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Código:HR 330 ABR-JUL 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2016
Descripción:varias paginaciones;; ilustraciones, gráficos, mapas; 27 cm.
Notas:F. I. 08/01/2018
Términos Locales:Economía;
Revista ;
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Código:HR 330 ABR-JUL 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016:
300:varias paginaciones;; ilustraciones, gráficos, mapas; 27 cm.
500:F. I. 08/01/2018
653Economía; Revista

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016. # Ingreso:1058594

   varias paginaciones;; ilustraciones, gráficos, mapas;.27 cm..

THE ECONOMIST Nº 8983 April 2nd – 8th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Chinese politics Beware the cult of Xi Free trade in America Open argument Mergers and financial stability Don’t clear the clearers A bomb in Lahore The hard choice for Pakistan Dutch referendum on Ukraine A hard Dutch kick LETTERS On Africa, the Commonwealth, precision, America, China, migrants, George Martin, Moore’s law BRIEFING European social democracy Rose thou art sick UNITED STATES America and the world Trade, at what price? Sin and southern politics The moral of Alabama Indiana’s abortion bill Running against Roe Organised labour Handed a victory The campaigns Heard on the trail Crazy Republicans The biters bit Campaign paraphernalia What’s in a badge? Lexington Ted Cruz, false hope THE AMERICAS Venezuela and Zimbabwe Following Mugabe’s model Property in Vancouver Steeples for sale Colombia’s wars A new peace process Bello Mexico and Trumpery ASIA Terror in Pakistan The battle for Punjab Welfare in South Korea Doubt of the benefit Thai Buddhism Men-at-alms Banyan Burmese army manoeuvres CHINA Xi Jinping’s leadership Ultrammelled power MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Insecurity in Nigeria Fighting on all fronts East Africa’s used-clothes Let them weave their own Sea cucumbers Silver beneath the waves Islamic State Jihadists on the run Baghdad’s restaurant Signs of happier times New trains for Iran Joining the dots Arab universities The kingdom is king EUROPE The Netherlands and Ukraine A trade deal teeters Ukrainian politics Once more around the bloc Afghan refugees Living in limbo Belgian security No Poirots BRITAIN Tata Steel No, thank you Brexit brief: Immigration Let them not come Bagehot Referndum, what Referendum? INTERNATIONAL Islamists in Belgium Battle of ideas Islamists in France Talking cure Counter-radicalisation A disarming approach BUSINESS Artificial intelligence Million-dollar babies Solar energy Blinded by the light Telefónica Not sweet enough Malaysia Airlines Recovery phase Shareholder value Analyse this Schumpeter Emergin-maket tycoons FINANCE AND ECONOMICS China’s M&A boom Money bags Buttonwood The dollar falls Global house prices Hot in the city Clearing-houses Double-crossed African bonds Ante upped Myanmar’s economy The Burma road Free exchange Euro exchange SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Supersonic air travel Baby boomers Preventing an extinction Not an ex-parrot Drug supplies Track marks Coffee and chocolate A new brew Mostafa Tolba Green giant BOOKS AND ARTS Inequality New theory Teenage girls and sex Complicated Landscape Self-help for the Ivy League Smarter, faster, better Playwrights on equality Haves and have-nots ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at investments-banking Revenue OBITUARY Johan Cruyff One given moment THE ECONOMIST Nº 8984 April 9th – 15th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Facebook Imperial ambitions Peru’s election A dangerous farce Libya Another chance Leak of the century The lesson of the Panama papers Tata Steel Cast-iron arguments LETTERS On Harvard, HPV, America, our covers, Canada, queuing BRIEFING The new face of Facebook How to win friends and influence people UNITED STATES Wisconsin s Democratic Primary Sewer socialism’s heir The campaigns Heard on the trail Hawaiian agriculture Paradise sprayed Atlantic City Out of luck Alaska Wiki-fishing Lexington The primaries puzzle THE AMERICAS Peru’s election Choosing a new broom West Indian cricket Why the Windies won Bello When a “coup” is not a coup ASIA Senility in Japan Grey zone State elections in India Back at the spinning wheel Patriotism in India Oh mother South KoreaN elections No walk in the Park Timor-Leste and Australia Line in the sand Banyan Of blowhards and bombs CHINA Catholics Warming to the Vatican House churches Underground, overground MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Libya s new government Unity, up to a point The West Bank A good day to DIY Kenya and international justice Ruto gests off Djibouti Superpowers playground South Africa Zuma under fire EUROPE French student politics I dreamed a dream Greece’s migrant deal Back where they came from Iceland’s prime minister Offshore and out Nagorno-Karabakh’s war A frozen conflict explodes Russia’s dairy embargo Parmesan of patriots Charlemagne Poland s politics of memory BRITAIN Devolution in Scotland A taste for more Brexit brief The economic consequences