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Ficha bibliografica

Código:HR 330 JUL-SET 2018 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2018
Descripción:varias paginaciones; ilustraciones, fotos; 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 10/05/2019
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 JUL-SET 2018 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2018:
300:varias paginaciones; ilustraciones, fotos; 27 cm.
500:F.I. 10/05/2019
653Economía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2018. # Ingreso:1068139

   varias paginaciones; ilustraciones, fotos;.27 cm..

June 30th 2018

The world this week

- Netflixonomics
The tech giant everyone is watching
- America’s Supreme Court
After Kennedy
- The war in Syria
The new Palestinians
- Railways
Free the rails
- China’s university-entrance exam
Gaokao gruel

On trade, surveillance technology, Xinjiang, football, Brexit

- Netflixonomics
The television will be revolutionised

United States
- The Supreme Court
Right of way
- Bureaucracy
Shuffle up
- School design
- Immigration policy
Wow we got here
- Lexington
India and America

The Americas
- Canada’s climate policy
Trudeau and the Toronto troublemaker
- Funerals in Cuba
Not going gently
- Brazilian agriculture
Embrapa’s lost sparkle
- Bello
The high price of political saviours

- Politics in the Philippines
Rebel with a cause
- Elections in Indonesia
A 175m-man rehearsal
- South Korea’s baby bust
Procreative struggle
- Virginity tests in South Asia
Legal assault
- Banyan
Asia braces for a trade war

- Community management
Beefing up neighbourhood watch
- University admissions
The gaokao goes global

- Business and politics
Hard Brexit unravels
- Airport expansion
Problem in the air
- Online campaigning
Of barks and bites
- Bagehot
Three myths of the NHS

Special report: Fixing the internet
The ins and outs
After page 40

Middle East and Africa
- The future of Syria
Smaller, in ruins and more sectarian
- Protests in Iran
Rial problems
- Zimbabwe’s election
Will it be fair?
- Democracy in Senegal
Reason to worry
- Somalia and piracy
A new approach

- Turkey’s election
Recep Tayyip the First
- European defence
Coalition of the practical
- Immigration and crime
Panic attack
- Women in Finland
- Retirement in Russia
Back to work
- Charlemagne
A Balkan opening

Patient safety
Physician, heal thy systems

- European rail
New kids on the track
- Bartleby
Taking minutes, wasting hours
- Restructuring at GE
Power failure
- A victory for Uber
London bridged
- VW in Rwanda
First gear
- Coinbase
Crypto’s white-shoe firm
- Schumpeter
USA Inc v China

Finance and economics
- Wages
The real story
- Chinese investment
Safe and secure
- China’s economy
Mama’s love
- Harley-Davidson shifts production
Roaring away
- The resource curse
Grand Theft Petro
- Fertility treatment
An embryonic idea
- Buttonwood
Chinese bonds
- Italy’s asset managers
Rich pickings
- The daily grind
Easier money
- Free exchange
User ratings

Science and technology
- Psychiatric illness
Who is to decide, when doctors disagree?
- Human behaviour
Oh, the places you’ll go!
- Cognitive decline
Windows to the brain
- The economics of gifts
Presents of mind
- Poliomyelitis
This time it’s real
- Textiles
Copper-bottomed ideas

Books and arts
- Revisiting the cold war on screen
The thaw
- The fate of Romanovs
Family values
- Race, crime and justice in America
Black, white and grey
- A history of skyscrapers
On State Street, that great street
- How to teach literature
The art of pouncing

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at drug production

- David Goldblatt
Black and white and read all over

July 7th 2018

The world this week

- Europe and America
Transatlantic rift
- Women in India
How India fails its women
- North Korea’s nukes
Mistrust and verify
- Tech wars
- Conscription
Fall in, or halt

On guns, startups, academic journals, suicide, Parkinson’s Law, drink

Indian women
A job of her own

United States
- The Supreme Court
The coming storm
- Race and wages
Coming apart
- Car insurance
Brake padding
- Soft power
The real ambassadors
- Scott Pruitt
Swamp thing
- Governing Illinois
Springtime in Springfield
- Lexington
Russian relations

The Americas
- Mexico’s new president
Man with a plan?
- Mexico’s congress
Morena majority
- Canada and Donald Trump
Patriotic ketchup
- Bello
What AMLO portends for Latin America

- Immigration to Japan
Hidden masses
- Central Asia
- Aboriginal rights
230 years later
- Malaysian politics
Najib, handbagged
- In the dark
The Thai cave rescue
- Banyan
Vigilantism in India

- Prostitution
Of comrades and condoms
- How to describe Taiwan
Drop-down showdown

- Donald Trump and NATO
A perilous summit
- Germany and migration
Your papers, please
- Butchers v vegans
Meating the challenge
- Xenophobes and gay rights
Pride and prejudice
- Poland’s judges
Collision course
- Russia’s World Cup
Festival of freedom
- Charlemagne
The Austrian way

