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Código:HR 330 OCT 2016-ENE 2017 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2016-2017
Descripción:varias paginaciones;; ilustraciones, gráficos; 27 cm.
Notas:F. I. 08/01/2018
Términos Locales:Economía;
Revista: Idioma: Inglés ;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 OCT 2016-ENE 2017 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016-2017:
300:varias paginaciones;; ilustraciones, gráficos; 27 cm.
500:F. I. 08/01/2018
653Economía; Revista: Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. -- . --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2016-2017. # Ingreso:1058596

   varias paginaciones;; ilustraciones, gráficos;.27 cm..

CONTENTS THE ECONOMIST Nº 9009 October 1st – 7th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Anti-globalists Why they’re wrong Election 2016 Lessons of the debate The war in Syria Grozny rules in Aleppo Ending Latin America’s oldest war A messy but necessary peace Colonising Mars For life, not for an afterlife LETTERS On the NHS, Hong Kong, alternative voting, socialist beer BRIEFING Colombia´s peace A chance to clean up UNITED STATES The Clintons’ financial affairs Bill and Hillary Inc. Donald Trump’s finances Touching the void Saudi Arabia and 9/11 Enter the lawyers The campaigns Heard on the trail Florida Where past and future collide Election brief: climate change Notes from the undergrowth Lexington The first debate THE AMERICAS Venezuela How the regime hangs on Bello Discredited politicians ASIA Thailand’s economy The dangers of farsightedness Cambodian politics The velvet glove frays Protest in South Korea Death by water cannon Mould-breaking politicians (1) Jakarta´s governor Mould-breaking politicians (2) …and Tokyo´s CHINA Regional inequality Rich province, poor province Banyan The documentarians´ battle The open shut case After page 44 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Syria’s civil war The agony of Aleppo Aleppo´s cultural icons Crushed flowers Morocco’s elections A “weird and strange” campaign Nigerian vigilantes The home guard Rhinos and elephants The horn dilemma Congo A burnt-out case EUROPE Hungary’s anti-migrant vote Boundary issues Turkey’s armed forces General purge Russia and MH17 Brought to BUK AIDS in Russia Immune to reason Danish culture The hygge craze Charlemagne The ethical, practical Germans BRITAIN The Labour Party You say you want a revolution Sporting scandal Own goals Bagehot Jeremy Corbyn, dodgy dealer INTERNATIONAL Transport as a service It starts with a single app BUSINESS Nintendo Jumping onto smartphones Business in China Mixed messages Printer wars Ink wars Blot on the landscape Digital advertising Doesn’t ad up Not always in clusters Voice computing Prick up your ears Schumpeter Limited liability FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Floundering The Mexican peso Slip slidin´ away OPEC Agreement at last Buttonwood Central banks private Assets Share trading in America warping the loom Psychometrics Credit-rating personality Chinese IPOs Cornerstone investors Food for refugees In kind or cash? Free exchange Brexit and trade SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Colonising Mars BOOK AND ARTS Bruce Springsteen Born to run Violence in England Killing fields Kenneth Clark´s Britain Life, art and Civilisation Seamus Heaney at home A display of digging Alan Greenspan Man in the dock Economi and financial Indicators Statistics on 42 ecnomies, plus a closer look at mergers and acquisitions OBITUARY Intriguing for peace THE ECONOMIST Nº 9009 October 8th – 14th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Britain and Europe The road to Brexit Latin America Saving Colombia’s peace The crisis of the Arab world Europe’s banks The chronic continent America’s economy A thoughtful to-do list LETTERS On companies, political parties, fiscal policy, geology, lords, happiness By invitation Barack Obama The way ahead UNITED STATES Third-party candidates Mr Johnson and Dr Stein The campaigns Heard on the trail Donald Trump’s finances Taxing patience Battleground states Carolina crossfire Slavery on film Blood on the leaves Election brief: college costs More present than correct Lexington Mainstream opposites THE AMERICAS Colombia’s peace process What now? Hurricane Matthew Hammering Haiti Brazil’s local elections Mayor none-of-the-above Bello Anti-Americanism in the Age of Trump ASIA The war in Afghanistan Help needed India and Pakistan Facing off Tax amnesties Some dodgers own up Gay marriage in Australia The public´s say Banyan Kim´s evil plan Evil genius CHINA The Hui China’s other Muslims Halal food Struggling with regulation MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The war against Islamic State The battle for Mosul Iraq’s Sunni minority The day after Zanzibar Trouble in paradise Nigeria’s self-publishers Fifty Shades, Sahel-style EUROPE Italy’s referendum A great big reform package Spain’s Socialists Battle for a party’s soul