Bagehot A nation of free traders Take your partners Domestic abuse Violence in the shires The housing crisis Lords a-leaping Second homes To the lighthouse Bagehot INTERNATIONAL The Panama papers A torrential leak The reaction in Russia BUSINESS Taxing America Inc Pfiasco The global steel industry Through the mill Industrial overcapacity Gluts for punishment An Indian unicorn Global appetites Mobile services Bots, the next frontier Schumpeter The spending power of the elderly FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Brazilian banks Defying gravity Buttonwood Guarenteeing pensions India’s GDP data The elephant in the stats The UAE s migrant workers Wages of chagrin Structural reform Don’t stop believing Tax amnesties Making crime pay Free exchange SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Space travel Pump it up, Scotty Ship propulsion We are sailing Detecting explosives The litmus test Coral bleaching A hot survivor BOOKS AND ARTS Alibaba Crocodile of the Yangzi Myanmar All change, or not Wallace Stevens More truly and more strange Johnson Of two minds Birth-cohort studies Lifelong learning Zaha Hadid, 1950-2016 ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Peter Maxwell Davies The roar of the sea THE ECNOMIST Nº 8985 April 16th – 22nd 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Dealing with autism Beautiful minds, wasted Business in Africa Making Africa work Tax transparency Two rights, wrong policy The French left Liberty, equality, seniority Solar energy The new sunbathers LETTERS On business in America, US election, South China Sea, Shakespeare, the semicolon Briefing The rise of autism Spectrum shift UNITED STATES Southern Republicans Going rogue Activist mayors Ted v the machine Encryption and the law Scrambled regs The campaigns Heard on the trail New York’s Republican primary Bronx cheer Medicare Fat loss needed Puerto Rico News from the colonies Lexington Bad vibrations THE AMERICAS Argentina´s economy The cost of reform The FARC’s finances Unfunny money Ecuador’s universities Academic arguments Bello The rise of the political guru ASIA Relations between India and America A suitable boy? Religion and politics in Pakistan Bad moon rising Japan’s gossipy weeklies Pulp non-fiction Thailand’s deadly roads Look both ways South-East Asian economies Okay, for now Banyan Trawling for trouble CHINA Industrial clusters The future of a bra town Intimate apparel Chinese underwear, briefly Porters in Chongqing MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA An emerging drug market The last battle Southern Africa’s drought Too little, too late China and Africa A despot’s guide to foreign aid SPECIAL REPORT: BUSINESS IN AFRICA More than a billion Opportunities After page 40 EUROPE Ukraine’s struggle against corruption Building a parallel state Abortion in Poland No exceptions Germans ridicule Turkey’s president There once was a prickly sultan Italy’s migrant route Opening up again The Balkan arms trade Ask not from whom the AK-47s flow Charlemagne The morally questionable Migrant deal BRITAIN David Cameron’s woes Events, events Tax transparency When less may be more Bagehot Jeremy Corbyn’s trench warfare INTERNATIONAL The trade in wild-animal parts (1) Last chance to see? The trade in wild-animal parts (2) Prescription for extinction BUSINESS Solar energy Follow the sun 1.2 billion opportunities The middle class A matter of definition Manufacturing Not making it Exporting flowers Coming up roses Trade Obstacle course Doing business Is it worth it? Diasporas Settled strangers Financial technology On the move E-commerce Virtual headaches Prospects Fortune favours the brave Business Solar energy Follow the sun Peabody Energy The pits Digital media Mail’s got you The music industry Scales dropped The Yukos affair Baiting the bear Etsy’sgrowing pains Knitty gritty India’s defence industry Opportunity strikes Schumpeter Vertical integration FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Russia’s central-bank governor Putin’s right-hand woman After the Panama papers Who next? Unlocking Mossack Fonseca The key’s in Sin City Italian banks A heavy load Rehabilitating Argentina The green light The world economy System says slow Demography The toll of tariffs Free exchange Overcoming NIMBYism SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY High-definition maps The autonomous car´s Reality check Space travel Starchip enterprise Bird strikes on aircraft Sonic scarecrow Inherited diseases Genetic superheroes BOOKS AND ARTS Single women Why put a ring on it? Artistic judgment Everyone´s critic The Holy Roman Empire Neither holy nor a failure Seamus Heaney´s Aeneid Music from the underworld Chinese contemporary art Fountainheads ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at taxing Wages OBITUARY Hoseph Medicine Crow War songs of the Plains THE ECONOMIST Nº 8986 April 23 – 29th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Brazil The great betrayal Hillary Clinton`s plans For the economy Can she fix it? Bloodshed in Africa Burundian time-bomb The case against Google Tie breaker Saudi Arabia The new oil