The World If
Our annual supplement

Middle East and Africa
- Migration to Europe
Last stop before the desert
- Digital dishonesty
Students who cheat
- France in Africa
- South Sudan
War. Peace. Repeat
- Crime in Uganda
Bad cops
- Mediterranean gas
Eni time in Egypt
- Lebanon’s war missing
Raising the dead

- Donald Trump and NATO
A perilous summit
- Germany and migration
Your papers, please
- Butchers v vegans
Meating the challenge
- Xenophobes and gay rights
Pride and prejudice
- Poland’s judges
Collision course
- Russia’s World Cup
Festival of freedom
- Charlemagne
The Austrian way

The World If
Our annual supplement

Middle East and Africa
- Migration to Europe
Last stop before the desert
- Digital dishonesty
Students who cheat
- France in Africa
- South Sudan
War. Peace. Repeat
- Crime in Uganda
Bad cops
- Mediterranean gas
Eni time in Egypt
- Lebano’s war missing
Raising the dead

- Gender and politics
A culture war breaks out
- Novichok returns
Mystery on Muggleton Road
- Sport in Scotland
Make golf great again
- Sad students
The glum ones
- Bagehot
A special but dangerous relationship

- Nuclear inspection
How to disarm North Korea
- The Iraqi precedent
Cats, mice and despots

- Tech in emerging markets
Clash of the titans
- Bartleby
Agile management
- Chinese tech funds
A different vision
- Carbon-dioxide shortages
In a fizz
- Germany’s embattled carmakers
Brakes on
- Canadian cannabis
Pot of gold
- Amazon and health care
- Glencore and the DoJ
Digging for dirt
- Schumpeter
History’s biggest companies

Finance and economics
US-China trade
Theatre of war
- The price of oil
Donald v the OPEC dons
- Argentina’s economy
The rocky road to recession
- Corporate concentration
From the many to the few
- Central Europe’s Goldilocks economies
Never had it so good
- Buttonwood
The index fear
- Free exchange
Chinese statistics

Science and technology
- Military aviation
Welcome to the wingbot
- Camouflage
Heat shield
- Surgery and ethology
Mixers, not misters
- Animal conservation
Northern white rhinos

Books and arts
Literature and nationhood
- Native American fiction
Bruised beauty
- Indian tycoons
The great ghatsby
- Conan Doyle investigates
Watching the detectives
- Johnson
Great apes

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters

Harlan Ellison
Great balls of fire

July 14th 2018

The world this week

- American democracy
Built-in bias
- Security in Africa
Jihad’s new base
- The welfare state
Back to basic liberalism
- Electricity
Light-bulb moment
- Brexit
Just another week in British politics

On trade, Bernie Sanders, the NHS, gentrification, China, “Jurassic Park”

Representing Americans
The minority majority

United States
- Employment and wages
Labour party
- Nuclear weapons
Strange love
- The Supreme Court
Arc of justice
- Lexington
Impeachment and the law

The Americas
- Digital media
The upstarts’s impact
- Inflation in Venezuela
You look a million bolívares
- Bello
Nicaragua, the new Venezuela?

- Agriculture in India
Slim pickings
- Politics in Pakistan
From villain to victim
- Kazakhstan
Party on
- Cave rescue in Thailand
- Banyan
Death of a Japanese cult-leader

- Trade with America
Propaganda management
- Human rights
A widow is freed
- Special report: America’s Democrats
Where to next?

Middle East and Africa
- Terrorism in Africa
Jihad’s next battleground
- Pious Saudi women
Fatwa is a feminist issue
- Lebanese police women
The long legs of the law

- French politics
Jupiter humbled
- NATO summit
Tetchy Trump
- Olaf Scholz
After Mutti, Vati?
- Dutch bicycles
Can you dig it?
- Charlemagne
Europe’s symbolic rows

- British politics
In somewhat turmoil
- The view from Brussels
Don’t forget the backstop
- Donald Trump’s visit
Oversized and over here
- Bagehot
The Unconservative Party

Welfare states
Repairing the safety net

- WeWork
The capitalist kibbutz
- Bartleby
- MoviePass
See it now
- Lululemon
In the zone
- Douyin v Tencent
Trills and thrills
- AI and law firms
Diligence disrupted
- Schumpeter
Preparing for an IPO

Finance and economics
- Mini-grids
Empowering villages
- Financing aid
Complex and clever
- Burgernomics
Watch your BMI
- North Korea’s economy
Model workers
- Buttonwood
Bulls v bears
- European banks
Fumbling in the dark
- Free exchange
Tit for trat on trade

