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Ficha bibliografica

Código:HR 330 SET-DIC 2018 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
Ubicación:Planta baja estanteria abierta
Autor Personal:The Economist Newspaper Limited
TítuloThe economist
Ciudad: New York
Editorial: The Economist Newspaper Limited
Año: 2018
Descripción:varias paginaciones; ilustraciones, fotos; 27 cm.
Notas:F.I. 10/05/2019
Palabras Claves:ECONOMÍA;
Términos Locales:Economía - Revista;
Idioma: Inglés;
Encabezados Geográficos:

Código:HR 330 SET-DIC 2018 TE [Universidad Católica San Pablo]
100:The Economist Newspaper Limited
245The economist
260:New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2018:
300:varias paginaciones; ilustraciones, fotos; 27 cm.
500:F.I. 10/05/2019
653Economía - Revista; Idioma: Inglés

The Economist Newspaper Limited. The economist. --New York: The Economist Newspaper Limited: 2018. # Ingreso:1068140

   varias paginaciones; ilustraciones, fotos;.27 cm..

September 29th 2018


The world this week

- Sex and power
MeToo, one year on
- Waste
Cash for trash
- Citizenship for sale
What price a passport?
- Libor
Tick tock
- Britain
The quest to remake politics

On Brazil, the Supreme Court, gender identity, Ludwig von Mises, goodwill, Latin

The Conservative Party
When all about are losing theirs...

United States
- #MeToo and politics
Truth and consequences
- The Supreme Court
- Labour markets
Diversity implosión
- Violent crime
Still piling up
- Political harassment
Uncivil hands
- Lexington
Hakeem Jeffries

The Americas
- Chile
The middle-income trap
- Presidential planes
Aerial austerity
- Bello
Peru´s president

Middle East and Africa
- Iran and the world
Insolated and besieged
- Egyptian politics
No one is secure
- Dysfunctional Lebanon
Power-boat struggle
- Israel and Russia
Missiles with a message
- South Africa
Long walk to growth
- Somaliland´s heritage
Restores required

- Public health in India
- Banyan
China and the Vatican
- Identification in India
Court gestures
- Eugenics in Japan
Adverse selection
- The Maldives
Sun, sea, sand and surprise
Control is not enough

Special report: Waste
A load of rubbish

- Death
A war against burials
- Student activism
Beware of Marxists
- Chaguan
One-way globalisation

- Average Europe
France´s tenth city
- Dutch politics
Who doesn’t like a tax cut?
- Germany
Greying Greens
- Romanian royals
Thirsty for blue blood
- Russia
A sea of troubles
- Charlemagne
Britain, a lonely domino

- The Labour Party
¿Hasta la victoria?
- A second referendum
Vote early, vote often
- Bagehot
Corbyn, establishment man

- Investment migration
A home in the country
- Residence and tax
Sweet deserts

- American business after Weinstein
Behind closed doors
- Bartleby
Executive privilege
- Gulf carriers
- Comcast and Sky
Sky high
- Ride-hailing in South-East Asia
After Uber
- French supermarkets
Shopping and nothingness
- The gold-mining business
Panning out
- Schumpeter
Luxury cars

Finance and economics
- Replacing LIBOR
The price of everything
- Buttonwood
Public markets
- World trade (1)
A matter of dispute
- World trade (2)
Familiar KORUS
- Sovereign bonds
A timeless argument
- Argentina
A new deal
- Free exchange
Crude awakening

Science and technology
- Pandemic disease
A deadly touch of flu
- How influenza evolves
Mind your H’s and N’s

Books and arts
- The race for AI supremacy
The gladiator ´s edge
- Intellectual life in America
Unsafe spaces
- Contemporary art
The Rales rules
- British fiction
Keys to the heart

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at world GDP

Shan Tianfang
Tradition’s voice

October 13th 2018


The world this week

- The world economy
The next recession
- Climate change
The temperature rises
- Saudi Arabia
The fate of a journalist
- The mid-terms
“Medicare for all”
- Financial crime
Dirty capital