German conservatives Politisch inkorrekt Russia v America Going nuclear Jean-Marie Le Pen Un prophète Charlemagne Viktor Orban´s wizardry Britain The Tories and Brexit Mind your step Bagehot May’s revolutionary conservatism INTERNATIONAL Finance for the poor Booming but inflexible Microfinance by phone Instant loans BUSINESS The casino business Putting it all on grey Airbus In formation Online surveillance They’re watching Yahoo Corporate campaigning Techno parties Discount retailing A yen for cheapness The music business Change of tune Management horizons Quick and dirty Martial arts in Asia Bloodsport, hold the blood Schumpeter Superyachts FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Banking in Europe Autumn blues European banking jobs Career breaks The yuan in the SDR Financial alchemy Buttonwood Bond-market risks The Green Climate Fund Looking for a role GE Capital Unbanking Asset management Defensive merger Free exchange Reducing poverty SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The Nobel science prizes Seven tickets to stockholm Senescience Greying Cyber-security The internet of stings Medical linguistics Sounds like trouble Botany Summoned by screams BOOKS AND ARTS The Russian revolution Missed connection Authorial anonymity Unmasked? Friendship and competition Creative tensions Messiness Autopilot is the enemy Semyon Bychkov From refugee to maestro Johnson Weapons of crass Construction Economic and financial Atatistics on 42 economies, Plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Arnold Palmer King of the green Economic and financial indicators Stantics on 42 economies, Plus our monthly poll of Forecastrs OBITUARY King of the green THE ECONOMIST 9011 October 15th-21st 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Election 2016 The debasing of American politics Pharmaceuticals Bad medicine Saudi intervention in Yemen The forgotten war China´s property market Rotten foundations Sterling LETTERS On Venezuela, aid, Syria, tax, Mars, adjectives BRIEFING The Trump tape With these hands Sexual assault It’s not just the powerful UNITED STATES Hillary Clinton Hacked off The campaigns Heard on the trail Evangelical voters Absalom’s revenge Washington state’s Carbon tax Of wood and trees Bilingual education Learning to assimilate Lexington Republicans in 2020 THE AMERICAS US-Mexico trade In the shadow of the wall Seattle and Vancouver Distant neighbours Matthew’s fury Bello The Nobel effect in Colombia ASIA Nuclear energy in Japan Stop-start Politics in Thailand Holding their breath Booming Bangladesh Tiger in the night Myanmar’s Rohingyas Sparks near tinder Graft-busting in South Korea Trick or treat Banyan The politics of Manfarin CHINA Hong Kong politics Legco´s stormy start Constituencies in Hong Kong Too many seats for farmers Chinese police An unhappy lot MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Ethiopia The downside of authoritarianism Agriculture and climate Fertile discussion Yemen Deaths at a funeral South Africa Rolling the rand Morocco’s election More of the same? The rise of Syria’s White Helmets Local heroes EUROPE Poland’s populist government Feminism v populism Sex education for refugees Teaching European values German business and Brexit BMW won’t save Britain Charlemagne Hypocrisy on Turkey Britain Airport expansion Final call International students Hasta la visa Bagehot Culture clash in Europe INTERNATIONAL The United Nations’ secretary-general Can the next man do better? The shadow economy Unregulated, untaxed, unloved BUSINESS Samsung’s smartphone woes Charred chaebol Working in Japan Overdoing it Apple in Naples Made men Advertising Gold posts Privatisation in Vietnam Cream of the crop Virtual reality in China New headsets Business schools Campus vs beach The world’s best MBA programmes Worth it? Schumpeter The business of outrage FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Chinese property Not quite a bubble Buttonwood Sterling´s flash crash Wells Fargo Stumpfed Portugal’s economy Dowgrade worries America’s workers Feel the force flow Bangladesh’s missing millions Hide and seek Payment-card fees Marked cards Free exchange The Nobel winners SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Depression and its treatment Sniffing at a new solution Prosthetic medicine Once more, with feeling Civil engineering Scouring, the future Manufacturing ultracapacitors Baltic exchange Social attitudes Not worth a second glance BOOKS AND ARTS China today (1) Crony capitalism China today (2) Swftian satire Afghanistan Karzai Inc Van Cliburn Piano man Simon McBurney Encounter on Broadway ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at remittances OBITUARY Hanoi Hannh The music of English THE ECONOMIST Nº 9012 October 22th – 28 th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Russia Putinism The battle for Mosul Crushing the caliphate Business in America Float like a butterfly Thailand’s succession A royal mess Trade agreements Asterix in Belgium LETTERS