Science and technology
- Automating cookery
The rise of the robochef
- Biometrics
Love the way you walk
- Archaeology
The Iceman’s last supper
- Agriculture
Acid rain

Books and arts
- Separatism in Europe
Brothers in arms
- Unrecognised countries
Off the map
- Thales of Old Shanghai
Heaven built on hell
- The American fiction
The big sleep
- The Lehman brothers
Once upon a time in the West

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at the world's biggest banks

- Claude Lanzmann

July 21st 2018

The world this week

- World trade
A plan to save the WTO
- Donald Trump’s European
Humiliation in Helsinki
- Britain and the EU
A second referendum
- Europe v Google
High fines, meagre results
- Pakistan’s election
Foul play

On populism, Brexiteers, technology, political language, data sampling, solar energy, meetings

The world trading system
Trade blockage

United States
- Unions
Beginnings and endings
- Election interference
- Male voters
Sometimes it’s hard
- The Midwest
Nice change
- Lexington
A legitimacy problem

The Americas
- Unrest in Haiti
A gamble gone wrong
- Law and politics in Brazil
Lula, livre?
- Paraguay and Taiwan
The blossom and the passion flower
- Bello
Mexico’s misshapen economy

- Pakistan’s election
Military machinations
- The Cook Islands
When economic success sting
- LGBT rights in Singapore
Cautious progress
- Banyan
The return of Eurasia

- Diplomacy
China turns to the EU
- A hit and a flop
A notable month for cinema

Middle East and Africa
- Red Sea scramble
Ports in the Horn
- Djibouti in deep water
The risk of Chinese cash
- Turkey in Syria
You break it, you own it
- Morocco’s new friends
Handshakes in Africa
- Infertility in Nigeria
A bad place to be barren
- Slavery in Mauritania
Still with us

- The Trump-Putin summit
In the Hall of Mirrors
- Corruption in eastern Europe
Miss justice
- Xenophobia
Stranger swings
- Spanish history
Disturbing Franco’s ghost
- An interview with Bruno Le Maire
The adaptable Gaullist
- Charlemagne
The backlash against Airbnb

- A second Brexit referendum
Here we go again?
- The radical right
Back from a brief ’kip

The sexualisation of children
Grappling with the “Lolita complex”

- Taming tech titans
Antitrust theatre
- Bartleby
Work till you drop
- Nord Stream 2
Putin that in your pipe
- Vanadium
Beauty and long life
- Higher education
Learning difficulties
- Schumpeter
Companies and time

Finance and economics
- European Central Bank
Succession planning
- Buttonwood
A trunkful of bolívares
- Goldman Sachs
White smoke over West Street
- Football transfers
Goal poachers
- China’s economy
Jostling eunuchs
- Income-share agreements
Higher returns
- Free exchange
The ballot or the wallet

Science and technology
- Computer programming
And now for something completely different
- Medicine
Cutting to the truth
- Archaeology
Toast before tillage
- Virology
Second-mover advantage
- Flying cars
A James Bond special

Books and arts
- The Flint water scandal
River of fire
- Murder at Harvard
Where it happened
- Mughal history
Not just a pretty face
- Muriel Spark at 100
In her prime
- Johnson
Fossil hunting

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at Turkey

Lord Carrington
A question of honour

July 28th 2018

The world this week

- The Belt and Road Initiative
Planet China
- Online misinformation
Breaking the fever
- Competition in Britain
Concentration problems
- Reform in Europe
Spanish lessons
- Zimbabwe’s election
Never smile at the crocodile

On the electoral college, outsourcing, Taiwan, acronyms, barristers

China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Gateway to the globe

United States
- Trade wars
Cease fire
- Russia and Trump
Get Carter
- Jonathan Gold
I and thou and tacos
- The Federal Reserve
Channelling Richard Nixon
- Pollution and the law
Prosecuting Flint
- Making guns at home
Print on demand
- Lexington
America’s Catholics

The Americas
- Cuba’s new constitution
Less than meets the eye
- Quotas for women
Señora senadora
- Sex crimes in Chile
Ghosts from the past
- Bello
Colombia’s unloved president

- North Korea’s economy
Do sanctions hurt
- Cambodia
A “slight correction on democracy”
- Pakistan’s tainted election
Not cricket
- A disaster in Laos
The same river twice
- Banyan
What Thaksin taught

- Health scares
Against corruption
- The two-child policy
Unintended consequences

Middle East and Africa
- Zimbabwe’s elections
Waiting for change
- Congo’s opposition
Catholics v Kabila
- Mali goes to the polls
Hopes for peace
- The Comoros
Coups, I did it again
- Protests in Iraq
The Shia spring
- Israel
Jewish or democratic?