On Brett Kavanaugh, Chile, lamp bulbs, drones

The retreat from meat

United States
- Democratic policies
Universal pictures
- Nikki Haley resigns
UN done
- The mid-terms (1)
Hispanic voters

- Wine growing
Pinot or pot?
- The mid-terms (2)
The Five-state conundrum
- The mid-terms (3)
Model voters
- Lexington
Confronting China

The Americas
- Brazil’s elections
A ballot-box revolution
- Bello
Brazil´s next president and its army
- Canada and cannabis
Big bongs, little bang

- Education in India (1)
The war on private schools
- Education in India (2)
Happiest days of your life
- Pakistan’s economy
Imran can’t
- Women’s rights in Central Asia
Sing for solidarity
- Free speech in Singapore
- Elections in Bhutan
Polite but firm
- Banyan
Japan and the Olympic curse

- Law enforcement
The fall of Interpol´s boss
- Hong Kong´s freedoms
A warning to the press
- Chaguan
Why costume drama matters

Special report: the world economy
The next recession

Middle East and Africa
- Saudi repression
A dissident disappears
- Arab exiles in Istanbul
A refuge for dissenters
- Israel´s trade with China
Too open for business?
- Ethiopia and Eritrea
Open borders, for now
- Elections in Nigeria
An ugly beauty contest
- Beer in Niger
The devil’s brew

- The war in Ukraine
Along the contact line
- Bavarian elections
Conservative conundrums
- Latvia’s election
Russian quarter
- Revellers in Hungary
Becoming a pest
- French nationalists
She´s back!
- Global warming in Svalbard
Melting away
- Charlemagne

- The Brexit negotiations
Filling in the gaps
- Scottish independence
The other Leavers
- Russian and Britain
Waging information war
- Bagehot
High culture´s king

- Rape during conflicto
The wolves of war

- Electronics manufacturing
The great chain of China
- Social networks
Plus, minus
- Ryanair and trade unions
Labour pains
- Unilever
Sour taste
- Bartleby
Minds do matter
- Food delivery in India
Free Lunch
- Coffee wars
Full of beans
- Schumpeter
Britain and the City

Finance and economics
- The world economy
Pulling ahead
- Chinese economy
Feeling humbled
- Buttonwood
The Long and short of it
- Human capital

- A declaration of information war
A motivational metaphor
- Short-selling
Baiting bears
- Financial planning
Pet provisions
- Money-laundering in London
- Free Exchange
The Nobel prize

Science and technology
- Global warming
War war not jaw jaw
- Probiotics for vegetables
A little help from my Friends
- Extraterrestrial life
Where is everybody?

Books and arts
- Gandhi
A hero for our time
- Political slogans
They had a dream
- Theatre in New York
She the people
- A novel of immigration
No scape
- North Korean art
Mist on the mountains

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at maritime trade

Charles Aznavour

October 20th 2018


- The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- Politics and power
China v America
- Germany
Not so grand
- Criminal justice
Against pessimism
- Oil markets
Beyond boom and bust?
- In praise of the basics
Captain Sensible

On liberalism

China and America
The rivals

United States
- Prisons in Wisconsin and Minnesota
- Manufacturing jobs
- Rural Democrats
- The #MeToo backlash
- Californian elections
- Lexington Changing sides

The Americas
- Mexico City’s new airport
- Judging Fernando Haddad
- Bello The canonisation or Archbishop Romero

- Democratising South Korea´s economy
- Australia´s drought
- MeToo in India
- South-East Asia sours on the death penalti
- Banyan Dousing digital dissent in Kazakhstan

- Mainlanders irk Hong Kongers
- Mass interment
- Chaguan China misreads Westers populism

Middle East and Africa
- Saudi Arabia´s reputation
- Weird flight paths
- Meltdown in Zimbabwe
- Chinese media in Africa
- The anti-Lagos

- Macron´s problems
- Spain´s Budget politics
- Turkey and America
- Why half the people in Luxembourg can´t vote
- A film about Polish priests
- Ukraine´s church
- Charlemagne In defence of big tents