On Brexit, Bob Dylan, bonds, Donald Trump BRIEFING The barbarian establishment UNITED STATES Election 2016 Hating Hillary The third debate Final insult The campaigns Heard on the trail Election brief: Infrastructure A view from the bridge Lexington How to shoot a man in Reno THE AMERICAS Canada’s climate policy Let the haggling begin Bello A model Latin American Clowns in Cuba The red-nosed gold rush Informality Workers in the shadows in Latin America ASIA Thailand’s monarchy An empty throne Bhutan Happy-grow-lucky South Asian media All hail Assisted suicide in Australia On the brink Japan´s maternity culture No pain, no gain Preservation in India Brick by brick Banyan Duterte’s pivot to China CHINA The power of XI Jinping Master of nothing MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Iraq Marching on Mosul Jordan The uneasy crown Saudi Arabia’s religious police Advice for the vice squad South Africa A plan for a white enclave Justice in Africa Cheaper law Special report: Russia Inside the bear EUROPE The future or Ukraine Bone of contention Ukraine’s rock-star politician Front man Russia’s Bashneft deal Not exactly privatisation Italy’s Five Star Movement Requiem for a dreamer The Canada-EU trade deal Hot-air Walloons Charlemagne Primaries in France BRITAIN Social mobility A class apart Inflation Only the beginning Politics Theresa’s way Porn and protest Obscene and not heard Bagehot The spectre of Scoxit INTERNATIONAL Migration to Europe Across desert and sea BUSINESS Elon Musk’s empire Countdown Media model Trump TV Biotech The trials of Juno Retailing Push my buttons Ethiopian airlines Well-connected Manufacturing in India turning the tables Schumpeter Techno wars FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Bond markets Who´s scary now? Venezuelan debt Running out of time Italian Banks Spectral forms Italian banks Spectral forms Buttonwood Mutual incomprehension AI and financial Regulation It knows their methoos Fre exchange American electoral Economics SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Making sex cells from body cells The ancestor’s tail Urban planning The music of the city Anti-malaria drugs Do you yield? Exploring Mars Triumph or disaster? Sexual cannibalism Nature’s cruellest one-night stand BOOKS AND ARTS Jihad History of an idea The migrant business Profits out of hope Ngugi wa Thiong´o A writer´s awakening Latin American art A time of gifts Fiction from Israel Good people Steven Isserlis Music from heaven Economic and financial Indicators Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at Commodity prices OBITUARY Dario Fo Italy’s jester THE ECONOMIST Nº 9013 October 29th – November 4th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Canada’s example to the world Liberty moves north The Bank of England Hands off The International Criminal Court Back it, join it Business in America Vertical limit Investment banks Too squid to fail LETTERS On globalisation, Thailand, new drugs, Bill Clinton, tourism BRIEFING Canada The last liberals UNITED STATES Trump and Putin My brilliant friend From DC with love Responding to Cyber-attacks The campaigns Heard on the trail Third-party candidates Making a U-than Electron brief: Education Little changes Lexington Meet Kamala Harris THE AMERICAS Venezuela A lurch towards Dictatorship Brazilian sport The rise of rugby Nicaragua Another term for Ortega Bello Ciudad Juárez trembles again ASIA India’s Muslims An uncertain community Bailing out Mongolia A wrong direction in the steppe Influence-peddling in South Korea Gift horse Politics in the Maldives Sibling rivalry Pakistan’s business climate If you want it done right Banyan The isolation of South Korea China Politics The perfils of history Cars Parking rage MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Off-grid solar power Africa unplugged The International Criminal Court Exit South Africa African economies The oil effect Iraq Tightening the noose Turkey’s intervention in Syria and Iraq Erdogan’s war game Medical marijuana in Israel Light-up nation Islamic State’s loss of Dabiq Apocalypse postponed EUROPE Migration in France The end of an ugly affair Inequality and education Germany’s Sandernistas Regional inequality A tale of more than two cities Spanish politics Mariano Rajoy returns Energy efficiency Populism tastes best hot The impact of Brexit Britain shoots Ireland, too Charlemagne The age of vetocracy BRITAIN Financial services Brexit and the City From Big Bang to Brexit Child refugees Dental politics The post-Brexit economy Measuring the fallout Bagehot How to be a good bastard INTERNATIONAL Early childhood Development Give me a child BUSINESS AT&T and Time Warner Angling for the future of Televisión Big tobacco All fired up Tata Group Mistry´s ousting Companies´dark pasts Ghosts in the machine Brazilian business Out of the gloom The sharing economy Deflating Airbnb Schumpeter Whire-collar crime Schumpeter Jail bait FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Investment