- Germany’s armed forces
- Popular populists
Hot under the collar
- Gender in Germany
Keep your herr on
- France
The Benalla affair
- Charlemagne
The Salvini effect

- Compettion
More problems
- Water companies
High noon in a heatwave
- Bagehot
Downhill all the way

Six taxes
The price of vice

- Fiat Chrysler
After Sergio Marchionne
- Bartleby
Open office, closed minds
- Weapons-makers
Sun, sea and breach
- Executive sackings
Horrible bosses
- Gambling in Japan
Betting big
- Schumpeter
Tech giants splurge

Finance and economics
- Private equity (1)
Barbarians grow up
- Private equity (2)
Healthy returns
- Foreign direct investment
Keeping China out
- Banking in Japan
Risk-taking is back
- Car dealerships
Auto motive
- Car dealerships
Auto motive
- Buttonwood
Balancing act
- Free exchange
Trouble with the curve

Science and technology
- Climate change
The long hot summer
It ain’t over till it’s over
- Planetary science
Life in the freezer?

Books and arts
- De Gaulle biography
Jupiter’s father
- Adam Smith
An enlightened life
- American fiction
Tragedy of the Greasy Grass
- Ecology
The rise and fall of bees
- Chinese satire
A dark light
- Photography
Finland’s finest snapper

Economic and financial indicators

Adrian Cronauer
Goooooood Morning Vietnam!

August 4th 2018

The world this week

- Global warming
In the line of fire
- Euro-zone austerity
Climbing the Greece-y pole
- The Horn of Africa
Making Eritrea less horrible
- Brexit
No ordinary deal
- Philosophy brief
The brains trust

On Brexit, the Helsinki summit, Spain, cinema, Foucault

Indian energy
The black hole of coal

United States
- The Democrats
Splitting the difference
- Climate politics
A slow thaw
- Lipizzans
Dancing horses
- The GDP figures
Growing pains
- Defence spending
Pushing the boat out
- Lexington
A small win in Afghanistan

The Americas
- Brazilian banks
In the doldrums, with full sails
- Argentina’s beef exports
The market
- Cannabis in Canada
The high street
- Bello
Judging the judges

- Pakistani politics
A man, no plan, Imran
- Citizenship in India
Assamese, if you please
- Rebellion in the Philippines
Murder in Mindanao
- Seoul’s mayor
Fan fare for the common man
- Banyan
Japan’s work habits

- Tianjin’s woes
Where are the people?
- Dog racing in Macau
Bow-wowing out

Middle East and Africa
- Eritrea
Unlock the desert gulag?
- Zimbabwe’s elections
A bloody ballot
- Syria’s refugees
The long road back
- Churches in Saudi Arabia
Rethinking the ban
- Debtors prisons in Gaza
From bankrupt to banged up

- Russia and nuclear power
The global supplier
- Turkey v America
Erdogan’s hostages
- Ukrainian politics
The dark operetta
- Biochips and Swedes
Bjorn Cyborg
- Charlemagne
Cheer up, Deutschland

- Brexit with no deal
Ready or not
- Stockpling
Prepping for Brexit

The world order
Coalitions without Trump

- China’s new dealmakers
The venture whales
- Bartleby
Mission implausible
- The technology industry
- Food labelling
Got oats?
- Business and demography
Silver linings
- Autonomous cars
Gently does it
- The blockchain and energy
Greens meet geeks

Finance and economics
- Greece
Far from the finish line
- Consumer lending
Buy now, pay later
- Asset management
How low can you go?
- Myanmar’s state-owned enterprises
Living fossils
- Buttonwood
Made in Japan
- Free exchange
Homespun economics

Science and technology
- Wildfires
Forewarned is forearmed
- Long sightedness
I can see clearly now
- Environmental safety
Hazchem or not?
- Marine biology
The biter bit

Books and arts
- Ten years on
The last crash, and the next
- Classical music
Making an orchestra
- Indian independence
Midnight at the margins
- Johnson
The cost of an accent

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at manufacturing

- Mary Ellis
In love with Spitfires

August 11th 2018

The world this week

- Taxation
Stuck in the past
- Democracy in America
Sign me up
- Foreign direct investment
Prudence not protectionism
- Education
Down with summer holidays

On Germany, Adam Smith, the Moon, Democrats, conscription, Norway, George Costanza

Land-value tax
On firmer ground

United States
- Property in Seattle
Build, baby, build
- Uber in New York
Jammed up
- Voter purges
On election day, stay away
- Poverty
Going, going... not gone
- The cost of haulage
Keep on trucking
- Lexington
Never Trumpers’ forlorn hope

The Americas
- Brazilian politics
Convict, zealot, bore
- Colombia
Duque fakes charge
- Bello
The perils of Maduro

- Bangladesh protests
High-school vigilantes
- Tourism in Indonesia
Building ten Balis
- An Antipodean tiff
Kicking Kiwis out
- Women in Japan
Toxic test-doctoring
- Polishing Narendra Modi
The image factory