- Selling Brexit at home
- Bullying in Parliament

- Farm hands vote with their feet
- Why strawberries have become as big as plums

- America´s shale industry
- Bartleby Executive pay
- The Collapse of Sears
- Are pot stocks too high?
- Microsoft´s co-founder dies
- Sonos v the tech giants
- Weight Watchers
- Bollywood and tourism
- Shumpeter The Khashoggi affair

Finance and economics
- Sweating public assets
- Economics and the art of maintenance
- Italy´s doom loop
- British retail banking
- Buttonwood The equity-risk Premium
- A volatile stablecoin
- Swiss banking secrecy
- Free exchange Centralbank Independence

Science and technology
- Quantum computers
- A space rocket misfires
- Infectious travellers
- Storing data in DNA
- Mongooses in Iberia

Books and arts
Thomas Cromwell in fact and fiction
A new history of America
A pioneering abstract artist
Man Booker prize
Johnson Arabic´s low profile

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies

Graphic detail
The new space race

Pik Botha, apartheid´s apologist

October 6th 2018


The world this week

- Geopolitics and money
China´s designs on Europe
- The Supreme Court
- The gig economy
Workers on tap
- Italy’s budget plans
Nearer the brink
Marginal revolution

On Jeremy Corbyn, Germany, AI, Singapore, meat inspections, free will

China and the EU
Gaining wisdom, marching forward

United States
- The other mid-terms
States of play
- Amazon and $15
One-click socialism!
- Donald Trump’s wealth
Thanks, Pop
- Ending gerrymandering
Map scrap
- Wisconsin
Schooling Walker
- Texas
Beto together
- Lexington
From #MeToo to #ScrewYou

The Americas
- North American trade
The new NAFTA
- Bello
Coping with Venezuela refugees
- Bolivia´s access to the sea
Landlocked and out of luck
- Peru
Fujimori unpardoned

- Twin natural disasters in Indonesia
- Banyan
What if Kim is sincere?
- Sexism in India
Nuns, pilgrims and starlets
- The South China Sea
Hot water
- The Philippines
Day-and-night politicians
- Politics in Bangladesh
Bullying begum

- Social stability
Enumerating unrest
- The private sector
So long, and thanks for all the growth
- Chaguan
The Analects of Trump

Middle East and Africa
- Crime in South Africa
Gun town
- Cameroon’s elections
The old man and the insurgency
- Middle East security
NATO for Arabs?
- Saudi Arabia
The long arm of the prince
- Tunisian politics
A third sheikh emerges
- Egypt and Britain
Obloquy for an obelisk

- Italy’s budget row
Di Maio tries to take charge
- The defence of Sweden
War clouds
- Catalonia one year on
The splitters are splitting
- Potato prices
The chips are down
- Charlemagne
In Europe’s McCainland

- The Conservative Party
Succession battle
- Wembley stadium
An own-goal?
- Bagehot
Brexit´s true believers

- School bullying
The unhappiest days of their lives
- Cyber-bullying
Clicks and stones

- General Electric
Blame game
- Bartleby
Keep calm and go home
- Thyssenkrupp
This end, cropped
- Generation gap
Millennial longing
- Thyssenkrupp
This end, cropped
- Chinese trademarks
Pigs to market
- Tesla
One hand off the Wheel
- Facebook´s woes
- Shipping sets sall
Shiver me timbers

Finance and economics
- The gig economy
Serfs up
- Buttonwood
Keeping it real
- Indian non-bank finance
Lurking in the shadows
- Australian banks
The charge sheet
- The IMF
Go, Gita Gopinath
- Economics research
One foot in the Algarve
- Free Exchange
Companies and political influence

Science and technology
- The Nobel prizes
Trophy hunting
- Marine biology
Invisibility cloaks
- Astronomy
New moon
- Hoax science
Get real!

