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Código:HR 330 JUL-SET 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: London
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2016
Descripción:varias paginaciones;; fotos, gráficos; 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 08/01/2018
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 JUL-SET 2016 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016:
300:varias paginaciones;; fotos, gráficos; 27 cm.
500:F.I. 08/01/2018
653Economía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --London: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016. # Ingreso:1058595

   varias paginaciones;; fotos, gráficos;.27 cm..

CONTENTS – JULY 2nd 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Liberalism after Brexit The politics of anger - Brexits fallout Adrift - Assault on Ataturk airport Turkeys agony - Diamonds Shine on - Cities The right kind of sprawl LETTERS On Brexit BRIEFING - Brexit An aggravating absence - The negotiations Article 50 ways to leave your lover - The economic fallout Managing chaos UNITED STATES - Trump in the Midwest Rustproofing - The Supreme Court Two left feats - Puerto Rico Exodus postponed - Crime and punishment Billy the kid - Lexington The bible museum THE AMERICAS - Brazilian trade Of legumes and liberalization - Colombias war Unpopular is the peacemaker - Argentina Cult of the Kirchners - Bello Spendthrift Latin Americans ASIA - Central Asia Stans undelivered - China and Taiwan Great stonewall - Politics in Japan Abe on top - Indonesia and the South China Sea The Natuna two-step - Indian social media A pulpit for bullies - Banyan Our columnists farewell CHINA - Investment abroad Our bulldozers, our rules MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - African entrepreneurs Opportunities galore - Shopping in South Africa Buying on credit is so nice - Medical drones in Africa Help from above - Israel and Turkey Let’s try again - Ramadan economics Less work and more pray... - Beer in the Arab world Brewers and bureaucrats EUROPE - Istanbul’s airport attack Soft target - NATOs summit Trip-wire deterrence - Spain’s election Revolution cancelled - Ireland post-Brexit Put asunder - Repression in Russia Prelude to a purge - Charlemagne Shut the door behind you BRITAIN - Post-referendum politics Shifting sands - The United Kingdom Fragmentation nation - Business Among the wreckage - Cornwall and Europe I owe EU - Bagehot Brexitland versus Londonia INTERNATIONAL - Urban sprawl Bourgeois shanty towns BUSINESS - Corporate Europes decline From clout to rout - The diamond industry In the rough - Web browsers Window dressing - Terms of use contracts Click bait - Chinese consumers From noodles to poodles - Schumpeter The virtues of incrementalism FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - The future of the City From folly to fragmentation - Buttonwood Brexit and the markets - Contrarian investing Making money from Brexit - South Korea’s economy Faltering flagship - Tax avoidance Grand dodgy - The AIIB The infrastructure of power - Free exchange The economist of alienation SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Planetary science By Jove! - Energy storage Sisyphus’s train set - Geolocation Addressing the world - Card games and psychology Telling it like it is - An ancient wing Palaeontology BOOKS AND ARTS - The Iridium story Eccentric orbits - English football Game over - Franz Liszt Piano man - Memoir of Libya Fatherland - Johnson Passive panic ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS - Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at the worls biggest Banks OBITUARY - Amjad Sabri Hate and love CONTENTS – JULY 9TH 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Italian banks The Italian job - Chinas middle class 225m reasons for Chinas leaders to worry - Hillary Clintons e-mails Notes on a scandal - Immigration and politics Aussie rules - The Iraq war The chill of Chilcot LETTERS - On female genital mutilation, law, Brexit BRIEFING - Americas forests Ravaged woodlands UNITED STATES - Warfare The queen and her drones - Stem-cell clinics A dish called hope - Competitive eating Inexorable progress - Education O-levels - Religious-liberty laws From left to right - Lexington The memory of rodeo THE AMERICAS - Violence in Rio A sporting chance - Education in Mexico A battle to feed minds - Argentinas economy The cost of truth - Bello No Brussels here ASIA - Australias politics The churn down under - The new Philippine president Talk Duterte to me - Cambodian politics Sex, power and audiotape - Indian goverment Modi-fication - Hindi movie releases Yes, he Khan - Islamic state in Asia Jihads new frontier CHINA - Pollution Beijing v smokestacks - Corruption A bigwig purged - Anti-smoking legislation The might of tobacco MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Kurdistan Dream on hold - Iraq and Syria Islamic stateless? - Zimbabwes begging bowl Bailing out bandits - Divorce in Nigeria Rings fall apart EUROPE - France on edge Summer in the cite - German inheritance law Free will - Scandinavia and Russia Just visiting - The Balkans and the EU Balking at enlargement - EU Labour law Going posted - Charlemagne Looking to Mutti BRITAIN - The tory leadership Battle for Downing St - Sterling How low can it go? - The Brexit procedure Article of destiny - The Chilcot report Iraqs grim lessons - Bagehot Labours coming split INTERNATIONAL - Immigration systems Whats the point? - Marriage and citizenship Get hitched or hike BUSINESS - Consumer goods Chew on this - Chinese corporate governance Vanke panky - Israels tech industry Talent search - Kingfisher Airlines Flying blind - After the Brexit vote (I) Rules and Britannia - After the Brexit vote (II) Picking losers - Schumpeter What American bosses think of Donald Trump FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Italian banks Crisis and opportunity - Buttonwood Commercial property - MiFID Financial tonic - Oil-exporting countries Lending at $47 a barrel - Chinas debt Coming clean - Taxes in California Stop dreamin - Free exchange Understanding voters SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Self-driving cars Motoring with the Sims - Mitochondrial donation Threes company - Biomimetic engineering Flight of fancy BOOKS AND ARTS - Innovation in China Out of the Masters shadow - Robert Kennedy A work in progress - Child development The brain game - German history Vantage point - A.E. Housman A Worcestershire lad - Painters paintings Beyond influence ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS - Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY - Elie Wiesel Unanswerable questions CONTENTS – JULY 16TH 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Election 2016 The dividing of America - Britains new prime minister May time - The South China Sea Come back from the brink, Beijing - Deutsche Bank A floundering titan - Marine management Net positive LETTERS - On Zimbabwe, the Chilcot report, companies, Brexit BRIEFING - The Republican Party Past and future Trumps UNITED STATES - After Dallas Progress and its discontents - Policing and race Black and blue lives - Fishing All about the bass - Lexington Mitch McConnell THE AMERICAS - Tierra del Fuego Phones and tax breaks - Bello Sue Peru conquistadors ASIA - Japanese politics Diet control - The imperial house of Japan The long goodbye - Australias election Squeaking back in - Violence in Kashmir After the funeral - Cambodia Murder most murky - Taiwanese identity Hello Kitty, goodbye panda CHINA - The South China Sea A blow to Chinas claims MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Land ownership in Africa Title to come - Mozambique Fishy finances - Zambia Cry press freedom - Israels prime minister The law looms larger - Egyptian bureaucracy A movable beast EUROPE - Macron and Frances presidential election Linternationaliste - Ireland’s statistics An incredible GDP bump - The EU-Canada trade deal Fear of the maple menace - Gibraltar and Brexit Rock out - Charlemagne The EUs divided market BRITAIN - The political landscape Mays irresistible rise - The Labour Party Twist or split - The civil service Building the Brexit team - Defence The nuclear option - The post-Brexit economy Straws in the wind - The immigration paradox Explaining the Brexit vote - Bagehot Travels in May country Britain Only Articles flagged with this icon are printed only in the British edition of The Economist INTERNATIONAL - Buying drugs online Shedding light on the dark web BUSINESS - The future of television Cutting the cord - Video games I mug you, Pikachu! - Theranos Red alert - Fads in corporate architecture Putting on the glitz - Indian conglomerates Sell me if you can - Booming missiles Rocketing around the world - Philanthropy in China The emperors gift - Schumpeter The geek economy FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Turkeys economy Sugar highs - Buttonwood The curse of low rates - Deutsche Bank In a rut - Prosecuting bank Hongkong and Shanghaied - Temporary work How the 2% lives - Payouts for whistleblowers Whistle while you work - Free exchange Comparing economies SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Neuroscience Computer says: oops - Dating fossils Shell shock - Oncology Fast thinking - Electric aircraft Extra thrust - Fishing Unbalancing the scales BOOKS AND ARTS - America’s conservatives Short on ideas - J.M.W. Turner Industrious genius - South Sudan From hope