- Chinese politics
On the Xi side
- Ai Weiwei’s studio
Bulldozed in Beijing

Middle East and Africa
- America and Iran
The pain of no deal
- Jerusalem’s holy sites
Beware of falling rocks
- Canada and Saudi Arabia
A pointless fight
- Zimbabwe
Open for chaos
- Jihadists in Mozambique
Burnings and beheadings
- Congo’s coming election
Kabila stops running

- Turkey’s economy
How low can it go?
- Germany
Far left and right overlap
- Polish nationalism
Buying back the family silver
- The French and trains
A love affair
- Charlemagne
Street politics in Russia

- The Labour Party
Surreal strength
- Welfare policy
Poor economics
- Bagehot
Land of extremes

- Summer holidays
Overlong and not over yet
- Posh summer
Flute or Latin?

- China and Silicon Valley
Cheques and balances
- Bartleby
Time to get in training
- PepsiCo under Indra Nooyi
- Elon Musk and Tesla
Beckoning the barbarians
- Alibaba
Enigma variations
- Oil firms
Too much in the tank
- Danone’s social goals
Choosing plan B
- Schumpeter
Sovereign-wealth funds

Philosophy brief
- Alexis de Tocqueville
The French exception

Finance and economics
- Trade war (1)
Is China losing it?
- Trade war (2)
Metal clashing
- Factor bond investing
Fama and fortune
- Prediction markets
Collective oracle
- Property prices
Housing correction
- Buttonwood
Triple-B movie
- Free exchange

Science and technology
- Underwater senses
Navy seals
- Aerospace
A breath of fresh air
- Astronomy
Aim for the sun
- Wild medicine
Scratching an itch

Books and arts
- Egypt after the revolution
Brothers, generals and suckers
- Icelandic fiction
High and mighty
- Imagining nuclear war with North Korea
Under a mushroom cloud
- Young people in India
Dreams and nightmares

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters

Luc Nkulula
Under the volcano

August 18th 2018

The world this week

- Romance in the digital age
Modern love
- Emerging markets
Turkey’s turmoil
- Saudi Arabia
The prickly prince
- China’s reforms
Pilot error
- Infrastructure
The bridges of decay

On China, John Stuart Mill, sin taxes, finance

Sexual selection
Putting the data into dating

United States
- Summer of scandal
Pythons and ostriches
- West Virginia politics
My kingdom for a couch
- The death penalty
Cornhusker dues
- The White House
Oh me, oh my
- Clerical sex abuse
Cardinal sins
- Lexington
Indiana country

The Americas
- Migrants in Mexico
Staying south
- The war on drugs
Unlikely allies

- Malaysian politics
Mahathir’s second act
- Philippine-American relations
Healing old wounds
- Afghanistan’s endless war
Ninety miles from Kabul
- Police in India
Politicians’ pets
- Banyan
The perils behind Korean detente

- Reform experiments
Feeling the stones
- Overstressed children
The government v parents
- Muslims
And hell is just a sauna

Middle East and Africa
- Injustice in Kenya
Too big to jail
- Ethiopia’s prime minister
- Togo’s president
Tough to unseat
- Europe and the Arab world
Repeating past mistakes
- The Gulf crisis
Competition over Kabul
- Ugly art in Egypt
The oppressors can’t paint

- The fall of the lira
Turkey tantrum
- Russia’s neighbourhood
Big lake, small sea
- Ireland and Brexit
Ferry risky
- Italy’s bridge disaster
Structural weakness
- German UXB
Deadly sleepers
- Travel in Spain
The Guggenheim effect
- Charlemagne
Odyssey without end

- Scottish public policy
The not so brave
- Sterling’s slide
Crunch time
- Bagehot
Frank Field’s other Britain

- The global arms trade
Masters of war
- The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
Honoured in the breach

- The future of computing
Quantum spring
- Glyphosate and cancer
Bayer beware
- Passport queues
Border-line ridiculous
- Online retailing
Suits you
- Golf and the media
Out of the woods
- Schumpeter
The meaning of Musk

Philosophy brief
John Maynard Keynes
Was he a liberal?