Books and arts
- Anne Frank´s diary
Dear Kitty
- Churchill
The lion´s roar
- New Orleans
Big Easy Reading
- Johnson
Bubble and squeak

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters

Alan Abel
One born every minute

October 27th 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- Australia
The wonder down under
- Immigration
Caravan of guff
- Brazil´s elections
Containing Jair Bolsonaro
- Transgender rights
Who decides?
- Welfare
Credit comes later

On veganism, Turkey, the gig economy, Hong Kong, AIG, uptalk

- Transgender identity
The body of law
- How rights compete
A Brazilian in Canada

United States
- Poverty in the Golden State
- Gavin Newsom´s plans
- A farewell to arms control
- Obamacare heads west
- A moderate in Maryland
- Getting out the Amish vote
- Lexington Trump´s not-bad foreign record

The Americas
- Bolsonaro and the perversion of liberalism
- The Hondurans are coming!

- Afghanistan´s election
- India, Pakistan, cricket and contracts
- Malaysia´s tense new government
- Millennial in Indonesia
- Banyan Japan warms to China

- Unhappy veterans
- The politics of men in make-up
- Chaguan The tightening grip on Hong Kong

Middle East and Africa
- The defiant Saudi prince
- Bats on the border
- Privatisation in Egypt
- Mozambique´s economy
- Famine in the Sahel
- Why Africans like Trump

- Italy´s budget row
- A State election in Hesse
- Poland´s local elections
- Parisian derision
- Threats to Schengen
- Turkey´s Saturday Mothers
- Charlemagne Brussels v Rome

- Universal creidit
- Brexit and Moldova
- Bagehot: Brexiteers rage against reality

- Too many tourists
- Excremento n Mount Everest

- Amazon´s business
- Bartleby Executive matchmaking
- Shipping emissions
- Pigs and tech in China
- Which MBA?
- Bulletproof vehicles
- Teaching AI
- Schumpeter Outspoken bosses

Finance and economics
- Asia and the trade war
- China’s stockmarket
- Crude oil´s strains
- The global wealth gap
- Energy efficiency
- Ethical investing
- Buttonwood The agony of investors
- Free exchange Mergers and labour

Science and technology
- Drone deliveries take off
- Autonomous-carethics
- Saving rare giraffe
- Psychiatric diagnosis

Books and arts
- How New Gingrich made Donald Trump
- Italy´s Holocaust
- Nietzsche’s philosophy
- New gothic fiction
- Akram Khan’s last solo dance

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies

Graphic detail
The Chinese century is well under way

Jamal Khashoggi, the man who spoke out

November 3rd 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- The mid-terms
America divided
- America and Iran
Talk to Tehran
- Stockmarkets
Red October
- Doing Business rankings
Red in tooth, claw and tape

On Pik Botha, the City, China, Singapore, India, John Cockerill, airlines

The Democrats
Kick-starting the donkey

United States
- Caravan of copycats
- Closing arguments
- Predicting the elections
- Rhetoric and violence
- Housing on the ballot
- Lexington On cults

The Americas
- The radicalism of Jair Bolsonaro
- Bello The demise of Brazil´s centrists
- Mexico´s airport disaster
- Which? Caribbean court

- Turmoil in Sri Lanka
- Japan´s cosseted pets
- Racism in South Korea
- Extremism in Pakistan
- Cambodia´s garment industry
- The world´s biggest statue
- New Caledonia votes
- Banyan Gay marriage in Taiwan

- Hysteria over GM food
- Fears for tigers
- Chaguan Lessons from Latin America

Middle East and Africa
- Sanctions on Iran
- Netanyahu visits Oman
- Iraq´s new government
- A hint of hope for Yemen
- Re-education in Ethiopia
- Farming in Africa

- Angela Merkel calls time
- Migration trapped in Greece
- …and in Italy
- Good news from Ireland
- Volt, a new pan-EU party

- Austerity really over?
- Taxing the titans
- Bagehot Explaining Brexit

- A taxonomy of anti-Semitism in the West

- HBO v Netflix
- Bartleby Better by design
- American v Flujian Jinhua
- Bad news from General Electric
- Guinea´s bauxite boom
- IBM buys Red Hat
- India ride-sharing strikes
- Schumpeter The big tech sell-off