to horror - Pakistans death penalty Flowers from the muck - The voyeurs motel Too much information - Johnson How women speak ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS - Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at food prices OBITUARY - Michael Cimino The price of perfection CONTENTS – JULY 23 rd 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - The failed coup in Turkey Erdogans revenge - Britains industrial strategy Open for business? - The politics of Thailand The generals who hide behind the throne - Methane leaks Tunnel vision - Big economic ideas Breakthroughs and brickbats LETTERS On Kurdistan, immigration, executive pay, the passive voice, China BRIEFING - Turmoil in Turkey Coup, the counter-coup - Turkey and the world Running out of friends UNITED STATES - The Republican convention Donning the mantle - On the trail Cleveland special - Paul Ryans agenda Better than what? - Roger Ailes Kingmaker no more - Policing after Baton Rouge Ambushed and anguished - Michael Elliott The Fab One - Immigration economics Wages of Mariel - Lexington Mike Pence, prime minister THE AMERICAS - Canadas internal trade A great provincial obstacle course - Cubas economy Caribbean contagion - El Salvador The price of peace - Bello Lessons from a liberal swashbuckler ASIA - Politics in Thailand Twilight of the king - Pakistans honour killings Challenging a licence to kill - Dissent in Laos An outpost of Stalinism - South Koreas DIYers A home-décor fad CHINA - Hong Kong police Serving the law, or the party? - The South China Sea Xi Jinpings agenda MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Israel and the Arab world The enemy of my enemies - Syrian refugees in Jordan From haven to hell - Lebanese cronyism Hire power - Agriculture Africas real land grab - Smoking in Africa Plains packaging - Nigerias currency If you love it... EUROPE - Another attack in France Madness and terror - Russias Olympian drug habit Tamper proof - Italys upstart party The Five Star question - Charlemagne The EU v its parliaments BRITAIN - Industrial strategy A change of gear - Foreign takeovers Fear and favour - London buses Parting the red sea - Bagehott Britains place in a post-brexit world INTERNATIONAL - Stress What makes us stronger - Workplace stress Fuss and bother BUSINESS - Natural gas and methane A dirty little secret - Chinas industrial internet of things The great convergence - SoftBank and ARM Everything under the Son - Media content A martial-arts deal - American company earnings Of populism and profits - Consumer products His and hers - Schumpeter Silicon Valley 1.0 BRIEFING - Information asymmetry Secrets and agents FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - African banks Subprime savannah - Buttonwood Ageing and debt - The Big Mac index Patty-purchasing parity - Postal Savings Bank of China A red-letter IPO - The 1MDB affair Thick and fast - Free exchange The Economics of coups SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The 21st International AIDS Conference Rallying the troops - Data storage Atoms and the voids - Medical technology All sewn up BOOKS AND ARTS - Xi Jinping The peoples pope - Vietnam A new history - South Africa The death of Amy Biehl - Australian fiction Things come naturally - Diane Arbus Shuttered OBITUARY - Johnny Barnes and Datta Phuge Clothed with happiness CONTENTS – JULY 30 th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Globalisation and politics The new political divide - Abenomics Overhyped, underappreciated - Russian dirty tricks Doping and hacking - The parable of Yahoo From dotcom hero to zero - Air pollution Cleaning up the data LETTERS - On Republicans, Pokémon, blood-testing, Brazil, John Cleese, Italian banks BRIEFING - Globalisation and politics Drawbridges up UNITED STATES - The Democratic convention Bridging the torrent - On the trail Philly special - Putin, Trump and the DNC Signal and noise - The PGA championship Who’ll win? - Southern living From crop to pop - Political parties Defining realignment - Lexington Able Kaine THE AMERICAS - Río de Janeiro Not yet medal contenders - Bello Cash in bin liners, please ASIA - Thaad and South Korea Of missiles and melons - Politics in Indonesia Look whos back - Murder in Japan Massacre in a safe country - Terror in Afghanistan Unwelcome guests - Young aborigines Australia’s Abu Ghraib - Politics in Taiwan A series of unfortunate events CHINA - Flood control A giant dams drawbacks - Jiang Zemin The cult of a former president - Online media No reporting without permission MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Zimbabwes president Comrade Bob besieged - Local elections in South Africa Young rivals - Nigerias struggling states Running out of road - The Arab