banking Goldman Sachs reboots Buttonwood The election and the Markets Digital money Known unknown Asian deflation Steel trap China’s growth Oddly consistent Clean energy v coal Fighting the carbs Free exchange Financial stability SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Bathymetry In an octopus’s garden The world’s weirdest place? Topsy turvy Cyber-security Crash testing Schiaparelli’s end Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture Dealing with autism First, treat the parents Shark behaviour Waste not, want not BOOKS AND ARTS Eleanor Roosevelt Ahead of her time Europe’s single currency France v Germany Man Booker prize American victory Mexican Modernism Heroic painting Johnson Lexicography unbound Economic and financial Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at doing Business OBITUARY Andrzej Wajda Conscience-keeper THE ECONOMIST Nº 9014 November 5th – 11th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS The presidential election America’s best hope Water The dry facts Lebanon Time to talk Taif Taxation in India Take it easy Britain’s House of Lords Time to ennoble Nigel LETTERS On Jordan, democracy, Brexit, Spain infrastructure, private equity, Van Cliburn, Elon Musk BRIEFING Water scarcity Liquidity crisis UNITED STATES The battleground Countdown White voters What’s going on The campaigns On the trail The African-American voters Early, but less often Election brief: Foreign policy World-shaking Lexington Donald Trump, vigilante THE AMERICAS Dams in the Amazon Not in my valley Rio de Janeiro A Pentecostal’s progress Violence in Argentina Murder and machismo Bello Venezuela and the Vatican ASIA South Korean politics No confidantes Australia and asylum-seekers Bashing the boat people Sex education in Japan Tiptoeing around The South China Sea Duterte waters Politics in Tamil Nadu Suspended animation CHINA Politics in Hong Kon China’s rage at separatism The party leadership A new title for Xi Menstruation No longer taboo Banuan The legacy of Sun Yat-sen MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Lebanon Census and sensibility Saudi Arabia’s reforms Building on sand Cronyism in South Africa Friends with benefits Boko Haram Rounding up the survivors Censorship in Kenya X-rated everything EUROPE The battle for Russia’s history Remember, remember Putinism’s icons A tale of two Vladimirs France’s president self-destructs Mr 4% More arrests in Turkey Goodbye, “Republic” The German elections in 2017 Charlemagne Illiberal Poland v the EU BRITAIN The Chinese in Britain Raise the red lantern Life sciences Life after Brexit Cyber-security Britain flexes its cyber-muscles The Article 50 case Taking back control INTERNATIONAL Online governance Lost in the splinternet BUSINESS Tech firms’ pay wars Money honeys The Lure of Los Angeles Silicon Beach Japanese entrepreneurs Slow to startup Chinese aerospace We are sorry to announce Online advertising Keeping watch Niche smartphones A sea of black mirrors Schumpeter Political business FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Shale oil Permian hyperbole Buttonwood A turning-point? China’s industrial policy Plan v market America’s foreign debts Net debt, big returns Brexit and venture capital Turning off the tap Taxation in India Lost in transition Aid in kind Free two shoes Refugees in Sweden Seeking asylum—and jobs Free exchange The gig economy SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Military supply lines Having no truck with it How to store electricity underwater Depths of imagination Scrutinising science The watchers on the Web Tracking down missing clinical trials Tested, and found wanting Oenology The war on terroir Cancer treatment Missile tracking BOOKS AND ARTS Contemporary America Death by the barrelful Fiction from Israel To laugh, to weep Football writing A game of two halves Philip Roth America across the river Christianity and history The search goes on Maps X marks the spot Economic and financial Indicators Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at Pension funds Obituary Valerie Hunter Gordon And Junko Tabei Climb every mountain THE ECONOMIST Nº 9015 November 12th – 18th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS America’s new president The Trump era Negotiating Brexit The way forward Hong Kong China’s new Tibet Egypt’s reforms Two cheers for the general LETTERS On central banks, Poland, Denmark, companies, Frida Kahlo, democracy BRIEFING America and the world The piecemaker The world reacts “Do nightmares come true?” Nuclear codes A new finger on the button UNITED STATES Election 2016 How it went down The Trump administration What to expect Trump and the economy Strap up Polling Epic fail The Democrats Destiny forestalled Lexington The people v the people THE AMERICAS Donald Trump and Mexico The wall that appals Maple syrup in Canada Syrup and sin Property in Venezuela Maduro’s boom Bello Peru´s technocratic President ASIA Japanese politics Abe ascendant Ferdinand Marcos Hail to the thief