Finance and economics
- America´s fizzy economy
- China´s import expo
- Buttonwood Japan´s stockmarket comeback
- India´s central bank
- The social costs of ride-hailing
- Cash aid in war zones
- The Doing Business rankings
- Leveraged loans
- Free exchange Economic convergence is slowing

Science and technology
- Cleaning up shipping
- Viking ships and tar
- Making trains run on time
- Mariner beetles
- The end of Kepler

Books and arts
- Capitalism´s ills
- A biography of Napoleon
- Satirical Chinese fiction
- The life of a war reporter
- He said, she said, she won
- Johnson Misleading metaphors

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies

Graphic detail
How to predict an American´s vote

Anthea Bell, translator of Kafka, Sebald – and Asterix

November 10th 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- America after the mid-terms
Where next?
- European defence
EU and whose army?
- Bangladesh
Electoral troll
- Gene drives
On the extinction of species
- Video games
The price of free

On gender identify, New Zealand, California,
Letters to the editor

Gene drives
Extinction on demand

United States
- The House turns Democratic
- The Senate
- Ballot initiatives
- Governors’ races
- Sessions sacked
- Organising elections
- Lexington Inmigration and the Democrats

The Americas
- The Latinobarómetro survey
- The tequilisation of mezcal
- Bello Judges turn political

- Election season in Bangladesh
- Banyan Pakistan´s indecisive authorities
- Robots in Japan
- China and New Zealand
- Forced labour in Uzbekistan
- Ageing Vietnam

- Mapping Xi Thought
- Language in Macau
- Chaguan Japan´s soft power in China

Middle East and Africa
- Africa´s urban opposition
- Repression in Tanzania
- Elections in Madagascar
- Chinese medicine in Africa
- Libya’s peace process
- Films about jihadists

- NATO revs up
- French labour-market reform
- Germany´s next leader?
- Greece´s licensed anarchists
- Rostov-on-Don
- Charlemagne Reflections on the Armistice

- Universities’ iffy finances
- Did Leave cheat?
- Bagehot Peterloo v Waterloo

Pope Francis on the ropes

- Tencent´s annus horribilis
- Amazon´s headquarters
- Booming billboards
- The rise of biosimilars
- European firms and Iran
- The growth of microbrands
- Schumpeter India’s shadow-banking crisis

Finance and economics
- American farmers´woes
- Buttonwood Housing in global cities
- Hester Peirce at the SEC
- 1MDB and Goldamn Sachs
- Naughty Banks and IPOs
- Non-wage compensation
- Topping the diáspora
- Free Exchange The Italian Budget showdown

Science and technology
- Deep-sea mining
- The new genetic revolution
- A novel of American turmoil
- Chopin´s life and times
- The puppet-mistress of Mali

Books and arts
- A critique of atheism
- The new genetic revolution
- A novel of American turmoil
- Chopin´s life and times
- The puppet-mistress of Mali

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies

Graphic detail
Partially democratic countries fight in wars most often

Whitey Bulger, South Boston´s mobster-in-chief

November 17th 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- Competition
The next capitalist revolution
- Britain and the EU
Into the endgame
- Japanese demography
Coping with the 100-year-life society
- Opportunity zones
On, the places you´ll grow
- Ed-tech
Click to download teacher

- On Australia, shipping, aliens, Napoleon, metaphors

- Trade unions and technology
Workers of the world, log on!

Special report: Competition
Trusbusting in the 21st century

United States
- Fire California
- Water in California
- The new attorney-general
- Florida recounts
- Opportunity zones
- Lexington Adam Schiff

The Americas
- Gun control in Canada
- Corruption in Colombia
- Culling green iguanas
- Bello A fight to spend public money better

- Ageing in Japan
- Sri Lanka´chaotic politics
- Jihadists in Indonesia
- India´s nuclear subs
- Banyan Renaming India
- Fiji rival strongmen
- Imelda Marcos is convicted

- World-class universities
- Against political vetting
- Chaguan Dreaming of online fame