League A new low - The Saudi bombardment of Yemen Worse than the Russians - Water in the West Bank Nor yet a drop to drink EUROPE - Frances response to terrorism Loss of faith - How Germans handle terror Pure reason - NATO and Trump Defend me maybe - Catholic youth in Poland Cross purposes - Charlemagne Advice for May and Merkel BRITAIN - The impact of free trade Blackburned - Northern Ireland Frontier spirit - Bagehot Can Owen Smith save labour? INTERNATIONAL - Pope Francis Hearts, minds and souls BUSINESS - Verizon buys Yahoo Does it ad up? - Rare diseases Fixing fate - Corporate governance Change, or else - Ericsson Hans free - Electric cars in China Charging ahead - Green strategies In the thicket of it - Schumpeter Not-so-clever contracts FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Japans economy Abenomics assessed - Buttonwood Risky pensions - The Federal Reserve Staying low - Road taxes in Europe Not easy being green - Private share sales Trading unicorns - Free exchange Competing for workers SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Printed electronics On a roll - Air pollution Breathtaking - The ancient atmosphere Time capsules BOOKS AND ARTS - American foreign policy Obamas long game - Olympic games Dark history - American fiction Mean girls - Jazz in the 21st century Playing outside the box - Johnson Liberal blues OBITUARY - Geoffrey Hill The discomfort of words CONTENTS – AUGUST 13 th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK Leaders - Ageing Cheating death - Drugs in the Philippines A harvest of lead - Trumps and the economy Scrimping on sense - South Africa Time to govern - Preventing child-abuse First, save the children LETTERS On Britain, globalisation, Hinkley Point, laws, Donald Trump, Brexit BRIEFING - Longevity Adding ages UNITED STATES - Hillary Clinton Inevitable once more - Purchasing power More bang for your buck - Merit scholarships TOPSy-turvy - Dietary inequality Bitter fruits - Americas foreign bases Go home, Yankee - Lexington Dollars in the wind THE AMERICAS - Argentinas economy A battle over utility bills - Rios Olympics More with less - Canadas Senate and Supreme Court Power to the people ASIA - Philippine politics From plan to execution - Thai referendum How not to solve a crisis - Pakistan and Kashmir Reviving the cause - Gay rights in Indonesia Under pressure - Educating Afghan women Road to liberation CHINA - The judicial system Suppress and support - Youthful nationalists The East is pink MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - New rivalries Asias scramble for Africa - Ethiopias football follies Full time? - Zambias elections A test case for democracy - Iraq’s Yazidis Freedom on hold - Libya and the West Piling in EUROPE - Migration within the EU Freedom to roam - The time in Spain Out of sync with the sun - Tensions in Crimea The cruellest month - Renewable energy Its not easy being green - Charlemagne Europes micro-states BRITAIN - The Labour Party The metamorphosis - Selective Schools Grammatical error - Bagehot Christianity decline INTERNATIONAL Paedophilia - Shedding light on the dark field BUSINESS - The other side of Warren Buffett Don’t Buff it up - Airlines and technology All systems stop - PSA Group Peugeot rallies - Walmart and Boxed-in unicorn - The Berlusconis Amateurs hour - The tourism industry Nothing to see here - Schumpeter Revenge of the nerds ECONOMICS BRIEF - Fiscal multipliers Where does the buck stop? FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Europes cash Emptying the tills - Buttonwood Emerging markets - Pensions No love, actuary - The leisure economy Surfing to success - Recruitment and inequality Pandoras box - Financial crime The final bill - Free exchange Trade and the TPP SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Hybrid cars At last, the 48 show - Anthropology No hard feelings - Graphene-based electronics Bugs in the system - Evolution Bee kind to viruses BOOKS AND ARTS - American memoirs Hillbilly elegy - Patty Hearst Thats rich - Irish fiction Glorious heresies - World music Humanitys heartbeat - Johnson Simple subjunctive ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS OBITUARY - Qusai abtini From child to man CONTENTS – AUGUST 20th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Housing in America Nightmare on Main Street - Political reform stalls Africas fragile democracies - Data analytics The power of learning - Welfare reform A patchy record at 20 - Chinese politics Beach rules LETTERS - On Egypt, Brazil, sustainability, methane, politics BRIEFING Housing in America Comradely capitalism UNITED STATES - Poverty in America Twenty years on - The campaigns Fantastic people - Entrepreneurial transit George Washingtons bus - Music and