Finance and economics
- Emerging markets
Fear of the lira
- Buttonwood
The case for emerging markets
- Australian pensions
Not so super
- Litigation finance
Appealing returns
- Innovation in insurance
Icing on the cake
- Forensic accounting
Looking for the Mafia
- Tax breaks in Africa
Slipping through the net
- Free exchange
Carbon taxes

Science and technology
- Construction technology
A bridge too far
- Archaeology
A dead parrot story
- The wheat genome
Breaking bread
- Ancient plants
Enduring relationship

Books and arts
- Creativity and censorship in Turkey
The art of survival
- Russian history
Tale of the century
- America’s warriors
No off button
- A novel of immigration
Anchors away
- The ship that changed the world
There were dragons

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at agricultural commodities

V.S. Naipaul
No settled place

August 25th 2018

The world this week

- Donald Trump
Is he above the law?
- Hyperinflation in Venezuela
Maduro’s magic money tree
- In praise of air-conditioning
Rebirth of the cool
- Traffic congestion
Rules of the road
- People and borders
The way forward on immigration

On Catalonia, Indian coal, Brazil, science fiction, mission statements

Crossing continents

United States
- The swamp, season two
Both of the president’s men
- Lithuanian-Americans
The diaspora’s capital
- Environmental-Americans
Smokestack lightening
- Festivals
With spirits kaleidoscopic
- Lexington
What is racism now?

The Americas
- Venezuela
Rethinking the revolution
- Venezuela’s exodus
The Bolivarian wave
- Mexico
Copying crafts

- Australian politics
Poison spill
- Indian politics
A mellower shade of saffron
- Indonesia’s longest river
Ebb and flow
- Banyan
Ending the conflict in Afghanistas

- Ethnic minorities
The third Korea
- The border with North Korea
Atop a sacred volcano

Middle East and Africa
- Israel and the Palestinians
All talk, no progress
- Politics in Israel
Netanyahu ponders a poll
- Kofi Annan
The inveterate diplomat
- Uganda
A singer rattles the regime
- Land in South Africa
Tragedy of the commons

- Sweden and migration
Moving in, moving right
- Slovenia
Defeat from the jaws of Viktor
- Syrians in Turkey
Home from home
- Russia’s influence in Slovakia
Wolves in bikers’ clothing
- Vaccinations in Europe
Spotty coverage
- Italy
Chianti or Irn-Bru, signore?
- Charlemagne
Ireland, changed utterly

- Universities abroad
Dreaming of new spires
- …and at home
The scramble for students
- Bagehot
Leftward drift

The cost of global cooling

- Carmaking in America
Rocky road ahead
Stops and starts
- Search engines
Censors and sensibility
- European sports
Football’s leaving home
- South Korea’s chaebol
Political capital
- Bartleby
History lessons

Philosophy brief
Schumpeter, Popper and Hayek
The exiles fight back

Finance and economics
- Commodities
Raw materiel
- Buttonwood
Are you a stock or a bond?
- Insuring intangible risks
In search of a jelly mould
- America’s bull market
3,453 days and counting
- Free exchange
A question of balance

Science and technology
- Helicopters
Whirlybirds are go
- Evolutionary biology
Kissing cousins
- Archaeology
Maturing nicely
- Controlling tsetse flies
Fly blown

Books and arts
Identity and respect
- Populism, identity and resentment
Find out what it means to me
- Dirty tricks
The hand of Moscow
- The literature of Trieste
Tales of the city

- Mini-gangsters in Naples
The children of Gomorrah
- Johnson
Nationalism of small differences

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at GCP and household income

Aretha Franklin
A deeper love

September 1st 2018

The world this week

- Innovation
Peak Valley
Going south
- Education policy
Copying allowed
- International justice
Genocide in Myanmar
- Cryptocurrencies
Show me the money

- On climate change, tax reform, Canada, Brexit

Silicon Valley
A victim of its own success

United States
- Socialism in America
Shivering the chains
- Hurricane Maria
- Honey fraud
The bee’s needs
- Googling the news
Fake views
- Gender dysphoria
Trans parenting
- Lexington
After John McCain

The Americas
- Nicaragua
Ortega holds on
- Natural disasters
Getting over Maria
- Condoms in Cuba
Not just for birth control
- Ecuador
The power of the purge

Middle East and Africa
- Lebanon´s economy
When the music stops
- Saudi Arabia
Lovalty trumps sect
- A race against time
Battling Ebola in a war zone
- Ponte City
Gentrifying Johannesburg

- Singapore’s schools
Can do even better
- Australian politics
Age of healing
- Human rights in Myanmar
Worse than imagined
- Politics in Thailand
Election prep
- Foreign aid for India
Help not wanted
- Banyan
Crazy rich Asians

Technology Quarterly
Cryptocurrencies and blockchains

- Falun Gong
The party’s scourge
- Public opinion
Furore over a flood

- Italy and the EU
Gearing up for a fight
- Sanctions against Russia
A thickening web
- Serbia and Kosovo
Pandora’s box
- Naked Europe
All the young prudes
- Charlemagne
The EU and the Austro-Hungarian empire

- Farming´s future
A new furrow
- High-tech agriculture
Harwell we have a problem
- Bagehot

- Loneliness and health
Alone in the crowd

- Pharma in China
Swallowing bitter pills
- Video streaming
Missed punches
- Airlines in India
Into the red
- Atlantia after Genoa
After the fall
- Corporate governance
Passive, aggressive
- BMW in South Korea
Repair job
- Schumpeter
As good as it gets