order LETTERS On politics, steel, the American constitution, South Korea, Bruce Springsteen, English BRIEFING Hillary Clinton Unloved and unstoppable UNITED STATES New York and after March of the titans Trump voters Donald and the Benjamins The $20 bill Not going to Jackson The campaigns Heard on the trail Immigration and the Supreme Court Branching out The cost of college Delayed gratification Cocaine Nosedive Lexington Ben Heard THE AMERICAS Brazil’s political crisis The darkest hour Reasons for impeachment Nothing to do with the case ASIA Myanmar-China relations High mountains, distant emperors War in Afghanistan Fresh offence Kashmir in stasis Rough sleeping The Koh-i-Noor diamond Rock in a hard place Banyan Indonesia´s worst year CHINA Ideology The return of correct Thinking GM crops The government´s new push Party membership Wearing the badge MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Burundi Sliding towards anarchy African hospitality Egypt’s prickly president Permission to speak, sir Tech startups Africa uber alles Syria Israeli politics Curtains for Herzog? EUROPE Reunifying Cyprus You say raki, I say ouzo Germany sours on Russia Fool me once Roundabouts Anew French rvolution French revolution Czech name change Metamorphosis German beer laws Pure swill Charlemagne Russia´s and Europe´s Bust-up BRITAIN America and Brexit More special in Europe Britain in Iraq The beginning of the end Queen Elizabeth at 90 Long to reign over us Brexit brief The ins and the outs Bagehot B for Brexit INTERNATIONAL Stamping it out BUSINESS Europe v Google Android attack Pemex Turning the tanker Theranos Blood sports Cigarettes Smoke signals India’s flashiest tycoon Mallya´s Hangover Picking the boss The over-promised land Schumpeter Executive pay FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Bank of America The limits of fasting Buttonwood Negative rates and savings The 1MDB affair Turning the screw China’s economy Romance of the three quarters Oil markets Drill will Blended finance Trending: blending Free exchange Helicopter money SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Earthquakes Preparing for the Big One Martial arts Modern gladiators Sleeplessness Neurological night watch Keeping the skies safe Drones club Books and arts Understanding jazz Steps to heaven Central America Prayer, police and punishment Nationalism in Russia True believers Johnson English becomes Esperanto Travel writing Far and away Sicily at the British Museum Land of change Obituary ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, Plus exchange rates Against the dollar OBITUARY Phil Sayer The train now approaching THE ECONOMIST Nº 8987 April 30th – may 6th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS The modern economy How to measure prosperity Philippine politics Fatal distraction Metropolitan growing pains Little London The ECB Going negative Corporate propaganda Sweet little lies LETTERS On Facebook, SVM, Czechia, offshore trusts, Peru, lasers, tongues Letters to the editor BRIEFING Measuring economies The trouble with GDP GDP revisions Rewriting history UNITED STATES The north-eastern primaries Top Trump The great Republican delegate wrangle Sectional preferences Jobs The force awakens The campaigns Heard on the trail Suicide The saddest trend Flat-pack downtowns Ersatz urbanism Ersatz urbanism Lexington Economists turn to crime THE AMERICAS Murder in Mexico A shocking mystery Innovation in Canada More particle than wave Bello Fidel’s last stand ASIA The presidential race in The Philippines The dangers of old-style Politics Nepal’s reconstruction An earthquake´s Reverberations Australia´s navy The politics of building Subs Drought in South-East Asia Suffering in Vietnam Australia’s navy Underwater envy Vietnam’s drying delta Banyan North Korea´s lonely meeting Once in a lifetime CHINA Homosexuality Urbanisation The biggest cities´ fears Megalophobia MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Vision or mirage? Saudi Arabia’s post-oil future Saudi Aramco The big float Truth and reconciliation in Tunisia Shadows from the past Car ownership in Kenya Industrial-policy wreck Nigerian smuggling Blurred lines Sport and race in South Africa Diversify or die EUROPE Northern Europe’s angry savers Mario and the Wutsparer Chernobyl 30 years on Soviet apocalypse Russia and the Panama papers The Magnitsky connection Poland’s rightist revolution Red and white cavalry Turkey and the EU Clearing customs Charlemagne The politics of trade BRITAIN Living in London The grip tightens Brexit brief Europe without Britain Bagehot INTERNATIONAL Demography The strange case of the Missing baby Immigrant fertility Fecund foreigners? Opposition reshuffle UKIP in the north Of springboards and lifeboats Bagehot 2030 vision International Demography The strange case of the missing baby BUSINESS China’s consumers Still kicking Car emissions Exhaustive analysis Corporate whistleblowers Deltour in the dock The future of Apple Shake it off Independent contractors Category error Travel security Risky business Schumpeter Biblionaires´schemes FINANCE AND ECONOMICS India’s rural