Middle East and Africa
- An election looms
- Plastic surgery in Lebanon
- Struggling Dubai
- Nigeria´s mysterious Shias
- Looking back in the Gambia
- The economics of chocolate

- Macron and Europa
- Immigration and Sweden
- EU Budget rules and Italy
- Charlemagne Resurgent regionalism

- At last, a Brexit deal
- Bagehot The case for a second referendum

- At last, a Brexit deal
- Bagehot The case for a second referendum

- How technology can improve education in poor countries

- The backlash against chemicals
- Bartleby Nokia´s saga
- MTN´s trouble spots
- Juul and the FDA
- Indian supermarket
- CP Group´s winning business model
- Schumpeter China v America

Finance and economics
- China plans its stimulus
- Buttonwood America first
- Oil´s ups and downs
- America and Europe talk trade
- Financial inclusion
- The Philippine economy
- Stock exchanges turn to blockchain
- Italy´s pharmacies
- Free Exchange Superstar cities

Science and technology
- Redefining the kilogram
- Responsibility for climate change
- A caffeine-free tea plant
- Reinventing the watch spring

Books and arts
- Austria´s history wars
- Michelle Obama´s memoir
- Rediscovering Lucia Berlin
- Warhol´s prophetic art
- Johnson Translating in a crisis

Economic & financial indicators
Statistcs on 42 economies

Graphic detail
Global Wildfires fizzle out

Ruth Gates, Champion of corals

November 24th 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business week

- Suicide
Staying alive
- The killing of Jamal Khashoggi
See no evil
- Taxes on homebuyers
Stamp them out
- UN regulatory bodies
Agency problems
- Brexit
The truth about no deal

On the first world war, Italy, individualism, tax data, synagogues, Brexit

A no-deal Brexit
Free falling

United States
- The baby bust
- Falling carbon emissions
- In praise of EITC
- Building walls
- Mancamps gentrify
- Lexington Nixon had it harder

The Americas
- AMLO and Trump
- Bello The difficulty of being Duque

- Talking to North Korea
- Rohingyas fear return
- Banyan US-China rivalry engulfs the APEC summit
- India´s most orderly city

- Out of the closet, quietly
- A private university
- Chaguan Abuses of Muslims in Xinjiang

Middle East and Africa
- Nigeria´s deadly jihadists
- Pentecostals in Ethiopia
- Syria´s documents men
- Netanyahu and the right
- Bahrain´s unhappy Shias
- A British student jailed in the UAE

- Drugs in Europe
- A German slowdown
- Moscow´s dynamic mayor
- Italy´s troubled coalition
- Charlemagne the power of fish

- Rebellious Conservatives
- The wobbly Northern Irish Alliance
- Bagehot Brexit v other great debacles

- The decline of suicide
- Anti-suicide volunteers in Japan

- Facebook’s future
- The ousting of Ghosn
- Bartleby Americans need a break
- Ninebot rides the e-scooter craze
- The FDA y menthol cigarettes
- Schumpeter key-person risk

Finance and economics
- Emerging- market currencies
- Buttonwood the big bank theory
- Tech stocks tumble
- Reforming auditors
- Seasonal work
- Double-taxation treaties
- A provocateur at the RBI
- Free Exchange Home economics

Science and technology
- Repairing and destroying satellites
- Insight´s mission to Mars
- An ion-powered aircraft
- University v work
- A cat´s tongue´s secrets

Books and arts
- Mapping the making of America
- Hollywood and the mob
- The history of blood
- A novel of Brexitland
- Of ice and mirages

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies

Graphic detail
The golden age of TV in America

Stan Lee, Marvel Comic´s creative superhero

December 1st 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- Trade and technology
Chip wars
- Mexico’s new president
AMLO’s errors
- Global warming
The great inaction
- Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi
Unholy Alliance
- Gene editing
The baby crisperer

On opportunity zones, accents, buildings, India, Europe, DNA, Napoleon

- Semiconductors
The Chips are down

Technology Quarterly: Towards zero carbon
Conquering CO2

United States
- The housing wobble
- Assessing the climate
- Puerto Rico´s recovery
- Asset forfeiture
- The Illinois machine
- Lexington Native Americans in Congress