Finance and economics
The new NAFTA
Wheeler dealer
- KPMG’s tribulations
In the eye of the storm
- America’s Community Reinvestment Act
Another equity debate
- Emerging markets
Crumbling currencies
- African trade
The river between
- Free exchange
Made from concentrate

Science and technology
- Machine learning
Curious AI
- Air pollution
A poisoned mind
- Marine technology
Shiver me timbers
- Scientific research
Betting on the result

Books and arts
- Karl Ove Knausgaard´s “My Struggle”
Sins of the fathers
- Personality tests
Jung at heart
- Yuval Noah Harari´s new book
In the kingdom of cyborgs
- A history of Oklahoma City
How the Thunder rolls
- From Venice to the Oscars
Do look now

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at corporate profits

John McCain
Means of resistance

September 8th 2018

The world this week

- Ten years after Lehman
Has finance been fixed?
- Geopolitics
Trouble in the east
- Content liability
Truth and power
- The war in Syria
Idlib is falling
- Preserving the past
The bonfire of the antiquities

On Donald Trump, China, investing, Bermuda, rich men

The financial crisis

United States
- Brett Kavanaugh
Hard of hearing
- The president
- Tariffs
Who pays?
- Opinion polls
White flight
- The Catholic church
A widening schism
- Aid to foreigners
Double vision
- Lexington
The trials of Jeff Sessions

The Americas
- North American trade
Damage from the Donald
- Canadian dairy price
My whey or the highway
- Bello
Who lost Brazil?

- Japan and the United States
Watching him nervously
- The media in Myanmar
A blow to the press
- Gay sex in India
Legal at last
- Banyan
Disentangling from China

- Charitable donations
The party´s restraints
- African swine fever
Pig trouble

Middle East and Africa
- The fate of Idlib
Last rebels standing
- Israel
Slow train to Jerusalem
- Palestine
Trump´s peace plan
- Politics in Nigeria
Racing to the presidency
- South Africa’s economy
More bad news
- Corruption in Kinshasa
Jam for traffic cops

- Russia and China
The new wargames
- France
Jupiter descending
- Germany
After the stabbing
- Germany
After the stabbing
- Elections in Sweden
The hornets’ nest
- Charlemagne
Beyond open and closed

- The labour market
All work and no pay
- The Skripal poisoning
Caught on camera
- Bagehot
An equilibrium of incompetence

- Traffic jams
The slow and the furious
- Traffic and geography
Let’s try that again

- Tech giants and censorship
The deciders
- Bartleby
When teamwork works
- Nike and Colin Kaepernick
Inviting controversy
- Postal inequities
Stamping on the competition
- Video games in China
One in the eye
- Schumpeter
Smartphone supply chains

Philosophy brief
Rousseau, Marx and Nietzsche
The prophets of illiberal progress

Finance and economics
- Argentina v Turkey
Failing conventionally
- Sir James Mirrlees
The optima economist
- Money-laundering
Stubborn stains
- Zero-carbon energy
Cleaner than thou
- Buttonwood
Italian bonds
- Free exchange
A savings account

Science and technology
- Curbing illegal fishing
Netting the crooks
- Health care
Bubbling with ideas
- Manufacturing in space
Free-falling profits
- Animal behaviour
To the point

Books and arts
- Polish contemporary art
A different culture war
- Brazil’s National Museum
Up in smoke
- One building in Prague
Czech fates
- Irish fiction
Sally Rooney returns
- Johnson
The trouble with Latin

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters

Chicha Mariani
Hope against hope

September 15th 2018

The world this week

- The Economist at 175
A manifesto
- Britain and the European Union
Selling Chequers
- The Supreme Court
Weak is strong
- Emerging markets
Lessons from Lusaka
- Alibaba
Ma where he came from?

On air-conditioning, Scotland, rebalancing, nudity

America’s Supreme Court
And Brett makes five

United States
- Public policy
- New York
Sleaze and the city
- Cyber-attacks
Suing spies
- Muslim politicians
Bushies to Bernie
- Flying pets
It’s emotional
- Lexington
Gary Johnson for liberty

The Americas
- Impunity in Guatemala
The fears of a clown
- Colombian guerrillas
- Bello
Coup-plotting in Venezuela

- An inter-Korean summit
Showtime in Pyongyang
- Australia’s aboriginals
A new way to curb crime
- Banyan
Team Trump´s Asia policy
- Politics in Pakistan
Liberal apostasy
- The ornamental-fish trade
Economies of scale
- Arrests of Indian activists
An ill wind politics

- Separatism in Hong Kong
Bracing for a ban
- Overcrowded schools
Class struggle
- Chaguan
The importance of teahouses