economy Dry times Buttonwood Market mood swings Goldman Sachs From the 1% to $1 The Bank of Japan When easing gets hard Portuguese banks Spanish steps The Federal Reserve DC hold’em Chinese loans to Africa Credit limit Free exchange If it ain’t broke, don’t Brexit SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Additive manufacturing A printed smile Welding Getting the pulse racing Viral infections General knowledge Portable devices Buddy, can you spare a watt? Augmented reality Here’s looking at you BOOKS AND ARTS Contemporary art in America San Francisco´ cool new MoMa China’s economy Neither a bull nor a bear be Migration and easternl Europe Backwards and forwards Queen Elizabeth I Smart redhead Papa Wemba King of the rumba ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at metal prices OBITUARY Prince Music like a river THE ECONOMIST Nº 8988 May 7th – 13th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS American politics Trump’s triumph China’s financial system The coming debt bust Child refugees Under-age and at risk Crony capitalism Dealing with murky moguls Fairy tales Underdogs are overrated LETTERS On business in Iran, D Dilma Rousseff, English language, Republicans, solar power, German beer BRIEFING The Republican nominee Fear trumps hope UNITED STATES Indiana’s primaries The fifth stage of grief The campaigns Heard on the trail New York politics Boss de Blasio? Income growth Not so slow Disarray in the South Sweet home Lexington What next for Bernie Sanders THE AMERICAS Venezuela Running out of power and beer Pollution in Mexico City Too many cars Technology in Brazil The blocking of WhatsApp Bello Citizens v corruption ASIA State elections in India Letter from West Bengal India´s north-east How green is my valley? Australia’s looming election Turnbull rolls the dice Elections in Malaysia Rumbles in the jungle Entertainment in South Korea Uniform appeal CHINA Overhauling tax policy Central tendency NGOs and religion Charity ends at home Enforcing cultural purity Exterminate the foreign names Banyan China, trade and the The 15-year hitch MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The ungovernable country Syria’s war Spiralling out of control Syrian refugees in Jordan Peace, bread and work Small-scale mining Hard rock café South African idols Who owns Mandela? Special reportr: Finance In China Big but britle After page 44 EUROPE NATO and the European Union Buddy cops France´s armed forces Strtched thin Turkey’s prime minister No room for moderates Russia´s Mulim Extremists Crackdown in Dagestan The German psyche Envy, fear, admiration and Migrants Charlemagne Europe´s visa wars Visa wars BRITAIN EU referendum The eternal quest for youth Leicester’s success Foxes and tigers Bagehot Jews and the Labouer Party INTERNATIONAL Our crony-capitalism index The party winds down Corporate ownership and corruption How to crack a shell BUSINESS Hydrocarbons Not-so-Big Oil Spotify These boots are made for walking Chinese internet firms Growing, wildly Hospitality Stay with me The grey market Golden oldies Theme parks Parks of recreation Entertainment Parks of recreation Schumpeter Learning from Leicester FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Emerging markets The unloved rally Buttonwood Hedge funds flail Bailing out Greece Where are those buckets? Car loans New engine Italian banks Broad shoulders American infrastructure Buy local Developing Bangladesh How to spend it Bitcoin’s creator Seeking Satoshi Free exchange How to make money from Music SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Robotic surgery Who wields the knife? Genes and disease Encore une fois Quantum computing Now try this Animal behaviour Time and motion study Matrimonial harmony Count me in BOOKS AND ARTS India and the second world war For king, then country The English country house Partying, hunting, shooting Alessandro de’ Medici A dark duke Fazioli pianos Piano nobile Johnson Race and language ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Harry Wu Beyond the wire THE ECONOMIST 8989 MAY 14TH -20TH 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Frail Arab states The war within The Philippines votes Duterte Harry Yellow fever A preventable tragedy Second homes Stay away Banks and state aid The rule of flaw LETTERS On GDP, nuclear energy, Andrew Jackson, women and Islam, young voters BRIEFING The Philippines Fist of iron UNITED STATES Death and money Looking up The Republicans Learning to love the Don The campaigns Heard on the trail Trump and small business Scourge, not savior Zombie campaigns Greenback from the dead Campus life Unclubbable The Supreme Court Slowing down Lexington The Americas Brazil’s political crisis An unplanned presidency Bello Mercosur´s missed boat The Fort McMurray fire Tar-sands tensions ASIA India’s water nightmare Unholy woes Child poverty in Japan Hidden blight Taiwan readies for a new president Sizing Tsai up North Korea Sport of Kims Banyan Despotic in Dhaka CHINA The Cultural Revolution It was the worst of times Xi Jinping and the Cultural Revolution Mao, diluted MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The