violence Something in his whiskey - Nashville Hot sauce - Putrid Pennsylvania Kaned - CA and LA Fire and flood - Lexington Normalising narcissism THE AMERICAS - Brazils economy The only way is up - Gay rights in México Liberal capital, hostile heartlands - …and in the Caribbean An enlightened rutting in Belize ASIA - Immigration to Japan A narrow passage - Japanese citizenship Land of the unattainable sun - Protecting Indias cows Cowboys and Indians - The Ismailis of Tajikistan A hopeful Aga saga - Kiwis in Australia Transported - Banyan The South China Sea CHINA - Summer break for leaders Strugles at the beach - History debates A founding myth MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - African democracy The march slows - Israel and Gaza Alms for the enemy - Egypts embattled copts Crimes and no punishment - The archbishop of Mosul A shepherd with no flock EUROPE - Putins reshuffle Dancing in the dark - Terror angst in Germany Integration panic - Italian match-fixing You betcha - Turkish anger at the West Duplicity coup - The hunt for Gulenists Extradition quest BRITAIN - Counter-terrorism Driving away the shadows - The Brexit trigger To pull or not to pull Ticket touts - Bagehot The post partisan centre INTERNATIONAL - Islamic education in Europe Faith of our fathers - Online Islamic teaching World-wide mullahs BUSINESS - Netflix goes global Streaming on screens - Workplace woes The bane of brilliance - Terror and tourism in France Not all shows must go on - Alternative data The watchers - Industrial gases A merger in the air - Self-driving lorries A long haul - Schumpeter Trump Family values ECONOMICS BRIEF - Prison breakthrough FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Machine learning Of prediction and policy - Buttonwood Why investors hold shares - Morgan Stanley Poacher to prey - Italian distressed debt Bargain hunt - Chinas budget deficit Augmented reality - Free exchange Medalling prosperity SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Aviation and robots Flight fantastic - Weed control Now try this - Reversing deafness Gone today, hair tomorrow - Crime prevention Cutpurse capers BOOKS AND ARTS - Microbes and humans With a little help - Russian history Prison without a roof - Annals of brain science No more memories - A history of skyscrapers The up and up - Europes single currency On course to fail - The Get Down All beat, no heart ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS - Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at corporate profits OBITUARY The unknown warrior CONTENTS – AUGUST 27TH 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Space exploration Brave new worlds - Colombia and the FARC Ending a half-century of war - Monetary policy When 2% is not enough - Turkey and the West Dont lose the plot - The desire for children Wanted LETTERS - On Taiwan, obesity, China, Alaska, Ultimate Frisbee, economics, jazz BRIEFING - Demography and desire The empty crib - In vitro fertilisation An arm and a leg for a fertilised egg UNITED STATES - Immigration economics Wage war - Alaskan agriculture Growing farmers - The Metungeons Down in the valley, up on the ridge - Lexington Clinton Republicans THE AMERICAS - Colombia Unlearning war - Chiles pensions The perils of not saving ASIA - Kashmir Vale of tears - Filipino communists Rebels in their dotage - Leafy Singapore… Move over, Merlion - …and sooty South Korea Bad air days - Learning English in Japan Talk like a gaijin CHINA - Sexual abuse of children A hidden horror - Banyan Hong Komg mood MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - The war in Syria Turkey joins in - The muslim brotherhood The ballot and the Book - Religion in Zimbabwe Tithing troubles - Central Africa Nostalgia for a nightmare - Mining in Congo The richest, riskiest tin mine on Earth EUROPE - Turkey’s anger at the West Al-Malarkey - Sarkozy returns The revenant - Croatian stagnation Politics of the past - An earthquake in Italy Beauty and tragedy - War and peace in Ukraine Fighting for position BRITAIN - Scottish education Not so bonny - Brexit and immigration Raising the drawbridge - Bagehot Our columnist hits the bottle INTERNATIONAL - School reform BUSINESS - Linux and AWS Cloud chronicles - Viacom In the name of the father - Cement manufacturers Cracks in the surface - Football Winging it - Direct selling Amway in China - Schumpeter Mafia management FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Central banking The Jackson four - Indias central bank Reserve player - American business investment Econundrum - Drought insurance ARCs covenant - Rising LIBOR SECular shift - Hedge funds Law of averages Free exchange Trust and technology SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Hunting