federal Reserve - More red lights than green Buttonwood - A world of pricey returns A history of rate rises - Tightening pains Cash for residency - Visas for investors Bank heists - Crime and leniency Animating Europe’s capital markets - Vision and reality Puerto Rico’s debt - No way out Free exchange - Measuring austerity Science and technology Alzheimer’s disease - Chain reaction Stonehenge - Where the demons dwell Palaeoanthropology - Ecce Homo naledi Herpetology - Veggies in the making Books and arts Frederick the great - Prussian and powerful Drug-dealing in Brazil - Nem of Rocinha The internet in Russia - Red web Cricket - Game of life John Lahr on the theatre - Bright lights Pop Art at 50 - Colour me beautiful Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer at budget transparency Obituary Claus Moser - Outside in September 19th – 25th 2015 The world this week Leaders Development - The two Mexicos Britain’s Labour Party - Backwards, comrades! Australia’s prime minister - Stabbed in the front Europe’s migrant crisis - Shooting Schengen Doctor-assisted dying - One door closes, another opens Letters On Iran, South Africa, gay marriage, Belgium, remittances, Donald Trump Briefing Development in Mexico - Of cars and carts United States Catholic America - Who owns the pope? Junípero Serra - Sinner and saint Air-force bases - Catch-2015 The TSA - Locked out Heroin in the Midwest - A hydra-headed scourge Bill de Blasio - How’s he doin’? Lexington - Regicidal Republicans The Americas Brazil’s sagging economy - Recession’s sharp bite A messy vote in Argentina - Falsification fears Disaster in Chile - A tsunami strikes Indigenous Canadians - On the electoral war-path Asia Politics in Australia - Yet another prime minister Commodities in Asia - Nervousness of steel Protest in Japan - To the barricades, politely War crimes in Sri Lanka - The first casualty Education in South Korea - Cramming for crammers Myanmar and China - Illegal loggers linger Banyan - China’s regional sway China America and China - Xi heads to the white house Reforming the army - Leaner and meaner Middle East and Africa Agriculture in Africa - Wake up and sell more coffee Chad’s ex-dictador on trial - Justice at last Libya’s civil war - Running out of time Egypt - Political desertification Logistics of the haj - Prepping for the pilgrimage Europe Refugee crisis - Europe starts putting up walls Migrants and labour markets - More vacancies than visitors Eastern European attitudes - Orban the archetype French diplomacy - No longer so male and stale A Tuscan tussle - Mercury and Brunello Charlemagne - Tsipras Still standing Britain The Labour Party - A new, old politics Labour’s foreign policy - The anti man Northern Ireland’s crisis - Under the gun Bagehot - Jim McMahon, reluctant maquisard International The Sustainable Development Goals - Beyond handouts Making aid work - The best medicine Business Supplements - Miracle healers Food technology - Liquid lunch A giant drinks merger - Beer monster Corporate messaging - The start of symphony China’s state-owned enterprises - A whimper, not a bang Oligarch in Israel - The Promised Land Data-centre software - Progress without profits Schumpeter The decline of the western corporation Finance and economics World trade - Becalmed Buttonwood - Looking for the lifeboats Capital flight from China - Flow dynamics Central-bank bosses - The French connection Risk-weighted capital - Whose model is it anyway? Free exchange - Employees v contractors Science and technology Future aircraft - Electrifying flight AI in medicine - Now there’s an app for that Diagnostics - Sweating the big stuff Self-healing materials - Space glue Sexual selection - Speed-dating birds Books and arts Cultural districts - Scrubbing up well The Broad Museum - Open doors The Munich art hoard - Hitler’s wheeler-dealer The Holocaust - Roosevelt’s failure The economics of deception - Phishing for phools R.W. Johnson - An Oxford contrarian Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer at GDP and household income Obituary Obituary: Max Beauvoir September 26th –October 2nd 2015 The world this week Leaders The motor industry - Dirty secrets Progress in Ukraine - Look west, Maidan Central banking - After the hold, be bold The war in Syria - The cost of inaction Pornography - Generation XXX Letters On migration, Jeremy Corbyn, SDGs, Yemen, airlines Briefing The Volkswagen scandal - A mucky business United States Congress - The madness resumes The cost of shutdown - But I get up again The Republican primaries - Rubios are red Catholic schools - Praying for pupils Muslims in the South - Some stand with Ahmed Lexington - California’s anti-vaxxers The Americas The Latinobarómetro poll - When the tide goes out Bello - Towards peace in Colombia Asia Race in Malaysia - Rising tensions Religion in Vietnam - Stifling faith Pakistan’s army - The rise of a military star Nepal’s constitution - Violence erupts Japan’s armed forces - Help for allies Banyan - The AIIB’s limits China Legal reform - Too many judges Managing migration - White-collar woves Middle East and Africa Syria, Russia and the West - A game-changer in Latakia? Syrian refugees - Time to go Somalia - One man, no vote Race and rugby - Green and blacks Europe Rule of law in Ukraine - Mr Saakashvili goes to Odessa Greece’s elections - Synchronised somersault Catalans ponder independence - Breaking up is hard to do Auto-free day - The cars that ate Paris Charlemagne - Point taken, Mr Orban Britain The housing market - Through the roof Tower Hamlets - Build up Bagehot - The Osborne Doctrine International Pornography (1) - A user’s manual Pornography (2) - Naked capitalism Business Tech firms in China - Cards on the table Apple - From iPhones to iCars Drug pricing in America - Painful pills Eco-friendly detergents - Green wash Schumpeter CEO’s in politics Finance and economics China’s consumers - Doughty but not superhuman Buttonwood - Demography and markets Commodity trade finance - Rubber barons Consumer lending - All credit to them Monetary policy - Repeat prescription Women and work - The power of parity The Doing Business report - Pulling rank Free exchange - Aid v handouts for refugees Science and technology Unmanned aerial vehicles - Welcome to the Drone Age Drones in space - Astrobusybee The stronger sexton - Parenting beetles Oncology - Treating glioma Books and arts Superforecasting - Predicting the future A history of porcelain - Chasing perfection Germany’s second world war - Fate and furies Islamic State - Inside account Picasso, the sculptor - Master of surprises Economic and financial indicators - Statistic on 42 economies plus a closer at unemployment rates by place of birth Obituary Jackie Collins - Hollywood undressed

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