Democratic Republic of Congo The guide to the promised land? Zimbabwe’s new currency Who wants to be a trillionaire? Kenya´s refugees The most vulnerable Sierra Leone The first traffic light Islamic State in Libya The Scramble for Sirte Israeli viniculture Desert wines SPECIAL REPORT: THE ARAB WORLD The clash within a Civilization After EUROPE Russia and Syria The withdrawal that wasn’t German football Red Bull gives you wingers Austrian politics Waltzing out of the door France’s recovery Ça va Schools in Finland Helsinking Charlemagne Europa all’italiana BRITAIN Energy policy Power hungry Brexit brief Security concerns Bagehot London´s Muslim mayor INTERNATIONAL Yellow plague Africa has it. Why not Asia? Malaria vaccines Buzzing BUSINESS Office communication The Slack generation Binod Chaudhary Peak tycoon French weapons-makers Going great guns Crocodile farming Snappy dressers Planemakers The eye of the storm E-Cigarettes Snuffed out Tobacco firms Snuffed out Schumpeter Jamaican stagnation FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Inequality in China Up on the farm Buttonwood Debt throes Saudi Arabia’s oil policy Beyond OPEC European banks Triple whammy Lending Club Membership revoked Value-added tax Freedom fighters Stockmarket regulation in Canada Neither wood nor trees The appeal of the euro SELL signals Free exchange Surge pricing SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Life and the Earth The early atmosphere Plant science Botany at bay Climate change Good vibration Human evolution Not what they were Recycling A cracking yarn BOOKS AND ARTS The Cultural Revolution In the heat of the sun Globalisation Bridges v borders Britain and Europe Historians and Brexit Nigerian corruption No fantasy Lionel Shriver´s fiction In God they trusted French television drama Mishap on the Med ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at Google searches OBITUARY Lucy Kibaki Cherchez l’autre femme THE ECONOMIST Nº 8990 MAY 21ST-27TH 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Antibiotics When the drugs don’t work The referendum craze Let the people fail to decide The Federal Reserve Stop the sop The UN Get the best Virginity tests Hands off LETTERS On Donald Trump, London, underdogs BRIEFING Antibiotic resistance The grim prospect UNITED STATES Facebook and politics Censors and sensibility Feuding Democrats Hillary’s heartbern Homegrown jihad Minnesota martyrs The campaigns Heard on the trail Pretend medicine The quack-up Overtime pay Half or quits Bathroom wars The plughole of history Lexington Black history on the National Mall THE AMERICAS Crime in El Salvador The high cost of homies Venezuela Trouble on the streets Bello The fall of Brazil´s Workers´Party ASIA Barack Obama in Vietnam Cash for questions Virginity testing in Indonesia Outrageously intrusive Sanctions on Myanmar Repeal or no repeal? Justice in India Dropping the scales Banyan Japan and the meaning of Ise CHINA A new railway to Tibet Doubling down Steering the economy The mystery policymaker MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Mental health Mindfield Israel’s atomic angst Closing an ageing reactor Uganda’s president Treason Sloshed in the slow lane Driving drunk in Nairobi Protests in Kenya Of kicking and Kikuyu Nigerian petrol subsidies A fuel and your money EUROPE Azerbaijan future Nagorno-Karabakh A squalid little war Turkey v Islamic State Poking the wolf Steak in France: ever rarer The raw and the cooked Plebiscites in Europe Referendumania Charlemagne Austria, a canary for Europe Vexed in Vienna Britain Faith and race Integration nation? Almadis in Britian Preparing for the worst Bagehot The Cameron Legacy INTERNATIONAL The UN Master, mistress or mouse? Peacekeeping in Congo Never-ending mission Boots—and cash Who fights, and who pays BUSINESS Oil and climate change Greens in pinstriped suits European Telecoms Seeking another path Biotechnology Seedy business Buffett, Apple and Didi Chuxing $1 billion stakes Agriculture in Cyprus Cheese in our time Political consultants Risk premiums Amazon’s clothing coup Sitting pretty Schumpeter Digital marketplaces FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Swedbank Bank to basics Buttonwood Brexit and the markets Pacific economies The leeward side Quinoa Against the grain Insurance in China Safe or sorry? Crypto-investing The DAO of accrue Free exchange Do expansions die or are they killed? Science and technology Improvised weapons Hell’s kitchens Dogs and cancer Best-friend genetics Clinical trials Better with bitcoin Robotics The fantastic voyage Forest fires Burning benefits BOOKS AND ARTS Egypt and ancient Greece Underwater treasures Johnson Ending the usage wars Victorian crime Boys’ own Free speech A right, not a duty Man Booker International Prize South Korean novella Benedict Anderson Indonesian scholar Economic and financial indicators Statisitcs on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at South Korea OBITUARY Daniel Berrigan Blessed are the peacemakers THE ECONOMIST Nº 8991 May 28th – June 3rd 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS North Korea´s weapons A nuclear nightmare Austria´s election Disaster averted –for now Online platforms Nostrums for rostrums American elections Voting wrongs Opioids LETTERS On genomics, migrants, China, London, Brexit, cronies, country living Letters to the editor BRIEFING Nuclear North Korea By the rockets’ red glare UNITED STATES Voting rights The fire next time The Libertarian Party Guns, weed and relevance The campaigns Heard on the trail Hillary Clinton’s e-mails An indictment of sorts Already indicted Disability lawsuits Frequent filers Soccer flourishes Kick turn Lexington Oh, Oklahoma THE AMERICAS Mexico’s elections A test for the ruling party Bello Chávez’s little blue book Britain and Argentina Ending estrangement Brazilian culture A history of jeitinho ASIA America and Vietnam Pull the other one Afghanistan´s Taliban Aiming for the heard India’s deep south Southern comfort CHINA Retirement China’s Florida Social media The dark art of astroturfing Banyan Disturbing the China dream MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Iranian politics Who’s in charge? Fighting Islamic State Fallujah, again Israeli politics He’s back! Tanzania Government by gesture TheTorah in Abuja Who wants to be a Jew? SPECIAL REPORT: MIGRATION Looking for a home After page 42 EUROPE Visa liberalisation Europe’s deal with Turkey Crimea’s Tatars 1944 all over again Greece gets its bail-out Temporary relief Austria’s vote Extremism Loses, barely German nationality Name, date of birth, migration background Charlemagne Le sexime BRITAIN Rural Britain Countryside blues Brexit brief Yes, we have no straight bananas Teenage pregnancy Not in the family way Bagehot The continental imperative INTERNACIONAL Opioids The problem of pain Business Regulating tech firms Taming the beasts Alibaba Under scrutiny Oil-price reporting Striking it rich American media Sumner’s lease Alcohol in China Reviving the spirits The future of carmakers Upward mobility Schumpeter Life in the fast lane FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Banks and Brexit Wait and hope Buttonwood Ignorant investors Quicken Loans A new foundation Japan’s giant pension fund That sinking feeling Payday loans Regulators take interest Cyber-attacks on baks Heist finance Compulsor voting Science and technology Human evolution Of bairns and brains Global warming In the red Drone countermeasures Hacked off Product design The replicator Additive manufacturing Alloy angels Books and arts Dawn of the oil industry Guts, greed and gushers Genetics Mix and match Jacobean history Forgotten hero Mali Paper trail The invention of dating Love’s labour Opera Fiery angel Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at GDP growth in Africa Obituary Fritz Stern Another German THE ECONOMIST 8992 June 4th – 10th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Free speech Under attack Strikes in France Don’t cave in, Mr Hollande Rethinking the welfare Basically flawed Indian banking Of banks and bureaucrats Shopping in America Walmart v Amazon Fighting corruption Raking up the muck LETTERS On anti-Semitism, Brexit, Ban Ki-moon, Jordan, referendums, egg shells Briefing Universal basic incomes Paradise to come UNITED STATES Bernie Sanders The campaigns Heard on the trail Chicago Predictable policing Refugees Their own public Idaho Lexington Trumpology THE AMERICAS Brazil’s economy Nowhere to go but up Poverty in Argentina Gutted community Bello Per´s election ASIA Japanese politics A Tax rise delayed Africans in India They don’t love us Banyan CHINA Education The class ceiling Commemorating Tiananmen Hong Kong´s struggle to remember MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Railways in Africa Puffed out Crimes against humanity One dictator down Nigeria’s life coaches Yes you can! Palestine A museum without exhibits Syria’s war Never-ending horror Western Sahara Leader of a Lost cause Arab innovation Free the geeks Qatar The other Wahhabi state EUROPE France on strike Aux barricades Turkey’s Kurds War of attrition Germany and the Armenian genocide Name and shame Corruption in Romania Death of an antiseptic salesman Russia’s empty elections United Russia, divided Putin Charlemagne For the love of pizza BRITAIN Brexit and the union Tug of war Muslim retail market Modesty sels Bagehot Pity the Brexpats Retail Modesty sells Brexit brief If it were done Policy-making Lost in transit Public services Pay up Agriculture Casting asparagus Teaching assistants Help needed Bagehot Pity the Brexpats INTERNATIONAL Free speech The muzzle grows tighter Free speech The muzzle grows tighter Bangladesh Muted by machetes Campus protests The colliding of the American mind A youthful trend Don’t be so offensive BUSINESS Walmart Thinking outside the box Digital celebrities From smartphone to cinema Price-fixing No truck with cartels Morocco´s factories Factories in the sun Apple in India Forbidden fruit Schumpeter The evolution of Mr Thiel FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Reforming Indian banks Bureaucrats at the till Buttonwood The productivity puzzle China’s currency Bending, not