- Liberalism
The Economist at 175
- 21st-century Corn Laws
Free markets and more
- Immigration
Open societies
- Welfare and taxes
The new social contract
- The world order
Something to fight for
- A call to arms
Use liberalism or lose it

Middle East and Africa
- Zambia´s debt
End of the road
- Farming in Congo
War and cheese
- A new battle for Iraq
Infighting after the vote
- American and the PLO
Back to the future
- Gun control in Yemen
Heat check

- Sweden´s population
Still standing
- Asylum-eekers
Under the gaydar
- Hungary
Orban sceptics
- Cricket in Corfu
At the crease in Greece
- Russia and China
Brother enemy
- Charlemagne
For those in peril on the sea

- The Brexit negotiations
Chequers, the unlikely survivor
- Boris Johnson
The clown prince
- Bagehot
A hunger for ideas

Finance and economics
- The Federal Reserve
Feeling the heat
- Turkish banks
- Venezuela
The half-life of a currency
- Infrastructure in Colombia
The highway, my way
- Impact ETFs
Opposites attract
- Buttonwood
Market millenarians
- Ant and Tencent
And now for something completely different
- Free exchange
Upsetting the Apple cart

Science and technology
- Recycling
On the plastic highway
- Marine litter
Sweeping the ocean
- Scientific publishing
The S-Plan diet
- Wildlife conservation
Tending the flock

Books and arts
- Bob Woodward
The Trump chronicles
- American fiction
The other side of paradise
- Adventures in 18th-century finance
Wind and smoke
- Reimagining Homer
Achilles and the heels
- Reimagining Homer
Achilles and the heels
- The price of mega-wealth
Another country

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at education spending

Luca Cavalli-Sforza
The drift of humankind

September 22nd 2018

The world this week

- Elections in Brazil’
Latin America’s latest menace
- Trade
Hunker down
- Artificial intelligence
AI, EU, go
- Reforming Japan
A long haul
- African demography
Not so fast

On farming, Syria, immigration, Nike, the armed forces

Latin America
The noise from Brazil

United States
- The Senate
No fairy tale
- Democratic primaries
The centre can hold
- Foreign lobbying
Crimea river
- Nevada’s brothels
Bras and ballot initiatives
- Activism
Beyond the hashtag
- Lexington
Brett kavanaugh

The Americas
- Argentina
Shrinking pains
- Bello
Mexico´s history man
- Quebec’s election
Inmigration nation
- Cuban honey
Worker bee’s paradise

- Japanese politics
Abe’s ambition
- Kyrgyzstan
Hunting for extremists
- Talks with North Korea
Parading for peace
- Banyan
Stuffing the ballot boxes
- Suicide in India
Deadly reckoning
- Politics in Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif leaves jail

- The economy
Life in a slower lane
- Hong Kong´s transport
Anger over a new rail terminus
- Chaguan
The curious role of a tabloid

Middle East and Africa
- Demography
Babies are lovely, but...
- Child marriage
Growing up too early
- French forces in Africa
Sahel or high water
- Israel´s armed forces
Stand uneasy
- Syria’s war
Staving off slaughter

- Turkey and Europe
Erdogan visits Berlin
- Poland
Taking on PiS and Civic Platform
- Health in eastern Europe
Mind the gap
- Spanish political scandals
A question of degrees
- Teaching Arabic in France
Word games
- Germany´s spy chief
Over, not out
- Charlemagne
The rebirth of Eurafrica

- Immigration
New order at the border
- Freedom of movement
How to bend the rules
- Bagehot
May, back from the brink

- Hurricanes and typhoons
Stormy weather
- Hong Kong
Surviving Mangkhut

- Artificial intelligence in Europe
Big data, small politics
- Bartleby
Staff turnover
- American media
The new press barons
- Passenger rail in America
Back on track
- Tesla’s latest troubles
The enemy within
- Indian manufacturing
The idolatry industry
- Business in North Korea
On your marks
- Schumpeter
AIA and the Pru in Asia

Finance and economics
- Emerging markets
Crushed and fried
- The trade war
Tit for tat
- Mooncake studies
Reading the crumbs
- Mooncake studies
Reading the crumbs
- Danske Bank
Questionable shape
- Buttonwood
The yuan show
- Narrow banking
A hornets’ nest
- Poverty estimates
A thin gruel
- Free exchange
We the shareholders

Science and technology
- Vaping
Smoking without fire
- Marine biology
The house that sank
- Genetics
Neglected genes
- Cellular ageing
Out with the old
- Antimatter
I go up, or down...
- Destination: Moon

Books and arts
- Mumbai noir
Maxed-out city
- A Philosophical murder-mystery
Carnival of the animals
- Cold-war espionage
Break for the border
- America´s global role
- Johnson
Lodestars and fingerprints

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at human development

Johnny Kingdom
Poacher turned photographer

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