Civilians v soldiers in Pakistan General consternation Endagered species Grim pickings Pollution in India Worse than Beijing Banyan Prophets of piffle CHINA Democracy Party-style local elections China holds elections Separatism in Hong Kong Umbrellas out Cyber-security Tough new ruler Lou Jiwei A reformist is removed Speial report: Espionage Shaken and stirred After page 42 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Zimbabwe Life after Bob Fighting fires in South African shanty towns Burning down the house South Africa’s courts Judges v Jacob Egyptian politics After devaluation Islamic State in Syria Anyone for Raqqa? Tunisia’s tourism The Russians are coming EUROPE Europe’s alt-right Wolves in skinny jeans Germany’s loony right The Reich lives on Polish paranoia Tales from the crypt Russia’s Trump fans Our American cousin While you were watching Trump... Turkey locks up dissidents Charlemagne When America sneezes… BRITAIN Brexit and Parliament Questions of sovereignty India and Britain A cooler climate Bagehot The creaky constitution BUSINESS American companies Meet the new boss Trump and tech System crash Volkswagen A long road to recovery BAE Systems Fighting fit Taxis take on Uber African potholes The big sort Express delivery I China Schumpeter The great divergence in Corporate productivity Finance and economics The world economy Our election, your problem Buttonwood Trump and the markets Election-winning Countries Coming up Trumps Housing in America 1) The cost of poor lending Housing in America (2) To those that have Money in India Taking notes Banks and cybercrime Online checkout Déjà vu all over again The world economy Coming up Trumps Housing in America (1) The cost of poor lending Housing in America (2) To those that have Money in India Taking notes Banks and cybercrime Online checkout Science and technology Particle physics So long, Susy? Palaeontology Origin story Space exploration Dusting yourself down Drug development Pets on trial Naval warfare Follow the trail Global warming Days of the triffids BOOKS AND ARTS Literary history Refugee avant la lettre Turkey Fault-lines upon fault-lines Natural history Omnivore’s delight A literary life Cartergraphy Glenda Jackson in “King Lear” Wielding the matter Johnson Doing by talking ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, Plus our monthly poll of forecasters OBITUARY Raoul Wallenberg The persistence of hope THE ECONOMIST Nº 9016 November 19th – 25th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Trump’s world The new nationalism Obamacare And a pony for everyone The French presidential election Europe’s biggest populist danger Pacific trade Try, Persist, Persevere! Tata Group Ratantrum LETTERS On the American election BRIEFING Who is Chinese? The upper Han UNITED STATES The Trump administration tower of silence American health care Obamasnare Trump and the Supreme Court Listing right Voter registration Oregon lets it ride Capital punishment Death has less dominion Conflicts of interest Truts unverified Election data Illness as indicator Lexington DEMOCRATS ON THE BRINK THE AMERICAS Latin America and China A golden opportunity Haiti after the hurricane Voting in a ravaged land Bello Colombia´s new, improved Peace deal ASIA The collapse of TPP Trading down South Korean politics Talking impeachment Indonesian politics Tolerance on trial Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal Nothing to see here Islamic State in Pakistan Lethal partners Australia and asylum-seekers The American solution CHINA Coping with America Weighing up Trump Hong Kong’s legislature Localists disbarred The Communist Party Call me comrade Banyan A China-America romance? MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA The nuclear deal with Iran On borrowed time Sex scandals in Iran Theocratic troubles War in Syria The next push Ghana´s election Heirs to Nkrumah Corruption in Sierra Leone Call it in EUROPE France’s Republican primary The veterans The Balkans retun End of the Clinton era Russian intrigues Arresting developments Procurement spending Rigging the bids Charlemagne Merkel, iron waffler BRITAIN Online shopping Solid melts into air Brexit and public opinion Fifty-fifty nation BAGEHT The especial relationship INTERNATIONAL Global politics League of nationalist BUSINESS Tata Group Clash of the Tatas Donald Trump and American energy Polluting the outlook Mining Vein hope Samsung buys Harman Amp my ride Corporate Italy Seize the day Consumer goods Pot of gold Schumpeter Uncertain business FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Emerging markets Reversal of fortune Buttonwood Underfunded pensions Icelands´s economy Bubbling again Agricultural Bank of China Sanction wiyh Chinese Characterirstics Banks and too big to fail Kash call China´s corporate debt State of grace Credit in China Just spend Free exchange Reaganomics, Trump-style SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Additive manufacturing Magnetic moments Oceans in space Not