The Americas
- The power of AMLO
- Brazil´s culture war
- Bello A memoir of Argentina´s madness

- Elections in Taiwan
- Banyan Singapore´s next prime minister
- Counter-terrorism in India
- Indonesia´s hapless conservatives

- Curbing tax evasión
- State media abroad
- Chaguan Gloss-free history

Middle East and Africa
- Angola´s Deng Xiaoping?
- Ebola and Congo´s rebels
- Talks on Western Sahara
- Qatar and the World Cup
- Saving the Sea of Galilee

- Russia and Ukraine clash
- The race to succeed Angela Merkel
- France´s protesting motorists
- Sea of troubles
- #MeToo in Turkey
- The Polish pollsters poll
- Charlemagne Spain, Franco and memory

- Religious schools take off
- The Knights who say Brexit
- Bagehot Don´t write off the prime minister yet

- Indigenous peoples
- Brazilian Indians
- Why Maori do better than aboriginals

- Taming Glencore
- The scramble for cobalt
- Polish state-owned enterprise
- Bartleby Working for a purpose
- GM closes plants
- Post-Soviet farming
- Schumpeter A merger proposal

Finance and economics
- Banks´Brexit plans
- Brexit and clearing-houses
- Mortgages in America
- Bitcoin´s collapse
- Growing green finance
- Pubs in Ireland
- Buttonwood Corporate bonds
- Free Exchange Paul Volcker´s memoir

Science and technology
- Gene-edited babies
- InSight lands on Mars
- Spiders that suckle young
- Viruses, sunshine and antibiotic resistance
- The genetics of ADHD
- Phantoms and prostheses

Books and arts
- Books of the year
- Books by our writers

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies

Graphic detail
European populists agree on bashing elites and little else

Raed Fares, a tireless Syrian activist

December 8th 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- French politics
Macron’s nightmare
- British politics
The best way out of the Brexit mess
- Ethiopia
Liberty and disintegration
- Pollution in India
Dirty work
- Satellites
Round and round they go

On Brexit, teachers, glyphosate, Northern Ireland, Greece, government

Internet connectivity
A worldwide web in space

United States
- The Mueller investigation
- Conservative media
- The hot labour market
- Voting patterns
- Ballot stuffing
- The partisan brain
- Lexington US- Pakistan relations

The Americas
- Violence fall in Central America
- Cuban business
- Bello Chile´s improving president

- Indian pollution
- Protest music in Thailand
- South Korean feminists
- Banyan Australia´s self-harming Liberals

- Forty years of reform
- Chaguan On the China-Russia border

Middle East and Africa
- Ethiopia´s revolution
- Tensions rise in the Gulf
- The go-to app for goats

- Protest in France
- The right wing in Spani
- Mikhail Fridman
- Reforming the euro zone
- Charlemagne the UN´s migration compact

- Brexit and Parliament
- A People’s Vote
- Don´t count on the markets
- The DUP´s policy on Brexit
- Second time lucky
- Bagehot Our end-of-year awards

Preventing genocide

- Dell prepares to go public
- Bartleby Paul Polman
- Nautilus plunges
- Shell and climates change
- Taxing tech giants
- The lingerie market
- Takeda buys Shine
- Deep trouble
- Schumpeter China´s fearful private sector

Finance and economics
- Huawei and the US-China relationship
- The new NAFTA
- Asset purchases in Europe
- Danske Bank charged
- Buttonwood Political risk in emerging markets
- Uranium´s U-turn
- Financial scams
- Payment in kind in China
- Free exchange Future lives matter

Science and technology
- Gut bacteria and autism
- Sampling an asteroid
- Polio eradication
- Dark matter

Books and arts
- Belgium’s revamped Africa Museum
- The Somali diáspora
- AI in the ancient world
- Roman history lessons
- Johnson Words of the year