breaking Automation I’m afraid I can’t do that Crypto-currencies Etherised Aircraft finance Crowded skies SMEs in developing countries Caught in the middle Free exchange Israel´s economy SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Chinese science Schrödinger’s panda An update on AIDS HIV’s slow retrenchment Zika and the Olympics Stay or shift Avoiding sunburn Patched up Black holes We want information Peppered moths Jumping to attention BOOKS AND ARTS Developing-world economies The rise and fall of nations Johnson Language peeves The 100-year life Live long and prosper The meaning of grit Passion and perseverance Tate Modern Home of the brave Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer Look at manufacturing activity Obituary Jane Fawcett The deb who sank the Bismarck THE ECONOMIST Nº 8993 June 11th – 17th 2016 LEADERS Education How to make a good teacher Brexit Jeremy Corbyn, saboteur Fund management Slow-motion revolution Agricultural technology Feeding the ten billion The trade in albino bones For the colour of their skin LETTERS On tuberculosis, China´s Florida, Indian textiles, Arab history, Essex, Brazil, moderation BRIEFING Education reform Teaching the teachers UNITED STATES Hillary Clinton Madam nominee The campaigns Heard on the trail Paul Ryan Republicans and welfare Swimming religiously Scruples and splashes Chicago´s museum wars Light against dark Cannabis in the capital Federal haze Southern men Bill Luckett Lexingon Doing Trump´s work THE AMERICAS Peru´s election The fortunate president Corruption in Guatemala Bad apples everyehere Canada´s far north Airships in the Artic Bello The Mexican blues ASIA South Korea’s working women Of careers and carers Indian diplomacy Modi on the move Japan and money politics Remembering Tanaka Afghanistan and Pakistan A border tightens War in Afghanistan American troop numbers Banyan Migrant worlers CHINA Wenzhou’s economy Leesons from a crash China and América Aerial chicken Technology Quarterly The future of agriculture After page 46 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Morocco The pluses and minuses of monarchy Public spaces in the Middle East No bed of roses Ramadan in Saudi Arabia Taking it to heart Trade in east Africa Worth celebrating The killing of albinos Murder for profit EUROPE Rome elects a mayor Five-star in first place European football Paris match Poland’s protests From Facebook to the streets Iran’s Turkish connection Golden squeal Voting and sex Why women swing left Charlemagne A party for immigrants Britain Consequences of Brexit Beyond the fringe Brexit brief A multispeed EU Bagehot The new J-curve INTERNATIONAL Foreign aid Misplaced charity Where does the aid go? Size matters BUSINESS The internet of things Where the smart is Google’s other businesses Alpha minus Advertising rebates Trust me Fosun´s debts Bloated but still bingeing South Korean chemicals The germ if an idea Airlines in South América No El Dorado Schumpeter Business and Brexit Finance and econic Asset management Index we trust Buttonwood Reforming finance Banks v inverstor Of snowbald and re ink Dollar imperialism The fed´s tributaries Ammerica´s economy When barometers fail Corporate bonds in Europe Unyielding Fre exchange Central banks Communications SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Cancer treatment On target Drugs Priced out Carbon capture Turning air into stone Fixing potholes The hole story Human evolution Books and arts Palestine The view on the ground Literary history Born to be Wilde Psychosomatic illness Straight and crooked thinking Emil Zatopek Fleet foot and heart of fire Brazillionaires Rich and richer Robert Rauschenberg Ripe for reassessment Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, Plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY The greatest THE ECONOMIST Nº 8994 June 18th – 24th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Britain’s EU referendum Divided we fall The Orlando attack Aftermath of a tragedy India’s central bank A second helping of Raghu South Africa Cracking the monolith Female genital mutilation An agonising choice LETTERS On Brexit, populism, Donald Trump, language Letters to the editor BRIEFING Brexit What if? In their words (I) Heard from overseas The referendum campaign The Battle of Evermore In their words (II) Heard on the trail UNITED STATES The Orlando shooting Vigils and vigilantes Watergate II The Donald’s dirty linen Computing boot-camps Risks and rewards The manosphere Balls to all that College towns A roaring trade Scandinavian-Americans Founding Vikings Lexington How others cope with radicalisation THE AMERICAS Criminal justice in Mexico Trials and errors Bello The Venezuela test Gay rights in the Caribbean Not everyone’s paradise Poverty in Latin America Don’t look down Asia Arrests in Bangladesh Jihadists (and others) in jail Indian elections The wrong ink Papua New Guinea Shooting students A scandal in Tokyo Another one bites the dust Australia’s election Time of Nick Banyan EU and whose army? CHINA Traffic jams in Beijing The great crawl Reality television Making offcials squirm ESSAY Europe