so lonely sea in the sky Malaria The biter bit Censusing fisheries Where’s the catch? BOOKS AND ARTS Globalisation The third wave Somalia Hope among the horror Campaign strategists The art of political war New fiction Rhythm of life Physics Empty space, the final frontier Classical music West meets East Economic and financial Indicators Statistics on 42 Economies, plus a closer Look at access to alectricity OBITUARY Leonard Cohen Raising the song THE ECONOMIST 9017 November 26th – December 2nd 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Climate change The burning question 1MDB Falling down American politics The hardest deal Italy’s constitutional reforms A regretful No The British economy Limited ambition LETTERS On Turkey Brexit, GM crops, Airbnb, trade, cricket BRIEFING Reforming Italy’s constitution Renzi’s referendum UNITED STATES Reflating the economy King of debt The big gaggle Fifth Avenue frenzy North Carolina Not going quietly Cabinet picks Opening the field Treasure-hunting The box that launched 100,000 trips The national-security team General direction The attorney-general Evening Sessions Lexington Donald Trum and the dark Side THE AMERICAS Brazil’s prosperous south Not the country you know Bello Mexico in the trump era Polish-Braziliand Black sop and pierogi Indigenous rights A contested Canadian Wilderness ASIA Deforestation in Indonesia For peat’s sake Women and work in Japan More glaring than shining Civil society in Vietnam Ambiguity of assembly Australia’s natural gas Poor credit Banyan Russia´s pivot to Asia CHINA Education Patriotic energy v West-worshipping Natiomañ parks A farewell to loudspeakers MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Counter-terrorism The eyes in Africa’s skies East African camels Speedy and tasty South Africa Rainbow stagnation Dissent in the Gulf Protest and lose your passport Libya The unravelling EUROPE Merkel declares Chancellor, not saviour German memes Lügenpresse, a history France’s Republican primary Fillon, dark horse Trump and the Baltics Edgy allies Charlemagne Populists set Europe´s pace BRITAIN The Autumn Statement The Brexit budget Letting agencies Rent extraction Brexit from abroad The views of others Tech companies Put out more deck chairs Bagehot Spreadsheet Phil, unlikely rebel INTERNATIONAL Climate policy Up in smoke? BUSSINESS The Trump Organization Deconstrucción Donald Samsung Sucked into a scandal Facebook´s woes The Mark of the beast Silicon Valley and food Pie in the sky Consumer goods The riches in returns Emirarates and the A380 Flying low Schumpeter The tycoon lifestyle FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Financial regulation (1) Burning the rule books Buttonwood Financial regulation (2) Basel bust-up Japan’s bond market Zero-sum game Global wealth The one per center next door Currencies The Malaysian ringgit India´s cash crunch Short-changed Free exchange Fads in economics SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Exoplanets Portraits of worlds Reactionless motors Ye cannae break the laws of physics Air pollution Blown away Scientific publishing All together now BOOKS AND ARTS Indians in America A model minority Mythomania India´s Game of Thrones Contemporary art in Shanghai City supreme Johnson Language and evolution ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at stockmarkets OBITUARY Jia Jinglong The wedding house THE ECONOMICS Nº 9018 December 2rd – 9th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS WORLD ECONOMY The mighty dollar India´s demonestisation Mod´s bungle Education in America Devos woman South Korean politics Park somewhere else After Fidel LETTERS On Italy, procurements, the electoral college, millennials, Trump BRIEFING The will to power UNITED STATES Education Long-haul charters The next treasury secretary Mnuchin v Manchuria Capital punishment Novel justice Midwestern recounting Catharsis Divorce Disruptive innovation Louisiana’s Senate race Alamo on the bayou Lexington The impresario-elect THE AMERICAS Haiti’s presidential election The banana man Brazil Trouble for Temer A Brazilian tragedy The crash in Medellín ASIA South Korea’s political crisis A long goodbye Royal politics in Thailand Better late than never India’s demonetisation The ropy rupee recall Politics in Afghanistan Vice president runs amok BANYAN Gay marriage in Taiwan CHINA Internal migrants More children, more grandparents The divorce whisperer MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Israel´s prime minister Sitting pretty Kuwait Bypassed by Dubai HIV in Africa Many battles won, but not the war Syria Aleppo falls apart Sudan Tribulations, but no trial EUROPE The French presidential campaign Liberté, autorité, dignité Greek politics Orthodox measures Turkey and Europe End of the affair Corruption in Slovakia Tart response Italy’s referendum Just trust me Charlemagne Wobbly on Russia BRITAIN Ukip The battle for Brexit voters Trade with the EU Customs of the country Bagehot Keir Starmer, nble Lilliputian