for aliens Proximate goals - How to find exoplanets Round and round the mulberry bush - Oceanography Deep waters - Keeping ships clean Foul play - Medical batteries Dark arts BOOKS AND ARTS - Karl Marx False consciousness - America and Congo Rich pickings - Crossrall Old London journey - New fiction Iman Verjees Africa - Hollywood in the Middle East War games - Johnson Rue the rules ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS - Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at youth unemployment OBITUARY - Donald Henderson Man a virus CONTENTS – SEPTEMBER 10th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - Post-truth politics Art of the lie - Elections in Hong Kong A not-so-local difficulty - Englands National Health Service Bitter pills - Reform in the Gulf Time to sheikh it up - Interest-rate caps Cut-price logic LETTERS - On housing, wild horses, Scotland, longevity BRIEFING - The post-truth world Yes, Id lie to you UNITED STATES - Obamacare Encumbered exchange - The campaign On the trail - National security Sewers to submarines - Georgetown and slavery Atonement - Lexington The urban rural canyon THE AMERICAS - A Mexican minister falls The cost of an unwanted guest - Avocado wars Rich, creamy and rare - Venezuelas hapless leader Chávez without the charm - Bello Sacking Brazilian presidents ASIA - Afghan refugees in Pakistan Homecoming spleen - Ending Myanmars insurgencies A long road - Japanese politics Get the party started - The wit and wisdom of Rodrigo Duterte Shoot from the lip - Australia and China You can’t buy trust CHINA - Politics in Hong Kong The city rise of localism - Giant pandas Survival of the cutest - Banyan Trouble burying Mao MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Labour laws in the Gulf Hard work - Gulf Migration Open doors but different laws - Extremism in Jordan Muzzling mosques - Driving in Johannesburg Bad robots - Somalia Most-failed state EUROPE - Turkeys Gulen purges A conspiracy so immense - Spains coalition talks Ageing caretakers - Ireland and Europe Upsetting the Apple cart - Homeopathy in Germany Not a molecule of sense - Trump and the Russians Brazen meddling - Russian social media Tweetaganda - Charlemagne Unshrinking the continent BRITAIN - Britain and the EU What will Brexit mean? - The NHS Accident and emergency INTERNATIONAL - Race in Brazil and America Slaverys different legacies BUSINESS - A.P. Moller-Maersk Profits overboard - Auditors arent so bad Box ticked - Reliance Jio Free speech - Smartphones Still ringing bells - Fashion retailing Passé - The space business Mission, interrupted - German firms in America Making eyes - German power companies Breaking bad - Schumpeter Manging introverts FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Investing in commodities Of mice and markets - Buttonwood Green investing - The G20 Agreeing to disagree - Kenya’s interest-rate cap Ceiling whacks - Offshore finance The Bahamas - Private-equity The Omaha play - Financial education Quantum of scholars - Free exchange Work-life balance SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Wooden buildings Top of the tree - The story of yeast Domesticated tipple - Military technology Top Guns topper BOOKS AND ARTS - China Water kingdom - The right in America Hand on heart - Steves Runciman Shades of Byzantium - Venice film festival Showtime - Johnson Talking in tongues OBITUARY Mexico’s mirror CONTENTS – SEPTEMBER 17th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - The superstar company A giant problem - British politics A one-party state - Syria’s ceasefire A risky bargain - Extinctions to order Gene-ocide - The World Bank Lucky Jim LETTERS - On the burkini, Citadel, game theory, demography, Milton Friedman, Star Trek BRIEFING - The Labour Party Salvaging Jerusalem UNITED STATES - Trump and the Alt-Right Pepe and the stormtroopers - The campaigns Heard on the trail - Presidential health Hillary-care - Risting incomes Great again? - Playing at policing Power of the county - Election brief The Supreme Court - Lexington Whos deplorable? THE AMERICAS - A Brazilian politicians fate An end to power-broking - Canada and peacekeeping Blue Helmets back on - Argentinas crime capital A lethal location - Bello From comrade to caudillo ASIA - The Philippines under Rodrigo Duterte Sceptred bile - North Koreas nuclear programme Bangs and bucks - Mahathir Mohamad Can a leopard change its spots? - Water in India A kink in the hose - Banyan Transgender Asians CHINA - Tibetan society The plateau, unpacified MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - African cities How to make them work - Industry in Africa The lure of protectionism - Health care in Rwanda An African trailblazer - Egypts Nubians Let them go home - Divorce in Iraq Blame Turkish soap operas EUROPE - Jihadism in French prisons Caged fervor - Russia’s elections Duma-day machine - Communist beer Revolutionary retro chic - Serbias prime minister The changeling - Germans against trade Fortress mentality - Charlemagne State of disunion BRITAIN - Economic geography How the other three-quarters live - Schools and selection A new syllabus INTERNATIONAL - Al-Qaeda The other jihadist state BUSINESS - A tech icons future Twitter in retweet - Online media Three-hit wonder - Europes digital single market Incumbents rule - Retailing Asian fashion brands - Multinationals in Venezuela Stay or go - The drug industry Growing pains - Self-driving cars Pitt stop - BASF Chemical reaction - Schumpeter Political Risk FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Chinese investment A sponge wrung dry - Buttonwood Trust busting - Wages in Japan Behind a pay wall - American property The REIT stuff - Global inequality Shooting an elephant - Hank Greenberg Final claims - Misbehaving bankers (1) SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - The Zika virus A mystery no more - Precision agriculture TV dinners - Similarities in language You say potato... - Medical treatment Feed a virus, starve a bacterium - Aviation safety Flight response BOOKS AND ARTS - Medieval manuscripts Patricians of parchment - All the Kremlins men Cluster bomb - Practical ethics How to live well - Mankind tomorrow Future shock - Treating ebola Best practice - Andrzej Wajda Filming at go OBITUARY Phyllis schlafly Ms for misery CONTENTS - SEPTEMBER 24 th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS - The global economy The low-rate world - European defence Potemkin Euro-armies - Americas election Indecision time - Religion and state in Malaysia Adulterers beware - Internet governance The road to surfdom? LETTERS - On Uber, Davos, post-truth politics BRIEFING - The fall in interest rates Low pressure - Pensions Fade to grey UNITED STATES - The campaign President Trump? - Bombs in New York Sangfroid city - The campaigns Heard on the trail - Cyber-spying Bear on bear - Safe passage Chicago schools - Campus sexual assault Re-education - Election brief: Fiscal policy Moneys the conversation - Lexington Clintons millennial trouble THE AMERICAS - Paraguay A Paraguay - Declassifying documents Sunlight diplomacy - Bello Of growth and globalisation ASIA - Indias armed forces Guns and ghee - Driving in Vietnam Four wheels good, two wheels better - The Japanese addiction to tuna Breeding Bluefin - Copying Portland in Japan How to bottle hipness - Religious freedom in Malaysia Taking the rap - Banyan China, ham-fisted hegemon CHINA - Nuclear power A glowing future - Social mores Shacking up MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA - Syrias war The ceasefire unravels - Saudi Arabia The real game of thrones - Free speech in Palestine Gagged in Gaza - Pig protests in Uganda Snouts in the trough - Johannesburgs new mayor Capitalist crusader - Nigerias war against indiscipline Behave or be whipped EUROPE - European defence The fog of politics - Russias Duma elections Putin loses touch - Criminal justice Think before you clink - Drug wars Hash and burn - Architecture in Sweden Alfred Nobel, unprized - Charlemagne Switzerland lessons for Brexit BRITAIN - Prisons Jails break - Chinese investment Hinkley hangover? - Bagehot The lib dems resurgent? INTERNATIONAL - HFCs and global warming To coldly go BUSINESS - Tata Group Mistrys elephant - Autonomous vehicles The self-driving race - Car insurance Look, no claims! - Steel merger in China Welding bells - Stock splits Split ends - Berlins tech scene The freaks are coming - Schumpeter Against happiness FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Norways global fund How to not spend it - Buttonwood Market liquidity - Asian markets Chinese sneezes - Wall Street Waking up - Deutsche Bank Wont pay! Cant pay? - Free exchange Macroeconomics under attack SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Why bad science persists Incentive malus - Wireless communication In a whole new light - Computerising archaeology Burnt offering - Vaccine manufacture Rehydration therapy - Resistance to antibiotics The other global drugs problem - Data security Thats the way to do it BOOKS AND ARTS - African American artists To the fore - Collecting hot art Join the queue - Shirley Jackson Ghost stories - The Pentagon How everything became war - Johnson Hiding grammar in plain sight ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS - Statistics on 42 eonomies, plus a closer look at internet access OBITUARY - Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor Sizzling

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