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 economies

Graphic detail
The surprising fall in transatlantic airfares

George H.W. Bush, a kinder, gentler president

December 15th 2018


The world this week
A round-up of political and business news

- Asset management
The super-rich
- Theresa May
Very rocky
- France
Surrender, or tactical retreat?
- Monetary policy
Needed: a Powell doctrine
- Congo´s election
The Kremlin-style charade in Kinshasa

On competition, housing, the IMO, Bangladesh, Sacha Baron Cohen

Family offices
Super-help for the super-rich

United States
- Criminal-justice reform
- White House whirlwinds
- Michael Cohen sentenced
- McCarthy in the museum
- Fixing Kansas
- Lexington The Saudi Alliance

The Americas
- Canada´s energy
- Living like a guerrilla
- Bello Venezuela

- India´s opposition
- Banyan Fiji´s future
- Online rights in Australia
- Myanmar´s meth boom

- Fentanyl labs
- A chief for every river
- Chaguan When doves cry

Middle East and Africa
- A farce in Congo
- Jihadism in west Africa
- Looting South Sudan
- Yemen peace talks
- Miracles in Lebanon

- The AKK era begins
- Macron´s peace offering
- Turkey´s new bogeyman
- Lesbians on Lesbos
- Ireland´s recovery
- Charlemagne France and Germany

- Theresa May wins her confidence vote
- Democracy in Sark
- Bagehot As others see us

How the rich world cares for new mothers

- Vulnerable Huawei
- Altria and cannabis
- Bartleby Icing out women on Wall Street
- Reform and Japan Post
- The decline of Vice
- Winemaking in India
- PayPal´s full wallet
- Schumpeter Holding business to account

Finance and economics
- Brazil’s pensions problema
- Argentina’s bad year
- Art-auction guarantees
- India´s new central-bank governor
- Agribusiness and tariffs
- Insuring farmers in Africa
- Buttonwood Market timing
- Free Exchange China v USSR

Science & technology
- A new supersonic jet
- Gene-editing and ethics
- Town frog, country frog

Books and arts
- South Sudan´s bloody birth
- Mile-high fiction
- How English football got rich
- America´s opioid crisis
- Reproducing masterpieces

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 countries

Graphic detail
GDP predictions are reliable only in the short term

Lyudmila Alexeyeva, doyenne of Russian human rights

December 22nd 2018


The world this week
A round-up of the year´s political and business news

- Looking back
The uses of nostalgia
- Industrial policy
Big mistake
- China and America
Military mix-ups
- Identity
Les stats, c’est moi
- Country of the year
Ovation nation

On Brexit, Singapore, Ayn Rand, the lingerie market, novelty socks

United States
- The Shape of cities
- A blow to Obamacare
- Black churches in Washington, DC
- Lexington Joe Biden

The Americas
- Mexico´s fiscally restrained populist
- China and Canada

- Sri Lanka politics
- Mongolians in Priuses
- Japan´s wartime abuses
- Banyan Press freedom in Pakistan

- Sino-US military contacts
- Chinese words of the year

Middle East and Africa
- Reform in Saudi Arabia
- Old crimes in Tunisia
- The coup-prone Comoros
- Nigeria bans UNICEF

- “European champions”
- Hungary’s protests
- A Romanian boomtows
- To the roundabouts
- Charlemagne “Tis the season for Europeans

- The good-chap theory of government
- Sex and the census
- Theresa serves up a turkey. Brussels pouts
- Bagehot A failed elite

Do animals have rights

- Rooftop solar in America
- Bartleby A consultant´s advice to Santa
- SoftBank’s mobile IPO
- Canada´s tech sector

Finance and economics
- China v America
- Buttonwood Policy à la Modi
- Manx insurance
- Free Exchange The four-day week

Science and technology
- The verdict COP24
- Mosquito-scanning lasers
- Bad new for Martians
- A riveting yarn

Books and arts
- Tourism in Saudi Arabia
- A novel in verse

Economic and financial indicators
Statistics on 42 countries

Graphic detail
The news that engrossed audiences in 2018

Thomas Keating, a pioneer of contemplative prayer

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