INTERNATIONAL Abortion How to make it rarer Abortion in El Salvador Miscarriage of justice BUSINESS Siemens and General Electric Machines learning American business The small fly The sharing economy (1) Airbnb in China The sharing economy (2) Out of the doghouse French energy Turmoil at EDF Golf in Japan Recovery shot Schumpeter King customer FINANCE AND ECONOMICS The world economy Dollar squeeze Buttonwood Bond yields China´s falling currency A harder call Oil prices An OPEC DEAL African stockmarkets Short of stock Cyber-insurance Hack work Bank supervision A new Basel agreement Analyst forecasts Discounting the bull Free echange India´s debauched rupee SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Smart weapons The vision thing Super-slippery surfaces The last drop Ocean acidification Unbalanced Liver cancer Zoned out Artificial intelligence Eyes at the border BOOKS AND ARTS Populist politics (1) They want their countries back Populist politics (2) Futher reading America and China Careful what you wish for Why Europe became rich Ideas matter Global education The learning power of PISA New fiction Bearing up under the spotlight Economic and financial indicators Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at fiscal balances OBITUARY William Trevor Mystery and mastery THE ECONOMIST Nº 9019 December 10th – 16th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Trump and companies America’s new business model Burqa bans The freedom to cover up After Italy´s referendum Salvaging the wreckage Global education Homework for all Big oil Shape up LETTERS On Hong Kong, Peru, Indian-Americans, Peru, nationalism BRIEFING Business in America Dealing with Donald American corporatism Chairman president UNITED STATES Deporting migrants Hamilton’s heirs Standing Rock Water, life and oil Hate crimes By the numbers Health care Drug money Lawyers Libidos and don’ts Trump appointments Fox meets henhouse Lexington Farewell to all that THE AMERICAS Colombia’s peace agreement A tumultuous final chapter Bello The Andean sun ASIA Japan and Russia Two men in a tub An election in Uzbekistan Cloning Karimov Politics in New Zealand The prime minister quits Jayaram Jayalalithaa The passing of a Tamit titan Indonesia´s economy Back in business China Lost Key Jayaram Jayalalithaa The passing of a Tamit titan Indonesia´s economy Back in bussiness China Anxiety and alienation Global trends reflected Banyan Trump and Taiwan MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Telecoms in Africa Continental disconnect Gambia’s election Strongman down War in South Sudan Genocide or mere atrocity? Saudi Arabian diplomacy Outpaced by Iran Israel’s army Welcome to Tank Girl EUROPE Post-referendum Italy Grim non-resignation Russia’s active measures Propaganda for today Minority government In Spain Rajoy shorthanded Austria´s election Populist defeat Charlemagne France unlikely liberals BRITAIN University admissions A foot in the door The Brexit process Red, white, blue or grey? Bagehot The end of the two-party system The Olney way is up Business and productivity Time to end the muppet show Steelmaking Off the scrapheap INTERNATIONAL Scoring education policies Must try harder Migrants at school Lessons in integration BUSINESS Oil companies Fit at fifty—or less Rosneft and Glencore String a deal Auditors Bother in Brazil Motorcycle Manufacturing Digital rider South Korea´s chaebol Before parliament Sika and Saint-Gobain Swiss roiled Alt-right media The Breitbart side Schumpeter Charles Koch, business Philosopher Finance and economics The American economy Full speed a-Fed Buttonwood First blast of the Trumpettes Italian banks A monte to climb The euro zone Thank God for the ECB Pensions in America Stampede in Dallas Insurance litigación Africa´s Jarndyce v Jarndyce Free Exchange The four freedoms SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Palaeontology (1) Bridging the gap Palaeontology (2) Feathered find Solar energy Shine on Molecular biology Body of knowledge The Breakthrough prizes Move over, Alfred Astronomy The remains of the day BOOKS AND ARTS Books of the Year (1) High fliers Books of the year (2) Economist writrs books Economic and financial Indicators Stastics on 42 economies, Plus our monthly poll of Forecasters OBITUARY Whitney Smith Half mast THE ECONOMIST Nº 9020 December 17th – 23rd 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS War in Syria The fall of Aleppo Big data and government China’s digital dictatorship South Korean politics Decide and rule The Federal Reserve Janet’s job The trial of Geert Wilders In defence of hate speech LETTERS On oil taxes, China, renewables, refugees, trees, science, economists BRIEFING China’s social-credit system Creating a digital totalitarian state UNITED STATES Russian interference The plot against America Interference past Substandard subversion Oily diplomacy Tiny colleges Small wonders Chopping down trees Fetch the chainsaws The trial of Dylann Roof Mother courage Lexington The Obama