Between the borders MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA South Africa In need of an opposition A virtual turf war The scramble for .africa Nigeria floats its currency Free at last The Muslim Brotherhood Sibling rivalry Arabic publishing Plus de kutub, please EUROPE Drugs Not mind-stretching Nadia Savchenko The maid of Kiev Orthodox Christian Autumn of the patriarchs Fighting-smuggling Mastermind or mistake? The Balkans’ EU dreams Applications deferred Charlemagne European Utopianism BRITAIN Retailers in trouble High noon on the high street Trump in Scotland Waiting for Donald The demise of BHS Green sees red BAGEHOT The Nigel Farage Show INTERNATIONAL Female genital cutting The unkindest cut Male circumcision Snip snap BUSINESS Technology deals LinkedUp The internet Reweaving the web Shanghai Disneyland Lord of the jungle The Panama Canal Wider impact Nuclear power Keeping on the northern lights Broadway economics Hamilton´s success Schumpeter The imperial CFO Finance and economics Oil supply Rigonomics Buttonwood Sinking bond yields India’s central bank A governor with a view Wells Fargo Diving into the mire International data flows Priceless Emerging-market indices Stocks and stones Free Exchange The roots of gun violence SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Video games Engines of creation Software Engines of creation Microbes and autism Gut feelings Detecting scientific sloppiness Come again? Presenting results Graphic details Cleaning the environment It’s the pits BOOKS AND ARTS The Venetian ghetto Hidden secrets The Arab unravelling Tales of spring and winter The boundaries of science Circle in a circle Cambodia Buried treasure American fiction Axemen Johnson Double-plus effective ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Stastics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at world GDP OBITUARY Manohar Aich Raising the temple THE ECONOMIST 8995 June 25th – July 1st 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Artificial intelligence March of the machines Guns in America Control, alt, delete Executive pay Cheques need balances America and Iran Sanctions busting The Niger Delta Avengers Danegeld in the Delta LETTERS On free speech, central banks, Israel, teaching, potholes, cheese BRIEFING Executive pay Neither rigged nor fair UNITED STATES $ 15 Minimum wages Maximin The Trump campaign Impoverished Gun control Of docs and Glocks Oakland’s police Too many chiefs The Fourth Amendment Amended Catholic hospitals Gloria in expansion Suing the Church Bully pulpit Lexington Cory Booker THE AMERICAS NAFTA Three amigos, two spectres Bello Peace, at last, in Colombia Canada Brazil´s Olympics Calamaty Janeiro ASIA Australia’s election Down to the wire Pakistani cinema Lights, camera, action men Law enforcement in Indonesia Time for Tito Opioids in India The kids are all high Endangered species No rosewood of such virtue Japan and American A battle over bases CHINA Propaganda Who draws the party line? Grassroots democracy Amodel village in turmoil Banyan Mishandling Hong Kong MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The nuclear deal with Iran Teething pains or trouble? Fighting in Fallujah Down, but not yet out Bahrain’s crackdown Brutal king, cowardly allies The dogs of Gaza If you want a friend… Kenyan politics Heating up Nigeria and its militants Avengers unite! Specila report: Artificial Intelligence The return of the machinery question After page 42 EUROPE Spain reruns its election Podemos on the rise Russia’s Olympic ban Doping and punishment The EU’s Russia Small carrot, medium stick Turkey’s embattled liberals Radiohead and Ramadan Charlemagne The polarization of Europe BRITAIN Working poverty When a job is not enough Born out of his time Andy Murray and tennis grand slams Summer exams Books v football Bagehot Exporting the British state INTERNATIONAL Higher education Maverick universities BUSINESS The human genome All about the base Security businesses in Europe Silver linings YouTube and copyright Free and easy listening 3D printing Print my ride Tesla and SolarCity Setting sun SoftBank Short and sweet Telecoms Oi boy Schumpeter Management in China FINANCE AND ECONOMICS India’s economy Two steps forward Buttonwood Helicopter money Mexico’s development How the bottom half lives IEX, unleashed Speed bumps in the night Regulating banks Capital hill The DAO Theft is property German banks Turn of the screw Free exchange The power of pre-school SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Passenger drones Those incredible flying machines Surveillance Halting the hate Social media and sport What the deuce, Watson? Climate research Monsooner or later Zoology Flight compass BOOKS AND ARTS Wagner’s “Ring” cycle Getting into Valhalla Transgender memoir Daddy dearest A memoir of Australia Ancestral voices Cricket in Pakistan Balls of fury Reading poetry War of words Sculpture parks in Britain Training the eye ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closes look al Foreign direct investiment OBITUARY Jo cox Star turn

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