way of war THE AMERICAS Canada’s climate deal Walking the walk Bello Viva la ignorancia! ASIA Democracy in India The do-nothing Lok Sabha Taiwanese politics The KMT goes from riches To rags The economy of Turkmenistan A stan, a plan, a cabal Race relations in Singapore With reservations Rodrigo Duterte A liar or a killer Banyan Park Geun-hye, the Daughter in the Blue House The daughter in the Blue House CHINA The one-China policy Mr Trump wades in Hong Kong’s leadership A race, of sorts, looms MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Syria Last rites for Aleppo Israel’s settlers The Amona remainers Violence in Egypt Amassacre of Copts Saudi Arabia and the Gregorian calendar The prince´s time machine Gambia and Ghana You say goodbye and I say hello EUROPE Terror in Turkey Semtex pretext Romania´s election Conviction politics Italy’s new prime minister Spot the difference Igor Sechin Russia´s oil boyar Charlemagne Brexit, the sexiest job In Brussels BRITAIN Business and Brexit When the red tape unravels Police for hire BOGOF bobbies Bagehot The breaking of Boris Johnson INTERNATIONAL Pax Trumpiana America´s anxious allies BUSINESS Artificial intelligence Google’s DeepMind The future of Alphabet Still searching Fox’s pursuit of Sky Skyfall Vivendi and Mediaset Breton v Berlusconi Retailing and the environment Wrap stars Older workers in Germany Elders not betters Amancio Ortega Behind the mask of Zara Schumpeter The flaws in theory FINANCE AND ECONOMICS American corporate tax The republicans´Big plan Buttonwood Financial globalisation China and trade Market ecnonomy or not’ UniCredit Passing Mustier The Asian development Bank Foreign exchange The dollar´s MUSCULARITY European insurers Feeling squeezed Fiscal rules Freezing spending Venezuela’s monetary madness Cash and grab Free exchange Place-based policies SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Oncology Cancer’s master criminals Planetary science Stardust memories Drug addiction Souring the poppy’s milk Climate science How hot is the sea? Sexual selection Boning up BOOKS AND ARTS Nutrition Bittersweet Humans and decision-making Thinking about thinking Animals and intelligence Smart arms Johnson Off with their heads Fiction Managing the traffic New York theatre Bard off-Broadway ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies Plus a closer look at world OBITUARY John Glenn Right up there THE ECONOMIST Nº 9021 December 24th 2016 THE WORLD THIS WEEK LEADERS Liberalism’s future The year of living dangerously Developing-country migration The hypocrites’ club Internet security Breaching-point The Chinese economy Smooth sailing, until it’s not The state of states Our country of the year LETTERS On populism, flags, corporation tax, press freedom, ketchup, super-consumers UNITED STATES Disney’s Utopia on the I-4 Yesterdayland Theme parks and technology Tomorrowland Politics in North Carolina Ungovernable Lexington Winning the country by Breaking its trust THE AMERICAS Mexican attitudes to marijuana Northern lights Argentina´s downbeat Economy No growth, no votes Paraguay´s waterways Ply me a river ASIA Conflict in Myanmar The Lady fails to speak out Banyan Indonesia´s politics of insults CHINA Grabbing a drone A message to Mr Trump Ancient inventions Harnessing the past MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Congo´s president Remains There will be trouble “Jungle justice” Trial by fire Donald Trump and Israel An American embassy in Jerusalem? Silencing dissent in Syria Assad’s torture dungeons EUROPE Berlin killings The spectre of terror Assassination in Ankara A Russian diplomat Murdered Christine Lagarde Grace under pressure Polish politics Winter of discontent Charlemagne Stefan Zweig´s Europe Britain Britain and Europe Six months on The Christmas strikes Planes, trains and political deals A prison riot Jailhouse rocked Bagehot The parable of JD Wetherspoon INTERNATIONAL Migration Why poor migrants go to Other poor countries Local heroes Where Matians move BUSINESS Indian business Aadhaar and the digit era Work in Japan White-collar blues Tisn´t the season The Christmas spending Bump flattens Retailing Tracking people in shops Schumpeter Creaking capitalism, Dysfunctional democracy FINANVCE AND ECONOMICS Japanese banks Surviving low interest Rates Buttonwood The year ahead in the markets 2016 I charts The year of Brexit and Trump Free exchange A cooler heard: Thomas Schelling SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Driverless cars Eyes on the road Particle accelerators Open, Sesame Neuroscience Grey mater BOOKS AND ARTS Astronomy in America Glass universe Cheese, glorious cheese Stinky stuff Rasputin´s murder The killer´s story Tehran´s Museum of Contemporary Art Wall-to wall diplomacy ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INDICATORS Statistics on 42 economies, Plus a closer look at Investment-banking Revenue OBITUARY The whitechapel Bell Foundry A curfew tolls

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